6 Ways To Get More From Your Twitter Account

Make Use of TwitterAre you on Twitter from a long time and still not getting outcomes as per your expectations? You could be tweeting wrong! Twitter is one of the fastest growing social networks and transforming the ‘wrong’ into ‘right’ is challenging here. Learning how to use Twitter can be one of the best decisions to be taken by an online business person. So, why not take the challenge and find out the six better ways that can help you get more from your Twitter account. Revamp your approach but first – let’s find out how!

1. Do You have something to Offer?

No matter how much you deny, your followers always love the words such as ‘offer’, ‘deliver’ and ‘provide’. Make sure your twitter account is always into offering some information, discount, sample, advice, promotion or just anything that claims ‘value’ – all these come back to you in form of returns. If what you have to offer is worthwhile, making sense and sufficing their motive of following you, they will spread your words. Analyzing customer interests and market research will make a difference to what you have been seeking out of your Twitter account so far. By this you can also increase your Twitter followers.

2. Do you have SEO friendly Twitter Account?

Your Twitter handle needs optimization – treat it as if it was a domain and apply the same rules for optimizing your Twitter account. Choose something memorable or something that relates to your brand by tweeting with optimized keywords; avoid using underscores between words. Your username character limit is best when kept around 10 or less. Use abbreviations and acronyms in case you are facing difficulties in finding a suitable username.

3. Are you a Writer Or a Computer?

Your Twitter account also gives you the opportunity to come up as a writer. Putting your idea forward or offering information in the most innovative way within strict deadlines of 140 characters is not easy. Simply updating the URLs or quoting information will make you look like a computer so ensure that you wrap the information with your creative writing skills and here 140 characters should not haunt you! Be responsive and keep communicating.

4. Are you ‘Quick’ or ‘Boring’?

And this completely depends on you! Comment on breaking news or on your niche – your tweets are a reflection of your flavor and news diet since time relevance generates interest. If you can’t be quick then let it go but you can’t afford to spare yourself next time on this! Encourage re-tweets.

5. Are you a Blogger?

Google simply loves Twitter and other microblogging sites – search engine indexes Twitter streams in real-time. Your followers are seeing just a bit of your writing skills limited in 140 characters. But if you can write well, a blog will extend your wings as a writer and in the process of touching new heights you will also promote your blogs and increase traffic.

6. Twitter as a Motivator and Teacher?

Lastly, when you have decided to seek the best out of your Twitter account, you have almost chosen to make it an important part of your virtual life. Use Twitter for learning and motivating yourself to do better and learn about new trends in the cyberspace. Remember, if you are not learning and updating then you are not gaining!

If you want your updates to break through the clutter, make more followers and create a Twitter account that you can make more out of. Following these steps will cultivate more followers that will encourage you to get more out of your Twitter account. Twitter makes you feel among a community of writers to help you gain attention and also earn money. Potential connection comes second, value comes first!

This article is written by Shannen Doherty. She is a technical content writer.She is  associated with many technology and designing communities including Broadband Expert as their freelance writer and adviser.

Stimulate Your Overall Blog Growth With Twitter

Twitter and BlogSocial media sites are the newest addition that have revolutionized the face of Internet business. Some of these sites have shown remarkable adeptness in breaking out of the generic mould of simply promoting blogs and websites. Rather, they have progressed to leveling out the playing field for many associated aspects of the online businesses.

Twitter is probably one of the forerunners of this select group of social media sites. Here is a detailed look at just how you can use Twitter to stimulate your blog’s overall growth without limiting it to just the promotional aspect.

Concise and to the point writing effect

Twitter is known for its concise updates. Your creativity is tested when you have to express your opinion or give an introductory teaser about your new blog post within the span of 140 characters.

However, the distinctive possibility that people might actually pay attention to short and precise updates more than lengthy ones where they have to work at finding the relevant information, will work to your advantage. This advantage will definitely spill over in to your perception power to add just the right amount of concise dexterity to your actual writing style for your blog posts.

Prep your Alexa link counts

Alexa rankings and the Alexa link counts for your posts can define the success or failure of your concentrated techniques of SEO and creativity that you apply on your blog.

Twitter can add to your credibility in this regards and the significant exposure that you accumulate through your raw stream of followers on your Twitter profile can help you increase your Alexa link numbers, significantly. You have to be regular with your comment follow up on a range as little as five blogs every alternate day, from your raw link stream on Twitter.

I’ve written a post on how to increase Alexa links with Twitter. Be sure to check it out.

