Suicide And Its Relation With Social Media: What Is It & What Can Be Done

Social Media Suicide The above title may seem to be just a piece of news for many people but this is what is affecting many people around the world. Social Media which was born as a way to make people connect more efficiently has now been used by some people who have made it a conduit to various crimes around the world. The worst aspect of social media which I am talking about is not hacking or brute force attacks or anything like that, the worst is harassment and eventually death.

There have been mind-boggling cases in the last few months initially which began with a young girl named Amanda Todd who was brutally tortured to death by someone who continuously harassed her online. The worse aspect, he probably just did that for fun, and the worst aspect he is still living a free life, like anyone else. Amanda was sad enough but still had the courage to post her feelings online on YouTube where she told the world what she was going through and what perhaps many others may have gone through but she couldn’t control her pain anymore which led her to one of the most tragic decisions, suicide.

Read About : Amanda Todd Suicide Case | Retaeh Parsons Suicide Case

Well this is not only one case you hear about, another just happened a few days ago with a girl named Rahtaeh Parsons who again was a girl from Canada. Like normal people she also had normal dreams but what happened all of a sudden was she was sexually abused. Not this but this whole incident was recorded and broadcasted all over the world. Credits go to social media as the whole thing was streaming on various world-class server free of cost. The result led to brutal harassment and the worst result was the same here, suicide. This is not all, no one has been charged or arrested yet as the Canadian police are still thinking what to do next.

Not to blame only the Canadians for this or their law because the most recent one happened at California in the US. Once again a young teen named Audrey Pott went ahead with this dreadful step some of her photos were posted on Facebook that were too much embarrassing for her. Reports say that three people have been arrested till now.

I won’t interfere in the matter of law but there are a few things that I believe can be easily done by many of us which can really lead us to protect several lives all around the world because lets face it, every innocent life that is murdered by some of these people is like an angel being killed by a devils agent. For what I think is important for many of us to take into concern is :

1. Lets Start Respecting People

This is the simplest of all. If a video clip depicting rape or any similar crime is online please lets stop watching it. If you think watching that is fun then let me tell you it’s not. Its something that adds some trouble to someones life who never imagined that something like this would ever happen to her/him. So this is the most simple thing to do.

2. Reporting

Now comes the next step which is reporting the video clip as abuse or anything that is embarrassing.  I have done this many times on social networking sites such as Facebook and trust me that works. Social media entrepreneurs didn’t build websites for embarrassing people so if you report they will surely take this into concern and would act soon. If you find anything posted on YouTube or Vimeo or any online portal please report and get that piece of crap down as soon as possible. Also remember don’t make a big deal out of it by asking tons of people to report as things may turn the other way round. Just do it and/or ask a few of your friends to do it. This surely does help.

3. Counseling and Supporting

If you think there is someone who posts online the trouble that she/he is going through then please ask them to have some patience because everything can be OK. All you need to do is to make them realize is that they are not the victims or the losers instead the person who did this to them is the one who is wrong. By committing suicide they somehow prove something that is never the point to be proved. Try counseling in a peaceful manner, may be that helps. On the other hand if You think you can’t counsel then please bring the notice to concern of someone who is an expert.

4. Volunteering

Try volunteering for various organizations or related which are solely meant for the purpose of stopping teen suicide. You may get details from the many websites to learn more about how you can easily contribute and this is something that will help a lot. Also try to be part of events which are about these topics. Events may include rallies or discussions or shows, anything, just make sure you contribute. You can visit American Foundation For Suicide Prevention. Also read this Wikipedia article which may give you a little bit of idea about how you can make people to go ahead and help them.

Always remember, ups and downs are a part of life, but running away from it never helps. Stand there and face it, I’m sure that will make justice some day or the other.

How Social Media Can Help In Boosting Your Business Through Advertising

Social Media AdvertisingIt is usually said that advertising through Social Media network is like magic elixir, silver bullet or a thing which was long awaited by the advertisement world for the business community for the growth of their business. In fact the existence of newspaper, radio or TV ads has been denied with the emergence of social media advertising as nothing is required to be printed or posted to anywhere to boost up an advertisement campaign for any product or services. You need not have to struggle with a media representative to minimize his charges for your advertisement campaign. Your message, on the other hand, reaches entire world through social media advertising free of cost.

You can use social media marketing vehicles including Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, MySpace, FaceBook etc. free of cost to spread your message about your products and services all over the world. You will have to pay only to the experts who will create and maintain an effective advertisement for your business. Though social media adverting is used widely to popularize your business even then one must know what it can or can not do for you.

