Best Times Or Seasons To Shop Online #INDIA

Everybody likes to save money, as it helps to make life a lot easier, especially for families with multiple people to provide for. Whilst there are always plenty of discounts and online coupons available throughout the year, there are some times which are best for finding these discounts and saving yourself more money than usual.  As the festival seasons approach, prices start to hike up, but you always try portals like Coupon Raja and get yourself a bargain. Here are some of the best times of year to find discounts and make big savings. If you are about to buy anything online, keep these 5 things on mind.

1. Holi: Festival of colors

Holi is one of the most joyful festivals in India because it celebrates the triumph of good over bad, and is celebrated in a happy and cheerful way through bright and vibrant colours. Because there are so many things you can do to celebrate Holi, there are lots of different merchant who will offer discounts on their products. For example, people will commonly buy abir dye to paint each other’s faces with during this festival. Merchants who sell it will know this, and will offer discounts to make sure they get lots of business. Plus, if you wait until after the festival has finished, you might find it going even cheaper to store for next year.

Holy Colors

Because Holi is the festival of colours, making your home as bright and colourful as possible is a great way of celebrating. Having a good thorough clean-up is a good idea if you’re having guests around, so you might find that this is a good time to find discount vouchers on cleaning products, but an even better way to make your home the perfect setting for celebrations is to decorate it. If you have children, they might like to make some decorations for the festival, and this could be a good time to find discounts on arts and crafts products. If you do not use them up, you’ll have them in advance for next time you feel like being creative, and you won’t have to splash out in future.

2. Diwali Festival

Being the festival of light, Diwali is one of the most positive festivals in India, celebrating the victory of Lord Rama over Ravan, the demon. Some people spend a lot of money on festivals like these but there are plenty of ways to save yourself money, too. Firstly, don’t overspend on sweets and food. That doesn’t mean you have to cut back. There are plenty of discount vouchers which will be available at this time on websites like Couponraja, Coupon Chief, Coupon Cabin etc, so you can still enjoy the same treats you normally do, but for less.

Another way to save money is to light up your house, not with electricity, but with candles. Lots of merchants will offer discounts on candles at the time of Diwali, and this could even be a good time to get crafty, making and decorating candles yourself with your children and decorating your home with them. This will not only save you lots of money on your electricity bill, but will also add a more traditional feel to the festival.

3. Durga Puja

One of the most popular and widely celebrated festivals in India, Durga Puja is also likely to be a time when you can make great savings. One of the main things you can save on at this time is clothing. As many people flock to buy new clothes for each day of Durga Puja, merchants see this as their chance to gain a lot of customers, and offer discounts on lots of well-branded clothes. If your local stores don’t seem to be offering discounts, you can check for discount vouchers online at websites like Coupon Raja to see what money you could save on your celebrations.

This is another festival where children might like to show their creative side. As they see lots of Durga Puja statues being created and paraded through the streets, they might find inspiration to have a go at creating a small statue their own. Merchants may offer discounts on things like clay and paints at this time of year to allow children to be creative, and this can be a great way of nurturing your child’s creativity without having to spend too much money.

There are many more festivals throughout the year which will bring opportunities for saving money, and when you’ve got a busy family to look after, every bit of money you save counts. Whenever a festival or celebration is approaching that you need to prepare for, be sure to check for discount vouchers and codes beforehand, as you never know what you could save on gifts, decorations, food and more.

3 Tips for Successful Social Media Marketing in India

Social Media IndiaYour online business needs proper promotion for its success and while talking about business promotion you simply can’t miss out social media marketing as it works the best in popularizing your brand and business.

And when your business deals with the Indian market, you need to have your strategy designed in such a way that suits your market well. You just need to learn how to make social media marketing in India work the best. Here, you’ll get to learn how to have it done.

1. Understand your Market

Before you start up with your social media campaign, you need to know your market well. Check out which social media channels are most liked by your targeted audiences, where can you most influence them, and so on. This will help you choose the most effective social media channel and get the best possible result.

