Why SMO is the way forward for your business

We all know that search engine optimization enhances your business in several ways, but many people are unaware of the importance of social media optimization (SMO). While the two sound similar, there are some key differences. Read on to find out what they are, and how to use SMO to push your business that bit further.

Why SMO Is The Way Forward For Your Business

Difference between SEO and SMO

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the set of strategies employed with the aim of increasing the visibility of your website on search engine results pages (SERPs). Since users usually choose websites from the first results page of a search engine, SEO aims to improve a website’s ranking in SERPs by implementing measures which adhere to the search engine’s algorithm.  

Whereas SEO might increase traffic to your company’s website by improving the site’s ranking on SERPs, SMO focuses on managing and growing your company’s online presence and image via social media. This is not limited to apps or sites like Instagram and Facebook but includes other interactive communities such as online forums and blogs. The interactive nature of social media enables your business to connect with clients and view first-hand what clients will and will not engage with, while simultaneously increasing awareness of your products and services.

While the two ultimately share similar goals, the key differences between SEO and SMO are their means of execution. 

How you can implement SMO in your business

If you’re already using SEO services for your business, your SEO consultant should be able to help you out with SMO. Unfortunately, there is no one-size fits all strategy for SMO. And just like SEO, it is a process that takes time and dedication. Here are some steps to get you started:

Set goals that are relevant to your business

Are you trying to increase engagement with your current following to boost profit margins, or are you aiming to cast your net wider and reach a larger clientele? Your goals set the tone of your strategy, so it is important to always have them in mind. 

Plan out your content

If you fail to plan you plan to fail. Apologies for the proverb, but it really is true. Export your page analytics from the social media platform in question into a spreadsheet. Have a look at your past posts and typical user-engagement with them. What works well? What doesn’t? Keep your ultimate goals in mind while doing so. Now think about how you can make more content your followers will engage with. It is vital that you maintain your brand voice throughout your content as consistency is key. 

Use a social media content calendar to help you plan when and where you post your content. This is crucial for maintaining regular engagement, as it is not uncommon for people to unfollow pages that do not post frequently.

Create, curate and circulate content

As important as regular content is quality content. This can either be original content which is created by your brand specifically for use on your social media channels, or curated content, which is content that originates from other sources but has a message that is relevant to yours. A mixture of the two is usually a great strategy.

Once you’ve planned and constructed your content, it’s time to get it out there. Do some research on the best times to post on whichever social media platforms you are using. This will vary across platforms and audiences, so it is vital that you do as much research as possible about your audience.

Final words

Remember to review the impact of these techniques as you go along, and adjust your strategy as necessary. Results will not be instantaneous, but with a bit of consistency, they’ll be great.

4 Reasons to Hire a Social Media Marketing Company

The first question that arises to your mind is, why should your business have a social media presence? The answer is quite obvious- your competitors, your customers, and your target audience are there on social media.

Reasons To Hire A Social Media Marketing Company

Besides this, around 2.7 billion people are using Facebook only. What about Instagram, Twitter, and Linked which makes it count for other billions. It’s rightly said that no business or start-up can survive without having a strong social media strategy.

Social media marketing company has several options to grow your market every day. They make sure that your brand’s voice is heard in a way that it impacts their buying behavior. For instance, brands like Gucci and Parada acquire more than 70% of their customers by social media marketing. 

Here are the five crucial reasons that you should get the services of a social marketing company. 

Lead Generation and sales

When people interact with your social media posts and get themselves registered on the site, you get more leads. These leads are your potential customers, if followed with proper strategies: they can be converted into actual clients. 

The basic purpose of your business is to get sales that will earn you more revenue and profits to use it for the continuous operations of your business. Social media leads are the ones that can be used for generating more business. 


What is the minimum cost to run an ad on Facebook? It’s not in thousands or even in hundreds: it’s just $5 to run an ad for your desired time and audience. It’s the most cost-effective way of advertising your brand than any other means of advertisement. 

You don’t have to make separate budgets for social media marketing. As mentioned earlier, you just need to pay $5 to launch your first ad campaign on Facebook. It’ll only take 10 minutes to make an ad and then you’re ready to nail the market. 

Quality customers

If you prefer quality over quantity, then social media marketing is designed for you. You can customize their level of income, average monthly spending, and other tools like education or designation to filter the quality audiences.

These tools can turn the game for your business as you will have accurate access to your targeted customers depending upon their roles and job titles in various companies. You can also target the people who worked in a specific company for brand awareness. 

Improved website traffic

When you integrate posts with the business websites, the chances are brighter than the page visitors will also visit the website for more updates regarding a specific product or service. They will explore other options by checking price tags and quality. 

