How to Promote Your YouTube Channel?

Nowadays we are going through as long as six hours of the day watching the video, and we need to come with unique content that has our audience’s interest. So the main question that arises is how to promote your YouTube channel.

How To Promote Your YouTube Channel

The massive number of video content has brought about a surge of brands attempting to ace YouTube channel advertising at the same time. 

Thus, if you need to stand apart on YouTube, you have to exploit. However, many unique strategies as could be expected under this case which can help you promote your YouTube channel.

Steps you can follow and learn to promote your YouTube Channel

Write an Attractive Description of Your Channel

We have a total manual for composing compelling YouTube portrayals, which has tips for both individual video depictions and channels. Here are a couple of the critical tips for all to promote your YouTube channel.

  • Front-load your keywords in the video description and title 
  • Adhere to the 5000-characters limit 
  • Make a “contents page” with timestamps that help watchers find what they’re searching for the most.
  • Add a link from related subject playlists 
  • Incorporate a couple of trending hashtags. Make sure you are clear about YouTube’s hash tagging rules before you post 

You can likewise refer to keywords in the video itself. Yet, much the same as with text, individuals lose consideration rapidly. Use several keywords during a concise introduction to the best outcomes. 

Please continue reading to know more about promoting your channel and generating YouTube views

Pick Google-Friendly Words  

An incredible YouTube channel begins with great SEO; which is one of the prior factors to promote your YouTube channel. Furthermore, great SEO starts with understanding what viewers are looking for the most. 

It turns out individuals don’t merely search for recordings on YouTube; they use Google as well. “YouTube” was the second most famous pursuit term in 2018. Google currently organizes videos over other substances for some pursuits. 

There’s no set principle for which keywords will help your YouTube video rank well. In any case, more focus on figuring out can go far. 

To help promote your video – Here’s how to discover Google-friendly keywords for any video

  • Recognize potential keywords with the use of tools like the Google Ads Keyword Planner. 
  • Google one of your alternatives. 
  • Scan the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for every keyword. Are they top-ranking results videos or written content?
  • Change your keywords and attempt once more. Have words like “How to” or “Instructional exercise” in case you’re experiencing difficulty getting video results. 
  • Pick a keyword that organizes video and suits your content.

Networking is Half of the Progress: Grow Your Network.

Be a productive individual from your community! It seems like most people don’t have much idea or they would prefer not to realize what that implies. Don’t intend to disturb individuals and spam your channel link to connect on any other creator’s videos, messages. 

It definitely doesn’t mean advancing your channel in improper spots. An individual from the network implies TALKING TO PEOPLE! Presently go to YouTube SMALL channels, discover them in the comment areas of different videos, or featured channels of other channels. Watch one or a few of their content, watch the entire video, and afterward leave a POSITIVE remark, compose something you preferred about it, or propose improvement if you think it’ll help. 

Then move to another video, another channel, and repeat. The channel owner WILL react because everybody at that stage loves to comment, really it is in human instinct we like to be NOTICED.

Consistency: It Helps the Most in the Long Run

This one is self-evident. People won’t become a subscriber into a one-time wonder. They need consistency. Stick with it regardless. As long you have others who need to watch your stuff, still of whether it only two individuals, continue making stuff.

Connecting with Your Viewers helps promote your channel

Answer back to each comment on your videos since it builds a network that keeps viewers returning for more and tempts new viewers to become subscribers. This used to be standard guidance for online channels, and for reasons unknown yet. Creators don’t follow it on youtube. If somebody takes time from their day to comment on your small youtube channel, you owe it to them to at any rate express gratitude toward them.

12 YouTube Video Ideas for a Kid’s YouTube Channel

YouTube has almost 2 billion of active users every month. This means that any given niche can find a large audience. One of the largest niches that get an extremely large number of views every day is the kids’ channels. These channels deal with a broad niche that includes plenty of sub-niches that are vastly different from one another. This way, they have all formed large communities, without having to compete with each other. Those that get YouTube likes have managed to stand out and even become some of the most-subscribed channels on the platform.

YouTube Video Ideas For A Kids YouTube Channel

If you are interested in creating a kids’ channel on the platform, you must first determine your sub-niche. When you do that, you can visit Stormviews to purchase cheap YouTube likes and increase the engagement of your videos. In this article, you are going to discover video ideas for your new kids’ channel.

