Find When Your Twitter Followers Are Active

Do you really think your followers are checking your tweets? Many of us wasting our precious tweets unknowingly. Now we’ll see when the people following you are active on Twitter, so that your shared links and tweets can get popular. By this you can establish your Twitter Existence.

Active Time - Twitter

Whentotweet analyzes the time at which your followers tweet and gives you a personalized recommendation on when the best time of day for you to tweet is. Amazing to see Whentotweet is built in Python on top of Google App Engine.

The free version of Whentotweet analyzes your first 500 followers and the latest 200 tweets of each follower and the PRO (premium) version analyzes one million followers and up to 1000 tweets per follower.

If you are a Twitter freak, you can check other useful Twitter tools here.

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6 thoughts on “Find When Your Twitter Followers Are Active”

  1. This seems very helpful. Being that I am new to Twitter I've never heard of Whentotweet. Thanks for the info!

  2. Its a great tool, but i still tweet all the time, but atleast this let me know that which of time i should tweet a important tweet. For my target market, they mostly will active at night and even help me to retweet it.

  3. it looks like a good twitter tool.. can be very useful to have a good audience to blog posts..

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