How To Grow And Maintain Digital Assets?

The last two decades have seen tremendous upsurge in internet technology. Internet has taken the entire business world by storm with its widespread reach, speed and sophistication. Technology is at the heart of internet as people can’t access it without technology.

Grow and Maintain Digital Assets

Grow and Maintain Digital Assets


Today, internet is available in the nook and corner of the world with the help of computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets and more. Access to any data is just a click-away or a finger-tip away. Add to this, cloud computing has facilitated this transformation in a big way. Cloud computing creates a virtual space over the internet, where anyone can save or store all data and access it from any place of the world.

Content is King: Your True Digital Asset

Digital assets are categorized in three major groups which may be defined as textual content (digital assets), images (media assets) and multimedia (media assets).

In this digital world, content has become King for everyone who is doing business online. For marketers & website owners, quality content is must. It could be in any form; from written words to images, from audio files to video files, animation, and more. The content could be of two types: informative and commercial. Informative content provides visitors with necessary information they are looking for. Commercial content is meant to generate business, thereby, revenue. Whether it’s informative or commercial, at the end of the day, both are considered as digital asset of any business entity active on digital world. Your digital asset is one that generates business for you; it actually invites your potential customers to your website and encourages them to take some action there. For customers, they take actions like writing comments, sharing the content and most importantly, buy the product you are selling.

Enhancing Your Digital Asset

Web throws immense opportunities for any individual to fulfil his dreams. For any activity, web is the new medium. No matter what activity you want to do, web could help you in great way. People are using web not only for business and commerce, they utilize this platform to create value in human life. Apart from business, there are countless other activities done by many to make our life & world more conducive, comfortable and valuable. Since we are living in a material world, business & finance have become our primary concern here. Since the value of content is accepted by the web, a business entity has to ensure that its digital asset (read Content) grows day by day. After all, your digital asset will fetch customers to your website. But how those customers will come to know about your digital asset?

Domain Name Matters

Domain name is your asset. This is the second most important thing for your start-up, Business, Personal Domains names. First is your idea. Your domain reflects the kind of business you are dealing in. Hence, a select better domain name is essential for your business. People spend heavily on desired domain names, but not all start-ups get what they want. Moreover, Exact Match Domain (EMD) are high-priced, which doesn’t fit into the budget of any start-up / Individual. Some of the popular top-level domains suggested by experts are .com, .net, .biz,  or upcoming new gTLD .OOO

Marketing to Build Digital Asset

In a competitive world, marketing is must for any business. Online marketing activities will help you bring potential customers to your website. With the help of relevant content, you can launch marketing campaigns to promote your idea, your start-up, your dream venture. In this digital world, Quality content will help your marketing team craft a campaign successfully; content will also inspire your visitors to visit your website regularly. And finally, they will take some action, i.e. purchase. This is how your digital asset is built up.

Integrated Marketing Communication

Coca-Cola is indisputably one of the most successful brands in the world; it was introduced in 1886 and even today, the company pumps millions of dollars into marketing. The brand has its presence on all media – online and offline. While traditional media can burn a hole in your pockets (since you are a start-up), you can always mull over online media, which are relatively cost-effective. Explore channels like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Email Marketing, Pay Per Click, Affiliate, content marketing and other options to market your product or service. Your online marketing activities will ensure that your digital asset grows by leaps and bounds. And once your digital assets are enhanced, business will generate. More visitors will come to your website and then there are more chances of purchase. Continuous marketing activity will result in positive branding of your start-up.

To sum up, I would suggest that building digital assets takes time. Nothing can be achieved overnight, hence give your start-up enough time to flourish. Remember, any business takes at least 999 to grow. If yours can survive till this period, you will be inching closer to success. All the best!

Why Product Creation Is The Next Step To Blogging

Blogging is a career choice for many people these days. Youngsters believe blogging to be easy money. We all know that it is not, and creating a successful blog requires a lot of time and efforts as input. Investing money to buy the right tools, themes, plugins and add-ons is a pre-requisite to gaining success as a blogger. The topic of today’s discussion here at HellBound Bloggers (HBB) is that why product creation is the next step to blogging!

