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5 Things Bloggers Can Learn From 2 Years Old Baby


Blogging is a habit which once made will not be easy to Quit. Because apart from making money online you can also make Good Relations with the other Bloggers, not from your country but also can explore the whole World. Being a Blogger itself is a proud feeling because only a few people in the world have the writing skill. You can learn the tactics of Blogging from your daily life activities even, like while watching wrestling or watching movies. Recently I came across my two years old nephew, after observing his daily life activities I was amazed that what I can learn from this. Here is the list that I learnt from him.

Things Bloggers Can Learn From A Baby

1. Never Complain

Have you ever noticed a two-year-old child? He’ll never complain. The only thing he/she can do it is either laugh or cry. The same thing we can do in our life that we can take all our responsibilities on our shoulders. So that we can never complain about anybody that just because of you I am unsuccessful in Blogging. Friends no one is going to feed you with the spoon, all you have to do is just your own. So be a responsible person and keep concentrating on your Goal.

2. One Target

A two-year-old child has one target, once he/she asked for anything then what so ever or, however, he/she just need the thing. When you started Blogging what was your target and what was your dream just keep them in front of your eyes all the time. You remember the tale when Guru Dronacharaya asked Arjun what he was seeing when he ordered him for the Target. Arjun answered, “The only thing I am seeing is the sparrow’s eye.” The same thing is also suitable for the blogging.

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3. Affection for Mother

A child has too much affection for the Mother, even he/she can feel her touch or with her voice. The same affection will have made for your Blog. You will have to love you blog if you want to succeed in life. Blogging is all about madness and passion and the only person succeed in this who have the Passion, not the Tension.

4. Fix Timing

A Child has fix timing for getting up early in the Morning, Taking food at a time and then going Bed at the fixed time even you can notice this thing. If you don’t have time for your Blog, then you are not going to make any Miracle, which you were thinking at the start of Blogging. This is all about keep doing the same thing daily and daily and daily and finally become the perfectionist of any Field. There is one good saying.

“It’s better to do small thing DAILY rather than planning BIG things occasionally.”

5. No Worries

A Small Child doesn’t have any worries like when to eat or how to eat etc. You should also not have any worries either you are earning from your blog or not. It has been proved in a study that most of the new bloggers QUIT in the first 90 days of Blogging.

When they see that no money is coming from the blog they just decide to QUIT blogging because QUITTING is a very easier thing. But my principal of life says –



Kulwant Nagi a blogger, affiliate marketer and a well-known speaker in India. He started his blogging career in 2011 and managing more than 20 blogs on various niches right now. He teaches how to start a blog, drive traffic and make money with it in a professional way.

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