4 Tips On Social Media Marketing For Interior Designers

Social Media Marketing Interior DesignersSocial Media has evolved significantly from a mere place to gauge political affiliations or the relationship status of others. Today, Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms are a driving force to help interior designers and other professionals increase business. They allow you to advertise your interior design services to potential clients as well.

Here are some tips on social media marketing for interior designers:

1. Resist the temptation to automate and streamline

Facebook gives the option of automatically re-publishing updates to other sites such as Twitter. This can be enticing, given the potential time vampire social media duties can represent for already-busy small business owners. Here’s a tip that many small businesses ignore: Never, ever streamline– customers despise it. Social media is best used by businesses to engage and connect with customers, both current and prospective. This is difficult, if not impossible with a Twitter account that’s just a collection of Facebook posts. Best social media practices for small business requires leaving a little bit of soul and authenticity in every tweet or Google+ post. It’s worth the extra five or 10 minutes a day. There are free tools such as HootSuite that allows you to make a post to all your social media accounts with a click of a button. This will help you save time and be unique all at once.

2. Take advantage of the medium

A prospective interior design customer wants to see past successes of the person they’re thinking about hiring. They want to gauge if their desired style will be a fit. More than this, they want their imagination teased. A website gallery is a great place for an interior designer to showcase their abilities, though if they’re savvy, they’ll do likewise with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social platforms seemingly built as virtual showrooms.

3. Advertise

Twitter and other platforms have begun allowing users to advertise themselves over the past few years. They will even offer free money if your looking to get started and see if it’s right for you. Pop Social notes: “Most social media platforms like Houzz and Yelp are offering sponsored listings for just a few hundred dollars a month. This means that if a user searches for a professional in a specific area, you will be pushed to the top of the list as a ‘Sponsored’ listing.” Social media advertising is still fairly uncharted territory, with many businesses yet to adopt. This means less competition and lower rates than traditional advertising, if somewhat less certain of a return. For a few hundred dollars a month, if that, it’s likely worth the risk for an interior designer whose looking to grow their business.

4. Don’t get too wrapped up

It’s easier than ever to spend an inordinate amount of time on social media, and it can offer valuable returns for businesses. That said, it’s likely still a small part of a greater whole for interior designers and other professionals. Make sure that you don’t get distracted on social media and focus on adding value to your profiles.

Social Media Marketing Trends To Watch For In 2014

Social-Media-Marketing-Trends-2014Social Media had been fun, trendy, and viral for the past years. Facebook and Twitter was fun to frolic, and addicting enough to be the one beside every morning coffee. With that, we’ve discovered that these social networks have greater potential than posting interesting posts and ads. For this year, online marketing will definitely move more in maximizing the benefits social media networks. Here are some trends to watch out this 2014.

Go Mobile

Mobile devices are now designed for online presence and social media, and not just for phone calls and SMS. Almost everything, from Facebook posts, emails, business apps are done on mobile phones and tablets. Business will likely focus more on improving their websites for easy navigation on mobile media. More brands will develop their own apps, more services will be accessible via mobile, and more people will transact through it.

Image-based sites

It’s easier to retain information visually than reading long texts. For marketing, it’s also easier to advertise with images than words. That’s why image based websites like Pinterest and Instagram will still grow and be used as medium for sharing trends and information. This will also demand better image advertising styles online.

Video marketing on the rise

Businesses will take advantage of social networks and advertise products not just with blogs and tweets, but more on videos. Videos are now easier and faster to create, and with faster speed and technology by internet service providers, video ads are easier to distribute. We’ve left the TV and moved on to seeing more ad clips while browsing the news feeds on Facebook or on websites.

Credibility and authority

With the constant updates of what we do, eat and like in social networks, people will mostly like businesses who show authority and credibility online. Getting feedback on online social media gives better image and authenticity. We will slowly move out from the days with paid product reviews. With social networks, everyone can post their problems and opinion, businesses can respond and create good image on how each customer is attended to. More and more businesses will develop their own authority over a product or niche via social media.

Customer Service in social media networks

There are more customers who stay online rather than on the phone. With this customer service centers will develop better response methods on social networks. Faster response online will also be in demand, and nobody will ever like template responses again. And because people are able to voice out their opinions and product feedback on social networks, businesses will focus more on building better customer service image on Facebook and email.