Therefore, a social media marketing company can help you in attaining organic traffic to the business website. That may not be possible other than having a social media strategy followed by the experts. You can also track the performances of different platforms and may change them according to the demand. 

Five Times Facebook Copied Its Rivals

Facebook is not the beginning and end of the internet, but we sometimes wonder whether CEO Mark Zuckerberg would like it to be. His company, which started as a social media brand, has come a long way from its ‘stay in touch with your former college and university friends’ beginnings. It’s now one of the biggest tech companies on the planet and generates so much money that Zuckerberg himself has recently been confirmed as a ‘centibillionaire‘ – one of the very few people whose wealth has been estimated as more than one hundred billion dollars. 

Times Facebook Copied Its Rivals

Innovation had a lot to do with how Zuckerberg and his company got to where they are today. When Facebook came along, Friends Reunited and MySpace were killed off almost immediately. Facebook replaced the functions of both sites and innovated many new features that we now take for granted on the internet today. Some of our younger readers might struggle to believe this, but there was a time when ‘liking’ an article, comment, post, or anything else was a totally alien concept! Not everything Facebook has come up with has been an innovation, though. Sometimes they’ve paid big money to buy rival companies out, and if that approach fails, they may go a step further. We don’t want to outright accuse Facebook’s creative staff of copying, but they’ve clearly taken inspiration from elsewhere on occasion. 

Sometimes, these ‘inspired elsewhere’ products have worked out well for Facebook. On other occasions, they’ve failed miserably. Here are five times Facebook came up with services very similar to ones you might have seen elsewhere. 


Facebook has always admired Tik Tok. The Chinese app made the idea of short, sharp, fun-focused videos popular on the internet, and Facebook has tried twice to come up with its own take on the format. The newest attempt is ‘Reels,’ which has been added to Instagram as a new in-app feature. That might work. What didn’t work was Lasso, which was launched as a separate app and service. Even though it could do everything that Tik Tok could do, Facebook couldn’t persuade people to download a brand new app to do things that they were already doing on Tik Tok. They quietly killed Lasso off in July 2020. What we didn’t realize at the time is that they were killing it off so they could come back try things a different way with ‘Reels.’ 


Facebook Memories has been around as a service for three or four years now, so it’s easy to forget that it wasn’t always part of the Facebook website or app. These days the app automatically reminds you of good memories, and sometimes bad ones as well. We love Memories when it pops up with a photo of us and our friends having a great time in the middle of summer, or a special moment in a relationship. It’s less fun when it tries to persuade you to share a photo of yourself and your ex-partner from ten years ago. Before Facebook Memories, you had to download an app called Time Hop if you wanted to do that, and its dinosaur mascot would sort through your Facebook history on your behalf. The moment Facebook noticed that people were enjoying using Time Hop, they cloned the service. Time Hop vanished almost instantly. 


Not everyone understands what the point of Pinterest is. It has millions of users, but it’s hard to describe the service it provides as anything more than a digital scrapbook. Millions of people find it extremely useful, although those who don’t struggle to understand why such a simple idea has caught on so strongly. When Facebook created Hobbi to compete with Pinterest, it seemed apparent that the company fell into the category of ‘people who don’t understand why Pinterest is popular.’ It offered most of the same basic services but lacked the charm of the original, and failed to persuade many (if any) people to make the move from one service to the other. Pinterest is still around, and still as busy as it’s ever been. Hobbi was closed down as a failed experiment in June 2020. 

Facebook High 5 Casino

This isn’t so much a Facebook product as a product that Facebook agreed to collaborate with and permit. Their motivation for doing so was almost certainly the sheer volume of successful slots website that exist on the internet, with the Facebook High 5 casino, players can spend money on real online slots without ever leaving the confines of the Facebook website. It would be impossible to host and operate online slots games through Facebook without the company’s consent and co-operation, and it’s generally thought that the company takes a cut of the profits. Whether there’s much in the way of profit to spread around is unclear. Online slots websites are still growing outside Facebook, and the number of ‘followers’ the Facebook casino has appeared to have leveled off at one million. Only a fraction of those million people are likely to be regular players. 


This is a feature that appeared not on Facebook but on Instagram. Never let it be forgotten that Instagram itself was once a standalone company, and was acquired by Facebook at great expense! Since taking Instagram in-house, Facebook has been working on improving it – and one of the most popular improvements has been a feature that looked extremely familiar to be Snapchat users. Facebook tried very hard to buy Snapchat several years ago, and when Snapchat refused to sell, one of their key features suddenly turned up on Instagram. That feature was ‘Stories’ – pictures or videos that remain online for 24 hours, and then vanish. It was later copied across to the main Facebook app and website. Even though this was a fairly naked case of replicating a feature that someone else came up with, it’s worked out well for everyone involved. Snapchat is no less popular than it was two years ago, and the feature is used frequently on both Facebook and Instagram. There’s enough that’s unique about Snapchat to keep users interested even if ‘Stories’ are available elsewhere, and the availability of the feature has enhanced Facebook’s products. 