1. Unboxing of Toys

Unboxing is a type of video that is mostly associated with technology channels and gadgets. Nevertheless, the YouTube channels that have dared to post toys’ unboxing have proven that you can easily thrive in this niche. The most prominent example of this is the channel Ryan’s Toys, which is one of the largest channels on the platform. Keep in mind that this sub-niche is rather competitive and you will need to get cheap YouTube likes from Stormviews to get a competitive advantage over the other channels.

2. Vlogging

Vlogging has always been immensely successful on YouTube, especially in lifestyle channels. Furthermore, vlogging has now extended so much that any creator from any niche regularly posts this type of content. Kids’ channels such as Like Nastya shows you how you can adopt vlogging for your niche. If you choose to buy YouTube likes from Stormviews for your vlogs, then you will gather a large audience. 

3. Arts and Crafts

Many users are looking for great kids’ channels so that they find activities that they can do with their children. For this reason, many parents want to learn how to do various crafts and DIY projects that will keep their kids entertained. This sub-niche is very creative and you will have a lot of fun creating content for it. 

4. Lullabies and Kids’ Songs

There is no denying that lullabies and kids’ songs will bring you a lot of subscribers and views. Indicatively, Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes is the third most-subscribed YouTube channel in the whole world, with more than 99 million subscribers. For this type of content, you first need to produce the songs and then decide the way that you will present them. For example, you can create animated videos or use kids to perform them.  

5. Magic Trick Tutorials

Another type of video that the parents are going to love is the magic trick tutorials. For a channel with these videos, you can post videos that are both entertaining for the kids and explanatory for the parents. This way, you will have all of them invested in your content, thus giving you a lot of views. Then, to bring this content to more users includes that you purchase cheap YouTube likes from Stormviews.

6. Educational Videos

Apart from the kids’ entertainment, you must also create content that aims to educate them. You can create content that enhances their vocabulary, teaches them a foreign language, or explains how the world around them is working. No matter what you choose to explain, make sure that you have an easy-to-understand tone that the children will love. Then, get YouTube likes from Stormviews to promote your content to more users.

7. Dance Tutorials

This video type can easily fit with lullabies and kids’ songs. For this, you will have to use your kids or hire some child actors to create dance videos. Kids from all around the world will want to watch this content to dance along and have fun. If you are interested in this type of video, make sure that you pick upbeat songs and colorful costumes. 

8. Kids’ Comedy Sketches

You can create any type of video that you want in a kid-friendly version. Therefore, you can even create comedy that relates to kids and teenagers. For example, you can create a video series with funny moments in school. Both the children and their parents are going to love your videos, thus subscribing to your channel for more. You can promote your comedy sketches, by visiting Stormviews to get YouTube likes that will increase their engagement.

9. Kids’ Activities 

Just like arts and crafts, you can also show some kids’ activities that the parents can do with their children. In addition to this, you can shoot your children while playing, thus encouraging your young viewers to play along. This type of content is extremely popular as it manages to get millions of views. Therefore, if you want to stand out, you need to get YouTube likes from Stormviews and reach a wide audience.

10. Stop Motion Animation

Another great idea for a kids’ channel is to create your own animated videos. However, instead of using 2D animation, you can explore the stop motion technique. This type of animation creates stylized results that both the kids and the parents will love. Nevertheless, you will first need to know what this technique is all about. 

11. Science Experiments

Kids love exploring the world and learning about the amazing things around them. For this reason, they are going to find your science experiments fascinating. Create videos that show simple experiments that kids can try at home along with their parents. With this type of content and cheap YouTube views, you can gather a lot of views and gain plenty of new subscribers.

12. Sketches with Dolls

One more great idea for a kids’ channel is to create sketches with dolls. These videos will entertain kids and give them ideas to enhance their playtime. Don’t be afraid to shoot videos with your kids and their dolls.

If you own a kids’ YouTube channel, then all of these ideas will help you create stunning content. No matter what you choose to upload though, make sure to get YouTube likes from Stormviews to promote it.

Why Your Post don’t get many Facebook Likes

Now that you have created a Facebook page, you are using all of your creativity to create posts that your followers will like. However, your posts don’t seem to gather as much engagement as you would like them to. This might be the result of many causes and in the article, we are taking a look at all of them. In any case, you should always buy Facebook likes to help your content stand out. 