Brands will also recognise that having better customer service on social networks will help more in driving better online leads and sales.

Content is still in demand

Social media marketing will still use web content to propagate their presence online. SEO will still be used, but readers will likely prefer blogs and articles that are written with more passion and experience. Bore a reader with too much keywords before they get to the core information, they will most likely move to the next website on the search results page. With this, more brands will mostly hire better writers and publishers for online content.

Spam be gone

Users are tired with spam and will demand to get only ones with quality content and with what interests them. This applies not only in emails but also in social networks like Facebook, Tweeter and Google+. Imagine browsing through your Facebook news feed with ads that doesn’t even interest you. It’ll be like browsing a travel blog that has more advertisement boxes that the content. Social networks will provide better filters and ads just for targeted audience.

This article is written by Daniel Mathews. He is a representative of Hotelscan.com. Hotelscan.com helps to find the best hotels in San Francisco.

Getting Ahead In Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Search engine optimization used to be the big thing in online business. Link building, pay-per-click advertising, and content marketing once dominated Web campaigns. However, everything has changed since Social Media emerged. Right now, even though the older online marketing strategies are still widely used, social media is rapidly becoming the king of online marketing tactics  – mostly thanks to the increasing number of social media sites, which are changing the way people search for and share


So what makes social media click?

What keeps social media alive is the innate inclination of people to connect with one another, despite distance and time. Before the Internet was invented, business phone systems were crucial because they were almost always the only way by which people can gain access to a company for information.

social_mediaWhen the Internet was introduced, online search beca me the common practice. When someone needed information from an institution, for instance, he would open a search engine, type the name of the organization, and press enter to find its website and contact details. Today, to get that same information, someone can simply open his Facebook account and type something like “Anybody know about this institution?” In seconds, he can get an answer from one of his Facebook friends. So what’s the difference between looking for information through a search engine and finding info via a social media site (such as Facebook or Twitter)?

The difference is this: people are more comfortable getting the information that they need from people they know, those who can share personal opinions about a product, service, or idea. You must keep this in mind when developing a social media campaign.

Marketing your business through social media

Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites are best used for promoting brand awareness and fostering brand loyalty among your customers. You can also use them to promote a specific sale-oriented campaign. There are three basic steps to ensuring good social media marketing:

  1.  Get out there and let people know that you exist. If you’re promoting your brand, you can create a Facebook or Twitter page, follow similar pages (even the pages of your competitors, because you need to know what they’re up to), and share useful posts. Be sure that you share materials with real value and that you keep your content fresh and relevant. Try to post regularly. You can start with three posts per week, and then try posting at least once every day.
  2.  Listen and observe. You can get a lot of insight from your target market. If you’re in the technology business, always pay attention to the new tech that create buzz in the industry. Then, you can produce content about that to lead your followers to your site. You should also listen to the common problems and concerns of your prospective clients, and aim to address those problems. This will help you establish your business as a go-to organization and help you as you climb to the industry leader position.
  3.  Interact with people. Listening and observing are important; but you also need to do some talking, so to speak. Encourage others to interact with you. When you post something and someone comments, take that as an opportunity to initiate a conversation and create further interest. Provide with them giveaways and offers to feel pleased. Don’t let a comment go unanswered. Take every chance you get to engage with others.

These three basic steps will help you make sure that your social media campaigns are effective. Once you start, remember that this is an ongoing process that will require constant monitoring and adjustment. Dedicate a portion of your resources to proper handling and overseeing of this initiative, as well as ensuring that it is leading you to the direction that you want your business to take.

The Brand As A Social Media Administrator

You might find how it has become ubiquitous for brands to be so into Social Media and users not minding even if these brands seem to be hogging conspicuously even larger amounts of presence in it as time passes. With the advent of brand publishing and social engagement, business has finally found a retail short-cut closer to home to serve their marketing and advertising efforts well. This is why the average social media user would be having more and more big business friends and brand buddies online in the coming days. The exodus has been going on now for the last couple of years and shows no sign of abating.

Content Marketing on social media, executed through the wily skills and talents of content strategists, purveys brands and their brand stories as pivotal information sharing points. While you might think that it is brands that are directly responding to your initiatives, you are in reality engaging in a dialog with content strategists. Every bit of information you deliver, via an inquiry about product/service specs, price, promo, deal, purchase instruction and the like, would hence be responded to in ways that resonate with the brand’s philosophy about value delivery.