2. Your Profiles on Social Channels

Once you have made out what social channels best suit your purpose, your next step should be to create your profiles on those channels so that your audience can reach you. Creating your profile on the various social channels needs your special attention. Study your audience as well as your product well.

Your profile should suit your product as well as your audiences. Now if you have such a product for which video channel YouTube won’t prove beneficial, you shouldn’t go for it and instead try going for some other channel that you find more suitable.

Again, while creating your profile you’ll have to take care that it is according to the chosen social channel. So, you can’t think of having your Facebook page to be like your Twitter profile.

Let your profile depict your product or brand in a perfect manner. It must project your product or brand in such a way that your audience gets to know about it properly and you get their proper attention.

3. Be in Touch Regularly

Once you have set up your account on the popular social media channels successfully, you’ll now have to keep in touch with your audiences regularly otherwise they will flee away never to come back to your page.

So, if you have a YouTube video channel, don’t forget to post videos from time to time. You can include your latest advertisements, announcements, product launch, conferences, etc. The best way to get the attention is to have something which either entertains or informs, so you can add some video lessons, webinars, or some entertaining videos. These will not only be liked by your audiences but will also be shared across the internet.

Similarly, if you have an account on Twitter, or Facebook, it will be essential for you to keep tweeting from time to time and post attractive stuffs on your Facebook wall. The more you’ll get retweeted and liked, the more you will reach your audiences leading to increased traffic to your business site.

These above 3 tips will help you have successful social media marketing in India.

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10 Popular and Best Android Applications in India

Android Apps IndiaAndroid stands 3rd place in smart phones OS around the globe because of its cheap and reliability many people are preferring android than other smart phones in India. The main reason of why people are crazy on android mobile is their application database, that has about thousands of useful free applications.

Excluding social media applications like Facebook, Twitter etc., there are many other apps which Indian users are using in their daily life. I compiled a few applications for Android users based on users rating and download. You can also check some useful Android applications for webmasters for productivity.

1. Indian Rail Info app

This app provides exactly what it says. It gives information and allows you to check PNR status, check trains and seat availability, fare enquiry etc., but a major drawback is you cannot book tickets using this app. The app has a massive user base of over 50,000 – 10,000 app downloads and has an average user rating of 4.5 by a normal Indian android users.


Raaga is a pretty popular destination on the web for Indian music lovers. They had come up with a new app for android lovers that bring direct access to their entire music world to your Android phone in over 18 languages. You can create private or public playlists of your own interest and connect with your friends on through thousands of public playlists.

3. Travel buddy

Its a must wanted comprehensive personalized travel kit application that provides users to add notes, photos, create trips and it has
a full database of popular travel spot in India.

4. NDTV on android

This small app brings you all stories, videos from NDTV India, so you can always be updated with current happenings from India, on the move. The things which I like in this apps is, you can also able to become iWitness and report for NDTV.

What is iWitness ?

A good chance to Contribute to NDTV’s coverage on stories that are happenings around you, just record & submit videos or photos directly from your phone, if the news worth publishing they will publish your stories in their blog with credits.

5. Money control

A dedicated app for marketer that has loads of information about Indian finance and global markets. This apps is the no.1 in providing financial and business portal trusted by millions of people. By using this app you can get real time update about stock quote, Indian and global markets indices, get in depth coverage and analysis of business world.

6. Bollywood Ji News & Photos

As the names tell you why this app is so famous around Indian users. Get latest update about Bollywood news, movie reviews, gossips etc.,

7. iMobile

iMobile is the official android apps for one of the biggest private sector banks in  India, ICICI bank. iMobile gives you complete access to your bank account from your mobile phone by granting access to view your account balance, make transactions and pay online bills through your bank account.

8. News Hunt

It allow users to read news about politics, entertainment in their language, on the move. Newspapers includes Dinamalar, sakaal, the New Indian express, Deccan herald etc., It has an option to share your favorite news or articles with your friends in social media sites like twitter, facebook etc., in a click.

9. The Times of India

Get all latest news coverage including photos, videos from India. Reputed Times of India blog has brought this Android app, a mobile optimized news reading experience to Android users with a clean, easy and usable user interface.

