3 Great Twitter Marketing Strategies for Improving Business Profitability

Twitter is a micro-blogging site that has millions of users and more are getting added to the list every day. With so many users, it’s but natural that businesses are jumping onto the Twitter bandwagon to leverage its potential for improving their sales figures. It allows businesses to engage directly with their customers in order to improve awareness about their brand, its recall value and credibility.

But, there are still many businesses that believe that the 140 character limit of Twitter severely limits the kind of marketing strategies that can be built using this platform. At face value, the problem does seem logical and overwhelming, but that were being inventive can help businesses take their business profitability skywards with Twitter.

Twitter and Business


Let’s take a look at four Twitter marketing strategies that have delivered extremely satisfying results to businesses using them:

1. Making Twitter a Public Relations Channel

Your business’s Twitter profile can be turned into your very own personal marketing channel. If your business has a blog, then its Twitter profile can act as an extension of this blog. With this you can start distributing links that can take your followers to press releases, latest blog posts etc. that offer information about the latest achievements of your business. But, it’s important that you, as a business, do no go overboard in your quest to promote your business. The Twitterrati look upon a profile that seems to be totally self-serving with a jaundiced eye. So, combine your self-promotional tweets with a bit of a personal touch. Talk to your followers on a one-on-one level, and know about their likes, dislikes, interests and preferences. By showing concern for what they want, you are actually improving your reputation. This will lend more credibility to your business’s twitter profile.

2. Being a part of Twitter Chats

Twitter helps you take part in Twitter chats; you can participate in not one or two but numerous chats over the course of a week. These chats are a great way to improve your business profile and your influence over your target users. They are also a great way of connecting with potential clients/customers and participation also enables your clients to find you better. Apart from allowing you to develop a wider network, being a part of these chats also helps improve your brand value. It’s a means of positioning your business as a frontrunner in its domain of operations.

In order to make Twitter an effective part of your social media marketing strategy, you must ensure that your participation is both active and strategic. Anything else will only serve to dilute the overall strategy.

3. Employee Tweets

Getting your employees onboard your Twitter marketing strategy will boost its efficiency. By marketing your business as a whole on Twitter and by also allowing your employees to Tweet, you are making a concerted promotional effort. In the case of employee tweets, your company’s reputation is enhanced by proxy and is directly proportional to the reputation of your employees. Think of a situation where a particular employee is sharing interesting tidbits about the work atmosphere of his company, the camaraderie in the work environment etc. All this and many such information shared about your business is going to help generate a positive feeling about it. Although the business/company is only represented indirectly in the Tweets, it’s still going to be extremely useful.

The inherent greatness of the Twitter marketing strategies that have been given above lies in how well you can use them. It’s important that you start off by not expecting success quickly. Twitter is a social media site and it will take time to generate sufficient interest in your business so much so that your target audience learns to trust it and buys products and services from you.

This article is written by Philip Donald. He works for PLAVEB, which is a leading Website Development & Web Design Company based in Los Angeles, California. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.

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  1. Engagement is the key to good networking. First build your followers list and then engage engage engage. Once you build a reputation your promotional tweets will be valued!

  2. Good Article Philip. Twitter must be used as a medium to build strong relations with one's clients or prospective clients, and not to use it as a platform for over self-promotion. If done right Twitter can be a powerful marketing tool.

  3. Great post with a lot of good tips. I am glad i found this article. Thank you so much for sharing this post.

  4. Twitter can be one of the best ways to cover international markets for your business. Being active over there can certainly bring you more clients.

  5. Very good twitter marketing tips, but the most important thing is getting the number of targeted twitter followers so that we can convey our message to them.

  6. Right, the third point is a very good idea. Employees on twitter promoting our products and services sounds very effective. Social networking sites provides a big platform for users from all walks of life. Though I use facebook I prefer twitter for more serious business. All the three strategies are very important.

  7. The points are good and twitter is the best social media and this is best way to propagate the site.Thnx for the valuable tips.


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