7 Tips To Tweet Your Way To The Bank

Make Money From TwitterTwitter and Facebook are synonymous with social networking. Even Big G has jumped into the bandwagon by introducing its own Google+. No one can dispute the growing popularity of Social Networks. Just imagine the potential of tapping into the hundreds of millions of Twitter users. This is marketing heaven indeed. But the big question is how do you make money from your Twitter account?

Building your Twitter followers is the first order of the day but if you’ve got this situation handled then it’s high time you got the cash registers clicking.

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Below are some simple tips on how you could convert your followers into unknowing accomplices of your money making scheme.

1.Monetize your Twitter Background

Customizing your background is a great way of expressing yourself and personalizing your Twitter experience. But this too could be a wonderful media for advertising another company’s products or services. Magpie for example is an ad network for Twitter that pays you every time they advertise on your Twitter account.

2.Redirecting Followers

All it takes is a marketing tweet along with a link that serves as a doorway for your followers to visit your advertiser’s website. This is similar to Cost-Per-View campaigns where money is paid according to the times that a follower is redirected.

3.Affiliate Marketing

Very similar to the strategy above but this time you redirect them to your affiliate link. Again, a short tweet with your affiliate’s link is all that’s needed to make some money. Just be careful to make this tasteful. Placing your affiliate’s link on all your tweets could make a lot of your followers searching for the exit door.

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4.Seek Advertisers

It’s certainly easier to find advertisers if you have a strong following. Advertise products you only feel strongly about. Focusing on low quality but high paying advertisers could be bad for your Twitter’s long term health. Stick to companies within your niche. It makes selling more natural and easier.

5.Building a Twitter Campaign

Companies might enlist your services to build their Twitter account. A proven track record of success can land you a job as a professional working for companies that would like to improve their online presence.

6.Selling Yourself

Take advantage of all the option available at Twitter. We’ve talked about how your simple background could be used as valuable advertising real estate. It would be a good idea to develop your profile page. Using your Bio for example and turning it to a sales page helps you advertise goods and services you offer.

7.Final Tweet

Everything is about selling, whether its blogging or tweeting for a profit, developing an effective marketing strategy is the key to success. Twitter is just one of the ways people could make money online. This alone may not give you the financial windfall you were looking for but combined with your other online marketing efforts it could contribute to your online success.

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This article is written by Michael Scottsdale. He is a professional writer and currently works as a consultant for online businesses. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.

14 thoughts on “7 Tips To Tweet Your Way To The Bank”

  1. Really good advice. I am working to monetize my twitter @bhappygoldlucky so thanks for the useful advice that I am going to put into action 🙂

  2. Make money with Twitter is also easy. Nowadays, there are many enterprises and businesses which also spread words with social media or social networks. Because people nowadays are enabled to access the internet with their devices, getting people to be closer with advertisement is getting easier to do. Twitter as one of the biggest social networks in the world provides ways for the businesses to advertise and spread the words of their service or product.

  3. Yes twitter can be monetized but i was unaware of these any ways !! Twitter is my best money maker 🙂 SP works really well for me . and Magpie is no more it is acquired by IZEA .

  4. Actually, affiliate marketing plays an major role in the twitter and can easily get more followers in it. Thanks a lot for given up here. Its really worthy part 🙂

  5. Advertisers like to advertise on sites with large amount of twitter followers. It is good to have a lot of followers and follow the tips above to monetize the site.

  6. LOL!!! Before Twitter converted to OAuth as a form of automation, I had three scripts running via Linux servers that absolutely dominated Twitter.

    One to follow.

    One to Tweet.

    One to Unfollow.

    I was dominating.

    300+ hops per day.

    And then it all ended…goodbye CURL…;(

    You may have just re-whetted my appetite, Mikey…;)


  7. Twitter is one of the correct directions to create money online. Its really easy way to update information on here. Thanks a lot for given up here 🙂

  8. Social Networks are a great way of promoting products and services. When I joined twitter I thought it was just a passing fad. Facebook now has a dedicated business page, a few years from now who knows what will happen with twitter.

  9. Twitter surely one of the best ways to get traffic to one's blog. Just, got amazed to see about number of sub applications or tools or blog built around twitter. Its definitely one of the best ways to start compaign. Nice one Michael 🙂

  10. That's the beauty of Twitter. You don't just increase your followers but you can make money as well. Twitter is one social network that provides a sea of opportunities and making money is one of these opportunities. This post is very valuable Michael. Thanks a lot for the share.

  11. I never knew that Twitter could be monetized by users in so many ways! Twitter is surely becoming more interesting day by day. I wonder why it has not be acquired by one of the bigger players?


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