10 Marketers You Should Follow On Twitter

Twitter MarketersHaving invented the niche Twitter is without doubt the top microblogging website, and people use it to keep track of their favorite celebrities, and to get the latest breaking news. Twitter can also be used to follow top marketing gurus for advice and tips that can help you adjust to a marketplace that is always changing rapidly.

If you are already a Twitter user, then you know that the site allows you to follow other users whose updates you want to track. If you are not on Twitter yet, you really should use this site to keep up with the latest trends.

Following marketing experts on Twitter is a great way to get the latest opinions on developments in the business world. Here is a list of 10 top marketers that you should follow on Twitter.

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1. Neil Patel Owner of quicksprout.com, Patel co-founded internet marketing companies Crazy Egg and KiSSmetrics. These firms worked with General Motors, Hewlett-Packard, Viacom and other corporations in achieving site monetization. Patel was named a top 100 blogger by Technorati when he was only 21 years old.

2. Andy Beal A prolific author and blogger, Beal has worked with large corporations like NBC and Motorola. He is a regular consultant with ABC News, BusinessWeek, Forbes and Inc. Magazine.

3. Jeff Jarvis BuzzMachine blogger Jeff Jarvis is the author of “What would Google do?, and an associate professor of interactive journalism at the City University of New York’s Graduate School of Journalism. He is also the consulting editor and a business partner at Dalylife, and a columnist for The Guardian newspaper.

4. Rand Fishkin He runs SEOmoz.com, a leading SEO software provider. He has authored a book on search engine optimization and was listed as one of the 30 Best Young Tech Entrepreneurs Under 30 by BusinessWeek. He also writes articles for various major news publications.

5. Shama Called the “online marketing shaman,” Shama Kabani is mistress of The Marketing Zen Group, an internet marketing company. Shama is a frequent speaker on web marketing subjects and her blog is located at shama.tv.

6. JD Lasica A social media expert, Lasica is known for his in-depth analysis of trends in social media and social networking. He was listed as a top 100 media blogger by CNET. He founded Socialmedia.biz, which provides regular news and articles, and also offers consulting services.

7. NewspaperGrl Janet Meiners Thaeler knows the public relations business and she is a regular writer for the American Express Open Forum and Small Business Trends. She specializes in working the press online, and has written a book about it: “I need a Killer Press Release.” Newspaper Girl is also the social media expert for marketing website OrangeSoda.com.

8. Muhammed SaleemA graduate in economics, Saleem writes about social media and internet advertising. In addition to his own blog, he writes guest articles for a large number of well-known blogs and sites including techcrunch and problogger. In 2009, Saleem was placed in charge of the social media department at the Chicago Tribune.

9. Peter Kim A major thinker and speaker, Kim is the managing director for North America at Dachis Group. He was worked with many major corporations including Coca-Cola, Apple, Dell, Boeing, Nokia, AAA and Eddie Bauer. A noted researcher on internet marketing.

10. Pete Cashmore Founder and CEO of Mashable –The Social Media Guide. Cashmore started this popular tech website from a small town in Scotland. The site provides first rate analysis of social networking trends and news. Mashable.com has been rated among the top 10 blogs in the world by Technorati. Cashmore updates his Twitter site quite frequently.

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Of course, there are a lot of other marketing gurus that post on Twitter that are not listed here. The list above is a good way to get started, and you will likely find others worth following since the top marketers tend to network with each other on the site.

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#5 Tips To Increase The Number Of Your Twitter Followers

Increase Twitter FollowersTwitter – The micro blogging tool has been very famous now-a-days. Being famous in this famous service, could bring you lot of traffic, which you can’t even imagine.

Instead of having friends, we have to create more followers in twitter. The more followers you have, the more powerful you are. Here are 5 simple ways, by which you can increase your twitter followers by triple.

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1. Be ‘TIPTOP’

This is the most important and simple part. Your page have to be very attractive before the people. Be in Style. Just add some Images, or reviews of any big websites, etc on your page. This all makes the users think that you are someone worth following !