10. AG Indian newspapers

This new application gives many choice of news papers published all over in India is available. The nice thing about this app is that it also has news regional newspaper (Hindi,Telugu,Tamil etc.) in addition to English newspapers. This application also has references to useful site in separate tab.

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YouTube BoxOffice: Watch New Blockbuster Movie Every Month For Free

The online video sharing giant YouTube launched ‘YouTube Box Office‘ where movie freaks can watch a premium blockbuster every month absolutely free of cost on the new channel.

This initiative started with the latest hit ‘Band Baaja Baaraat’ starring Ranveer Singh and Anushka Sharma in the lead.

YouTube BoxOffice

YouTube Box Office allows Indian viewers to watch the new and popular Bollywood movies in full HD (1080p) for free, and all you need is a decent internet connection. Check the simple steps to faster broadband connection or you can learn how to get the best from slow internet connection.

YouTube will collaborate with its partners in India on a revenue share basis. Intel will be the exclusive presenting sponsor for the channel.

How Infosys Is Contributing To India’s Growth Story?

Infoscions, did we actually realize that Infosys, more commonly referred as IT giant in India, is a prime “Economic backbone of India” and has a veto power to move the government.

Infoscions contribute about 8.36% to the GDP of the country and 8.89% to the total tax kitty of the Indian government however this contribution is considering the cyclic effect of Infoscions spending on real estate needs and respective impact on entire GDP and tax collection as explained below. Infoscions along with their families and friends form a huge and intelligent voting block controlling around 0.55% of the country’s votes. Goes without saying, India’s biggest political elections are won or lost by a shift of 1% of the total votes.

Image Credit : Businessweek

Infoscions have emerged as the new age ‘Influencers,’ playing a dominant role in the social, economic, cultural and political life of the country.

Read along for a systematic, non-exaggerated, and a clear demonstration of how Infoscions (as the Infosys employees are known) are a part of India’s growth story by all means. Also become a part of the conversation on How Infosys is contributing to India’s growth.

Contribution to India’s GDP

Infosys, an enterprise of approx. 122,468 employees, contribute 8.36% to the total GDP of India. This has been scientifically calculated as follows in terms of the real estate sector.

How does the real estate sector contribute to the entire GDP? The holistic view to understand the impact of the money flow on the GDP is to break the economic chain and see the direct and indirect contribution of the employees to the entire GDP. The best practice is to “cut” the economic cycle of the Indian economy and segregate the money contributed by the real estate industry. This can be done in two ways.

Direct contribution to GDP: This is about 5%, if we go by the economics stats. This indicates that out of the total country’s turnover, 5% is the real estate turnover.

Indirect contribution to the GDP: This is where the main catch is. The real estate money goes to multiple outlets and circulates multiple times- for e.g. 

  1. Money being paid to the financial institutions for loan, goes out to add to the financial institution’s contribution to GDP
  2. Money invested in construction, steel, cement, etc. gets further added to the respective industry’s contribution to GDP.
  3. Money being paid out as wages is further spent on consumer goods, which becomes a part of the consumer industry’s contribution to GDP.
  4. Then there is a cyclic multiplier impact of every chain further spending the same thereby giving a multiple 20 times assuming 5% is the contribution of real estate to GDP.

Thereby, if an Infoscion requires 100 sq ft as his commercial space, valued at Rs.4000 per square feet, on an average, in today’s pan Indian market; and another 500 sq ft for his residential requirements valued at Rs.3500 per sq ft on an average on shared basis, then the total contribution of an individual employee to the real estate is Rs.21.5 lacs and together all Infosys employees contribute 26.3K crore directly to real estate.

To estimate the above cyclic effect, if Infosys’ direct contribution to real estate is 26.3K crores, which is 5% of the GDP, then its indirect contribution to the entire GDP considering the above multiplier effect of twenty times can be calculated as 5.26 lacs crores.

The amount is huge and the calculation cannot be challenged. It’s just that we are seeing for the first time a dissected view of the economic cycle, which makes us realize that we are really playing a major role in the growth of our country. This also describes why a slowdown in the IT market had shaken the Indian economy to a great extent.