Why people stay glued

social mediaBecause the focus of content marketing is always more on the consumer’s user experience with the brand rather than the brand itself, you will note that the dialog any consumer initiates would most likely carry on longer than any momentary attention getting advertising could ever achieve. People tend to listen to marketing narratives more when the story is about them rather than products or services per se.

The primary intent of a brand’s publisher on social media is to make its philosophy find coherence with consumer goals. When online accessing consumers engage brands in a dialog via direct comments, postings, likes, tweets, reblogs or shares of viral content, they are in reality engaging not only in self-serving retail action but also forwarding the brand cause.

In other words, the consumer becomes the hero and distributor of lead information all at the same time. The kind that induces a whole lot of other social media friends, peers, followers and users to also engage the brand. Brands in turn, take over the role of administrator in the social media engagement to exercise the following functions:

1. Respond to consumer initiatives creatively

Customer comments and their other social media activities commonly revolve around the reasons behind their particular wants, needs, aspirations and concerns about retail items. Brands and their content strategists process these information and also regard varying degrees of customer intimacy as informational capital necessary to rationalize innovation and development of new retail items in the future. To enhance social media presence, brands usually update accurate and useful info and entertaining viral content so that the rapport becomes a never-ending engagement.

2. Measure analytics strategically

The brand’s analytics people are the ones who measure consumer response on social media using metrics they believe suitable to their marketing analysis needs. Where the market resides and how retailers may reach them; what products they wish for and the innovations they dream about, also become clear to companies that own brands. Your company’s RingCentral system in aid of sales activities, for example, could thus be reconfigured once analytics find out that a large volume of potential customers are most likely to call tollfree after engaging the brand online via their smartphones.

3. Communicate with civility

Brands that encounter challenges along the way are supported by content providers who take up the cudgels for brands when confronted by media issues dealing with retail mishaps. Brand publishing response is about communicating a brand’s statement in a civil manner that may not offend certain sensibilities with a view to mending lapses first while addressing these objectively and resolutely. Brands would always want to maintain more meaningful relationships with consumers and the general public and this is why it would never opt to take a directly confrontational demeanor with its audience.

6 Golden Rules Of Social Media Marketing To Get Started

Social Media Marketing Golden RulesSocial Media Marketing plays an important vital role for a successful Business. Social media allows a business to use fun and interactive content that a usual corporate website can not allow. Through social media, a business is always available for customers and prospects to reach their latest offers. This has been proved that those people who are not willing to get connect with online business for shopping or buying services, they also get attracted to do this through social as it make them confident about a company or business. If you want to make a good Social Media Strategy for your business then follow these rules.

1) Never be a too much serious person. Although you will have to adopt a serious attitude but you should not adopt a too much serious personality which may irritate your clients or visitors. On social media if your personality is good and jolly then you can get a better visitors or client’s attraction and can be able to make your brand likeable to people.

2) Social Media Marketing or inbound marketing is not enough. You should also concentrate on outbound marketing like ads in newspapers, ads on Facebook, LinkedIn or other websites or TV ads. This will also increase your sales.

3) When you start Social Media Marketing then you should have good and unique content to share with clients and visitors. Remember that avoid sharing duplicate or someone other’s content as this will not leave a good impression for you. Always prepare content yourself, make solid offers and then share them on social media. If you don’t able to maintain the quality of content then you cannot get the user’s attraction toward your offers or content.

4) When you have prepared solid offers and content, then now its time to make a strong call to action. You should post your content and offers and also mention that how users can consume your content or offers. Also be clear that after consuming your offers, what you want to do after from customers to engage your brand.

5) At the end of the day, add value for you prospects and customers. If you are not going to provide any type of value to your prospects or customers then in other words, you are doing nothing meanwhile social media will never give you any benefit. Its much simple and easy. Just put yourself before your prospects and ask from them that if you find what you are offering from their perspective of any value then kill it and start over.

6) Social Media is a two Way Street where no one can like that someone talk at him. So when conveying your message, keep the lines open so that anyone can contact you in response of your content. When someone contacts you then respond him as soon as with full attention and honesty. Be sure to mix your content and offers and use a combination of both in messaging.