These are five of the more obvious cases of Facebook taking inspiration from elsewhere, but there are others – and we suspect there will be more in the future. The larger Facebook becomes, the more it appears to imitate instead of innovate. Is this the way it intends to carry on in the future, or does someone in the company still have some genuinely new ideas up their sleeve? As always, time will tell. 

11 Tips To Successfully Promote A Brand On Social Media In Thailand

In today’s world, no brand can achieve its desired visibility without promoting itself on social media; in Thailand, the case is no different. However, many brands get this point somewhat wrong and end up opening pages on various social sites in such a way that it all goes in vain.

Tips To Successfully Promote A Brand On Social Media In Thailand

As a matter of fact, a poorly-maintained social media appearance not only can go to waste but also can backfire sometimes. Therefore, it needs to be taken very seriously and should be done in a planned way, keeping a list of things in mind if you are planning to run a campaign in digital marketing in Bangkok.

Here is how you should build your image on social media:

1. Build A Strong Brand Guideline

You must know your brand before choosing to promote it. So, fixing the brand’s character is the first thing you should do in your mind and then get it in black and white, which is called brand guidelines. Also, remember to follow that imagery when you decide a name for your company or design the logo. 

Having a character decided for a brand shapes up most of your actions while determining your position in the market. There are different archetypes to explain your brand; you can take any one of them or go for a combination. But take care to make it precise to ensure clear and convincing branding.

Nonetheless, there are few things to keep in mind while designing your brand guideline. First of all, it needs to be unique and easily distinguishable from rival brands. And then it should have a powerful insight to design further actions. Also, there should be a targeted group defined for the brand.

Once your brand guideline is ready, then you get your strategy planners or a digital advertising agency to plan social media marketing for you.

2. Know Your Target Audience

Having an accurate idea about your targeted group on social media is vital since this will set both the mood and mode of communication. Usually, your targeted groups are those who you consider your potential consumers.

However, in some cases, you may try passive communication as well, such as, for kids’ products, you have to target their mothers. 

A target group is described by the demography of the audience, which means their age, gender, location, and socio-economic condition. Sometimes, psychographics too may need to be considered.

To get your target audience engaged with your communication, you have to come up with strategy and content that have the ability to hook them. Make sure you achieve that by studying them very well such as-

1. What is currently trending in them?

2. Which social sites are they most active in?

3. Type of content they watch and share.

4. Pages and celebrities they follow.

5. Time of the day they are most active on social media.

6. Type of topics that increases their talkability.

If you design your plan based on the above information and offer something catchy and unique, then that digital communication has a greater chance of succeeding.

Besides, you should also have knowledge about the offline activities they do and that are likely to trigger them, so you can also plan BTL-based digital marketing, which is thought to be more successful in general.

3. Win the Trust of Your Audience

This is a groundwork you should do to prove your company credible enough for the customers to trust in your product and communication. And the best way to do it is to share your knowledge with them regarding the field you are working in. Writing blogs is the perfect tool for communication here.

Write blogs and upload them on your website, then share them on social media for public attention. Also, interviews you give to the news portals and channels and talks you deliver to the seminars should be recorded and uploaded too on your website and shared on the social sites.

This, besides establishing your company’s credibility, would also popularize your website, creating more scope for business.

4. Hook Your Audience with Attractive Visuals

The most popular type of social media content is visual content. Visuals are essential to draw your audience’s attention to your communication. No matter if it’s a still picture, gif, comic strips, vine, or video, it should contain elements enough to be liked, commented, and shared.

Amongst the visuals, video content is considered effective. But that too has to be the result of good ideation, planning and designing, and of course, in a rather small duration.

Even if you are sharing a blog, take care of its attached visuals to increase the view. Also remember that people usually only see the visual and hardly read the action. Therefore, if you are aiming to spread a particular copy, better put it on the visual, or make the visual the hook for the caption.

5. Be Creative with Your Caption

The copywriting should be really smart and sensitive. Sometimes, you can create viral content just with a line written on it. But for this, one needs to have the perfect sense of timing and the viewers’ mentality and taste.

However, in general, captions should be short and crispy. Don’t be boring writing everything in the caption. Rather try to drive the crowd to the website for more information by writing something convincing and catchy.

