Stimulate Your Overall Blog Growth With Twitter

Twitter and BlogSocial media sites are the newest addition that have revolutionized the face of Internet business. Some of these sites have shown remarkable adeptness in breaking out of the generic mould of simply promoting blogs and websites. Rather, they have progressed to leveling out the playing field for many associated aspects of the online businesses.

Twitter is probably one of the forerunners of this select group of social media sites. Here is a detailed look at just how you can use Twitter to stimulate your blog’s overall growth without limiting it to just the promotional aspect.

Concise and to the point writing effect

Twitter is known for its concise updates. Your creativity is tested when you have to express your opinion or give an introductory teaser about your new blog post within the span of 140 characters.

However, the distinctive possibility that people might actually pay attention to short and precise updates more than lengthy ones where they have to work at finding the relevant information, will work to your advantage. This advantage will definitely spill over in to your perception power to add just the right amount of concise dexterity to your actual writing style for your blog posts.

Prep your Alexa link counts

Alexa rankings and the Alexa link counts for your posts can define the success or failure of your concentrated techniques of SEO and creativity that you apply on your blog.

Twitter can add to your credibility in this regards and the significant exposure that you accumulate through your raw stream of followers on your Twitter profile can help you increase your Alexa link numbers, significantly. You have to be regular with your comment follow up on a range as little as five blogs every alternate day, from your raw link stream on Twitter.

I’ve written a post on how to increase Alexa links with Twitter. Be sure to check it out.

Harness Twitter networking potential

Marketing is an integral part of every social media site; especially Twitter is an excellent media for highlighting and promoting your blog. However, it is vital that you rise above just advertising your blog to the readers and focus on connecting with your subscribers, peers as well as the A-list competitors of your niche. Professional blogging owes a lot of its credibility to the establishment of the blog and author’s expertise over the Internet.

The correct networking techniques can very well put your blog with the top of the line players of the field. Twitter is a micro blogging site, a short stop that encourages people to explore deeper to relate to each other. Use this foundation to inspire interest in others for your blog, as well as take interest in other websites and blogs to encourage backlinks and responses.

Encourage interaction with Twitter contests and conversations

Interaction is the key to create a better level of communication between your blog and readers. Your opinions as well as information need the validation of exactly how the readers perceive them. It is important to collect these feedbacks to improve on mistakes and engage techniques that seem to work efficiently. Twitter is essentially a social platform that is meant to encourage better communication. Use this idea to your advantage.

Encourage better reader connectivity with organized efforts such as a social contest on the site. Relate the contest directly to your blog so that your readers find a common ground to connect with your blog, even while they participate in the contest. We often conduct such contests on our discount coupon blog that features and istockphoto discount deals.

You might also open up engaging conversation updates that initiate relevant discussion and encourage target audience input on important topics.

Surveys and direct audience critical reviews

Twitter is a social networking site with an easy to follow interface. Your networking skills can help you not only connect with your target audience about future blog posts, but you can also gather important data for already published posts ad ascertain their status of relevance. Your target audience, the group that you aim to influence with your writing and information, can be your direct critics. This eliminates any information loss or mis-communication.

Use Twitter as the common forum to raise questions about your own posts, to determine the usefulness of your blog posts for your target audience, directly from them. These comments and follow up Tweets can also be your very real promotion tactic to impress future readers.

Conclusively, Twitter can help you be a better blogger, can help improve your information portrayal to guarantee better results, improve your SEO techniques and add weight to your expertise. These are just a handful of benefits excluding the vital advantage of the site being a blog promotion media.

So, take charge of your Twitter profile and use it to stimulate your blog’s growth to its maximum potential.

How do you use Twitter to improve your blog’s growth?

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  1. This is a huge list of apps, I am definitely gonna try these tools. Thanks a lot.
    keep sharing.

  2. Hey Jane,

    What an amazing article. Twitter is such a powerful thing, and if combined with a blog, it just goes off the charts. Given that we're doing it right. Most people that I talk to are telling me that Twitter is probably their best source of traffic for their blogs. That alone is more than enough.

  3. Excellent tips, twitter is a great platform for networking, i always get replies whenever i reach out to someone on twitter.


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