2 Strategies you can use to Increase Followers on Twitter

Did you know that Twitter can have a positive impact on you, your business, or brand? It can help you reach your target audience with ease and without spending millions of dollars as is the case when using traditional media. However, this is only applicable when you have many followers.

Strategies You Can Use To Increase Followers On Twitter

A large following on Twitter means that you, your business or brand is mentioned more on the platform, which then enhances your online presence. It, therefore, becomes necessary to have many followers. Gaining followers can be an easy or difficult task depending on the strategy you adopt.   

How to Gain Followers on Twitter

There are many ways through which a person or a business can gain a following on Twitter. The common strategies include perfecting your personal or company profile, posting great content, getting celebrities to follow, directing users to your account, tweeting more, and keeping your followers engaged.  

The strategies are sometimes limited by their lack of a quick impact. It means that you can end up gaining a small number of followers, making most of these strategies less effective. This creates the need for alternatives to help with the gaining of followers.

Among the available alternatives in the market is buying followers and retweets. They are options that can help you gain more followers within a short period.   

1. Buying Twitter Followers

Buying followers is one of the best ways of kick-starting your business or personal Twitter handle. It becomes easy for other users to follow an account when it already has a following. It is because your business appears credible due to its online presence, which then draws more followers.

Many people fear that they will end up buying fake accounts and therefore, having fake followers. However, that should not be a concern. Twitter is always on the checkout for fake profiles as was the case in 2018, where it suspended millions of fake accounts.

It means that you are now more likely to buy authentic followers, which will then be key to attracting more legit followers. All you need to do is seek the services of a credible organization such as SidesMedia selling real Twitter followers.  

2. Buying Retweets

Retweets can help you gain a large following on Twitter. This is because a tweet that is shared by many users becomes popular, thereby capturing the attention of millions on the platform. This increases the visibility of your personal or business profile, which then leads to an increase in the number of followers.

However, getting people to retweet your content can be a difficult task. That is why you should consider buying retweets from credible organizations. Buying retweets result in many people, including prominent persons, sharing your content. This gives a guarantee that many users will see your tweet. Those that want to be associated with you, your business, or brand will then follow you or your business leading to an increase in the number of followers.  

In summary, how to gain followers on Twitter is a problem that can be solved by buying followers and retweets. The strategies enable you to gain followers within a short time and to keep on attracting more as your content is retweeted.    

Exploring The Benefits Of Using A Twitter Automation Tool To Help Market Your Twitter

With the rise of social media, it really is no big surprise that more and more businesses are turning to social media services to explore new and improved marketing trends. The only problem is that social media marketing can often take a lot of time, dedication, and hard work, which is something that you don’t have an abundance of if you are running a business. Due to this revelation business owners are turning to alternative solutions to help market their twitter accounts. One alternative solution, in particular, that is proliferating in popularity is automation tools. These tools not only do all the legwork for you, but they are entirely affordable even for the smallest of businesses. Below, you will learn about some of the benefits of taking advantage of these automation tools.

Using A Twitter Automation Tool To Help Market Your Twitter

Schedule Your Own Posts

Social media marketing is all about timing and finding the right target audience. Even though you might be located in the southeastern part of the United States, it is entirely possible that 80% of your targeted audience could be located in Japan or in the northwestern part of the United States. Whatever the situation is, the time difference can wreak havoc on your posting trends. This might mean that you need to be awake during the wee hours of the night posting just to be able to reach your target audience. However, with automation tools, the whole process becomes more convenient and easier than ever.

You can have third party applications login to your account and post whatever content you choose during all hours of the night or day.

Growing Your Account Only Grows Your Marketing Capabilities

Growing your followers on social media can be extremely time consuming, but it is something that is necessary if you want to be successful in social media. In fact, you have probably heard about companies buying followers just to boost up their accounts. Well, when you take advantage of everything that these marketing automation tools have to offer you will basically be getting free Twitter followers. Of course, you are going to have to pay for the automation services, but the followers will flock in for free, and they will be real, which will only increase your overall marketing capabilities.