Top reasons why only Blogging on its own doesn’t make the cut

Only doing blogging for revenue generation is a very outdated strategy. There is so much widespread competition these days that there are a hundreds of blogs trying to rank for the same stuff that you are trying to rank for. Blogging alone doesn’t make the cut anymore because of these top five reasons:

1.Reliance on unreliable external monetization sources:

Most of the bloggers rely on monetization sources like Google Adsense, Infolinks etc. These sources can ban your accounts at any time without a prior reason and such revenue sources are not to be relied upon as the primary revenue source until and unless you are a premium publisher.

When all of your income source is concentrated in one medium then it becomes easier to be caught unaware and hit by a ban.

2. High number of search engine algorithm updates:

Most of the Google Algorithm updates are focused on making the user’s search experience better. But sometimes people who are providing good content but working on a small scale get hit by such updates and by the time they recover they have already lost a lot of time and money getting their rankings back.

3. Too much competition and overcrowded digital space:

When it comes to providing valuable quality content a lot of existing industry players are doing it and to build a brand through blogging would require a lot of writing expertise, marketing and spends.

4. Blogging alone isn’t sustainable for single website owners:

Gone are the days when people could earn all the money they need from single websites. People are making event based niche blogs, targeted affiliate blogs and what not. Doing only blogging and that too on a single website as the sole online asset is a sure shot recipe for disaster in near future.

5. Limits the chances of exploring new methods of earning online:

People who are only engaged in blogging are stuck between the daily schedule of blog updation, guest blogging, backlink creation and other woes that aren’t left with enough time to venture out to learn new stuff.

Here’s a small graph to get you started, this graph shows the number of non-employer businesses in the U.S.A. Non employers are those self-employed persons who don’t have any other people working for them and are working for themselves.

Product Creation - Total Number Of U.S.Nonemployer Businesses

These businesses mostly rely on selling their own products to create profit, so now you know how big this market actually is.

What is Product creation and how to do it?

Product creation means making a product of your own, it can be a service, an eBook, a usable script or anything which you have made and is marketable.

Your own product also means that you should have all the creative rights to it. Selling someone else’s work by repackaging isn’t professional. Original product ideas are the best, start by building prototypes of your idea and asking opinions from those who are in the same field and least likely to steal your idea! (Pun intended. Facebook anyone! :P)

To make your product follow these three Ps:

  • Plan: Make proper detailed layouts as to what problems your product solves and how would you make it easy to use and understand.
  • Produce (Prototype): “The best way to learn fighting is by going to war.” When you create initial prototypes and keep releasing iterations till your product is a success there would be really less chances of failure.
  • Promote: Promoting to the right group of people with the right messaging will get you going.

Ways to make sure your product creation is heading in right direction

Building your own product is a step in the right direction when looking for proliferation of your online earnings. There are a few points that must be kept in mind while making the shift from blogging to promoting and selling your own product.

  • Build upon your blogging audience:

    The contacts and connections that you made while blogging aren’t always helpful unless you have something of your own that you can sell to them!

  • Go slow when launching your first product:

    You might have a good readership on your blog/website but it doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone would line up to buy what you have to offer.

  • Focus on the right testing and marketing strategies:

    Only product creation won’t be enough. Get your product out in the wild before releasing it to your audience. If your product isn’t ready for launch then also launch it, let it be a failure. Once your product fails you would have a treasure trove of data as to why it failed. Once you have better insight and data you can launch an incremented version, the kind of money that you can generate by selling your own product is really high as compared to those from platforms where you earn money indirectly and are not dealing directly with customers.

Product creation gives you total control over the earning process as the quality of your product and marketing would determine the number of sales and there would be really less external factors that you would be dependent on.

So, if you are a blogger and still confused how to grow big within next few years then my friend go create your own product.

So what are you waiting for, start today. Got any queries, want to ask something then do comment here or you can tweet to us @HellBoundBlog.