6. Create Your Content In Line with The Relevant Time

It would win you a big up if you can deliberately create time-relevant content. There come days in a year when we know what type of communication is expected. Those moments are tricky, too since you have to make sure that your content has the potential to be seen in the crowd.

However, there also come some sudden events that get a huge public attention, being able to act with that moment with smartness will help you create a good fan base on social media. But while doing this, we also have to master the art of knowing which occasion to pick and which to let go.

Make sure to focus only on those occasions that go with your brand. Just creating mediocre posts on every occasion only ends up confusing your brand image.

7. Maintain A Media Calendar

Keep your digital communication going effectively, smoothly, and in a rhythm by following a calendar where it would be listed how many times in a day or week your content will be posted on social media and which time. This will also let your content team stay prepared with content before time.

However, this, too, should not be a random decision, rather a strategy based on social media traffic information on different sites.

8. Post Your Content Smartly

Not all posts are effective for all social sites or all groups of people. But if you know who would buy what, then you can easily target your post towards them through the perfect site and boost it that way to acquire the maximum reach, while ensuring the expected crowd with expected reaction.

9. Boost Wisely

Nowadays, you cannot depend on the organic reach no matter how good your content is. To get social media success, you have to boost the post anyways. However, if you just boost your posts without a precise idea, then you will only end up wasting your money.

You have to understand the business and timing here to do it properly. And also you have to understand which post is boost worthy. Therefore, people who know which post is to boost, on which time, in what amount, and on which site will ultimately nail it.

10. Monitor and Measure Your Success

Always keep an eye on your success graph; monitor when it goes up and what makes it go down. This will help you a lot to prepare for future excellence, while also alerting you to take action on time to stop a possible downtime.

11. Watch out For Your Rival Brands

You should always know what communication your rival brands are making; make sure you are always ahead of them. Healthy competition would always help; all you have to know is when to be witty, when to congratulate, and when to be compassionate.


The great thing about social media is it liberates you to show your madness in idea and creativity. It’s super fast and ever-changing characteristics not only keep you on your toe but also forces you to think a bit differently every day.

No matter where you are, in Thailand or anywhere in this world, the key to success in the digital world is to stay updated and walk step by step gracefully.

New Social Media Marketing Ideas

The problem with marketing on social media is that everybody tends to follow the same strategy. From paying for advert placement to using keywords to reach your ideal audience, the fact that all of your competitors are doing the same things as you means that all too often, success has nothing to do with the quality of your campaign. Instead, it all comes down to your advertising budget. That’s why the biggest players remain the biggest players, and it’s difficult for newer or smaller businesses to break through. 

New Social Media Marketing Ideas

It doesn’t make good business sense to try to beat the biggest companies at their own game, because their superior resources make that a battle that you usually can’t win. Instead of wasting your time and money trying to do that, the smart thing to do is come up with a campaign or strategy that none of your competitors are using. That requires a little ‘outside the box’ thinking, which is why we’ve put this article full of ideas together for you!

As positive as we are about the potential usefulness of these ideas, do please remember that none of them is a guarantee when it comes to breaking through or connecting with your audience. There’s no ‘magic bullet’ with marketing – every time you try a new tactic, you’re doing the equivalent of taking the reels for a spin on an online website like Rose Slots. The two processes are highly comparable; when you pay your money and take your chances on a game of online slots, you don’t know whether it was worth your cash to do so until the spin is over. Smart players always check the odds before they play online slots, but even then, there’s no guarantee you’ll walk away a winner. These tips aren’t guaranteed wins, but they might just improve your odds a little!

Host An ‘Any Questions Answered’ Session

The best social media marketing campaigns shouldn’t just look good – they should engage with your audience, open up conversations, and attract responses. The best way to open up a conversation is to start one, and what better way to start one than hosting an ‘any question answered’ session? This idea has been proven to work on Reddit’s ‘Ask Me Anything’ forums, which have attracted participation from some of the world’s biggest names in both entertainment and technology. You can either do this as a video call or by text alone, using a well-placed Facebook post or a hashtag on Twitter. Consider using a moderator to weed out any unpleasant or unwanted responses, and advertise your session before it happens to give you the best possible chance of finding a large audience. 

Start A Series

The best box sets you’ve ever binged were enjoyable because the end of each episode got you excited to see the next one. That’s why you end up still watching them at 2 am, long after you promised yourself you would go to bed! We don’t mean you have to come up with scripted drama videos, though. Think about what aspect of your business or industry could be reviewed or explained over a series of informative clips, and broadcast them on the same day and the same time every week. When people know when and where to expect something, they’re more likely to make the time to watch it. 