Harness Twitter networking potential

Marketing is an integral part of every social media site; especially Twitter is an excellent media for highlighting and promoting your blog. However, it is vital that you rise above just advertising your blog to the readers and focus on connecting with your subscribers, peers as well as the A-list competitors of your niche. Professional blogging owes a lot of its credibility to the establishment of the blog and author’s expertise over the Internet.

The correct networking techniques can very well put your blog with the top of the line players of the field. Twitter is a micro blogging site, a short stop that encourages people to explore deeper to relate to each other. Use this foundation to inspire interest in others for your blog, as well as take interest in other websites and blogs to encourage backlinks and responses.

Encourage interaction with Twitter contests and conversations

Interaction is the key to create a better level of communication between your blog and readers. Your opinions as well as information need the validation of exactly how the readers perceive them. It is important to collect these feedbacks to improve on mistakes and engage techniques that seem to work efficiently. Twitter is essentially a social platform that is meant to encourage better communication. Use this idea to your advantage.

Encourage better reader connectivity with organized efforts such as a social contest on the site. Relate the contest directly to your blog so that your readers find a common ground to connect with your blog, even while they participate in the contest. We often conduct such contests on our discount coupon blog that features photos.com and istockphoto discount deals.

You might also open up engaging conversation updates that initiate relevant discussion and encourage target audience input on important topics.

Surveys and direct audience critical reviews

Twitter is a social networking site with an easy to follow interface. Your networking skills can help you not only connect with your target audience about future blog posts, but you can also gather important data for already published posts ad ascertain their status of relevance. Your target audience, the group that you aim to influence with your writing and information, can be your direct critics. This eliminates any information loss or mis-communication.

Use Twitter as the common forum to raise questions about your own posts, to determine the usefulness of your blog posts for your target audience, directly from them. These comments and follow up Tweets can also be your very real promotion tactic to impress future readers.

Conclusively, Twitter can help you be a better blogger, can help improve your information portrayal to guarantee better results, improve your SEO techniques and add weight to your expertise. These are just a handful of benefits excluding the vital advantage of the site being a blog promotion media.

So, take charge of your Twitter profile and use it to stimulate your blog’s growth to its maximum potential.

How do you use Twitter to improve your blog’s growth?

3 Great Twitter Marketing Strategies for Improving Business Profitability

Twitter is a micro-blogging site that has millions of users and more are getting added to the list every day. With so many users, it’s but natural that businesses are jumping onto the Twitter bandwagon to leverage its potential for improving their sales figures. It allows businesses to engage directly with their customers in order to improve awareness about their brand, its recall value and credibility.

But, there are still many businesses that believe that the 140 character limit of Twitter severely limits the kind of marketing strategies that can be built using this platform. At face value, the problem does seem logical and overwhelming, but that were being inventive can help businesses take their business profitability skywards with Twitter.

Twitter and Business


Let’s take a look at four Twitter marketing strategies that have delivered extremely satisfying results to businesses using them:

1. Making Twitter a Public Relations Channel

Your business’s Twitter profile can be turned into your very own personal marketing channel. If your business has a blog, then its Twitter profile can act as an extension of this blog. With this you can start distributing links that can take your followers to press releases, latest blog posts etc. that offer information about the latest achievements of your business. But, it’s important that you, as a business, do no go overboard in your quest to promote your business. The Twitterrati look upon a profile that seems to be totally self-serving with a jaundiced eye. So, combine your self-promotional tweets with a bit of a personal touch. Talk to your followers on a one-on-one level, and know about their likes, dislikes, interests and preferences. By showing concern for what they want, you are actually improving your reputation. This will lend more credibility to your business’s twitter profile.

2. Being a part of Twitter Chats

Twitter helps you take part in Twitter chats; you can participate in not one or two but numerous chats over the course of a week. These chats are a great way to improve your business profile and your influence over your target users. They are also a great way of connecting with potential clients/customers and participation also enables your clients to find you better. Apart from allowing you to develop a wider network, being a part of these chats also helps improve your brand value. It’s a means of positioning your business as a frontrunner in its domain of operations.

In order to make Twitter an effective part of your social media marketing strategy, you must ensure that your participation is both active and strategic. Anything else will only serve to dilute the overall strategy.

3. Employee Tweets

Getting your employees onboard your Twitter marketing strategy will boost its efficiency. By marketing your business as a whole on Twitter and by also allowing your employees to Tweet, you are making a concerted promotional effort. In the case of employee tweets, your company’s reputation is enhanced by proxy and is directly proportional to the reputation of your employees. Think of a situation where a particular employee is sharing interesting tidbits about the work atmosphere of his company, the camaraderie in the work environment etc. All this and many such information shared about your business is going to help generate a positive feeling about it. Although the business/company is only represented indirectly in the Tweets, it’s still going to be extremely useful.