Why Your Post Don’t Get Many Facebook Likes

#1 Your content isn’t Attractive to your Users

The first and most prominent reason why your content fails to get a lot of likes is that the users feel that it’s irrelevant to them. Content on social media has certain trends that are changing from time to time. If you are not regularly checking the viral posts, you might make this mistake. Luckily, this is a mistake easily fixed by creating new and updated content. Of course, in the beginning, you will need to buy Facebook likes to give extra motives to your followers. 

#2 You post too Often or too Rarely

Getting success on social media means that you have found the right balance in posting the right content at the right time. Another equally important factor in your Facebook page’s success is the frequency of posting. This a common mistake that it can influence the number of likes and follows you can. If you post too often, then you run the risk of tiring your followers. On the other hand, if you don’t post frequently, then you might make them forget about your page. No matter how many times a day you post, though, make sure to buy Facebook likes to show your followers that your posts are worth it.   

#3 You don’t Include a Call to Action

On social media, asking what you want from the users goes a long way. Many users will just like your posts, follow your page, and share it if you just ask it. Therefore, you should always remember to write effective captions. Within the captions, use various hashtags for the organic traffic and some call to actions. You can even make your call to actions stand out, by placing an emoji before you write it. 

#4 Your Posts are Lacking in Quality

No matter how big or small is your Facebook page you need to offer content of the highest possible quality. This is the only way to attract new followers. Find impressive stock footage and images for free and use them to create stunning content. Once you’ve uploaded it, buy Facebook likes and promote your page on various groups.

#5 You are in a Niche with High Competition

To succeed on Facebook, having top-quality content isn’t enough. Sometimes, the reason why your posts don’t get enough likes is that the niche you’ve picked doesn’t have enough demand. If you take a look at the viral content, you will see that a few niches have great potential, while others don’t get enough attention. Therefore, adapt your content to attract users from the most popular niches.

If your posts don’t get enough likes, then you should try to change things up a little. In any case, buy Facebook likes to boost your posts.

Celebrities who Gained Fame on YouTube

It is the truth that many celebrities have used YouTube and social media to get the public’s attention. In some cases, the celebrities have been consistently uploading great content, while in other cases, they found success almost overnight. These celebrities’ stories will show how important it is to get a viral success. Follow their example, establish a great YouTube channel, and buy YouTube views to help your videos get more attention. 

Celebrities Who Gained Fame On YouTube

#1 Justin Bieber

The most well-known success story from YouTube is that of Justin Bieber. The famous singer used to be a kid from Canada who loved to sing. He regularly uploaded on YouTuber covers from songs by Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, and other artists. Until one day, the talent manager Scooter Braun discovered him and launched his successful career.

#2 Carly Rae Jepsen

Carly Rae Jepsen is another Canadian singer, who gained fame online. She had been recording for years, even though she had trouble reaching a wider audience. Her luck, however, changed when Justin Bieber tweeted about her song “Call Me Maybe”. After this tweet, the song went viral on YouTube and Carly Rae Jepsen became very popular.

#3 Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy made his first musical steps on YouTube and MySpace. His biggest hit, “Crank That”, was first published online, and later reached no. 1 on Billboard Hot 100. Soulja Boy was discovered by the producer Mr. Collipark and signed with Interscope Records. This is an incredible achievement and an example that can inspire you. If you are dreaming of becoming successful, make sure that you buy YouTube views so that you help your channel grow more quickly.

#4 Bo Burnham

The famous comedian started on YouTube when he was only 16 years old. His videos were satirical musical numbers that managed to gain the attention of many users. Right now, Bo Burnham has numerous comedy specials with millions of views on streaming services. Moreover, he has made his directing debut with the movie “Eighth Grade” that gained a lot of positive reviews.

#5 Kate Upton

It’s hard to imagine Kate Upton unable to book a job. However, this was the case in 2011. That year, though, she uploaded a video of her dancing to “The Dougie” at an LA Clippers’ game. The video went viral and she caught the attention of many. The supermodel also went viral the following year, with a video of her dancing to “Cat Daddy” in a Bikini.  

#6 Darren Criss

Darren Criss is now known for his role in “Glee”. However, he gained much of his fame on YouTube, where he took part in “A Very Potter Musical”. The parody Harry Potter musical became so popular that each video gained millions of views. Since then, he has played numerous roles and he even received an Emmy nomination for his song “This Time”. 

All these celebrities have gained their fame through hard work and consistently great content. If you want to become a famous YouTuber, you need to do your best and buy YouTube views. 