Social media marketing is the simplest way of marketing. Here you would need to be interesting, helpful and full of sense of humor. You should create such a contact that can attract people toward your offers. You can raise your voice by sharing, liking or commenting on other posts. The thing you would have to remember that you should be active on social media and you should share your content constantly and regularly.

Remember that your time spent on social media for marketing is your asset which may not be valuable in the present but however as the time passes; it can make your efforts and your imagination true and possible.

How To Improve Social Media Marketing Efforts For Mobile Users

The State of the Media: Social Media Report 2012 by Nielsen shows interesting facts. In 2012, people accessed social media accounts from their Smartphone as compared to previous years. While Facebook mobile access increased by 85 percent, Pinterest mobile users increased 4225 percent; in the same way, Twitter and LinkedIn mobile users increased by 140 percent and 114 percent respectively.

In other words, Internet audiences are using mobile phones to access Social Media accounts. In Business terms, this translates into a lot of potential for online growth. If you can target mobile users and convert them for your business, there is nothing like it. In this article, I give you few ways to scale up Social Media Marketing efforts for mobile users.

Here’s an interesting image I got from Marketing Sherpa.


1. Optimize Website for Mobile Viewers

Your current website is made for desktop and laptop users. Put in equal amount of effort to create a mobile-friendly website. When you share information on social media, you intend to bring visitors to the website, right? If the visitors have to wait minutes for the website to load or have a hard time reading the content or navigating, it is your loss, not theirs.

For example, check out Huffington Post on your Smartphone device. Notice the kind of optimization. There are no ads, just two or three categories to explore current news and then a detailed footer to gain access to all their site content. In other words, it is a site optimized for mobile viewers.

Hence, optimize the website for mobile users. Hire a designer or do-it-yourself. The graphics should be legible and the user interface easy to navigate.

2. Test Mobile Website

The work doesn’t end with creating a mobile-friendly website. You also need to test the same on various common mobile platforms to see how the page loads, how the graphics are displayed, and other things. Test as a user and then only you can enhance user experience. Don’t forget that creating a website for mobile users is filled with intricacies to be handled before going live.

3. Be Sure When to Post

A report by SocialBakers.com says that when anything is posted on Facebook, the first 30 minutes brings around 50 percent of user engagement. After that, the post vanishes into news feed.

In other words, you need to have some idea when your users are going to be online and click on postings. The same works for other networks. You need to put in some time to analyze which social media networks work for you and how to maximize its potential. There is always a debate among marketers on this point but it is worthwhile to review when your target market is online and when not.

4. Add Main Social Media Buttons

While your desktop based website can have all the social media buttons you desire, the mobile optimized website should have minimal usage. You can only add Facebook and Twitter share buttons or you can also add Pinterest if its an image based website.

There are various WordPress plugins which helps to add social media buttons. Do trial and error with multiple ones to select the fastest loading plugin. You won’t want to keep the visitor waiting for social media sharing buttons, right?

5. Modify Apps or Create one of your Own

Mobile applications are one of the best ways to connect with readers. There are the ever popular Facebook apps but on Smartphone screen, the user has to tap or pinch and enlarge the app size for better visibility. While this is better than showing an error screen, it hinders the user interaction process.

Therefore, if you have the budget, create a social media app for the business and optimize it for mobile users only. Alternatively, you can modify existing social media apps with prior permission as well.

Mobile Social Media Marketing is a relatively new way to gain better return-on-investment (ROI). In short, you need to deliver the business website or blog on a Smartphone screen and make it seamlessly share-worthy. If you can do this, you are ready to grab the Smartphone wielding social media user base.

Your 10 Social Media Marketing Strategies In 2013

social media marketing strategies 2013

In the end, I hope you will definitely learn and try to implement 10 Social Media Marketing strategies for the year 2013. For more keep following our blog. 2012 is passing and 2013 is all set to arrive. Hence it is time to welcome 2013 and make new resolutions. In this blog, I will tell you 10 social marketing strategies for the year 2013.

Social Media is growing very rapidly and anyone cannot afford to ignore the power of social media marketing. Therefore, it is necessary that you strategize social media marketing for 2013 in advance. In the coming year, you have to learn from your mistakes in the past and plan for the future. So here are 10 social media marketing strategies for 2013.