Positive effects of social media advertising

  • These advertisements are capable of establishing your business in a trusted manner. These social networking sites are trusted by the visitors and the things advertised through these sites also receive that trust in succession. The information about the products and services you want to sell are provided on these websites, without any clear cut appeal to buy them, which will naturally make an impact on visitors and the trust on the products increases.
  • Social Media act as a channel between you and your customers to communicate with each other about the pros and cons of your product or services to make them satisfied for their queries.
  • These media services provide thorough information about your business and products to your potential customers through their blogs, online discussions and videos. They allow the visitors to those sites to dig out the queries regarding those products to be satisfied about their quality and performance.
  • These media options allow more exposure to your business through Internet Marketing as your products are made more visible and easily searched out on these sites. Search engines too are now allowing much preference to social media networks which permit you to make your search results faster and improved.
  • They allow you to approach your young consumers along with the grown ups, preferably those who are not bound to any brand-name. Young and prospective customers are essential for any business to make its future safe.
  • The social media sites work as Public Relation media for your business and your prospective customers as they provide chance to share your views on the product, let it be good or bad. Your communication can be heard by others to know the product in better terms and the same will increase your customer base at large.
  • Social media advertising is serving equally to the small as well as medium business owner by giving them higher opportunities to be successful. These social media networks allow you to contact your customers directly through their platform and share your ideas to make your business rise higher by following the suggestions of their customers. Thus you can know your customers and their feeling about your products which will help you to improve your business and get success.
  • Social media advertising also helps in making good marketing strategies as they connect you to the particular online communities through their blogs. You will have to make plans for online advertising through social media networks to reach your targeted clients by using these sites properly.
  • Social media networks are usually accessed by more than two third population of the world who use Internet in their daily routine. This huge number of people is the real force of social media advertising who will participate in making your business popular and establish very soon. It will help in building new networks and business relationships along with strengthening the existing relations to boost your business to new heights. You will be able to contact with like-minded people having similar interests to make it easy to communicate with them using your products suitable to them. Thus you can increase your business much more than your expectations.
  • One more positive point favoring social media advertising is its cost effectiveness. You have to spend for only once for design and develop your advertisement for social media networks. Then it is going to grab the attention of millions of people all over the world within no time. You are not going to spend funds very frequently to popularize your business among the users of your products, even if you are a small business owner and have limited budget for advertisement of your products.

Though social media advertising is playing great role in boosting any business but still there are some negative points for that. Still this media of advertising is new for most of the internet users as they are familiar to read newspapers, watch televisions. They recognize TV and newspaper ads more than the ads displayed by social networking sites.

Moreover internet is used by the elders for a limited time as compared to the time spent on reading newspapers and watching television so their priority can not be change abruptly. Their recognition to the social networking sites will take time and similarly social media advertising will take time to be popular amongst them.

But the benefits of using social media advertising, as discussed above, are far more than the traditional advertising which make it popular for boosting any business due to increase in the number of internet users in the world. Social media networks are becoming more and more popular among the internet users of every age group.

Thus, social media advertising can help in boosting your business easily and effectively as the number of users of these sites is increasing day by day.

Guest Blogging Vs Social Media. Which Is Better?

guest post vs social mediaReading a few articles on SEO will tell you, that there are two main ways of promoting your blog and getting readers – Guest Posting, or Social Media. However, each work out only for a specific group of people. This article will discuss the pros and cons of each, and will conclude with which is better for you, the blogger. What are they?

Guest Posting – Posting an article on another blog, as a “guest”. Thus called Guest Posting. A guest post usually gives you 1 – 2 dofollow links at the end of the article.

Social Media – Using social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus to promote your blog. Using social media may have different results based on the person.

Pros and Cons of Guest Posting/Blogging


  • Have around 2 dofollow links – These links are placed at the end of the article, and thus are sure guaranteed to be seen by the readers.
  • Have author description – The description tells people about you, and your work, that other types may not offer.
  • The links are valued more than others – You may think, that a link in the comments will give you same credibility of the link in the article, so guest posting would be useless. Actually, that is wrong, and links in the article are valued more by Google. Moreover, links in the comments are usually nofollow, which gives no actual SEO benefit. Then, links in the comment have less chance of being clicked, whereas links in the end have more chance of being clicked, thus having more authority.
  • Target Audience – posting guarantees that your links are shown to the target audience. This means, that if you have an SEO blog, and write a post about SEO, the only visitors will be the people searching about SEO, not something entirely different.