How to Add a Youtube Video to Instagram | Repurposing Video Content in a Few Steps

Benefits of Versatile Content Sharing

How to add a Youtube video to Instagram account? Plenty of users are eager to increase views on their YouTube posts. The aim to do it with subscribers of other social networks is natural. For one, Instagram is currently the most profitable social network. Also, the flow of information is so heavy that even an interested user can miss a particular publication. So the duplication of content and close connections between your accounts is necessary today. Sharing and repurposing content allows content managers to:

How To Add A Youtube Video To Instagram Repurposing Video Content In A Few Steps
  • reach out to a wider audience
  • provide better customer experience
  • increase their SERP results
  • strengthen their personal or business brand

However, sharing videos from YouTube on Instagram, unfortunately, is not possible by standard means. In this post, we will cover the easiest ways to share content with Instagram users.

Sharing Content Using Third-Party Services

One can add a video from YouTube to Instagram directly on a smartphone or laptop, using third-party applications. Surely, the app must first be downloaded and installed on the device. Web services can be used as well.

So, the easiest way to add a clip post from one social network to another is to use the service. How does it work?

  • The first thing we need to do is find the file you want to add to your account. When you find it, there will be a share button under the clip. You click on it and copy the URL.
  • Next, go to the service. Insert the already copied link into the required line and click Download.
  • The file will begin to upload on the clipboard. As soon as it started to download, move on to the next stage.
  • Download the InstaVideo to your smartphone. It is easy to use, and it is very handy.
  • When you open this program, you will be prompted to select the desired fragment of the movie to upload. Select it and click “Upload to Instagram”. And that’s all. The file is ready for posting.


First of all, to post the video you like from YouTube, you need to download the file. The easiest way is to insert the letters SS in the address bar with the selected link before “youtube,” then select the desired format and press the download button. The content will be downloaded to your PC.

Next, we can go on to uploading a clip using SMMplanner. This is an automated posting management system that works with most social networks. To upload a video to Instagram, a few simple steps are necessary:

  • Open the file on video hosting.
  • In the address bar, in front of “youtube” put the characters “ss” and press Enter.
  • On the next page, click “Download without installation” and download.
  • Now go to the service page of SMMplanner.
  • Register to get access to your personal account.
  • Then log in and click “Schedule a post.”
  • Next, select what you want to download and prepare a post or video. The service will offer to use its functionality: adding descriptions and hashtags, scheduling posting by time, date, and so on.
  • Unfortunately, the service automatically cuts movie up to 1 min, so it is better to prepare the content yourself through one of the popular editors.

Nuances of this method:

  • content size should not exceed 32 MB;
  • the duration of a clip should not exceed 15 seconds;
  • if you want the video to be widescreen, then download the cover of the appropriate format.

Android and IPhone Apps to Add YouTube Video to Instagram

Some services make it possible to download video and content directly from the smartphone. Among Android users, the most popular service is the SaveDeo app.

Most IOS users have the Workflow utility to post videos on Instagram. Let’s consider both options in more detail.


SaveDeo is a service that allows you to simply download almost any content on your smartphone and upload it to your favorite social network. The only thing that needs to be done is downloading and correctly installing the application.

How to add a clip using Android-based gadgets?

  • Download SaveDeo app on your smartphone.
  • Copy the link from YouTube.
  • Run the program.
  • Click on the insert link button.
  • Then choose where you want to upload the video and follow the instructions on the screen.


Users of Apple devices typically download a free mobile app, Workflow, to share a video from YouTube to Instagram. How to add this kind of content directly via iPhone?

  • After installing the application, you need to add the Download YouTube template and click Get Workflow.
  • Find and select a file.
  • Click “Share.”
  • Choose “Run Workflow.”
  • The clip will be saved to the “Camera Roll” section on your iOS device. After saving, download the content using the Instagram application to your account.

Finally, if you want to share, rather than post, a particular clip from YouTube via Instagram as a personal message:

  • Open a file on YouTube.
  • Click the Share button.
  • Select Instagram from the list of proposed social networks.
  • Select the contact in Direct to which you want to send the link.


The success of Instagram only confirms the hypothesis that niche demarcation is the future of social media marketing. As marketers predicted, social networks are beginning to deviate not only based on the types of users, but also by the kind of content.

On Instagram, there are two types of content: photos and videos. Even though the ability to shoot videos appeared recently, and currently, photos still are more popular, the number of videos within this social network and their effectiveness is steadily increasing.