The inherent greatness of the Twitter marketing strategies that have been given above lies in how well you can use them. It’s important that you start off by not expecting success quickly. Twitter is a social media site and it will take time to generate sufficient interest in your business so much so that your target audience learns to trust it and buys products and services from you.

This article is written by Philip Donald. He works for PLAVEB, which is a leading Website Development & Web Design Company based in Los Angeles, California. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.

7 Tips To Tweet Your Way To The Bank

Make Money From TwitterTwitter and Facebook are synonymous with social networking. Even Big G has jumped into the bandwagon by introducing its own Google+. No one can dispute the growing popularity of Social Networks. Just imagine the potential of tapping into the hundreds of millions of Twitter users. This is marketing heaven indeed. But the big question is how do you make money from your Twitter account?

Building your Twitter followers is the first order of the day but if you’ve got this situation handled then it’s high time you got the cash registers clicking.

For Building Your Twitter Followers, these will be helpful :

  • #5 Tips To Increase The Number Of Your Twitter Followers
  • 5 More Simple Tips To Increase Twitter Followers

Below are some simple tips on how you could convert your followers into unknowing accomplices of your money making scheme.

1.Monetize your Twitter Background

Customizing your background is a great way of expressing yourself and personalizing your Twitter experience. But this too could be a wonderful media for advertising another company’s products or services. Magpie for example is an ad network for Twitter that pays you every time they advertise on your Twitter account.

2.Redirecting Followers

All it takes is a marketing tweet along with a link that serves as a doorway for your followers to visit your advertiser’s website. This is similar to Cost-Per-View campaigns where money is paid according to the times that a follower is redirected.

3.Affiliate Marketing

Very similar to the strategy above but this time you redirect them to your affiliate link. Again, a short tweet with your affiliate’s link is all that’s needed to make some money. Just be careful to make this tasteful. Placing your affiliate’s link on all your tweets could make a lot of your followers searching for the exit door.

Learn about Affiliate Marketing :

  • What Exactly Is Affiliate Marketing? [Simple Guide]
  • What Exactly Is Affiliate Marketing? [Part 2]

4.Seek Advertisers

It’s certainly easier to find advertisers if you have a strong following. Advertise products you only feel strongly about. Focusing on low quality but high paying advertisers could be bad for your Twitter’s long term health. Stick to companies within your niche. It makes selling more natural and easier.

5.Building a Twitter Campaign

Companies might enlist your services to build their Twitter account. A proven track record of success can land you a job as a professional working for companies that would like to improve their online presence.

6.Selling Yourself

Take advantage of all the option available at Twitter. We’ve talked about how your simple background could be used as valuable advertising real estate. It would be a good idea to develop your profile page. Using your Bio for example and turning it to a sales page helps you advertise goods and services you offer.

7.Final Tweet

Everything is about selling, whether its blogging or tweeting for a profit, developing an effective marketing strategy is the key to success. Twitter is just one of the ways people could make money online. This alone may not give you the financial windfall you were looking for but combined with your other online marketing efforts it could contribute to your online success.

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This article is written by Michael Scottsdale. He is a professional writer and currently works as a consultant for online businesses. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.

Leverage On Twitter Traffic To Market Your Website

Increase Twitter FollowersIn this modern time and age, those who are not in tune with advance social networks such as Facebook and Twitter will be considered ‘backward’ or ‘old-fashioned’. In the case of owning a Twitter account, it might be a lot harder and trickier for you to gain followers as you’ll need some extremely interesting, eye-catching and spiced up tweets in order for you to get hundreds or thousands of followers. The better your tweets are, the more followers will connect with you and be your biggest fans. Twitter could also be used as a medium for your business marketing and communication to reach out to a larger number of potential customers. However, there are methods that make gaining and increasing your Twitter followers much easier without having to come up with quirky and juicy tweets. Here are some tips to leverage on Twitter traffic and increase followers for marketing your websites and blogs.

1. Hit on the ‘Follow’ button often

In order to keep up with the pace, you’ll need to follow, follow and follow others. There’ll be plenty of tools available online for you to do this task more quickly, if your fingers are tired. These specialized apps will also let you identify the people who are talking about your niche which in turn will encourage the others to mass-follow them. On the other hand, you’re allowed to mass follow 50 people at a time, so keep hitting on the ‘Follow’ buttons!