This article is written by Aditya Nath Jha. He blogs at and works as an SEO for MyRefers. He is a blogger, website speed optimizer and when he is not blogging he loves to play his guitar and create music!

Are You Damaging Your Blog With These 5 Rookie Mistakes?

Are you making one of those ‘Dumbest Mistakes’ that make you look like a world-class idiot? Moreover, making your blog more prone to a Dead-End?

Darren Rowse, Rahul Kuntala and endless list of all other successful bloggers have been successful at over-coming these horrible mistakes and paving the way for a world-class blog. No one’s perfect in this world- every blogger tends to make mistakes. It’s not a sin. But the sin is not to learn from one’s mistakes.

Damaging Your Blog

You might consider yourselves as lucky. Wonder why? Because, there have been lots of bloggers before you who have gone through this mistakes.

Damaging Your Blog With These Mistakes?

In some cases, these mistakes have caused them very dearly. So, you can learn from their mistakes and blogging mistakes to avoid.

1. Laziness

Laziness can be said as the number one or the main reason for why many blogger fall into. A blog is a source of information; you need to keep your blog up-to-date with latest and fresh content. Also, there’s a lot of competition among blogs, so the only solution is to stay alive is to be fresh, be new.
Besides blogging, laziness has attacked every other work too. Laziness is directly responsible for your blog’s disaster.

Blogging is more of a tedious and hard-working job. You need to toil lot, before start achieving fruit of success. Also there’s no alternative to hard work. Thus, keep your blog intact with new content.


Comments are a vital way of engaging with your visitors and fans. This helps you to know more about your blog, given that you are having conversations with your visitors; which most of the bloggers fail to.
After your blog starts getting momentum, so does you get loads of comments. Most of the bloggers just go ‘Approve’ the comments. Your feedback to their comments helps them trust you. That means the rate of conversion from visitors to fans increase by many folds.

Harleena Singh, being one of the best examples of this. You would rarely find a comment go without a feedback from her on her blog Aha-Now! That is why, Aha-Now is considered one of the top-notch blogs in the blog-o-sphere.

3. Not Building Relations and Contacts among Other Bloggers

Blogging is not a one-man army. Building relations prove beneficial in two ways—firstly; it increases the scope of visitors. Secondly, you earn a name for yourself and for your blog in the blog-o-sphere.

Another great thing is that if you befriend some top-notch bloggers, you can ask them for help in different issues ranging from Seo to social media marketing. You can also ask their reviews of your blog, also for guest posting. This list is simply endless.

4. Blog for Money

After laziness, money comes second. It’s true that most of the bloggers (even me) got into blogging for money. Almost 70-80% bloggers get into blogging because of the lure and greed of money. As top-notch bloggers like Jon Morrow and Harsh Agarwal earn thousands of dollars monthly, they become an inspirational for other folks too, which is why many people flock into blogging.

Blogging should be considered as a hobby, an art. Money comes later, much later; given that one has done given much time to it.

5. Not Reading Other Blogger’s Posts

Blogging is about content. You can’t go for SEO and Social Media marketing without having good content. Reading other’s post gives you a measure of comparison between your blog and of theirs’. You can learn from top authority blogs about how they write engaging content.

Reading content of blogs like ProBlogger and QuickSprout also helps you enhancing your writing too!
So, what do you think? Are you damaging your blog? What are the blogging mistakes to avoid?

If You Don’t Blog Now, You Will Hate Yourself Later

Everyone of us have something that we need to share with the world. A Blog provides you a platform to communicate your thoughts to the world. It lets you express yourself.

If You Don't Blog Now

If You Don’t Blog Now, You Might Regret Later.

A lot of you might be thinking, that you don’t feel any desire to write a blog now. So let me tell you the things that you will get jealous about, if you don’t blog now, you might hate yourself later.

1. Fame: You will not be as famous as Him.

Bloggers are famous people on the internet. They get their fame not only due to writing mere articles. The reason for their tremendous fame is that they have written articles that have solved problems of their loyal readers. They have helped them in making their life a little easier, and in return for their hard work they get appreciated.