1. Review what you did in Year 2012

First thing to keep in mind, while strategizing a Marketing plan, is to introspect your past. You need to learn from all your mistakes that you did in the year 2012. You have to analyze why your social media marketing failed or didn’t do well as you expected.

A serious brainstorming is required from all of your team members. You need to identify all those points that led to the failure. It is of utmost important that you do not repeat same mistakes in the New Year.

2. Set-Out Targets for 2013

Social media is vast like an ocean. There is small nitty-gritty associated with it that you cannot come to know in few days. You need to understand all the dimensions of social media marketing and it cannot be done by one person.

Hence, you need a team of experts with a responsibility to set out targets for 2013. On a whiteboard, you have to chalk out a plan in a right manner. Whether it is reaching out to customers or clients you need to have a well laid-out strategy. Therefore, it is better to set targets that you will achieve in a limited time period.

3. Humanizing Social Media with Your Personal Presence

Normally, while marketing on social media, companies and marketers commit very obvious mistakes, like they tend to overlook the importance of human touch while running a campaign via Facebook or Twitter. They usually forget or neglect the human aspect of marketing through social media. Therefore, you must create your personal brand on Facebook and Twitter.

When people come to these websites they must feel that they are interacting with a person with human touch rather interacting an autopilot program or software. Hence, start building a personality and give a feel to people that you are listening to them.

4. Exploring all Your Local and Targeted Social Networks

You need to try your best to find out all Local social networks in your niche. Social networks which are more local to your city and town give you an idea what is going on to the streets. For social media marketing, it is very important to know what people are talking on the ground and the best way to know it is through engaging with local social networks.

Secondly, you can target other social networks in your niche. It will help you to know the exact competition in your niche. Moreover, you can join them and market your product or services more effectively. Hence local and targeted social networks are very important to know while marketing on social media.

5. Creating Synergy Between Online and Offline Advertising

Now this is one more important aspect of social media marketing. This year you need to bring together the online and offline advertising together. All your advertising campaigns whether online or offline must develop a synergy.

Hence, it means your left hand should know what your right hand is doing. This year your team of marketers should run all advertising campaigns online and offline in tandem. Bring both forms of advertising together to get best out of social media marketing.

6. Creating More and More Viral Content

If you want to get more traffic to your blog or website then you have to create content that goes viral. Creating viral content has always been a great challenge. This coming year you have to put an extra effort to create viral content because it is not that easy.

You need to set a goal that how many people will be visiting your content in one day. You have to learn from others how they are creating content which goes viral. Recently, Gangnam or “Charlie bit my finger” videos went viral on Internet; you also need something like that. Viral content needs a lot of research and fact finding.

7. SEO Optimization for Social Networks

I know SEO optimization is an old trick and you will say you do not need to do anything extra. But my dear friend, for social media marketing SEO, is a bit different than for ranking in organic searches. To rank high for social media, you need a great presence on social media.

Your SEO team should know how to rank high in organic searches through Facebook or Twitter. Therefore, this year you have to re-strategize your SEO plans for social networks.

8. Incorporate all Possible Multi Media Tools

To make the best use of marketing efforts you need to incorporate all possible multimedia tools. It means your content should be dynamic and vivid only then your marketing could stand out. These tools could be gif images, videos, info-graphics etc. You need to use these tools to make your content more relevant.

You can also use certain apps and extensions from chrome web stores. As a social media marketer, you must always be looking for new tools that are coming on the Internet. They can be paid as well as free to use.

9. Keeping an eye on Mainstream Media

If you want to learn to market then you have to look how the big boys like MNC’s are doing through mainstream media. As we all know social media is going to replace mainstream media but still later one reaches out to the masses much effectively than the former one.

Hence, in social media marketing, you have to include the strategies that MNCs are doing through mainstream media. So this year in 2013 follows mainstream media and advertising running on them.

10. Finally, Going beyond Facebook & Twitter

Finally, this year in 2013 you need to go beyond Facebook and Twitter for social media marketing. You have to explore other venues through which you can reach out to people. You can try paid medium for getting more exposure. It could be expensive but still you should prepare your mind to try everything in the store.

Text Ads or Visual Ads? Which is Better for Social Media Marketing?