Finding The Right Times To Post

Keeping the above information in mind and finding the right time to post can be a job in itself. You oftentimes have to log in to your account, post around the clock, and see when you are getting the biggest responses. However, these third-party automation services can dive right into your account, post, analyze the responses, and discover at what times you need to be posting to get the biggest responses. This not only makes your job so much easier and quicker, but it really takes out all the guesswork.

Show Complete Consistency

If you want to be successful on social media you are going to have to post and engage with your audience every day, around the clock. This allows individuals to see you as a reliable expert in your chosen field, but this can be extremely time-consuming. Marketing automation services can post informational content around the clock that will keep your audience engaged and entertained.

How To Leverage Twitter Chats To Your Brand’s Advantage

Twitter is a confusing platform, isn’t it? The sheer thought of using it sends shivers down many content marketers’ spines. How can you say what you want, paste a link, an image, and add 2-3 hashtags, all within 140 characters?

The truth, however, is the opposite. Twitter is probably the most empowering Social Media platform to have existed. Think Tahrir Square. Even if you don’t want to do something as sensational as lead a revolution, Twitter can connect you with like-minded people. It can help you grow your knowledge and network in leaps and bounds.

Leverage Twitter Chats

“You build meaningful connections on Twitter by being real and transparent. I meet so many people because I open the doorway.” – Madalyn Sklar


5 Interesting Tips To Increase The Number Of Your Twitter Followers

Twitter chats are one of the many fun activities on the platform. It’s where a group of interested tweeple (Twitter people) discuss a certain topic at a predetermined time using a specific hashtag. The host poses questions (Q1, Q2…) and participants answer accordingly (A1, A2…). They also interact among themselves. These chats typically last one hour and have six to seven questions.

How To Leverage Twitter Chats?

“Imagine a business networking event—but without a dress code and with a keyboard instead of a bar. The same social customs apply—courtesy and respect—and it’s a great way to meet new people with similar interests. There are Twitter chats in almost every industry imaginable.” – Nicole Miller

Most Twitter chats are mainly held by businesses and brands – #BufferChat, #SEMRushChat, #RubhuSocial and #cfchat come to mind. Some chats, like #blogchatter and #SEOTalk, are casual. Obviously, for a content marketer, this leads to the next logical question – “How can I leverage Twitter chats to build brand awareness and increase sales?” The answer is simple. You don’t.

“What the F…! You serious?”

Yes, I’m serious. People are smart. They can sniff a salesman from a mile away and instantly switch over to something else. They are looking for something that adds value, that they can relate to in everyday life. The most popular chats don’t focus on generating brand awareness or leads. Instead, they focus on creating a community. Over time, members of this community turn into enthusiasts, advocates or even evangelists. Brand awareness, sales, and revenue follow.

Community Meaning

I have hosted #blogchatter for over a year and participated in amazing chats like #Bufferchat, #RubhuSocial, and #SEOTalk. Each of them has adhered to some basic rules to become popular. If you apply these rules, you can be assured of long-term success in the form of high-quality engagement (and probably even getting your hashtag to trend).

1. Engage first

Social media is a two-way street. It is a place which typifies the adage “Give, and you shall receive”. Give genuine attention before you ask for it… even before you start soliciting people to join your Twitter chat.

Begin with participating in plenty of chats. Get a hang of the flow, the speed, and the interaction between hosts and participants. Use Twubs or TweetReports to check schedules of Twitter chats relevant to your interests. And please, for Heaven’s sake, don’t promote yourself in them. Nothing spells ’s-p-a-m-m-e-r’ faster than someone who’s in people’s facing promoting himself when they don’t care.

2. Choose a unique hashtag and schedule

Your chat needs its own unique hashtag. With the number of chats out there, this can be tricky. You ideally want to pick something unique and simple to recollect – bonus points if you can link your brand to it.

It’s also essential to choose a time slot where people are active on Twitter, but popular chats are not on. Imagine Kim Kardashian and Isla Fisher showing up at a red carpet event. Isla Fisher is prettier (and undoubtedly more talented), but whom does the paparazzi flock to? Twitter chats work in the same way. So test a few time slots and stick with the one where you witness maximum responses.