  • The most obvious disadvantage is that you have to write a big, long, suitable article everytime, for the actual owner of the blog. This is not necessary in other methods.
  • You have to contact the admin, which could take time, and thus results aren’t instant.


The links in the author description are high valued by Google and Readers alike. On a blog with good ranks, this could be a potential boost to your SEO. The only problem is that you have to write an article everytime, which may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Pros and Cons of using Social Media


  • Very easy to do – All you have to do is copy the link from the article, and paste it on your profile. No need of doing something tough.
  • Mass exposure – If you have 200 friends, you got your link to 200 people, with no actual work.
  • Easy to spread the word – Your post has chances of going viral, and thus getting loads and loads of readers with this method.


  • The post is not shown to target audience. If you have 200 friends, it’s not necessary that all 200 of them are interested in the topic. Most probably, 5 – 10% of them would be interested.
  • Amount of clicks. Even if you have 20 – 30 people familiar with the topic, there will be only a few that click the link. Maybe because the info presented in that article is known to them, or they just miss the link.


Upon reading this article, it would be obvious that only a certain type of people get benefits from the methods.
Guest Posting is always appreciated, and if you are a good writer, then you can establish trust. It is a bit difficult, I agree, but it gives you an SEO boost if not readers.

Using Social Media is very easy, you can get views, but they are not guaranteed. Thus, we can say that Guest Posting is great for people of all types, but they do need to have a bit of writing flair. Social media may not prove beneficial to those who do not have friends interested in the topic, but if they have a page, with good number of likes, and they post the link there, it is sure to attract some attention, and get readers.

3 Tips for Successful Social Media Marketing in India

Social Media IndiaYour online business needs proper promotion for its success and while talking about business promotion you simply can’t miss out social media marketing as it works the best in popularizing your brand and business.

And when your business deals with the Indian market, you need to have your strategy designed in such a way that suits your market well. You just need to learn how to make social media marketing in India work the best. Here, you’ll get to learn how to have it done.

1. Understand your Market

Before you start up with your social media campaign, you need to know your market well. Check out which social media channels are most liked by your targeted audiences, where can you most influence them, and so on. This will help you choose the most effective social media channel and get the best possible result.

2. Your Profiles on Social Channels

Once you have made out what social channels best suit your purpose, your next step should be to create your profiles on those channels so that your audience can reach you. Creating your profile on the various social channels needs your special attention. Study your audience as well as your product well.

Your profile should suit your product as well as your audiences. Now if you have such a product for which video channel YouTube won’t prove beneficial, you shouldn’t go for it and instead try going for some other channel that you find more suitable.

Again, while creating your profile you’ll have to take care that it is according to the chosen social channel. So, you can’t think of having your Facebook page to be like your Twitter profile.

Let your profile depict your product or brand in a perfect manner. It must project your product or brand in such a way that your audience gets to know about it properly and you get their proper attention.

3. Be in Touch Regularly

Once you have set up your account on the popular social media channels successfully, you’ll now have to keep in touch with your audiences regularly otherwise they will flee away never to come back to your page.

So, if you have a YouTube video channel, don’t forget to post videos from time to time. You can include your latest advertisements, announcements, product launch, conferences, etc. The best way to get the attention is to have something which either entertains or informs, so you can add some video lessons, webinars, or some entertaining videos. These will not only be liked by your audiences but will also be shared across the internet.

Similarly, if you have an account on Twitter, or Facebook, it will be essential for you to keep tweeting from time to time and post attractive stuffs on your Facebook wall. The more you’ll get retweeted and liked, the more you will reach your audiences leading to increased traffic to your business site.

These above 3 tips will help you have successful social media marketing in India.

This article is written by Sunny Makkar. He is from SEOCommunity which provides a platform to all Indian SEO Professionals, Webmasters, Bloggers and Internet Marketers. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.

9 Useful Places To Learn About Facebook Advertising

Facebook has become a powerful marketing tool for many businesses. It is a great way to get the word out about a product or service, it is also very inexpensive. There are a few right ways to do it though, and all kinds of wrong ways to do it. Here are some great sources for learning how to advertise on Facebook.