2. Wait patiently for the follower’s mark

Once you’ve managed to hit the follower mark of 2000 (or your very own limit if you’ve already surpassed that point), what you should do next is to wait for around four to five days for the people you’ve followed to follow you back. Do keep it in mind however that there’s no absolute guarantee that everyone will follow you back. You may expect a return of about 50% and if you’re able to get more than that, it’s even better but don’t get your hopes up too high.

If you aren’t able to get a 50% return, then perhaps it’s time for you to take a quick look at your own Twitter page or the image that you’re displaying. Change whatever that is necessary. Also, this will be the perfect time for you to start fostering a relationship with your first round of followers, the sooner the better.

3. ‘Unfollow’ the unnecessary

In order for Twitter to allow you to grow beyond 2000 followers, the ratio of followers to following needs to remain close to 1:1. However, although the rule isn’t applicable to every Twitter users, beginners should always abide by the given rule to have check and balance. There are also plenty of tools for you to use to instantly ‘unfollow’ 25 people at a time. Unlike most other mass-unfollowing tools, there’s an app that allows you to be selective in the process as opposed to purging the entire list of followers. But you should never mass follow or unfollow Twitter users.

4. Never spam, keep it professional

Seriously, never ever spam. It’s really uncool and it invades other people’s privacy. Feel free to do so if you want to be hated by the community and lose a lot of followers. Otherwise, please only use this method if you have something extremely special and valuable to add and let the masses know about it.

5. Be interesting at all cost

Your tweets should always represent your image if your Twitter is all about your business. If your Twitter is personal, then your tweets should be interesting enough but don’t be too provocative and controversial. Not everyone loves hot gossip, so be extremely wise and cautious with your words when you tweet to the public.

All in all, having more followers than your other competitors in the industry could really help you get that much-needed edge in the social media realm; hence maximizing your followers as much as possible is the only way to achieve your mission. Happy tweeting!

This article is written by Alicia. She is a web designer and developer. Loves WordPress themes and plugins. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.

Ultimate Guide To Select Your Twitter Username

If you want to brand yourself on twitter or any other social networking sites, then first step is about selecting a better username for you to brand yourself in twitter or any micro blogging site. The username or handle is your identity. If you feel that your original name is better to keep as username, and then you can do it, anyway here are some of the tips I thought that should help you in selecting your twitter handle or username.

Twitter Username

Before selecting the username, here are some points that you should remember. You can only use characters such as uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and the underscore character ( _). My opinion is that, if your original names is too lengthy, and then try to create your username something short, memorable, something that identifies you or describes your character and easily rolled out in the tongue.

Short Twitter Username Would Be Great

Why should your twitter username be short? Because tweets are of just 140 characters, so when people @mention you or ReTweet your tweets, if your username is more than 10 characters (twitter limits up to 15 char), then people miss your handle very often.

Twitter is growing fast. Grab your name fast – As you all known, twitter is growing really fast, rapidly you get news faster than media coverage, twitter has been very helpful in many occasions (Good & bad), so getting your desired username is difficult, so grab your name fast.

Also you should not be afraid to use your real name. If you find your real name is really a tongue twister or not easily memorable, then as I said before try something that is short, identifies your character etc. etc. If you real name is already taken, try inserting adjectives in front like handsomejohnetc.

Make sure you don’t use numbers like sachin786, but if you have an email ID say for example: sachin90@whatever.com you can have @sachin90 as your twitter username. Also never use curse words or obscenity in your username that lets you down in some case. When you’re creating twitter profiles for your company, always try to keep your company name as profile handle, if you’ve registered or already a huge brand offline, you can contact twitter team if your company name is already taken by someone.

Impact on Search Engine Optimization

Your twitter @username and Profile name has a great impact on search engine optimization. If you already have a twitter profile, by now you might have realised it. So make sure the company name is correctly entered in the Name text box and you choose proper @username for your business. You can also keep keyword rich @username for your company profile.

Try to have a username creative and that distinguish you. Jack75 and Jack85 are both similar. sodistinguish yourself from others. To distinguish, don’t just add a bunch of numbers after your name. That isn’t a smart decision. Also while selecting a username; never select it as if it sounds like a bot. My kind opinion is not to have words like seo, marketing in usernames. Don’t use a celebrity’s name, its lame and don’t sound like a faker.

Before we wind up the post, here are quick ideas for twitter username – You can try put last name first, add underscore symbol preceding or appending It, middle name as initial, smart description about yourself, high school nickname, rhyming or pun based name etc.

Why do I repeatedly asking you to select a decent username for your twitter profile, because when you run into a twitter pal networking event or any other social events, people recognize you by your twitter usernames. You want to make sure that you don’t feel disgust to write your twitter username on the board or shout out in greeting. So select your twitter username wisely.