3. Show up, no matter what

I was fortunate when I started hosting #blogchatter; its community was already growing. Sometimes the pace was so frantic that I felt like my senses were being bludgeoned with a bat. But if you start from scratch, you won’t be so lucky. Growth will be painfully slow. But you must show up, not matter what.

For initial traction, invite your friends. ‘@‘ mention previous participants about thirty minutes before the chat, informing them of the topic. Promote it on other platforms too. Mention the chat hashtag in your Twitter bio. It increases the visibility of your chat because people reading your bio will know of it.

4. Add value

Kamini Lakhani recounts a lovely story: Tsunesaburo Makiguchi was one of the first teachers of Nichiren Buddhism. His relentless work led to the formation of the Soka Gakkai International, which has millions of global followers today. But when he started out, most of his meetings had just one or two participants. Regardless, he was delighted to have them and treated them with respect.


5 Sureshot Tips To Establish Your Solid Existence On Twitter

Adding value to your chat’s participants and followers is paramount, regardless of their number, or the number of their followers. Engage with them. Acknowledge when they share something insightful, share valuable tips and insights, and tweet top-notch relevant content when the chat is not on (curation platforms like Reddit, StumbleUpon and FlipBoard are great tools to find shareworthy content).

5. Summarize

Your participants answered the questions, they interacted with each other, the engagement levels blew the roof. Awesome! Now, what? How will you keep this momentum going?

One way is to summarize your chat. Make a Storify-ed version (read how to use it here) or create a summary post and publish it on your blog. Then email the link to participants with the ‘You have been quoted’ message or mention them on Twitter.

The effect of this step is twofold:

1) Your participants can access the discussion anytime.

2) It drives relevant traffic to your digital property. You only stand to gain from this step. Added bonus if people share your summary post.

Standing on top of a building and screaming how awesome you don’t work anymore. You need to get people to do that for you. According to Madalyn Sklar, Twitter chats are a great way to get you in front of a lot of people. Hosted well, these chats can tremendously benefit your brand. They not only get you good visibility but also build credibility and turn ho-hum participants into advocates. So take off your shoes, put on a pair of fresh socks, grab a cup of your favorite coffee, and get to work. And be patient. It took Akathma Devi almost four months to witness initial traction on RubhuSocial. Once you set a strong foundation, building the palace of your dreams around an oasis will become easier.

5 Ways To Put The Power Of Twitter To Work For Your Business

Technology has forever altered the landscape of Business. One of the biggest areas that have been affected is communication with people being able to connect with each other at the touch of a button. Along the lines of communication, Social Media, especially the power of Twitter, has become an indispensable asset for businesses of every shape and size. Twitter has emerged as a handy tool to help companies, organizations, and entrepreneurs direct traffic to websites, find new customers and boost sales. By sharing posts that matter, utilizing pictures and hashtags, and interacting with followers, the instant message sharing service puts the power of communication directly into the hands of businesses.

Power Of Twitter To Work For Your Business

Ways To Put The Power Of Twitter To Work For Your Business

1. Posts That Matter

Since users follow Twitter accounts to get inside news, up to date information, and informative facts, sharing posts and article relevant to the audience is the key to grow the reach of the account. For example, Louis Ceruzzi shares articles related to real estate and design, which are areas of expertise, to attract more followers. The relevance of the material shared keeps users looking for more updates, and that anticipation creates and drives growth for the social media account. Further Reading – How to Buy Real Twitter Followers (in 2020).

2. Pictures

People respond to pictures. Businesses and organizations that share photos and images related to their respective fields can reap the rewards that go along with that public response. Posts containing photos can be re-shared, commented on, and favorited, which are all factors that help elevate the post in search functions. Simply by having a popular post helps the organization grow the audience following along with the account, and an increased follower count equates to more influence via social media.

3. Hashtags

Hashtags are at the center of the Twitter universe. The short phrases or keywords identify important elements in the post. Because post is searchable via hashtags, utilizing them in posts is vital to the growth of an account. Companies that actively use the valuable search tools in Twitter updates enhance their presence in the search rankings, which captures a wider audience and gets those posts seen by more users.