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2. Top 15 Twitter Tools for Twitter Freaks

Proverb : First Impression is the best impression

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HOW TO: Use Twitter As A Popular Marketing Tool

Marketing with TwitterTwitter is one of the most popular social networking sites that are based on a micro blogging platform. It is more like a blog along with a chat room, allowing you to get your ideas out before an audience interested in your stuff transmitted in real time. This makes twitter as a marketing tool for advertisers and publishers all over the world.

There are many ways in which one can use Twitter as a Marketing tool that we will discuss in this article. Earlier, we discussed about how to use Twitter to flour your business.

FOR NEWBIES : Twitter Definitions For Newbies

How It Works?

It might be helpful to discuss in brief the way Twitter works. It is like a walky-talky in which only person switched on to your channel (that is by following you) can hear your messages. In a similar manner, when using Twitter one can receive messages from those people whose channel you are following. So, the first thing to do in order to use Twitter as a Marketing tool for your Business, after you join, is to start adding people to your followers list. You will be then switched on into their channel & be able to receive their tweets.

Whom Should You Follow?

Anyone who is interested in your industry. So if you are promoting mobile phones, you should follow people who are interested in gadgets and technology. If you are promoting pet insurance, then people interested in dogs and cats would be appropriate. While using twitter as a marketing tool, one must use the “find people” option at the top right corner of the screen when logged into the Twitter page & type keywords related to a topic. This will display a list of Twitter users labeled with those keywords. Take one or two accounts and start following those who are following that account.

Things To Remember

There are few things to remember while using twitter. Twitter does have a follower limit, so that you may follow no more than 2000 people at a time until 2000 or more people are following you. After the threshold limit, one may follow an additional number of people no greater than 110% of the number of people following then. Hence you should be careful about whom you follow. Don’t just follow someone because they are following you. If you want to employ twitter as a marketing tool, you definitely seek followers who will actually read your tweets, and are not just following you to increase their follower count. If used judiciously, Twitter can be a great marketing resource.

FOR TWITTER FREAKS : Top 15 Twitter Tools for Twitter Freaks

Top 15 Twitter Tools for Twitter Freaks

Twitter, a micro blogging service allows anyone to send/receive short messages (140 Characters) in Real time. It is possible to send a message for even 1 million users at a single click of a mouse button. If you are new to Twitter, then register yourself for free and have a look at the Twitter Definition for Newbies . Rather a tool for communicating with friends and family members, Twitter can also be a valuable source for flouring the business.

Alright, let me share some twitter tools with you that make many of your internet tasks easier. These twitter tools use Twitter API to authenticate with their application. Hence, you don’t have to register every time you visit these sites.
Twitter Freaks
1. Mr.Tweet : Getting twitter followers suggestion based upon your interest simply via Direct Message to your Twitter account is what MrTweet actually do. Signup with your Twitter account in their website and you may start expecting suggestions to increase your following, followers count in few minutes.

2. Twitthis : You can share the links instantly with your followers using this service with a customized message. This also helps you to increase the followers count.

3. Twitcam : Just in 3 easy steps you can start broadcasting your video with your twitter users. Latest browser with flash plug-in is all it requires to begin the video broadcasting and recording services.

4. Twitpic : This allows any twitter user to post (upload) pictures either through their website or simply from their mobile phone. The link generated will be posted in their twitter dashboard by twitpic for viewing the pictures by their followers. Simple yet powerful picture sharing service for twitter.

5. Twit4live : A software to set status messages from your Live Messenger itself and also to send tweets to your twitter contacts through Live Messenger.

6. Twellow : Looking for followers or people whom you can follow? Then Twellow has a solution for this by separating the people in a list of categories that makes your job much easier in searching for people. Pick your category and start adding new people to follow or fill up your bio data (profile) within twellow to get more followers.

7. TweetDeck : An Adobe AIR application that enables you to get real time updates of Twitter, Facebook Status messages without a delay. This is a commonly recommended and used adobe air application by many twitter users. You can receive and send updates in real time. It’s Interactive, Instant and Simple – that makes the tweetdeck a special one.

8. Ping.fm : One stop solution for bloggers, which reduces the headache of spreading a word about their recent article, with various social networking accounts. Just integrate the API’s of respective Social Networking or Social Bookmarking sites with Ping.fm and concentrate on writing your blog posts. Ping.fm takes care about sending the updates to most commonly used Social networking and bookmarking sites.