You won’t find a normal, decent look person getting a lot of Facebook Profile pic likes, but you would see a lot of bloggers (who don’t even look human) getting a lot of likes. 😀 ((NO Offence))

2. Money: He will be earning a lot more money than you.

Every one of us wants to become a millionaire. No one wants to be poor, but the irony is that still a lot of us don’t get it that entrepreneurship is the only short way to achieve this. You would get stuck into the rat race and chase money, but money would always run away from you. On the other hand your blogger friend would be making his way to success.

Money might not matter to all of you, but money is the entity that you must have to buy your loved ones the precious gifts they deserve.

3. Power: He would influence people.

How often does it happen when you tell someone to do something, and they actually do it?

A successful blogger will answer this as OFTEN whereas you might answer this as NEVER. To get what you want in life, you often need to influence people with the thoughts you have on different subjects. As you don’t always get what you want. But an influential person can successfully change the way people perspective on things. Blogging will help you gain the power of influencing people and molding your life the way you want it to be.

4. Skills: He would have Skills that would be the need of the market.

How many people do you find around you who have a good personality and good communication skills?

How many of the people that came out from the first answer are tech savvy?

Bloggers are the people who fit into the answer set of both these questions. With blogging you would learn about the latest trends in the market. You will get to learn various skills that are needed in the market, and you would eventually increase your skill set. Internet is an evolving world and blogger evolve with it. This is exactly what we can derive from Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and Survival of the fittest.

5. Followers: He would have followers way more than you.

When we were children, we always wanted to become like our leaders. Leaders who leaded millions of people to do what they thought was right. But that always remained a dream.

With Blogging, you can finally achieve that childhood dream of yours. You can have millions of people visiting your blog just to read your views on topics you are passionate about. With blogging, your voice can finally reach millions of hearts all around the world. Isn’t it what you have always wanted?

You might be all pumped up by now. But let me clear a few thing first. This is NOT a get rich quick scheme. Blogging needs a lot of patience and disciple. So after reading this, only if you are really interested into blogging and not scared of all the hard work that you would need to do, Blogging is the way of life that you should choose.

I hope you liked my article. Do share with me your perspective on Blogging in the comments section.

7 Ways You Can Make Your Employees Feel At Home

You want your employees to feel at home.  Not too much at home, mind you.  You don’t want them to sit back with their feet up and relax all day long.  You want them to work hard, but you want them to be able to do so productively, without stress. A happy employee is a good employee.

Employees Feel At Home

There is plenty of advice on how to make employees feel valued and how to forge a team from your employees.  There is also plenty of advice on how to make employees feel empowered, and how to welcome new employees.  These are all good and all help to make an employee feel happier, which makes management feel happier both for having made people happier and for making more profits.

Making Your Employees Feel At Home

If you make the workplace feel a little more like home, a little more like a place that matters personally to the employees, they will feel more vested in the company and they will look forward to their work day.  Here are seven tips that almost any company can easily implement at very little cost to make employees feel at home.

1. Employee Bulletin Board.

Put up a bulletin board where people can put up photos and notices.  This is a great way for people to share vacation photos, baby photos, notices of engagement, photos of the play or the game they were in, or even just family photos from the weekend barbecue.

In some offices, any expression of how much time or how good a time one has outside the office is looked down upon, as if it somehow detracts from how hard people work for the company. Remember in college when you probably lived by the slogan “Study hard, party hard”?  Encourage people to share with pride both their work and their personal accomplishments.

2. Creature comforts.

Adding small touches such as a coffee machine, an office water cooler, wet wipes in the washrooms, and a toothpick dispenser in the lunchroom will also make employees feel at home.

3. Casual Fridays.

Everybody likes to be able to dress down now and then.  Casual Fridays have proven very popular to put employees at ease.

4. Napping.

There is something unnatural about sitting in front of a screen all day or running around back and forth on one’s feet all day. Work is tiring, especially when you don’t get much of a break.  But drowsiness on the job costs businesses huge amounts of lost productivity that could be relieved with a simple nap sometime in the afternoon.