4. Interact With Followers

Communication is a cornerstone of social media. While followers will share, comment, like, and more, the company or organization needs to respond in kind. After all, communication is a two-way street. By replying and answering questions, the company puts a voice to the account and humanizes the organization. Plus, users and customers love getting fast answers to questions and comments, and Twitter excels at getting that task completed effortlessly.

5. Regular Updates

The layout of Twitter keeps users coming back to the social media giant to see what is new. While it is important to capitalize on keywords and hashtags, regular posts are also integral to the success of the business account. Because every industry and every business is different, some trial and error is necessary to identify the best strategy for a given organization. Once the best method is identified, the formula can be tweaked and altered to drive continual improvement and growth. In short, staying visible in the timelines of users makes a huge difference in the exposure of the account and corresponds directly to the effectiveness of Twitter for the organization.

In the end, Twitter brings customers, businesses, vendors, employees, and people from all walks of life together. Companies that harness the power of instant communication through social media can take advantage of the traffic driving and exposure generating power of Twitter. By posting regular updates, sharing relevant articles, and incorporating pictures and hashtags into posts, businesses in any industry can get their share of the social media phenomenon. Technology has brought communication into the hands of just about everyone imaginable, and companies have the power and ability to stay in the minds of consumers on a moment’s notice. The power of social media is one particular benefit that is not going away anytime soon, which underscores the importance of incorporating a Twitter account into a public relations campaign.

How to Effectively Use Twitter Lists

Twitter is one of the fastest growing social media networks in the world. The social network reportedly has accumulated 645,750,000 members in their database. That is a lot of potential customers to interact with and market to, and the number is only growing. Your business can be exposed to customers that otherwise would have never found you.

A Twitter list is a personalized group of twitter users that is exclusive to just those users. You have the option to start your own lists or join lists built by other Twitter users. You can then view a specialized timeline of updates from only the members of the list you’ve created or joined. You cannot send a direct tweet to someone for just the list to see, this feature is for reading tweets only, not responding.

Use Twitter Lists

To create a list, you simply go to your lists page from two ways. Click on settings from the top right of the Twitter homepage or on your profile click lists. Click ‘create a list’ and type in some simple details about the list as well as its privacy settings. On a user’s profile, click settings and ‘add or remove from lists’.

Use Twitter Lists Effectively

Many businesses are a member of lists but don’t know how to create and use lists effectively to help their business and gain new customers. Learn how you can use Twitter Lists effectively.

List Your Suppliers

Your business purchases from and is subscribed to many other helpful businesses such as accounting software, office supplies, software, computer companies, and more. Twitter is an easy way to keep track of their updates and discounts. Look through your following list and add all of the businesses you regularly purchase from to a list entitled “Suppliers”. This will ensure you never miss their weekly specials, notice of company downtime, and more important information you may need from them.

List Your Competitors

Why would you want to know every move your competitor makes? To be one step ahead of them at all times. Let’s be honest your business follows other industry leaders in your niche. Start a list entitled the business niche you’re in. For example, if you’re a graphic designer, title your list “Graphic Designers”. This will help you stay updated with the latest industry trends, give your business marketing ideas from other businesses, and learn from leaders in your niche.

List Your Customers

After purchasing from you, many customers will follow you on Twitter to ensure you stay relevant in their mind. If this is the case, gather those customers together and create a list and call it “Customers”. You may not want to know all of their personal posts, but every once in a while a customer will post “I just got engaged!” and if you’re a graphic designer you can then email them congratulating on the engagement and let them know if they’re looking for a website, invitation design, etc. with the engagement, you’re available. This will show the customer you care about them and their wedding, and it’s the more likely you’ll hire them.

How To Get Started on Twitter in 2013 – The Right Way

Twitter 2013 Right WayTwitter is one of the most popular Social Networks in the world, and they continue to grow everyday with tens of thousands of new members. For many people and Businesses without experience, getting started on Twitter can be a daunting challenge. You could follow some popular accounts, a few peers and a couple of your friends, and hope they follow back.

You could tweet something like “It’s 2013, and I’m just starting on Twitter! Follow the new guy and be astonished at my epic Twitter fails.” and hope at least a few people see it, laugh, and maybe even follow. You’re not here to read some awful Twitter failure story though – You want to SUCCEED, and that’s exactly what I’m going to teach you today!

