Write For HellBound Bloggers (HBB)

Founded in 2009, HellBound Bloggers (HBB) is a fast growing Technology Blog & Web Community. We mainly concentrate on topics like Blogging, Social Media, Technology, WordPress, Product Reviews, and Internet Tips.

HBB allows guest posts. We right now have around 600+ contributors (guest authors).

Right now we are accepting guest posts only on few topics, like Blogging, Social Media, Technology, and WordPress. We don’t accept any kind of product/website/gadget reviews as guest posts. If you want a particular product to be reviewed here, kindly check this.

If you are still wondering whether to guest blog or not, then you can read ‘Guest Blogging: So Why Should You Care?’ and ‘You Blog. Should You Guest Blog?’.

Guest Blogging Benefits — Why You Should Guest Blog Here

As we told before, Guest Blogging is the one of the important aspects of HBB because we believe ‘Guest Blogging does what Google doesn’t’.

  • Backlinks : Though we believe Bloggers don’t guest blog for backlinks alone, yet we appreciate their contribution to HBB by allowing them to use 2 of their own links on their guest post. You can use one link on the Author bio and you can link your existing article inside the body. We don’t accept “Keyword” links and we’ll remove it. Please remember I have the right to modify the links if they don’t cope with this.
  • Promotion : Your guest post will be promoted on various social networks and we will maximize our efforts to improve your brand.
  • Author bio : Every Guest Author will have separate ‘Author bio’ box. You can maximize this opportunity by promoting your Identity or brand.
  • Author bio

  • Guest Authors Of The Month : We feature our Guest Authors in ‘Guest Authors Of The Month’ or ‘HBB Overview’ post. We once again refresh their faces to the HBB Community.
  • Guest Authors of the Month

  • Interact & Engage : Majority of HBB readers are bloggers or geeks, so you get a chance to interact & engage with them. You can also build your audience & readers through this.
  • Note : Remember, all the links on HellBound Bloggers are Do Follow. Yep, we also love our Commentators. 😉

Guest Authors aka Contributors

All the guest authors will be given the role of ‘Contributors’. They can edit, delete and read the posts. Currently I need only Guest Authors not Co-Authors. But technically speaking, there is not much difference between a guest author and co-author.

How To Submit The Article?

Simple. Get yourself registered as a guest author on this blog.

Currently HBB closed to public registrations. You will need a Invitation Code code to register.

Invitation Code: HBBGA12

Now you need to activate the account using the verification link sent to your email address. After finishing that, go and update your profile. Make sure you fill all the given forms.

Now to submit the article, go to Posts | Add New Post. Now write up an article and do all the basic things like adding tags and assigning categories. Then, click Submit for Review button.

And if your Article meets all the requirements then it will be published for sure. To make your article easily approved, check our guidelines and tips.

Submission Of Duplicate Articles Leads To Account Suspension

I hate them. Never copy content from other sites and submit it as Guest Articles and you are not allowed to use your guest article on any other site.

If you are in a situation to use it, then use some excerpts and give full credit to HBB.

And make sure you haven’t published this article elsewhere.

If the guest post didn’t meet our requirements we’ll be removing them from ‘pending’ list. Feel free to contact us regarding this.

Also please note that we get 10+ guest posts per day and we are trying our best to filter them for publishing soon. So kindly forgive us for the delay.