Host Regular Competitions

People love winning things, or receiving goods or services for free. That’s why it’s important that you come up with something that you can give away regularly to attract new customers to your brand. Even people who’ve never interacted with you before will be drawn to your brand by a competition; some people even latch on to every competition that rolls through cyberspace and make a career out of it! If audiences know that you host regular giveaways, they’ll keep checking your accounts to find out when the next one is. You might even get some free press coverage from this – if the prize is big enough, your local newspaper might want to cover the contest and present the winner as a ‘good news’ story. That’s why it also makes sense to tip the local media off that you’re hosting the competition. 

Interview Experts

If you or someone who works at your company is the ultimate expert in your chosen field, you should consider yourself very lucky. That isn’t the case for most companies or people, though. There’s usually someone else out there who’s perceived as being an ‘oracle’ for your industry, and reaching out to them for an interview is never a bad idea. The worst thing they can do is say no! Depending on what you or they are comfortable with, you could either host the interview as a video on your social media feeds, or conduct the interview in text and put it on your website with links to it from social media. Your chosen expert doesn’t necessarily have to promote your company – even just a general chat about the latest news and opinions within your sector should prompt interest. You’ll also pick up a few new followers from the followers that your interviewee already has. 

Host Polls

People love to be asked their opinion on pretty much anything, and some will even give you that opinion whether you ask them to or not. That’s why any poll posted on social media has a good chance of gaining traction so long as it’s seen and shared widely enough to get off the ground. Not only will the poll get you some much needed social engagement, but it should also prompt a conversation in the replies to your post as people debate the answers. You could even join in with this conversation and engage with people on a personal level. The best thing about this tip is that the poll doesn’t have to be about anything connected with your company – you could ask people what their favorite biscuit is, and you’d still get responses!

These are just a few little ways to attract a buzz online without spending big money on clicks or views. They’ll help you to build a following organically and attract natural, conversational responses. Engaging with people is how to get your company’s name into their heads without trying to sell them anything, and that might be the most effective type of marketing there is. Try it out and see how you get on! 

Boosting Sales With Instagram Shoppable Posts

Instagram is with no doubt, a powerful social platform with millions of users. According to data provided by Instagram Business page, the platform has 800 million monthly active users with 80 percent of the users following at least one business. It’s clear to see why the platform is seen as the next frontier for eCommerce businesses marketing themselves on social media.

Boosting Sales With Instagram Shoppable Posts

Why sell on Instagram for Shopify?

It Allows You to Promote Products Directly

The integration of Shopify and Instagram allows the easy tagging of products, making it possible for shoppers to buy directly from posts on Instagram. The feature promotes your products directly to Instagram users through posts, Stories, a unique Shop tab located on your profile as well as the Shopping Explore tab, allowing buyers to place an order within the Instagram app at a click of a button.

It Exposes Your Products to Users with a High Purchase Intent

Another benefit of creating Shoppable posts and tagging products is that you get your products to appear in the Shopping Explore tab. Users viewing the Shopping Explore tab tend to have high purchase intent and are likely to get right into shopping if they so wish.

It Boosts Sales Significantly

The Instagram Shopify feature has allowed businesses to grow significantly by providing excellent exposure and an increase in traffic and sales. It makes absolute sense to utilize a platform with such a vast number of potential buyers to promote your products.

If you still haven’t optimized your Instagram profile for your business, you might be missing out on a substantial earning potential.

How to Get Started with Shoppable Posts

By now, you might wonder what it takes to make a shoppable Instagram feed. Well, it’s easy. First, to get started with selling on Instagram, you need to meet a few mandatory requirements. You should;

  • Be in one of the countries that the feature is currently available
  • Have a Shopify plan that already sells physical products
  • Have an Instagram app with the latest version
  • Have an Instagram business account which is linked to the Facebook page.
  • Have a Facebook shop and Facebook channel installed in Shopify store

Here is the step by step guide for you to get started in minutes.

Step 1: Create a Facebook Shop

Instagram pulls your product information from Facebook to create your Instagram Shop. You, therefore, need to create a Facebook shop to use Instagram product tagging. The easiest way to do it is to set up the catalog on your Facebook Page. To do this, you need to activate the shopping template on your Facebook page by clicking on Settings → Edit Page → Template → Shopping Template → Apply Template. A Shop tab will be automatically generated on your main page, following which you’ll need to specify your payment processes.

Step 2: Connect Shopify with Your Facebook Shop

Next step is to display your Shopify products on your Facebook shop. Go to your Shopify dashboard, click on the Plus “+” button of sales channel and select “Facebook.” Connect your Facebook page to Shopify by choosing the page which houses your new shop.