The question now is, “How do I go from a nobody to a somebody, on Twitter?”.

First and foremost , there’s tweeting. You know, that little thing that you do with 140 characters on Twitter. Before anyone even wastes two seconds clicking that ‘Follow’ button, you have to convince them that you’re worth following – by tweeting.

Let’s Start Tweeting!

Cram as much quality content, useful information and awesome things that your followers would love, into 140 characters or less, and tweet it… often… but not too often. Don’t spam and don’t advertise – People hate that, and they’ll unfollow you before you can even blink.

Pay attention to what’s happening with your followers, brand, industry or just around Twitter; Stay up to date. Take the time to reply, @mention, #hastag, and react to things as they happen. This will help you stay up to date on Twitter, help you gain more exposure as people reply back, and mention you, and give your followers more and more reasons to keep following you. You can even add some multimedia to your tweets by posting relevant photos, videos, music, links and more – Everyone love some mix and variety in their timeline. Share your passion, tweet that funny picture that you just found, link to that article that just blew your mind a few minutes ago; chances are, some of your followers might enjoy your passion, they may find that picture funny too, or they could have their mind blown away from reading that article as well.

Tweeting isn’t an exact science, but these guidelines pretty much sum up what it means to tweet well and keep your followers happy. Twitter also offers a pretty awesome guide on how to get started here. Go ahead and bookmark that page, but keep on reading this article (aka The “Holy Grail” of Twitter Guides).

So, now that you’ve started tweeting like a pro, you should also look like one too. Getting more Twitter Followers can sometimes be tricky, but here are a few techniques to boost your following effectively.

  • You have a Facebook Account? Of course you do. Share it with your friends or fans on Facebook, and let them know you have a Twitter Account. Statistically speaking, more half of your friends or fans should be on Twitter as well.
  • You have a website!? That’s perfect! Add a Twitter link, icon or even a widget on your website. Most of your website visitors or customers want to be taken advantage of, so do it! Let them know that you’ll keep them up to date with new products, promotions, discounts, news, funny pictures, or whatever you’re into.
  • You have an email list?!  Well… aren’t you Mr. Perfect. You should add a link to your Twitter Account to the bottom of every email you send. That lets your subscribers know you actually have a Twitter account (Surprise!), and lets them know where they can find you. You can always had a little incentive as well, which I’ll get into later.
  • You own a Store?! Why didn’t you tell me sooner?!  If you’re trying to get started with a Company Twitter account, then simply print out a “Follow Us on Twitter” Vinyl Decal with your Twitter Username and a convenient QR (Quick Response) code.  Stick it to your front door,  next to a cash register or even in the bathroom, and watch as your everyday customers now become your followers on Twitter.
  • You drive a CAR?!  You’ve got to be kidding! Throw a bumper sticker on that bad boy with your Twitter Username, and a big ol’ sign that screams “Follow Me”. I mean, it should work. People Tweet and Drive all the time…  PSA: Drive Safe – Don’t Text Tweet and Drive.
  • You’re a nudist?! Well…. tough luck. But if you don’t enjoy walking around naked in public, then you most likely wear clothes. Use that to your advantage! Wear a custom “Follow Me on Twitter” T-Shirt and rock it out like you just don’t care. Followertshirts.com and CafePress both have nice collections of custom Twitter Shirts to select from.
  • You have a Business Card? Great! Once you run out, you should order new ones with your Twitter Handle (@YourUsername) alongside your email and phone number. This way, you can help peers and business contacts stay connected with you through Twitter.

Those are just a few fun ways of getting more attention and followers to your Twitter Account, by taking advantage of the things you’re already doing on a daily basis. Now, here is when it starts getting interesting.

Advertising and Promoting your Twitter Account online is another way of getting more Twitter Followers, and fast. Twitter now offers an Advertising Service to help get you more exposure to both your account and your tweets, right on Twitter. While this is a great approach, it can be costly and without a proper established credibility, it could be pretty ineffective when you first start off. Here are a few alternative approaches to advertising your Twitter Account, before jumping onto the Twitter Ads.