Guide To Facebook Ads

1. Facebook Official Page – Guide to Facebook Ads

This is Facebook’s official page for helping people create ads on Facebook. They offer a lot of information about how to plan a campaign, different ways to target a specific audience, how to budget and create an ad, how to ensure an ad will be approved, and they even offer the ability to compare different ads and see what might or might not work. It is fairly simple, however it may lack a little as far as the actual content of ads and what will actually appeal to specific niches. Keep in mind that Facebook wants you to buy ads so they are going to make it sound as great as possible.

2. Search Engine Land

This leads to Search Engine Land, a separate marketing company that offers a range of marketing services for things like social mediums, SEO stuff and similar online marketing. While they do not offer much as far as the nuts-and-bolts of how to use the Facebook ad software, they do offer a lot of helpful hints on how to do the advertising the right way. They also offer to do it for you if you wanted to hire someone.

3. Real Business

Real Business is a UK-based newsletter offering advice to different businesses in a wide range of niches. A lot of very insightful and unbiased info, also very general and not much for technicality. More of an overview or Advertising 101. Most of the advice given here is great for any marketing, not just Facebook.

4. Trend Catching

Trendcatching is another business advice site with some great info on how to do Facebook advertising the right way.

5. Seperia

Seperia is an online marketing company. They offer a lot of technical advice for how to determine what kind of ads work on Facebook.

6. Facebook Advertising Marketing

This is a site dedicated entirely to Facebook marketing. While it is a lot to browse through, you will find some really great info you may not be able to find elsewhere.

7. Social Media Explorer

Social Media Explorer is yet another of the thousands of online marketing companies. They have some great info on Facebook advertising through this link.

8. Facebook Flow

Try to ignore the annoying popup. This site has 25 Facebook marketing tips, which is more than most sites. Not tons of details on each tip, but good for an overview.

9. Social Media Examiner

Another annoying popup and this one follows you, but if you can escape it they offer 7 fairly useful tips. Nothing you won’t find anywhere else, but a good reminder.

This article is written by Jeff Gross. He shares his experience about how to get the most out of your blog. Jeff is also a consultant and content contributor for Queens condos website. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.

I Blogged My Cousin A Bride – Bride & Brand

Blogged A BrideThis is so weird, even I have trouble believing it actually happened. But it did. Here’s what I mean. Like any traditional Indian family, we were looking to get my cousin married off – and were going through the conventional channels. Registering with matrimony directories. Mentioning it to friends and family. Even running the mandatory classified ad or two.

And then, I got this idea… to post a blog about it. Even if I say so myself, that was a compelling and brilliant branding post that I drafted for him – and to cut a long story short, it snagged him a bride!

My point?

A blog can be incredibly effective in building a brand, making an impression, or creating a persona.  And it works just as well for a business as for an individual.

What exactly is a brand, in today’s social media driven world?

Not a logo with a slogan and a jingle. Not even a mission statement or a values document. Not a series of ads with a consistent message. A brand is all that – and more. Above all, it is the sum total of the conversations about you and your business that take place around the Web.

Yes. Your brand is driven by conversations ABOUT you. And the reason you should blog is to help stimulate, guide and direct that conversation.

Long gone are the days when a business or entity could ‘control’ the brand. Social media has taken over. Rarely do we have the ability or the reach to even monitor – let alone control – what is being said about us and our brand online. And a reactive approach of damage control after your reputation takes a hit can be a costly mistake.

What can blogging do to help you with branding?

Well, for one, it can present a perspective and image about you and your business in a way very few other media channels can do effectively – and do so continuously, inexpensively, and in a way that is under your control.

As a blogger, you get to decide what goes on your blog.  Be it an article or interview, a video recording or audio presentation, a slideshow or PDF, you can choose what to say and share.  And even though you may not have much say over what goes into the comments on your blog, you still get that rare and special opportunity to respond to any discussion that’s sparked off by commentators – and hopefully sway public opinion about the issues being covered.

Another benefit of ‘blogging for branding’ is that you provide ‘conversation starters’. Exciting news items, interesting developments, special moments in your (or your corporate’s) life, milestones and accomplishments – all become focus points which your audience may amplify and disseminate across their social networks.

When you actively blog on your areas of expertise and interest, you gradually establish a position and posture of authority and expertise which helps consolidate your brand in the eyes of your ideal prospects.  Consistently delivering valuable information, insight and opinion about your industry or specialty will translate over time into you being accepted as a thought leader or expert.