You can set up some rules to ensure productivity:

  • The dark room stays dark.
  • Hit the button on the way in to activate the “occupied” sign.
  • After 20 minutes, the alarm goes off and the employee leaves.
  • The room is available only certain hours (for instance, not in the morning).

5. On-site child care

A mother preoccupied with her children is not a productive mother.  If she knows they are safe and nearby, she can focus on her work.  Having the child on-site in good care brings work and home a little closer together, and often eliminates the need for her to leave the office to rush home to a young child who might be sick.

6. CEO walk throughs.

Nothing forges a team spirit and breaks down barriers to make employees feel at home, to feel like part of a family, like meeting the CEO.  He or she should take the time occasionally to walk through the shop, the stores, the office or wherever to meet with employees and talk with employees. 

This should not be a regularly scheduled event.  It should not be an inspection or feel like an inspection.  It should be, to the employee’s eyes, spontaneous and unpredictable, even if it was scheduled months ago.  It should be simply a friendly visit, just to see how everything is going, to make sure employees know your door is open, to be able to be friendly and show you care.  In a big company, all executive level managers should be doing this.

7. Celebrate birthdays.

Everybody loves recognition, but not everybody will be recognized for their outstanding work. Celebrating employee birthdays is a great way to make sure every employee gets the spotlight at least once per year.

This article is written by Pat Feldman. He is a productivity consultant to small businesses on the verge of breaking out from the “small” part.  His chief focus is helping executives grow their business without losing the personal touch that made their small businesses so successful in the first place.

Top 5 Factors Impacting Your Local SEO Efforts

Local SEO EffortsIf you’re looking to rank a website locally, you’re going to find out that it’s a lot different from trying to rank nationally or worldwide. Depending on the niche and geographical area you’re trying to target, the competition can be fierce or slim to none. To help you understand how a local website can rank, let’s take a look at five main factors that can shoot your website to the top, which impacts your local SEO efforts:

Factors Impacting Your Local SEO Efforts

1. A Physical Address

Your website has a better chance of showing up in the local results if you have a physical address somewhere on your webpage. Usually, most websites will either have a physical address on the footer or header of the website for the search engine to pick up. Also, when you add your website to a Google Plus page, you will be able to insert your address, which will show up in the results. This physical address is going to be easier for users to find your Local Business. For example, if someone were to search for a dentist in Miami, your physical address would assure that you show up in the results if you were a dentist in the Miami area.

2. Business Category

When you create a listing on Google, you will be asked from everything ranging from your address to the type of Business you own. While you may want to rush when filling out this data, it’s extremely important that you pay close attention to the category section. According to multiple experts who deal with local SEO clients, many claimed that the proper business category is one of the main factors when it comes to ranking locally.

3. Citations

If you want to rank in a competitive space, creating a Google Plus page isn’t going to be enough. Citations, which are directories that will list your website, are a great way to give your website some credibility and send traffic your way. Now, while you don’t want to build as many citations as you can, you’re going to want to focus on ones that are going to send you traffic and have a solid reputation online. Rather than building citations on your own, we would recommend that you outsource the task to SEO Builder. These firms or rather agencies will ensure that your business listing gets relevant traffic that will boost your credibility.   Aside from citations, it doesn’t hurt to get links from other reputable websites in your industry. As Google cracks down on spam, you have to understand that building a quality link is more important than ever, so while it’s tempting to build as many links as possible, it can actually do more harm than good if too many of your citations or links are deemed “low-quality.”

4. Google Plus Page

Google Plus offers businesses a chance to create a free local page that displays your information, marketing material and allows your customers to interact with your business. The bonus of creating of one is that it gives your page an opportunity to show up in the search results since Google ranks Plus pages alongside the organic results. If you’re serious about ranking locally, make sure your Plus page is always updated and filled with the correct information.