Fortunately, despite some difficulties and flaws in the integration of the most popular social networks among themselves, downloading content from YouTube and posting it to Instagram is simple enough even for an inexperienced user, and can be done in a matter of minutes.

YouTube Video Downloader: The Simplest Tool to Download Videos

In the online world if you want to download a video or you want to have a backup of your own videos, then you need YouTube Video Downloader to safeguard your videos. This tool is very simple and enables you to download your videos from YouTube or other social media sites in a format that is according to your choice. The format of the video will be shown to you after you have provided the URL of the video. Usually, most of the users wanted to save the whole of the video or some part of the video, or sometimes they only want an audio clip of that particular video.

YouTube Video Downloader

The streaming videos and waiting for the video to run is a pain and this situation becomes very critical when you have a slow internet connection. With one of the best downloaders for YouTube videos you are able to set the video to be downloaded, and you can enjoy the downloaded. The free YouTube Video Downloader by Small SEO Tools is the best tool for downloading videos through URL as it is user-friendly which makes it hassle-free to make sure that the users must enjoy their videos.

How can you download videos with YouTube Video Downloader?

The YouTube video downloader is a free and quick tool that will assist you in how you can easily download videos from YouTube by just giving URL of that particular video. This tool is user-friendly and does not include complexity in the whole process.

To download a video from YouTube what you need to do is simply copy its URL from the browser and simply paste it in the text box given in the YouTube video downloader tool after you have finished with copy/paste of the URL simply you need to select the output format. The availability of the format of that particular video depends upon the quality of the video. You can select in which quality you need that video. In YouTube video downloader, you can easily download your desired video in both formats, audio and video. Further, the video downloading formats are categorized into different formats according to the quality of the picture.  

The YouTube video downloader can easily download videos from not only YouTube but also from other popular social media sites, i.e. Daily Motion. No doubt that this tool is very useful for users and you can easily download any video by just pasting its URL in the text box. Just you have to give your few seconds for selecting the format of the video and quality that will match your needs.  

When you have added the URL of any video and selected the format of your own choice then, simply you need to click on the submit button to initiate your download. The videos will be downloaded in the desired folder of your own choice.

There is no restriction on using this tool, just you need to have is a stable internet connection and a device. If you don’t have a problem with your internet connection then YouTube video downloader is highly recommended and works perfectly that you won’t face any problem while using this tool.

There are many video formats available in the options list which you need to choose according to your need that varies with color adjustments and file formats.

The whole process that is used for downloading any video is very simple and clear, due to its clean process the YouTube video downloader offered by is considered as one of the best online tools.

If you still have any doubts about the usage of this handy tool like how this YouTube video downloader works and how you can use it. Then I would say that you can get these answers by using it yourself for downloading your favorite videos. It is effortless to use, all you need to do is paste the URL of the video, and within a few clicks, you can get your desired video. Also, you are able to download several videos at a time, another feature of this downloader is that you can convert videos into other file formats or simply download a video according to your need that may include, MP4, mp3 (audio), MKV, etc.


Great Ways to Improve Your YouTube Count

YouTube is the biggest video sharing platform on the internet today. This means building a large audience on YouTube could give your business more visibility. One of the challenges you have that will prevent you from growing your YouTube count is the competition that you will encounter on the platform. There will always be that channel that is receiving more attention than you and beating them would require that you employ a unique strategy that is also powerful.

Great Ways To Improve Your YouTube Count

If you are looking to grow your YouTube count, the following tips may come in handy.

Use annotations.

Annotations are basically those little colorful sticky notes that appear on videos while playing. You can create annotations with a call to action that links directly to the subscribe button so when a user clicks on the annotation they are able to get subscribed. You can also design one that will encourage the user to hit subscribe so as to receive your next episode or update. This is a strategy that works most of the time, especially when you upload useful content that answers the questions many users ask.

Buy subscribers.

If you would like to grow your YouTube channel quickly, you should consider buying followers. You can check this site to buy YouTube subscribers so as to build your channel. When you buy followers, you will easily boost the image of your channel and ultimately you may get more views because channels that are subscribed to by many people are given more preference when recommending videos to viewers. Although the subscribers you buy may not respond to the content through views, you will get other genuine viewers who will then improve the ranking of your content. Worth noting is that many people are now using view bots for YouTube.