And don’t discount the SEO advantages of blogging. Your blog can naturally acquire high rankings on search engine results for keywords and phrases that your prospects are searching for, bringing you into their frame of reference and giving you a chance at capturing their attention – and eventually their business.

All that it takes on your part is a commitment to blogging, and the discipline to do it regularly. As you blog, keep a close watch on your audience’s response. It will show you just how well you are nurturing and strengthening your brand through blogging.

Oh, and one final word about branding.

Branding matters just as much to you as an individual as it does to a corporate entity – indeed, even more so. What Hugh ‘Gaping Void’ McLeod so elegantly refers to as your “personal micro-brand” can be established, developed and extended in remarkable ways through blogging.

So spare a moment to think about your brand – and weave it into your blog, starting today!

This article is written by Dr.Mani Sivasubramanian. He is a heart surgeon and Internet infopreneur who leverages his blogging and writing to fuel a passionate desire to fund lifesaving treatment for under-privileged children. .

Social Media: A Wonderful Tool To Build Your Career

Social Media CareerThis is the age of speed and you must take advantage of the latest scientific and technological progress. The top social networks – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – are doing exceedingly well in connecting people. They have won many hearts as they have won the distance. I don’t have a speck of doubt in my mind that there will be no net user on this planet who doesn’t know about these social networking sites.

Do you know how useful these social media can be in building your career? All of these top social networking sites are free and easy to join. Moreover, you can set a wide network of contacts using these sites. You are supposed to market yourself well and connect with people who can prove a great help in the job search.

The most important factor that makes your search for a job easy is your online presence. You must be able to highlight your strengths, your set of skills and professional experience. If you want to speed up your search for a handsome job opportunity, your online profile will definitely make their presence felt.


Facebook has become immensely popular in no time. The reason is of course the ease with which you can operate so many applications and connect with thousands all across the globe. It is so tempting to post something on walls and show to the entire world that sometimes Facebookers  don’t even realize that their current employer can read what the employees type on the walls. Careless use of Facebook has made many job seekers lose some handsome opportunities and the current employers their posts. So, one has to be careful while using this effective medium for job search.


Thousands of influential recruiters all over the world use LinkedIn to find out the right candidates for various posts in their companies. Do create a profile on LinkedIn; fill in all the information necessary for recruiters to pick you up. Do put the keywords of your resumes and your set of skills so that your profile should become easy to find out. While connecting with other members, I would say be selective. There is no need to connect with anyone you come across. Connect with only those who will be useful to you professionally.


Twitter is generally used along with LinkedIn. It can help you set up a widely spread network of contacts and find job listings. You will be able to build your brand and showcase the same before the world. Twitter will definitely help you reach wider audience which would ultimately result in an easy job search.

Internet privacy

While using social networking sites, be careful about the online privacy. It is very important to make sure that you share photos or personal information only with people who are your friends or whom you know well. There have been many instances where promising and deserving candidates could not get the opportunities they were trying for just because they formed bad impression before their potential employers as they forgot to restrict their sharing personal information only to their friends.

Social media can prove a great help in job search and in your career building. It is indeed a boon if used wisely.

This article is written by Jennifer Louis. She is from USA, and writer who loves to write articles and blogs on career, cover letters, jobs, sample resumes.

Leverage On Twitter Traffic To Market Your Website

Increase Twitter FollowersIn this modern time and age, those who are not in tune with advance social networks such as Facebook and Twitter will be considered ‘backward’ or ‘old-fashioned’. In the case of owning a Twitter account, it might be a lot harder and trickier for you to gain followers as you’ll need some extremely interesting, eye-catching and spiced up tweets in order for you to get hundreds or thousands of followers. The better your tweets are, the more followers will connect with you and be your biggest fans. Twitter could also be used as a medium for your business marketing and communication to reach out to a larger number of potential customers. However, there are methods that make gaining and increasing your Twitter followers much easier without having to come up with quirky and juicy tweets. Here are some tips to leverage on Twitter traffic and increase followers for marketing your websites and blogs.

1. Hit on the ‘Follow’ button often

In order to keep up with the pace, you’ll need to follow, follow and follow others. There’ll be plenty of tools available online for you to do this task more quickly, if your fingers are tired. These specialized apps will also let you identify the people who are talking about your niche which in turn will encourage the others to mass-follow them. On the other hand, you’re allowed to mass follow 50 people at a time, so keep hitting on the ‘Follow’ buttons!