Buy Twitter Followers. Wait… what? Yes, you heard right. Buying Twitter Followers can be a very effective strategy if approached correctly and moderately. Purchasing a few hundred to a few thousand followers is perfectly reasonable, and while it won’t get you the followers you really need, it will give your Twitter Account the allure of popularity and strengthen your social credibility. This will make your advertising and marketing campaigns much more effective, and essentially help convey prospective followers that you’re actually worth following. However, these type of services are a little controversial; some people see it as unethical while others praise it for being so fast. You can use these services, but remember that moderation is key.

Sponsored Tweets is another creative approach to gaining exposure and followers, and is very similar to Sponsored mentions. Sponsoredtweets.com has over 50,000 tweeters, from celebrities to regular Twitter users, ready to tweet your custom message to their followers, for a fee. You can search and find Twitter users in your exact target market (the ones that have the followers you want) and have them recommend to follow you. This method is great and can be very effective, but I can only recommend it if you have a high budget or are running a business Twitter account.

Blogging could be one of your pastimes, and it can also be your ticket to getting more Twitter Followers. If you blog regularly, whether on your personal blog, or a big company blog, you can easily take advantage of the thousands of people reading your article by simply mentioning your Twitter account in your “Author Biography”. I know when I’m reading a really good article, I always want to know more about the author and sometimes I’ll even want to stay connected – something I’m sure many people do. Now, by having a convenient link to your Twitter accounts in your biography, your readers will be able to easily find your Twitter account and follow if they want. Even if you don’t blog yet, it’s never too late to start blogging (or guest blogging) about topics that interest you. You’ll start gaining that online exposure and recognition that won’t just help you grow your Twitter Following, but also help you in so many other avenues.

Building your following, whether for your business or personal account, isn’t done overnight. It takes hard work, persistence and determination to become a success with anything, including Twitter. Don’t try to do everything at once and within a week. Take your time, tweet regularly and try some of the suggestions I mentioned. Remember, Rome wasn’t build in a day and neither will your loyal following.

Tweet well, my friends.

How Twitter Can Be Used To Gauge A Financial Stock’s Health

What do the People think FEEL about your Stock?

stock health social mediaThere is a reason you can not put out false information to artificially inflate or deflate the price of a stock – because it works. Stocks are votes of confidence in future earnings for a company. Stocks are owned by people, and people are anything but logical. They are easily manipulated, especially when mass hysteria hits. Take for instance this Twitter search for Facebook stock , here we can see what the masses think. Since Twitter is such a huge platform to diseminate information, it’s a an excellent barometer to gauge if people feel good about a stock, unsure, and the latest news swirling around it.

Currently you’ll see articles and comments about a sell off by a Facebook insider (it will of course change hourly, daily, monthly, yearly, etc):

“Sheryl Sandberg Has Sold More Than $40 Million in Facebook Stock So Far “

Not only are major news outlets flooding Twitter with this information, but it’s being regurgitated by average investors. You can also see posts that Mobile is extremely closely tied to Facebook earnings. You won’t become an expert in finding information about stocks overnight, but in a few months the average Tweets might be leading up to a big gain, or something terrible for the company. Your goal is to understand people’s herd mentality and to make a decision based on their fears or hopes.

An obfuscated Picture means there is more uncertainty and more room for potential gains, and of course losses

 Jim Cramer, host of the widely popular Mad Money series on CNBC has even admitted to manipulating stock prices to make a small fortune.

“What’s important when you are in that hedge fund mode is to not be doing anything that is remotely truthful, because the truth is so against your view – it is important to create a new truth to develop a fiction,” Cramer advises. “You can’t take any chances.”

The more volatile a market, the greater chances of success. Even during the great depression more people became millionares than ever before, as wealth was transferred from one class of people to another. Shorting a stock, or betting without knowledge could result in huge losses, and relying on bad credit personal loans to make up the difference when it comes time to pay the bills.