Once your shop is approved, all your products will be imported automatically, and you can further specify which products should be displayed on the Facebook shop.

Step 3: Set up the Instagram Sales Channel

Now that you have both the Facebook shop and a product catalog set up, you can easily set up the Instagram sales channel by adding it to your Shopify store. In your Shopify dashboard, select “Instagram” on the Plus “+” button of the sales channel. You’ll be prompted to complete the set up by logging into your Facebook page.

At this point, wait for Instagram to review your account and upon approval, go to Instagram Settings → Business → Shopping and make sure your Facebook shop is already linked there.

Step: 4 Tag! Tag! Tag! And Sell

Products tags allow shoppers to quickly click and shop your catalog of products. Adding product tags is super quick and easy. It’s similar to tagging other users in posts except that in this case, you’re tagging your products.

To achieve this, select an image that displays a product on your Facebook catalog and click “Tag Products”. By clicking anywhere on the image, you’ll be able to search your products and add the details tag. And there you have it!

To tag new products, make sure you continuously update your Shopify account and Facebook catalog. The Instagram shoppable feature allows you to tag up to five products per single image post or 20 products per carousel (multi-photo) post.

Selling on Instagram with Shoppable posts presents an exciting opportunity that many businesses can significantly benefit from. What’s better than being able to simplify the entire buyer journey experience – from discovery to viewing and checkout, without ever leaving the Instagram app?

Join millions of online marketers who are already selling on Instagram by activating the Shoppable post feature. There is no easier way of getting your posts and stories to convert engagement into great purchases.

12 social media tools for a digital marketer’s toolbox

Social media tools can help marketers sort out their everyday task management and automate some of the tedious tasks that they need to accomplish regularly. However, social media managers sometimes doubt the importance of social media tools, thinking that they can do everything manually. This is not entirely true – you need tools to work in the most productive way and stay focused! Find out about our 12 suggestions for social media tools to complement your toolbox.

Social Media Tools For Digital Marketer Toolbox

Complex social media tool: NapoleonCat

If you need a reliable social media scheduler, then napoleoncat.com will be the best solution for your social media management. Apart from scheduling options, it also offers advanced social media analytics including Facebook analytics and Instagram Analytics. this may be the tool you never knew you always needed. what is more this social media tool also enables a social inbox so you can manage your community directly on the platform.

Make your social media videos better with Reevio

Improve your communication with short and sweet videos that you can make with this social media tool. With Reevio, you get access to many templates elements and music that you can add to your videos to create them in a heartbeat. If you thought that creating social media videos was hard then this tool will definitely change your mind.

Power up Facebook analytics with Grytics

This social media tool will be very helpful for you if you are in charge of creating and managing groups on Facebook. Grytics provides you with Advanced Analytics of your performance in terms of Facebook groups and how to better understand your target group so that you can provide the best possible communication with them.

Make the most of social media analytics with HypeAuditor

If you are in charge of influencer marketing in your organization then you might consider using a social media tool for identifying and verifying selected influencers for your marketing campaigns. With HypeAuditor, you can easily recognize whether a selected influencer is a good fit for your brand and take a deep look into their statistics.

Create amazing graphics with Snappa

Snappa was designed to help you create amazing and appealing social media graphics in a few seconds. you have a lot of template icons and pictures at your disposal, so preparing a set of simple graphics only takes a moment.

Build social media chatbots with Chatbotize

Some social media marketers think that creating a fully functional chatbot takes a lot of money and time. This is a totally wrong approach and there actually exists a social media tool that can make this work a breeze. With Chatbotize, you can create your dreamy chatbot in a few minutes, using many interesting templates and plugins to make your chatbot fully interactive.

Amaze your audience with Instagram Stories from Unfold

If you are looking for some fresh creative designs and templates to use then Unfold should definitely be one of your go-to mobile apps. You have many templates to choose from there to create amazing Stories in a heartbeat.

Get inspired with Google Primer

Every social media marketer needs some inspiration in their life. Apart from reading a lot of blog posts like this one or some books, they can also use a very handy mobile app coming straight from Google. It’s called Google Primer, which delivers short and actionable marketing classes that you can complete in as little as 5 minutes.

Prepare mockups with SmartMockups

Sometimes you may need a mock-up to power up your communication, to show an app or a program on a monitor. This is widely used in the B2B world. 

Benefit from smart remarketing with RocketLink

Do you know that you can create custom audiences from shortening links? Yes, you can! With RocketLink, it’s easier than ever before to even make the most of external content that you are not the author of.