Add YouTube widget to your site.

If you have a blog that receives a lot of traffic, you can send those visitors to your YouTube channel by adding a YouTube widget. Use the YouTube subscription widget feature to direct users to your channel and get them to subscribe. This can be installed on the sidebar of the site or blog, and it also makes it easier for users to find your videos.

Give quality content.

Quality sells and everyone who invests in producing high quality content will get subscribers naturally. This may require you to invest some money in the production process because you need to be above your competitors to get people to subscribe to your channel. Viewers will subscribe so as to get more interesting content from you, so make sure to share content that is good.

Influencer promotion.

You can partner with leading YouTubers in your niche to get them to feature your channel on theirs. This strategy works most of the time because it functions as an endorsement that can be trusted, especially if the influencer is someone who has built authority. It is the best way to get genuine subscribers quickly.

More subscribers on YouTube may mean better business, so raising your count should be a priority. One of the challenges you will encounter is being able to successfully get people to subscribe to your channel. There are few strategies you can employ that will allow you to get more subscribers, and these include buying subscribers and using influencers to promote your channel.

7 Easy Tips To Increase YouTube Video Views

You might have uploaded a video on YouTube and wonder why it isn’t getting the number of hits you want. The video is exciting (or so, you think. If you didn’t think so, you wouldn’t have uploaded it in the first place, right?) and there are others that have millions of views that you can’t help clicking on it to watch, only to exclaim “That’s it?!” at the end of the video.

Update: YouTube has disabled its built-in free online video editor without offering any alternatives. Fortunately, there is an ultimate guide to YouTube video editing tools created by Wondershare Filmora. Check and find the video editor suits you best.

Therefore, you know that getting more views does not depend on how interesting the video is. In fact, viewers wouldn’t even know if the video is interesting BEFORE clicking on it.

So the secret to getting people to click on that video of yours are:

1. Keywords, keywords, keywords

Keywords are important just like when you want to write a blog post that would turn up on the top of a Google search and direct a lot of traffic to your website. Keywords help YouTube videos achieve the same too. Decide on the keywords you want and use them in the following sections:

youtube seo

  • Video file name: If you want people to arrive at your video by searching for the “car care tips” phrase, name your video something like carcaretips.mp4.
  • Title: Using the same “car care tips” keywords, your video title could be “Car Care Tips for Beginners”.
  • Tags: Tags are probably the most important element of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Use tags such as “car”, “care”, “tips”, “autocare” or any other words that you want to associate your video with. You can also use related keywords from popular videos.

2. Choose an attention-grabbing title

Which title do you think would sound more tempting to potential viewers, “Dance Competition 2012” or “The Winning Break-dance Moves”? You would have been tempted to read the latter, isn’t it?

youtube seo title

Celebrity gossip magazines are the best in creating titles that sell their magazines and make you can’t resist turning the pages to find out who and what it was talking about. Do the same to pull in viewers!

3. Write a video description

People want to know what they will be watching, so spend a few minutes to write a good description of the video. Once again, make it as exciting and interesting as possible. Remember that this description should include your keywords as well. “Keywords” is always the way to go!

With all the keywords in place, your blog is now ready for SEO. But don’t just leave the SEO measures to do the work; you can play your part too and reap even more video hits!

4. Share the fame

How do you share the fame of a video that is already popular? You can do that by making a comment or a video response to a video that is most viewed.

youtube seo video response

Make sure the title and the thumbnail used are really enticing, then you will be able to capture the attention of the viewers, which in turn will most likely visit your videos!

5. Share your video

You most likely have a Facebook page, so put it to good use by sharing your video on your page. If you have friends whom you think would particularly enjoy the video, tag them or post the video on their walls. However, don’t overdo this as your friends would get bored after a while and will not take you seriously due to your “spamming” their walls, so make sure moderation is practiced.

6. Allow people to share your video

Sometimes, people forget to enable features such as allowing comments, sharing and embedding. How do you expect your video’s popularity to soar if people are unable to share it with their friends?

youtube video sharing

Therefore, make sure you allow all the options possible. Who knows, people might be dying to post your latest video on their Facebook pages or blogs!

7. Embed your video

youtube seo blog

If you have a blog or a website, embed it permanently there. This only gives you another avenue for video-sharing and will surely bring some traffic to your YouTube videos. You can also change the Embed color of YouTube video player to make it more attractive.