Advertising Social MediaAdvertising through Social Media Marketing networks had given new scope to the advertisers to popularize their products and services among the regular visitors of these networks. There never had been a point of debate in the initial days of popularity of Internet among the users to opt from text ads and visual ads on a social marketing network. But with the popularity of internet all over the world people had started differentiating in both the concepts due to their different features. Almost all the businesses are running smoothly online, thanks to the best webinar platforms available out there. Most of the entrepreneurs investing in online advertising are now considering the effectiveness of both the mediums of advertisement on social media marketing networks. You can find a number of advertisement packages on the websites for PPC campaigns, SEO services, Text Ads and link building assistance to choose from for your business. Before deciding for the prominence of any advertising method one should know about visual ads and text ads along with their advantages.

Visual Advertisements

Visual ads were earlier considered as the best marketing tool that can be used to popularize your Online Business or website. The main reason of their prominence was that they can be widely viewed due to their multicolored and noticeable appearance on internet, similar to TV ads that were popular previously, than any other medium of online advertisement. In this way advertiser supposed to become successful in attracting the attention of the visitors to their website or ads. Billions of dollars were lost to make the concept successful but individually these ads did not prove to be that much effective and the visual advertisers were compelled to revaluate the concept of advertising, especially through visual ads, on internet.

Advantages to use visual ads:

  • Visual ads provide branding to your business by popularizing your logo and your name on internet. The attractive visual ads usually entice people to visit social media marketing sites.
  • Visual ads provide visibility to your product or services so that viewer can get their overview.
  • Visual ads convey more information about your business and products or services elaborately and visual ads can do it much perfectly.
  • Visual ads are usually tempting for the viewers to click on curiously.
  • These ads on social networking and marketing sites can be viewed by their visitors.
  • The only constraint with visual ads is that they contain only one ad in one unit.

Text Advertisements

Text ads on social media marketing networks had started to become popular along with visual ads on internet as they are a kind of visual ads on other’s website which provide a link to the visitors to reach your network. Text ads need some surety to be downloaded on some social media marketing network to be popular among their visitors.

Advantages of Text ads on social media marketing networks

  • Text ads are more prominently accepted by social media marketing sites.
  • Cost of text ads is much lower than visual ads. Visual ads cost more due to the artistic excellence needed in creating them.
  • Text ads are simple to be created and executed.
  • The ease to create text ads allow you to present them in different variations and as they do not need any graphic designer to create they can be easily rotated.
  • Text ads can present more than one ads in one ad unit to make it more affordable.
  • The chances of clicking these ads can be increased by displaying them in different colors along with your text posts.
  • You can display more related topics in the text ads alongwith your text post.

Choosing between visual ads and text ads

Though both the concepts of advertising on social media marketing sites are found effective to attract the visitors to the advertiser’s sites but both of them provide different facilities to the advertisers. And to choose out of these two depends upon the effectiveness of your advertising campaign on the prospective consumers as you are spending a handsome amount on this campaign to make your business successful. Now to decide that which style of advertising on social media marketing will suit you you will have to consider the nature of your product.

If your product is a kind of service or commodity like insurance, financial service etc., then text ads on social media marketing network can be beneficial for you. But if your product whose style and appearance makes effect on the demand of the customers like electronics, apparels, decorative pieces, furniture and several other things, then visual ads must be your choice to make your purpose achieved. Though these guidelines to make your choice true to some extent but they are not hundred percent functional all the times. Sometimes it becomes difficult to put a product into either of the category and sometimes products without any visual ads succeeds in receiving heavy traffic of viewers than with visual ads. Though these guidelines must be followed while starting your advertising campaign but if you are doubtful in this respect then you can consult the experts in this field. You can easily switch over from one style of online advertising through social media marketing sites to the other for your satisfaction.

New concept of contextual ads

On the other hand several networks like Google Adsense etc., had successfully launched the concept of contextual ads which presents a blend of text ads along with visual ads to attract the prospective customers more effectively than either of the two. In this style of advertising both the previously used style got equal prominence in the field of online advertising on social media marketing networks. This new concept has proved that neither of the two, visual ads and text ads, is inferior to other. Both have their own prominence in making a product popular among the customers. As colorful visual ads are able to attract the customers through their visual beauty, text ads attract the customers by providing them complete information about the product and both of them are equally important to attract the customer to your website.