5. Domain Authority

In the world of SEO, it’s going to be next to impossible to rank a newly built website. The strength of your website will also be a big part when determining its rank. This domain authority will be based upon the backlinks pointing at the website, the age and other hidden factors that Google looks at. Over time, as you build quality links and citations, your authority will go up. Ranking a local website can be done if the right steps are taken. By focusing on these five steps alone, you will already be steps ahead of most of your competitors. Since search engines are constantly changing, it’s important that you stay on top of things to make sure your website continues to stay at the top when it finally starts ranking.

Improving Business Performance With Web Application Acceleration

Web Application Acceleration

In today’s electronic world, it is necessary for businesses to consider the way that their customers and potential customers are accessing their services. It is no longer a matter of simply having a website where people can connect with you. Internet users are accessing your information on everything from their home computers to smart phones and tablets, when they are on the go.

When your applications lag due to performance issues, it can cause multiple problems. This would include a lag in employee performance, as well as in the ability for you to retain your customers. Here’s a look at how web application acceleration can improve the performance of your business.

Easy access to information

More and more businesses are doing work on a remote server. This not only includes the storing of information remotely, it also includes editing information without physically downloading the files to your location. Those cloud servers rely on web applications that are either provided by the server or are uploaded by your company. In order to keep everything running smoothly and to increase productivity, it is necessary to make sure that those applications are accelerated properly. This will help your employees to have access to the information that they need and to be able to edit it, as is needed.

Faster access to information

Many businesses also rely on remote servers to allow their customers to access the necessary information. On a small scale, this may be seen on the website and you certainly would want to ensure that your website loads quickly. This is also a matter of application acceleration, as most websites use software that is running on the server to load the information that is available. In addition, if your customers are able to access the information in their account through your Web server, you would also want to ensure that the information was up and available at any given time. Generally speaking, people tend to be impatient when waiting for information to load online, and you could end up losing customers if your information is loading slowly.

Gain valuable insight

In addition to the improvement in your business performances, both with your employees and with your customers, you can also gain valuable insight. Using web applications properly will help you to gain intelligence into the way that your customers are using your website and the information that is available.

Business Benefits

To help organization be more productive and achieve better results, businesses need web-based enterprise application are an essential part in network performance. Some web application acceleration that businesses can benefit from includes:

  • Improve global web application adoption
  • Faster and greater return-on-investment (ROI)
  • Improves web-based applica­tion response time
  • Improves end-user application availabil­ity
  • Reduce operational costs such as eliminating data center and bandwidth expansion
  • Eliminates down time and improve productivity
  • Increase perfor­mance, reliability and drive adoption
  • Drive greater than before usage of revenue generating applications
  • Encourage advance use of new applications and automation
  • Present a secure setting for critical business processes
  • Increases scalability and consolidate infrastructure

This article is written by Maxwell Pierce. He is a leading strategist in the IT industry having taken part in complex projects for various global enterprises over the course of his 12 years career. To get to know more about the author, connect with him on Google+.

Maximize Your Time In The Office With These Simple Tips

maximize time office

Time – something that for all of us is at a constant premium. There just aren’t enough hours in the day it seems to get everything done that we need to get done. Turns out there many are little ways to trick yourself into squeezing more productivity out of every hour of your day, leaving additional time for the stuff that you REALLY want to do. The following are just six of the dozens of tips experts have to offer on the subject that will surely pay off for you in the long run:

1. Plan Ahead

Many of us instinctively jump directly into our work with little forethought, believing that in doing so we will get our work done faster. The truth of the matter is, without that forethought, we find ourselves working on job B before we even started on job A. By planning ahead, you can plot out what jobs need to be done before you can do the others, thus saving time in the long run by not having to break your flow to start a new job and wasting time reminding yourself where you were at on the next job when you can finally continue.

2. Focus on What’s Important

Too often in life and at work, we get sidetracked by details and other factors that really aren’t relevant to the task at hand. By getting distracted by these things, we lose productivity. It doesn’t always have to be as something obviously counter-productive as chatting with friends over Skype when you have a report to file – even more insidious are the work related distractions that seem important but really just hamper your ability to do your job. Finding out every detail of a situation might not be important if those details do not change what needs to be done. This ties into planning ahead – figure out what you’re actually trying to accomplish, and always be moving forward towards accomplishing that goal.