9. Cotweet : Suitable for companies to extend and manage their support through twitter. This allows anyone to add up to 6 twitter accounts through their 1 cotweet login. Follow ups for certain tweets can be done by assigning the tweet to a colleague. Notifications via email also possible. Many organizations are providing their one form of support through this cotweet today.

10. Twittercal : Embed your twitter account and Google Calendar to get event notifications without visiting google calendar each time. Just send message to Twittercal bot (gcal) and it will take care of your event schedules and notifies you at the correct time specified.

11. Qwitter : Get a notification email if someone stops following you on twitter. The email message also contains the recent post you made in your twitter profile where that could be one of the reason for losing your follower.

12. GroupTweet : Create private groups to communicate with your group members alone by sending the tweet as a direct message to the group tweet account. That will convert the DM back to tweet and publishes only for the group users. Private communication is established through this way.

13. FollowCost : A service to let you know how much frequently the twitter user is updating his or her status message and you may decide whether you can follow them or not. If you feel the high “Average Updates” could annoy you then you may decide not to follow the twitter user and simply let them to follow you. You may check out my annoying status before following my twitter profile here.

14. Huitter : Contains various Twitter Tweaks and Cheats that makes your twitter account tweaked. Mutuality, is one of their tool that enables any twitter user to unfollow if they are not following you. Another one is an status update tool for Gtalk 2 Twitter.

15. Retwt : Impressive site that shrinks your lengthy Blog or Web article (post) URL and make it look like . You may share it with your friends or in any social networking, bookmarking sites. By entering the same URL and navigating to “Analyse” http://tweetmeme.com/ you can view how many clicks made to that specific shortened URL.

Thanks for your patience for reading the article so far. Your comments will motivate me more and more to come up with many improved ideas. Will meet you through my next Guest Article with HellBound Bloggers.

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Twitter: A Valuable Source for Flouring the Business

Marketing has become one of the key factors for getting success in today’s Business world. The competition has led to going beyond the conventional ways of marketing. In this Internet based world it has become inevitable to not only have a web presence but make it much more effective and as a use to means. Twitter is one of the touted social networking sites that has picked up pace these days as it is not just a simple social networking site. In fact, Twitter has become much more than just keeping updates about friends and family, it is one of the best tools for marketing your business online whether it is Web Design Company or outsourcing web agencies.

Twitter And Business
Twitter will enable you to make announcements about your product or service launch. It also allows cinching connection with the latest in the market in mere seconds. Not only this, but you can also get quick reviews about your company, your products, and services. This is useful in improving your standard of valuables and services that you sell to the customers. There are various ways in which Twitter can be helpful in your business, here are some of them:

  • It helps you to make connections with your customers instantly and continuously.
  • Twitter also enables you to organize meet ups instantly.
  • The site can serve as the best place for public poll and hence you can get the public choice easily.
  • You can easily steal the attention from the public with twitter.
  • It is the best source for breaking news and product launches as it does it fast and spreads it even faster.
  • The site also is the meeting hub for the same minded people and businessmen.
  • Hence, you can increase the opportunities to establish good connection with great businessmen.

Online marketing is all about getting more links so that you can stay higher with the page ranks. Twitter allows you to link in your blog and thereby establish a link that is open to all the Twitter users. Hence, Twitter helps immensely in building relevant links to your web page and also increasing traffic to your website. This will also lead to building a strong brand identity. You will find leading web designer, web expert or industry expert sharing their experience with others.

One of the best and well-renowned tactics of marketing is ‘word of mouth’; Twitter follows this same principle though over here it is virtual tweet rather than a word of mouth. However, the purpose it serves is far more valuable and advantageous for business.

Not aware of Twitter stuffs? Then check the basic definitions of Twitter for newbies.

Let Me Twitter Dat – Rocking Twitter Anthem [VIDEO]

Quite recently I found the above video in YouTube and I was really freaked out. It is created by passionate Twitter User and Addict, American Comedian Andy Milonakis.

He did that along with Kool Kojak, another Twitter user and icon. Believe me, this song is really rocking and freaking. You can check the video for more. Let Me Twitter Dat will the Twitter Anthem forever, I guess.