Thus, to decide which is better for social media marketing, text ads or visual ads, you should take the help of your own reasoning.

5 Tips for Posting Videos and Images Online

images and videos onlineDo it already! If you’re not posting online images and videos for your local business, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to capture the attention of your target market. Studies and statistics continue to prove that images capture the attention of online users significantly more than text, especially when they show up in search results. And more and more people are watching online videos for both personal and business use; don’t you want them to be viewing yours? Webmasters and Bloggers even use viral videos to drive traffic to their blogs.

To make images and videos work for your local business, I’ve provided five tips below.

1. Have a plan

What types of images and videos will you capture? Where will you place them? What’s the goal of your images and videos? Do your homework and create a marketing game plan to get the most out of your images and videos. You can use before and after pics, graphs, professional images, and more in regards to images, and you can capture all sorts of videos, including how-to, interviews, testimonials, employees on-the-job, and more.

2. Post them everywhere appropriate

Once you have images and videos, post them on your webpage and social media networks as a start. Facebook gets a lot of hits for images and videos. YouTube is also significant for video posting given that it’s the number one used video streaming site online.

3. Use GEO-modifiers

Local search is huge, so be sure to include your contact address (zip, city, etc.) when you post images and videos, and if you can, include such information in the URLs for each image or video.

4. Don’t forget about Pinterest

We could have included this in #2 above, but I felt it was worth it to mention it in its own section.  After only a few months, Pinterest has quickly climbed to the number 3 slot as one of the most popular social media networking sites. Pinterest allows you to ‘Pin’ images throughout the web and is a great way to create back links to your local business website. Do your homework to see if it could work to help indirectly (you’re not supposed to directly promote businesses on Pinterest) promote your local business to gain leads and traffic.

5. Spread the word

Once you’ve loaded images and videos, be sure to post the links throughout all of your online pages and networks, including email campaigns.  Post the links on your Facebook page for business, Tweet about it on Twitter, post them on your local business blog, etc.

To keep up with and stay ahead of your competition online, use these tips to incorporate a variety of videos and images into your local business’ online marketing strategy with ease. You’ll be sure to generate more leads, traffic and repeat visitors if you do (which equates to increased conversions and profits for your local business!).

Do you use images and videos for your local business? Do you have any recommendations and suggestions for posting images and videos for optimal results? We’d love to hear about it below.

4 Tips To Formulate Your Social Media Strategy

Social Media MarketingRegardless of what kind of business you are running, you should know by now that social media is an effective platform to do everything from marketing, market research to customer support and branding. The only problem is that most people are unsure of how they can utilize social media to its full potential. As of now, there are no hard and fast rules when social media is concerned. Most business owners are feeling their way through this entire social media frenzy. Regardless of the ambiguity, here are a few things that pioneers have picked up which those attempting to follow their footsteps should remember.

1. Have a strategy

What do you want to achieve through the help of social media? How much are you willing to invest in social media and how will you measure your results? Don’t think of social media as an isolated marketing tool. On the other hand, think of social media as part of your collective marketing campaign.

2. Measure each step of the way

No, that does not mean just counting the number of “likes” you get on Facebook and “followers” you have on Twitter. You need a more holistic manner of tracking and measuring the progress of your social media campaign. One way to do this is by paying attention to what your “friends” and “followers” positively react to so that you’ll know what to highlight on your social media accounts.

3. Use the right tools

The great thing about social media is that it provides tools which allow you to manage and monitor the things that you are doing on these platforms. But there are a number of third-party tools which are processes things faster and more intelligently. You can always check out different social media tools online. There are those which you can use for free so you don’t have to worry about utilizing these tools.

4. Etiquette

When you are using social media, you are engaging in a conversation rather than making a boring speech. You need to listen first and foremost before talking. And you need to be responsive when someone is talking to you. Be open and be honest, and make sure all the time that you are polite. Your “friends” and “followers” know that you have a motive so don’t even hide these things. Instead, be real and be genuine. Never get mad even if it is justified for you to get angry because this never turns out well.

This article is written by Ryan Cote. He is a Project Manager for Ballantine Digital, a NJ social media agency, and is responsible for overall operations and client campaigns. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.