Design infographics with Venngage

If you need to prepare a longer graphic form then Venngage is a good shout. Here you can create infographics as well as social media posts.

Earn $75 again and again weekly by blogging!

Recently, I came across this social network app for blogging called Kiki. In a nutshell, it is like Tumblr or instagram except it is simpler and it pays you for producing high quality posts. Yes, you read it right, Kiki pays you for micro blogging.

Kiki is a platform for you to blog and earn money from it. I started blogging myself on Kiki, they have implemented some new ideas that I had never seen before in any social media platform. You can produce any short story or even take a picture of your day, write 50 words for it and earn from your microblog. I know, it is crazy and awesome!

How does Kiki work? 

You can join using your phone number, create a page and start blogging. You will also receive $3 credit immediately after signup. Kiki pays $1 per picture you upload or $2 per 400 words you write and the threshold is $75 to withdraw. You can receive payments again and again. 

Kiki Revenue Page 

Revenue Page

How much can you make on Kiki? 

Kiki is a fairly new platform but I have seen 20+ bloggers on Kiki who each earn roughly $500+ monthly. The cool thing about Kiki is that you just spend the same amount of time you used to spend on social media but now you spend it on Kiki and you get paid for your microblogs. 

What are Kiki’s policy?

Kiki is very strict about plagiarism. I have seen many users being blocked permanently for copying articles and pictures that they don’t own. I have also seen users who try to be tricky by changing couple words in their plagiarized article and yet being blocked permanently. Everything you create have to be from your own perspective, experience and frame of reference. Do Not copy/paste content from other sites. Do NOT steal images from other sites. Do not rephrase content taken from other articles you have read. So, again it is simple just produce your own words and pictures. Some people do not want to work hard, so they don’t make money. Money is not free but Kiki makes it easy and fun.

What kind of article can you produce on Kiki? 

Kiki is open to any topics, travels, food, culture, friends, family, science, stories, diaries, sports, movies and etc, as long as you created it. It is also mentioned in their policies that you own your content so If you decide to delete it anytime, your content will be deleted permanently.

Kiki Blogging features. 

Micro Bloggin Features

Is Kiki better than Tumblr?

My short answer is ‘yes’. Let’s be honest, you may enjoy spending hours on Tumblr to blog and read blogs but you never make a single penny. So, yes. I have enjoyed Kiki more than Tubmlr. Kiki’s algorithm is amazing, you quickly receive many real followers and can engage with other bloggers easily. I have not only enjoyed the monetary value I receive on Kiki but also the fact that it is simpler than Tumblr. Kiki allows you to customize your text and insert your own pictures anywhere you want and it has some basic blogging features but it does not allow you to customize your profile as Tumblr does.

Kiki has a magic tool and I found it to be very cool.  

Are you getting tired of catching up with multiple social media channels you have? you have to spend time to update your status on all of them one by one. Good news! Kiki has solved that issue. You only post on Kiki and Kiki allows you to send your posts to all of your social media channels even to your phone contacts with 1 share button.

Only 1 click to share your posts with your social media 

1 Click To Share

Who is a typical Kiki user? 

I think college students enjoy earning some extra cash by sharing posts on Kiki, I have seen stay home-dads/moms also posting content. The majority of users, I have seen are artists and photographers sharing their art on Kiki and getting paid for it.

As of Nov 10th, 2019 that I am writing this blog, Kiki has announced they have 100,000 monthly active users and I have received my first payment from Kiki and I am on track to receive my 2nd payment. I have really enjoyed using Kiki, and I think it is quite revolutionary. =

Kiki Website: https://www.kikiers.com/onboarding

Android App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kikitime.app

iPhone App: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/kikitime/id1459326188


Social Media Research Guide

If you want to be successful with social media, then it is vital that you offer posts that have some value to them. Valuable posts attract shares and likes via social media. Of course, part of the process of writing something valuable is doing your research. On this page, we are going to share with you a few ideas for researching information for social media posts.

Social Media Research Guide

Be focused

Posts designed to be shared on social media tend to be shorter. While long-form articles can work when shared with certain markets, it is the shorter posts that tend to do well. People are more likely to read them, which means they are more likely to share them.

This means that before you can even think about writing for social media, you need to have an idea about what you want to write about. Make sure that your topic is highly focused. This will aid you in your research.

While it may not necessarily have an impact on the actual research process, you may want to think a little bit about the keywords that you are planning to use here. We have no doubt that as you research your social media posts, you will be jotting down all sorts of ideas. Knowing your keywords will allow you to link up the ideas and see what is relevant and what isn’t.

Use legitimate sources

This is important. So important.