3. Just Do It

Sometimes we depend unnecessarily on other people, thinking we have to consult with others before taking action. While consultation and feedback can be important, if you know what needs to be done and are being held up by not being able to arrange a formal meeting about it – then just get it done. You don’t have to always depend on others: the most productive individuals, once they realize what has to happen, just go out and make it happen. Furthermore, by taking the initiative, you show your superiors in the office that you are capable of self-starting and self-managing and that you don’t need them looking over your shoulder (taking time out of their day) to make sure you are doing what needs to be done.

4. Know When to Delegate

Although you can try to just jump into something, the reality is there are certain tasks people just aren’t good at. There is no shame in it – the reality is we live in a highly specialized society that demands one to be incredibly skilled at a few tasks to be competitive, and the ‘jacks-of-all-trades’ tend to end up being merely mediocre at everything. As such, find out what you are a specialist in, and do those tasks while finding ways to delegate other tasks to others. Even better – know who the specialists are that you can delegate things to, and ensure everybody is doing what they are best at, maximizing your team’s efficiency.

5. Set Impossible Deadlines

We all have an idea of how quickly we can do something, and this idea is generally longer than we actually need to do something. Just as a gas expands to fill its container, the time it takes to do a task ends up expanding to fill all of the allotted time. As such – give yourself a deadline you think you can’t make, and strive to meet it. When put under pressure you’d be surprised how quickly you can get your work done – as any college graduate would be able to tell you.

6. Go Home at a Fixed Time

We all know when we have to get started on something, but we never stop to think when we have to leave. Too often we consider our ‘go home’ time to be flexible rather than fixed, thus we end up spending more time after work catching up on work we were supposed to do earlier in the day – adding to the number of hours in our work week. To counter this, force yourself to go home at a certain time, by doing so you’ll push yourself to get everything done before that deadline – thus ensuring you actually leave when you are supposed to and giving you all those extra hours to spend on what you want to spend them on.

By taking the time to follow the above advice, you’d be amazed at the hours you save throughout the week, opening up the possibility for more leisure time… or better yet, more time for personal projects that can translate into greater prosperity in the future for yourself.

This article is written by Brennen Kliffmueller. He is a creative writer and marketing specialist at FindAFax. Brennen lives in Orlando, Florida and studied at Florida State University. 

The Professional Battle Between Internships & Real Work Experience

Internships & Real Work Experience

Internships and real work experience are just two of the terms that you might hear when talking about gaining experience in the workplace. While they might sound the same, you’ll want to make sure that you have a firm understanding of the two before you apply to either one so that you’ll know just what you’re getting yourself into.


The first important distinction is that work experiences will usually only last for two weeks or so. With an internship, you’ll more than likely work for more than a month. As a matter of fact, an internship could quite possibly last you as much as a full year.


With certain work experiences, you might have to be 18 or older and currently enrolled in school. Depending on your major, you may be required to complete work experience in order to have a solid chance of breaking into your industry. Work experiences are truly valuable in this day and age where you need solid experience in order to qualify for jobs.

With an internship, you might be able to find one once you’ve completed your degree program and are ready to get started on your chosen career. With some degree programs, students might have to find their own internships.


While everyone would like to get paid for their internship, there might be times where you have to accept an unpaid internship or two before you can qualify for paid positions. You might want to look into at least getting your travel and lunch expenses taken care of should you choose to accept an unpaid internship so that the financial burden won’t be too hard on you. In any case, it’s always best to check and verify what is and isn’t paid for with any internship that you’re considering.  

What You’ll Be Doing

Since work experiences don’t last for a very long time, it’s doubtful that you’ll have very much responsibility while you’re there. You might find yourself helping out your colleagues, getting coffee, and getting an overall feel of the day-to-day goings on of the business. While this might seem a bit like a waste of time, this type of work experience is actually a great way to make contacts and learn about future paid job opportunities.