Armed with Knowledge You can Make an Informed Decision

Unless you are “long” on a stock, you need to know how average stock holder’s feel about their investment. Much like a poker player has to not focus on playing only his hand, but what others are doing, so should you look to Social Media and Twitter to reveal the truth behind the media spins. Best of all, you don’t have to chime in with a retweet, or create your own post on your view. You are simply observing and analyzing which means you are free and clear in the eyes of the SEC. More often than not you will be very late on any information given to the general public. It’s called insider trading for a reason, and you aren’t on the inside. Leveraging Twitter searches will not get you in on the ground level, but there is much action leading up to events and immediately after that Twitter does an excellent job of putting into perspective.

Final Thoughts – Twitter and Social Media is just a Piece to the Investment Puzzle

Social Media has not only given “us” the people a voice but allows others to hear their voice, and recognize what they are feeling and saying. By and large people will still be influenced by the major media outlets, so it’s important not to chase any red herrings that are simply the result of parroting, unless of course it begins to resonate with the average investor. There is a tipping point from idea to fact, and it has to deal with mass numbers believing something to be true or imminent. Your Twitter search awaits you. The future is trending, and it’s yours for the taking.

Unnatural Activity Of Twitter Gives You Penalty Like Panda, Penguin In Future!

Twitter PenaltySocial Media Optimization (SMO) is now forcefully using in corporate world. And People are addicted to Social Sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest and etc.

But here I am talking about Twitter. There are millions of people using Twitter everyday to get traffic, find friends, build network and also for good Business. Daily I am also using Twitter but when I am seeing some people’s activity on Twitter don’t mind but they looks like spammer. I have number of reason why they are spammer and few of reason I am sharing here. If you will not Follow this reason you will get amazing result in social media.

I thought that Social Media Platform will take step against spammers as recently Google has take big steps against seo spammers.

List of Spamming Technique in Twitter

Direct Message:

When I follow someone immediately I got DM that “thanks for follow” also something marketing message that “download free song” or something else. But I personally think that when you automated something then it’s a first bad sign of social media.

You can send that person DM but not in automated way wait for sometime and manually start process. Social Media platform helps us to make relationship. Remember one thing that treat social media as your child baby always you will get success.

Auto Follow:

There are number of Twitter Profile which has number of followers but most of profile has increase followers through different tools. Use tools are not bad things but use tools for increase Twitter followers are really bad things. Its looks like you are doing social media as aggressive link building.

My advice is that follower’s ratio must be 1:1.

“Hashtag” is Black Hat Command

If you are using Hashtag in limited use then it is white hat command but using it twice or more in tweets it’s definitely spamming.

Example of Spamming Tweets:

“Good SEO Tips – goo.gl/is579t #seo #tips #india #linkbuilding“

I thought that it’s definitely spamming. If you are thinking that number of persons will follow you so I’m Sorry. It’s your wrong thinking. A best tip is that your tweets will be short, descriptive and with limited Hashtag so people will follow you.

Tweeting Fake Jokes, Quotes in Corporate Twitter Account:

Sometimes I am watching in Twitter that some big automobile company tweets some joke our love quotes in his company Twitter account. He thought that if he posted this type of tweets and people will follow him. But I will give you advise that when you will post this type of tweets so 100% your followers count will reduce.

Post only relevant thing in Professional Twitter Account.

Shooting Bulk Tweets:

If you are shooting 15 Tweets from Air Gun at the same moment what will happen? If you are thinking that this type of activity make people live in your profile so you are doing wrong thinking. But it will kill people. People will unfollow you.

I recommend to all Twitter lovers that do activity on Twitter with love is good for all but if you doing activity aggressive its really headache and looks like you are spammer.

Using Twitter To Spread The Business Word

In recent years, the growth in influence of social media sites has taken the world by storm, yet only a small proportion of businesses have moved quickly enough to take advantage of it. One of the most important sites, Twitter, is capable of reaching millions of people at any given moment, so why aren’t more companies looking to get in on the act?

Perhaps the most apparent reason is simply a question of not adapting quickly enough. Many business leaders are of an age where they are perhaps fail to see how rapid technological changes.

Twitter - Business Word

It’s a generalization, of course, but younger owners and directors will be more likely to see the potential of social networking in general, and of Twitter in particular. And with an ever increasing army of users registering for the site the need to be aware of the possibilities becomes even more crucial.