2. Wait patiently for the follower’s mark

Once you’ve managed to hit the follower mark of 2000 (or your very own limit if you’ve already surpassed that point), what you should do next is to wait for around four to five days for the people you’ve followed to follow you back. Do keep it in mind however that there’s no absolute guarantee that everyone will follow you back. You may expect a return of about 50% and if you’re able to get more than that, it’s even better but don’t get your hopes up too high.

If you aren’t able to get a 50% return, then perhaps it’s time for you to take a quick look at your own Twitter page or the image that you’re displaying. Change whatever that is necessary. Also, this will be the perfect time for you to start fostering a relationship with your first round of followers, the sooner the better.

3. ‘Unfollow’ the unnecessary

In order for Twitter to allow you to grow beyond 2000 followers, the ratio of followers to following needs to remain close to 1:1. However, although the rule isn’t applicable to every Twitter users, beginners should always abide by the given rule to have check and balance. There are also plenty of tools for you to use to instantly ‘unfollow’ 25 people at a time. Unlike most other mass-unfollowing tools, there’s an app that allows you to be selective in the process as opposed to purging the entire list of followers. But you should never mass follow or unfollow Twitter users.

4. Never spam, keep it professional

Seriously, never ever spam. It’s really uncool and it invades other people’s privacy. Feel free to do so if you want to be hated by the community and lose a lot of followers. Otherwise, please only use this method if you have something extremely special and valuable to add and let the masses know about it.

5. Be interesting at all cost

Your tweets should always represent your image if your Twitter is all about your business. If your Twitter is personal, then your tweets should be interesting enough but don’t be too provocative and controversial. Not everyone loves hot gossip, so be extremely wise and cautious with your words when you tweet to the public.

All in all, having more followers than your other competitors in the industry could really help you get that much-needed edge in the social media realm; hence maximizing your followers as much as possible is the only way to achieve your mission. Happy tweeting!

This article is written by Alicia. She is a web designer and developer. Loves WordPress themes and plugins. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.

3 Major Reasons To Use Facebook For Blog Promotion

Earlier we shared why we can use Social Media for Blog Promotion and now we are going to see three major reasons why Facebook should be mainly used for that. Normally I spend some time there to get Facebook Fans. There are various things that you should know, if you are one of those who spends a majority of the time on Facebook. It is quite possible for you to know almost everything about Facebook, and it could certainly put its creator, Mark Zuckerberg to shame, with all your fantastic trivia on the website.

Facebook -  Blog Promotion

The humungous number of Users

However, were you aware that Facebook has more than 500 million users right now and the numbers keep on increasing, as you’re reading this post? Half of these users would log on to Facebook at any possible chance that they get. An average Facebook user normally has at least 140 friends on his/her list and people usually spend more than 700 billion minutes per month just on this social networking platform.

Invite All Events Page

There are above 900 million objects that users are able to interact with or use, which include groups, pages, community pages, events etc. Contrary to the monotonous old time, when you would have to invite people one by one by calling them or sending them invites by email or by post, Facebook makes sure that sending an invitation of your party or any other function will not be troublesome for you anymore, as you can as easily announce your upcoming events on this website and it will be just a click away.

All that you are required to do is to create the event page, and press the ‘Invite All’ button to inform your guests, about the particular event that you are organizing. Wait for an RSVP and you are all ready to go!

More than 30 billion pieces of Content each month

A normal user is also connected to a minimum of 80 community pages, events, and groups and must have created at least 90 pieces of content every month, like news stories, articles, notes, blog posts, photo albums, web links, messages that are shared each month.

It is not surprising that Facebook is being preferred by many people all across the globe, keeping in mind that it is functional in more than 70 translations and hence, can be used by individuals speaking is any possible language. You can make your selection from a list that contains English, Chinese, French, Spanish, and many more such languages, which are widely spoken in different regions of the world. Here’s one more teaser for you, one can create his/her own language on Facebook, and can set the page to be in a pirate lingo, if you want to!

Get Better Grades Using Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

There is always been a debate, like which is better, doing things online or doing things offline. But when it comes to Education, being online has its own benefits. As we can see Internet is Revolutionizing Education, yep, in high scale.

Social Media can promote active learning by helping students relate to course material to their own experiences in and out of the class room. Earlier we discussed whether Twitter is hurting your grades or not and now we have another interesting infographic which says we can get better grades using Social Media.

Better Grades via Social Media

Infographic By

What’s your opinion about this? Do you really think Internet and Social Media can create positive awareness among Students?