Since internships last longer, you’ll have greater tasks as well as greater independence. There’s also a better chance that you’ll learn new skills and that you’ll be able to make a better impression on your employer, which can help you to earn a full-time position once your internship has come to a close.

Whether you choose a work experience or an internship, try to stay as long as possible so that the people who work there will get to know you better and so that you can get to know them better. Something else to consider is the idea that the longer you’re there the more responsibility that you might be trusted with, which can seriously help when trying to show them what you can really do.  

If you’re trying to decide between work experience and an internship, it can never hurt to do both if at all possible. While you might learn more with an internship, there’s still the fact that you can make some valuable connections through a work experience. 

Important Info Your TV And Internet Provider Are Not Telling You

tv and internet providerTelevision and internet services can be complicated. Choosing the right service for your needs and making sure that you are getting the best value for your money can be a challenge. There are many things that most television and internet providers won’t tell you, but can actually save you a lot of time and cash.

So what are the time and money saving pieces of information that your TV and internet provider is likely not telling you? Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when you are contacting your television and internet provider, so that you can save your precious cash and make things a lot easier.

There is a Much Easier Way to Contact Them

Many people find it challenging to contact their cable provider, because there are so many different numbers, these numbers are not always easy to find and they have to go through an automated system to reach the customer service team that they need. However, there are direct phone numbers available, such as the Sky contact telephone number, which will connect you straight through to the Sky Customer Services Team.

This makes it a lot easier, because the direct phone number is priced at a basic by the minute rate of £0.05 and you won’t have to go through a middle man or a third party. This service will save you a lot of time and money, because we all know that sitting on hold to customer service is not the most enjoyable way to spend your day!

You can Sometimes Get Discounts Just by Asking for Them

If you don’t ask – you won’t get! When you speak to your customer service representative at your TV and internet provider, it never hurts to ask for a discount. For example, perhaps you saw a promotion in the mail for new customers. Although you might not be eligible for it, you can say that you saw the offer and you are wondering if there is a similar deal for long term loyal customers like you.

Also, if you compare the services and fees of other television and internet providers, you might be able to use this information to negotiate with the customer service representative and lower your rate. Have the information ready, so that you can cite the other providers by name and quote their fees, as well as knowing what special offers they are promising. You won’t offend anyone for politely asking, they understand your desire to save money. Make sure that you keep your tone non-confrontational and curious, rather than hostile – don’t complain about how much things cost but rather ask if you can “work together” with the service provider to help you save money.

You Could Save By Grouping Your Services

Your house probably has a collection of communication services coming to and from it, including your TV service, your landline telephone, your mobile phone and your internet connection. If you are ordering all of these services from different providers, you are probably paying too much for them in total.

Many companies are now offering bundled packages that allow you to group together your services and get much better value for all of your communications. This can be a huge advantage for you, because subscribing to these grouped services can really save you a lot of money.

In order to find out whether this will work for you, do the maths before you sign up and determine whether you are spending more by buying piecemeal from different companies or bundling everything together as one. Sometimes it is worth it and sometimes it isn’t – depending on your personal usage – so you will need to determine what the best deal is for you.

There are Probably A Lot of Extras On Your Cable Bill That You Aren’t Using

If you were to really take a look at what you are paying for on your cable bill, you might realise that there are a lot of services that you aren’t really using. For example, you might be paying extra for HD programming or for a tier of premium channels that you never really watch. If you were to cut out those channels, would you really miss them at all? Perhaps you might find that you never really watch them anyway, so your viewing habits wouldn’t be changed if they weren’t there at all.

Perhaps you are paying for the premium internet package, when you never really use that much bandwidth. If you can assess your services and determine what you are actually using, you will be able to reduce them down to the basics and only pay for what you need. To figure this out, study your own internet and television usage for a month and write down how much data you actually use and what channels you spend most of your time watching.

These are just a few of the things that your internet and TV provider is probably not telling you, but could help you to save a lot of money, time and hassle on your services. In order to make the most of your services, including internet and TV as well as any other service, it is important to stay informed, ask questions and always be on the lookout for a better deal.