It is going to rock the entire Twittosphere. Cheers!

HOW TO: Delete Your Twitter Account

Delete Twitter Account!If you are in a situation or you are under such circumstances of deleting a Twitter account, then the below is the procedure for doing it.

But think twice or thrice before deleting your Twitter account. You might lose your trustworthy follower(s).

Go to your Twitter Account | Settings and in the Accounts tab.

At the bottom page, you will find an option called Delete My Account


Click Here To Go To That Link !

Twitter Definitions For Newbies

Twitter is considered to be the next thing after Blogging and Networking. Everyone has Twitter account. Even the celebrities too. If you are new to Twitter, you will be very confused with jargons and definitions. I had this same problem. But now I became very familiar with them. Got some interesting new friends in Twitter now. So I’m happy with Tweeting. I consider Twitter next to my Blog and Facebook. I can’t live without these three. Below are some of the common basic definitions which a newbie to Twitter should be very aware of. This will help him to get addicted to Twitter easily! 😛

I picked some terms and definition which were very confusing and strange to me when I was a newbie to Twitter, so that it will be useful for newbies like you to be familiar with such terms before or after signing up in Twitter. You can consider reading this  Quick Start Guide for Twitter. So what are you waiting for re? Start Tweeting now!


Twitter : Your Online Status Message.confused-with-terms

Tweet : A Short Update of what you are doing for about 140 characters.

Followers : People who are subscribed of your updates or fondly known as Tweets.

Following : People you are interested for following by subscribing to their updates or tweets.

Direct Message (DM) : Sending a Direct Message to your followers.

At (@) : You can use this when you are referring him/her in your updates. You can prefix their username with @ to display his/her Twitter account in the update.

Re-Tweet (RT) : You can Relay a tweet or update by a Twitterer or Tweeter to everyone who are following you.

Hash (#) : When you want to tell something specific about some issue or subject, you can prefix your subject with #.

Tweet – Up : When a group of Twitterers or Tweeters arranges a meeting for a social interaction or for some bloggers meet and so on.

Blocking/Spam : You may get requests from Spam Twitterers. You can block them in two ways. Directly from the User’s Twitter page or  through your Followers list. Just hit Block and Twitter will confirm it.

Updated List Of Celebrities Using Twitter

Recently Barack Obama returned to Twitter after the White House nearly took away his Blackberry. Celebrities like Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore made Twitter and their fans as one of the important part in their life. Kal Penn uses Twitter to thank his fans mostly. All reel and real celebrities will surely try to have a Twitter account. Because if they don’t have one means, it will be a prestige problem for them. I referred many sites and tried my best to pick the updated list of celebrities in Twitter. Up to my knowledge, they are real and not fake profiles. So if you think any one of the below links are fake, please feel free to mention it in your comments. And you can also include excluded links of famous celebrities in your comments. To connect with HBB, follow us on Twitter.

Twitter Celebs

These are some of the famous celebrity Twitterers I prefer to follow :  

I have removed many of the inactive Twitter accounts from this post, you can check the updated list [Here]

Create Twitter Mosaic Of Your Twitter Friends and Followers

My last post about Twitter was the Search Engine website for browsing Twitter. I was quite impressed with it. Now I’m going to review about a tool in a website. This tool is exclusively for wild Twitter fans out there. Hope you are Twitter fan. If not you will become one by seeing this post :D. Twittermosaic allows us to create a cool mosaic of our Twitter friends or followers.

Enter Your Twitter Username And Wait For A Moment !

All you have to do is to enter your Twitter username and then it will generate the Twitter mosaic for you in the shape of rectangle or square. You can also create and get cool stuffs like Mug, T-shirt, Bag, etc using your Twitter Mosaic. I created two pages for displaying my Twitter Friends and Followers.

BTW, another good news you can show how popular you are in Twitter by this Twitter Mosaic. You can add this Twitter Mosaic in your blog. It is easy and simple. They will generate a HTML code for your Mosaic. If you have any other further doubts or questions regarding this, why don’t you catch me in Twitter?

This is a sample output of Twitter Mosaic
This is a sample output of Twitter Mosaic

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