From my experience, increasing the viewership of your YouTube videos take efforts of two kinds – SEO and networking. The combination is a powerful one that is guaranteed to make your video hits skyrocket! Also remember you can drive traffic to your site with viral videos.


  • 10+ Basic Tips To Increase YouTube Channel Subscribers

10+ Basic Tips To Increase YouTube Channel Subscribers

YouTube SubscribersAre you one of those people who have just one subscriber? If you are, then I’m sure you wish that you could get tons of more subscribers to your YouTube channel. There aren’t any secret formulas for making it large on YouTube; however there are several tricks to get more & more subscribers on your YouTube channel to get it noticed and thereby hike up the chance of having large audiences for the YouTube channel.

1. A Sub for a sub.

Go to any random channel & subscribe. Seek channels that interest you and then go ahead & comment on this person’s channel, you could also send them a message. Next, you will have to ask them for a sub for a sub (i.e. subscribing to someone’s channel and having them subscribe to yours).

2. Become a friend

Make efforts to increase your number of friends on YouTube. The easiest way is to look for people on your friends list & then start commenting on their channels, view their friends’ channels, start conversations with them & build a network. You never know, these friends of friends could soon subscribe to your channel.

3. Add Relatives & friends

Add all your real life buddies & your relatives who happen to have accounts on YouTube. It’s easier to convince people you know closely to subscribe to your YouTube channel!

4. Watch, Comment & then Rate

These are very important steps. Whenever you watch videos, make sure that you leave behind nice comments or you rate the video. There will be times when you do not like a video at all, & you will want to leave behind a really nasty comment. DO NOT allow yourself to leave behind any negative comments. Instead, you could be polite & maybe write down constructive criticism, without having to demean the person. The best way to do that is by writing down something like; “That’s a good effort, except maybe for the next one, you could try doing ______”

5. Try & advertise your YouTube channel!

Every time you come across videos that in some way are related to the videos on your channel, you could leave behind a comment saying; “That’s a funny video! You know what- It’s somewhat like a video on my channel….check it out!

6. Customize Your Channel

Yes, YouTube allows you to customize and add extra elements to your channel to make it more attractive than the default one. You can even make it look like your blog/website, like as if it is embedded in your blog. You can check Digital Inspiration’s YouTube Channel below.

YouTube Channel Of Labnol

7. Use the subscribe button

If you own a blog or website, or maybe even a Facebook page, you can use this iFrame code to embed an easy subscription button for your YouTube channel. Replace ‘username’ with your own username.

<iframe src=””
style=”overflow: hidden; height: 60px; width: 300px; border: 0;”
scrolling=”no” frameBorder=”0″>

The subscribe button will look like this :

8. Keep updating your channel

So make new videos. You could maybe upload new stuff every week, once people notice that you offer a variety of things that interest them, they’ll be more than willing to subscribe to your channel.

9. Use Promotion Services on YouTube

There are numerous companies which will endorse your videos & channel on a dozen websites, moreover guarantee results! No doubt, these services will charge you, but it’s also a quicker way to grab the much-needed attention to hype & popularize your YouTube channel!

10. Funny videos always attract people!

Who doesn’t like a laugh!? So having funny videos & updating them will help you get new subscribers who might even share your channel with their relatives plus friends!

11. Write about YouTube

If you have a blog, you can write articles regarding YouTube and encourage your readers to subscribe to your channel at the end. You can also embed the videos on your blog and increase the views.

Simple Tips In A Nutshell

  • Write catchy titles for your videos.
  • Ask questions in the video to get comments from people.
  • Choose entrancing center images for videos on your channel to draw the attention of viewers.
  • In the videos, you must remind the viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel.
  • Try & Add a dash of your personality to the videos.
  • Stay connected to your viewers.
  • Promote your latest video & channel on Facebook & Twitter.
  • Have good audio & video quality.
  •  Publicize all your previous videos in the current videos with annotations.

Change The Embed Color Of YouTube Video Player

The YouTube video player uses two colors, default color which is metallic white and another one is a dark theme. If you are using IFRAMEs to embed YouTube videos on your blog, then you can easily change the color of the YouTube Video Player by adding a new parameter called theme to the URL.

YouTube team says they will make the black color video player default within few weeks, so if you are a fan of light color theme, you do have a option.

For Light Color Video Player :

<iframe width=”620″ height=”490″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

For Dark Color Video Player :

<iframe width=”620″ height=”490″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>