This article is written by Srivathsan. He is a geek and writes about mobiles and gizmos among other things at Mobigizmos.com.

HOW TO: Send Audio Tweets To Twitter

You would have been tweeting 24×7, but have you tried Audio Tweets? If you want to convey something more potentially you can try this. Now I’ll share some of the useful tools to send audio tweets to Twitter.

Chirbit is a useful and fun tool that enables you to record,upload and share your voice or audio files easily. Record your voice using a webcam or microphone conected to your computer, or upload an existing audio file. You can then share your chirbit, on twitter, facebook, email, your blog, or smartphone.


Create a free account there, and you are ready to sweeten your voice. You can start sharing your audio or voice right away. You can use your microphone or webcam to proceed. They’ll record your voice and upload it. Now you can share them on your tweets. You can check this video for more details.

You can upload audio files like mp3, aiff, amr, m4a and wav. They also have the option to download all your recordings. You can also try sites like AudioTweet and Chir.ps.

Find When Your Twitter Followers Are Active

Do you really think your followers are checking your tweets? Many of us wasting our precious tweets unknowingly. Now we’ll see when the people following you are active on Twitter, so that your shared links and tweets can get popular. By this you can establish your Twitter Existence.

Active Time - Twitter

Whentotweet analyzes the time at which your followers tweet and gives you a personalized recommendation on when the best time of day for you to tweet is. Amazing to see Whentotweet is built in Python on top of Google App Engine.

The free version of Whentotweet analyzes your first 500 followers and the latest 200 tweets of each follower and the PRO (premium) version analyzes one million followers and up to 1000 tweets per follower.

If you are a Twitter freak, you can check other useful Twitter tools here.

5 More Simple Tips To Increase Twitter Followers

Twitter is something which no other social network can replace, because the concept is quite unique. Having lots of followers in Twitter can indeed turn you into a celebrity! Earlier we shared tips to increase Digg Followers and increase Friendfeed Subscribers. Now we are back with another 5 simple tips to increase Twitter followers.

So you have a Twitter account but unfortunately a less number of followers. Having account a required followers is something like (a Mercedes without requires diesel lol). I am providing you some of the best tips to get more followers on Twitter easily. I am not going to tell about some auto piloting system like twiends.

Image Credit : hktang – Flickr

I know twiends grow your followers but are the followers really helpful to you? No they are just exchanging the following method. As you know twitter is the best platform for webmasters and bloggers to increase their popularity on web. So why not to increase your followers and getting most of twitter.

1. Short bio describes a lot

Many people completely left this box blank. They just type their name upload their photo and wait for people to follow them. Are they doing right? Absolutely no, Will you follow an unidentified people? I know that you are not going to follow such people, So always fill up your short bio box.

2. Follow only who lies in your category

If you follow those people who come in your category then the chances are more to get followers, did you know how?

Many people balance your personality with the people whom you follow. If you are a blogger then you should join these account @Mashable, @TechCrunch, HellBlog, etc. I am not giving all the accounts but at least you should join these faces.

3. Profile pic forces to follow

I know you can’t believe this, but this is true. Some people are attract on faces. I got a message from a lady who just send me a message after following me.

“Hey @Ifhamkhan I really don’t know who you are, but when I see your pic on twitter I really wanna follow you”

So why not to create your avatar attractive. Mostly High definition pic with clear faces attracts a lot. Don’t use your side photo in which your face not looking perfectly.

4. Tweet about your passions

Tweet only feeds which you really love. for example you got an awesome news from somewhere and you are happy with the news then just simple click on “tweet”. Your chances are higher to get more followers. If you love the article then it is sure that other also love that.

5. Your account on web

If you have website and blog then it is very necessary to put your twitter follow button on the top. You can also check the direct follow button released by Twitter, it will help people to follow you easily. Add your twitter handler on Email signature. Facebook profile and as many social network as you have.

These are the basic and attractive tips to get more follower on twitter. Let us know if you know one?

This article is written by Ifham Khan. He is the author of geekspalace and dailytechtips.co.cc. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.

Add Twitter’s New “Follow” Button On Your Blog

Twitter launched a new Follow button recently. Adding this button is quick and easy. It will be a new way to discover and instantly follow Twitter accounts directly from the websites you visit everyday.

Follow Button

To add this button your blog, go to Twitter Follow Button resource. Enter your username and other details, then copy the code! You can paste it wherever you like, even in blog posts.

You can see the demo of this ‘Follow’ button below here.

Earlier Facebook launched ‘Send’ button to increase their social presence, which clearly indicates social bookmarking is must for blog promotion.

Thumbnail Credit : Twitter