Reaching out to the masses

By the middle of 2011, Twitter reached the impressive milestone of 300 million users, a figure that seemed almost inconceivable in the early days. Many experts thought it would never be such a success, pointing out that restricting tweets to a maximum of 140 characters would prove frustrating and eventually unworkable to users; how wrong they were.

These days, people from all walks of life and all corners of the globe head to the site on a daily basis to offer their own opinions about life, and to follow the random musings of others.

Many world-famous celebrities are regular users, and they see Twitter as a way of speaking directly to fans without having their words distorted by the occasional inconsistencies and half-truths that the newspapers provide.

Followers could become customers

Those businesses that have woken up to the possibilities offered by Twitter have been able to build up an impressive number of followers, and can therefore pass on important, potentially lucrative information about marketing campaigns, price reductions, special offers and new products.

And don’t forget, their list of followers consists of people who have already expressed an interest by following them in the first place. Therefore, every one of them could easily be converted into a customer.

The revenue streams that can be generated by companies that incorporate Twitter into their marketing strategies is simple incredible. Any business that doesn’t get in on the act is taking chances that aren’t necessary. The strategies are inexpensive and low maintenance, so there’s little to lose.

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6 Top Twitter Mistakes You Should Not Make

Twitter mistakesTwitter marketing takes some skill, and it certainly takes some time to build up a loyal following. With a limited amount of text, we need to be careful how we use that space. As an individual, or small business, we can learn from what others are doing. In this article, we look at some of the common mistakes, even the big companies are making, to help us make better use of our Tweets. Online marketing is a tricky business. As always, we need to have a step-by-step strategy for our growth. Twitter is no different, and actually, most mistakes made on Twitter relate to us trying to get too much out of a single Tweet.

1. Multiple URLs

Multiple URLs in a single Tweet will not only confuse users, it will confuse search engines. Each Tweet should only ever contain a single URL. It is important to remember users are normally seeing a lot of information on Twitter, and we do not want to make what they are seeing any more complicated.

2. Multiple Hashtags

Like multiple URLs, multiple hashtags will not make it easier for others to find your information. Hashtagging only makes sense if you want your Tweets to be found in search. With multiple tags, your Tweet is lost in a sea of options, instead of being easier to find. Limit hashtagging unless you are specific about a conversation you want to join, and always only have a single hashtag.

3. Not Using URL Shorteners

With a limit to the number of characters we can ever post with Twitter, using URL shorteners is the only way to post a URL. Our original URLs need to make sense, and this is not the case for shortened URLs. At the same time, we can use those websites that provide those shortened URLs to gather more information on those Tweets, such as, how many times they have been clicked on. If you are not familiar with URL shortening, now is the time to learn. We can use URL shortening in other ways, such as with email outs to our subscriber lists on our websites to help us gather more data too.

4. Irrelevant Language

SEO (search engine optimisation) should be applied to everything we do online. It forms the basis of our website design, and our content marketing strategies. We need to keep our language and terminology appropriate on Twitter just as we do will all content. Using different terms to attract attention will only confuse followers, and confuse search engines. It is important we use the same terminology across all social media marketing platforms.

5. Over Twittering

Perhaps it is the temptation to send out something else, or put an extra piece of information out there, but over Twittering continues to be one of the biggest mistakes of just about everyone on Twitter. Even when someone is following only 10 people, it can be hard for them to take in all that information unless they are doing nothing but follow Twitter all day. If you want your Tweets to count, less is definitely more.

6. Over Following

Following others to have them follow you may seem a polite way to act on Twitter, but the fact remains if someone is following too many people, then they cannot possibly take in all that information. If you are contacting those who follow you, and following them in return, you will soon be following too many people. If others following you are following a lot of people they cannot possibly be seeing your Tweets in their see of visible posts.

The core of good online marketing starts from the very beginning. You cannot build up more followers and build up importance of your Tweets with haste. It is only those who are extremely popular outside of social media who have this ability. The fact remains there is an imbalance with Twitter. Being popular and followed by a lot of people is not easy. None of us should expect we could do it, especially over a short period of time.