When you are researching, make sure that you use quality sources. Government websites. Educational websites. Reputable news websites. While you still won’t be able to 100% guarantee that the information that you have sourced is accurate, you stand a much better chance. Remember; if you repeatedly share incorrect information, then your social media followers will start to distrust you. When you have lost trust, you are going to find it very, very hard to earn it back.

If an idea seems a little bit dubious, then make sure that you fact check.

Obviously, you should be making a note of all the sources that you utilize for your research. Some review sites offer great information on different companies from their customers. Check this review at Omnipapers.com to better understand how they are created.

Utilize several sources

Don’t just use a single source to do your research. Use as many as you can. At the minimum, you should be using at least three different sources for your research. If you use less than that, you run the risk of simply copying the work somebody else has done. This won’t look good for you and can severely hamper your social media presence.

You may even want to go beyond the typical Google search for your writing. Why not watch some videos? How about opening a physical book? You may even want to read some government reports if that is relevant to your niche. Just collect as much information as possible.

Write notes

This is one tip that is important to us. We need to write notes. In fact, we write a lot more notes than we would ever use in our social media posts. There are a few reasons for this:

It ensures we have a lot of ideas we can use. It helps to generate future social media writing ideas. It prevents needing to research as much in the future

One thing you may want to do is get your hands on a physical notebook. Write down your notes on this. Don’t use the notepad on your computer or anything like that. Sometimes research feels a whole lot smoother, and you can generate a lot more ideas like this. This is because it is more of an active type of research.

When you have physical notes, you are also much more likely to look back on them later on down the line. Computer notes tend to get hidden away, never to be referenced again.

Know your audience

When you are doing your research, it helps to know who your audience is. If you are writing for an audience of ‘newbies’ to a hobby, then you will use a completely different set of sources when you are writing for professionals. After all, one style of social media writing needs to be simpler. You don’t want to cover complicated subjects unless you have the talent to explain them in an ‘easy to understand’ manner and, even then, the information you research may not be relevant for your target market.

Yes. Social media writing research takes a long time. However, we promise you that if you put in the effort for each and every one of your posts, your social media presence will end up benefiting.

Why You Need to Improve Social Media Integration

If social media integration isn’t a part of your overall marketing efforts, it’s time to change your strategy. The world today is fixated on social media, with billions of people checking their social media accounts every single day, multiple times a day. Influencers on YouTube and Instagram are starting to have more power than ever before, and people around the world are using social media to communicate, connect, and create content.

Why You Need To Improve Social Media Integration

Ultimately, if your business isn’t properly integrated with your social platforms, you’re missing out on a major marketing opportunity and a chance to increase your bottom line. Here’s why you need to improve social media integration for your business.

Increase Website Traffic

There are over 3.2 billion people who use social media on a regular basis. That’s almost half of the entire population of the world. Many of those people don’t know about your website – yet. The more integrated your social media platforms are with your website and your content, the more people you can direct there, and the easier it is to convert users from social media. Something as simple as making your Instagram posts shoppable or linking back to your website can improve organic traffic and even have a positive impact on your SEO efforts. Give your users somewhere to go, and it’ll be easier for them to make their way along the marketing funnel toward a conversion.

Reduce Customer Service Costs and Issues 

Most of today’s audiences will take to social media to voice any complaints or suggestions about your business. Integrating your social platforms with your website allows you to monitor those complaints and find ways to resolve issues without needing to escalate them through a phone-based customer service department. If you have a chat function on your website, or even an FAQ page, you can direct people there from social media to find them the answers they need before they resort to calling you.

Gain New Ideas For Product Innovations 

Integrating social media with your website and your overall brand is a great way to get new ideas for content, products, and even service improvements. Monitor what people are saying and take their feedback into consideration wherever possible. If you can show your customers that you’re listening to what they’re saying, you can build trust with them. They will know that there are real people behind the brand who care about what they think, thus building value and convincing them that you’re the best company when they’re ready to make a purchase.

Boost User Experience

Providing your visitors with a seamless user experience is absolutely key in your digital marketing efforts. According to Forbes, a good user experience can raise your website’s conversion rates by as much as 400%. Allowing your audience to easily share your website’s content on social media not only makes it easy for them to take action when they like what they see, but it gives you some excellent opportunities for word of mouth marketing.

Add to Your Overall Brand Presence 

The more actively you integrate all of your online efforts, the more visibility your brand will have. Brand visibility is incredibly important. You want to be present and active when it comes to engaging with audiences and potential customers. The more they see you and gain value from your content, the more they trust you. Trust and authority convert to purchases and transactions. This is also a great way to keep up consistency with your brand so that more people see and recognize you throughout their online activities.