3 Tips for Successful Social Media Marketing in India

Social Media IndiaYour online business needs proper promotion for its success and while talking about business promotion you simply can’t miss out social media marketing as it works the best in popularizing your brand and business.

And when your business deals with the Indian market, you need to have your strategy designed in such a way that suits your market well. You just need to learn how to make social media marketing in India work the best. Here, you’ll get to learn how to have it done.

1. Understand your Market

Before you start up with your social media campaign, you need to know your market well. Check out which social media channels are most liked by your targeted audiences, where can you most influence them, and so on. This will help you choose the most effective social media channel and get the best possible result.

2. Your Profiles on Social Channels

Once you have made out what social channels best suit your purpose, your next step should be to create your profiles on those channels so that your audience can reach you. Creating your profile on the various social channels needs your special attention. Study your audience as well as your product well.

Your profile should suit your product as well as your audiences. Now if you have such a product for which video channel YouTube won’t prove beneficial, you shouldn’t go for it and instead try going for some other channel that you find more suitable.

Again, while creating your profile you’ll have to take care that it is according to the chosen social channel. So, you can’t think of having your Facebook page to be like your Twitter profile.

Let your profile depict your product or brand in a perfect manner. It must project your product or brand in such a way that your audience gets to know about it properly and you get their proper attention.

3. Be in Touch Regularly

Once you have set up your account on the popular social media channels successfully, you’ll now have to keep in touch with your audiences regularly otherwise they will flee away never to come back to your page.

So, if you have a YouTube video channel, don’t forget to post videos from time to time. You can include your latest advertisements, announcements, product launch, conferences, etc. The best way to get the attention is to have something which either entertains or informs, so you can add some video lessons, webinars, or some entertaining videos. These will not only be liked by your audiences but will also be shared across the internet.

Similarly, if you have an account on Twitter, or Facebook, it will be essential for you to keep tweeting from time to time and post attractive stuffs on your Facebook wall. The more you’ll get retweeted and liked, the more you will reach your audiences leading to increased traffic to your business site.

These above 3 tips will help you have successful social media marketing in India.

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8 thoughts on “3 Tips for Successful Social Media Marketing in India”

  1. Nice article !

    I think one should follow these simple rules in any country not just India. Knowing your target is most important because when you know your target market it becomes easier to layout strategies for your campaigns.

  2. if we maintain only one social networking site will it be helpful for us or there should be more like if we have only fb or we should have fb,twitter etc?

  3. Those 3 tips will be more helpful for successful social media marketing in India.And, have to be touch regularly in social media networks.And, gather information update in social media networkins. Thanks a lot for sharing your post on here 🙂

  4. Social media marketing strategies are almost same regardless of product or country, but Indian online market is low competitive than other western country I think.

  5. I believe that social marketing tactics is the same everywhere, except the language, ofcourse. 🙂


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