Though the contribution of IT or real estate individually is not much to the GDP, but their indirect contribution is way higher and that makes Infoscions proud as they are one of the biggest contributors to the Indian GDP. 

Infoscions contribution to the National Vote Bank

Infosys controls 0.55% of the voting rights including its own employees and their relatives. This can influence the entire polling scenario as it goes without saying- India’s biggest political elections are won or lost by a shift of 1% of the total votes.

This is again calculated systematically as follows.

Considering an average employee family size of five and about 20 kith and kin who can be influenced by an Infoscions in terms of their voting decision, 122,468 Infoscions nearly influence 30.6 lac voters which is 0.55% of the total vote bank (56 crores>).

In the year 1998, the voting shift of 0.8% effected a change in the government. Similarly, in the year 2004, a less than one percent of voting shift changed the fate of the Congress that was the party in power.

Infoscions, “Jaago re”- we have a veto power; it’s time to execute in favor of the larger cause.

Direct and Indirect contribution to India’s treasury

The direct and indirect taxes are calculated in the form of income tax, excise, service tax, professional tax, etc. An employee’s aggregate contribution to the India’s tax collection can be worked out by taking a top down approach; considering his contribution to the GDP and reversely work out the tax to GDP ratio which is 13%, in India.

The total employees thereby contribute 68.4K crore to India’s tax money, which is 9% of the total tax money (Rs.7.7 lacs crores) collected from direct and indirect taxes. Do we Infoscions realize that the money, that is being misused at times due to the corruption in the political system, we are the ones sourcing it big time?

The above scenario clearly explains as to how the Infoscions are contributing to the Indian economy and politics of the country. We are the money generators, dear Infoscions! We should ideally stand strong to the cause of the money being inappropriately used by our politicians- because we are providing it- it’s our hard earned money- directly or indirectly. Let our hard earned money not be wasted away to meet the interest of only few in the society!

Infoscions, if you agree and/or disagree that Infosys has a bigger role to India’s growing story- write your views on Facebook – How Infosys is contributing to India’s growth.

This guest article is written by Aditya. He is actually quite shy about writing about himself. Actually he has nothing worthy enough to write; so shy may be an excuse. He blogs at Ityaadi. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.

The Growth Of Social Networking Sites In India [CHART]

The growth of social networking websites has been tremendous for the past few years in India. Interestingly Orkut came next to Facebook. This clearly indicates Orkut is still popular in many sectors in India.

Growth Of Social Sites In India

The dark bar represents the total number of unique visitors for a site in Nov ’09 while the lighter bar represents the same number for Nov ’10. As you can see Facebook and Orkut came first and second, and LinkedIn reached the third place defeating the most popular microblogging service — Twitter.

Image credit via Digital Inspiration and stats via BusinessToday.

Google Music Search Now Available In India

Google Music IndiaGoogle launched a music service (named Google Music India) in India to help users search for legal online streams and downloads instead of pirated and illegal downloads. This helps them to fight digital piracy, which is believed to be rampant in the nation.

Earlier The WallStreet Journal reported that Google was planning to launch a music service in India. Google also launched a music search engine in the United States. Another music search initiative from Google is live in China. Anyone can use this search engine. You can use this even if you are outside India.

Search results are streamed instantly and free of charge in a pop-up Web player. You can filter results based on singers, actors and release dates. But there is no direct option to purchase music. Songs are delivered by Google’s partners in India.

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Price Of Apple iPad In India

iPadIndians are always stunned by Apple’s products.

Now it’s time for getting stunned again.

Now you can order an iPad in India and the cost of different iPad versions are quite confusing.

Apple distributors in India, the Apple iPad will be available in India from April onwards. So I thought of mentioning it in this article.

So What’s The Price?

  • Apple iPad 16GB costs 32406 INR
  • Apple iPad 32GB costs 38269 INR
  • Apple iPad 64GB costs 44119 INR

Overall it will fit within 45K – 50K budget. You can also order an iPad through eBay and you can pay via PayPal.

If you are going to buy Apple iPad, you should also consider checking its good alternatives, for example HP Slate.