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5 More Simple Tips To Increase Twitter Followers


Twitter is something which no other social network can replace, because the concept is quite unique. Having lots of followers in Twitter can indeed turn you into a celebrity! Earlier we shared tips to increase Digg Followers and increase Friendfeed Subscribers. Now we are back with another 5 simple tips to increase Twitter followers.

So you have a Twitter account but unfortunately a less number of followers. Having account a required followers is something like (a Mercedes without requires diesel lol). I am providing you some of the best tips to get more followers on Twitter easily. I am not going to tell about some auto piloting system like twiends.

Image Credit : hktang – Flickr

I know twiends grow your followers but are the followers really helpful to you? No they are just exchanging the following method. As you know twitter is the best platform for webmasters and bloggers to increase their popularity on web. So why not to increase your followers and getting most of twitter.

1. Short bio describes a lot

Many people completely left this box blank. They just type their name upload their photo and wait for people to follow them. Are they doing right? Absolutely no, Will you follow an unidentified people? I know that you are not going to follow such people, So always fill up your short bio box.

2. Follow only who lies in your category

If you follow those people who come in your category then the chances are more to get followers, did you know how?

Many people balance your personality with the people whom you follow. If you are a blogger then you should join these account @Mashable, @TechCrunch, HellBlog, etc. I am not giving all the accounts but at least you should join these faces.

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3. Profile pic forces to follow

I know you can’t believe this, but this is true. Some people are attract on faces. I got a message from a lady who just send me a message after following me.

“Hey @Ifhamkhan I really don’t know who you are, but when I see your pic on twitter I really wanna follow you”

So why not to create your avatar attractive. Mostly High definition pic with clear faces attracts a lot. Don’t use your side photo in which your face not looking perfectly.

4. Tweet about your passions

Tweet only feeds which you really love. for example you got an awesome news from somewhere and you are happy with the news then just simple click on “tweet”. Your chances are higher to get more followers. If you love the article then it is sure that other also love that.

5. Your account on web

If you have website and blog then it is very necessary to put your twitter follow button on the top. You can also check the direct follow button released by Twitter, it will help people to follow you easily. Add your twitter handler on Email signature. Facebook profile and as many social network as you have.

These are the basic and attractive tips to get more follower on twitter. Let us know if you know one?

This article is written by Ifham Khan. He is the author of geekspalace and If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.



Hello This is Ifham khan, a Logo designer from Mumbai India.Currently I am working with MashinMedia, a company which provides Guest Posting services , also I share my designing tips on MashDesigning

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    • Avatar


      great tips man and you can even make use of list feature of twitter to find people to follow on your niche as well.

    • Avatar

      Ifham khan

      Glad you like this Acmeous

    • Avatar


      Great tips!
      I believe, in the beginning talking about things which are interesting for other users as well, is necessary. I found several time when I tweet about technical matters, several people try to ignore, gradually those people start ignoring whatever you say. So its important to talk about things which are in general public interest helps your followers keep in touch.

    • Avatar

      David @ Electronic Enclosures

      I agree with #1 short bio. People want to read about you and get to know what kind of person you are. They would be more likely to follow you if they were able to know you better.

    • Avatar


      Twitter followers are a great source of getting unique visitors, so its always a problem to make more and more our twitter followers. Here seems to be useful and effective strategies for making much more twitter followers. Thanks for your experienced post.

    • Avatar


      will ifham will ry it for sure

    • Avatar


      Its really good to read this post man. i wonder now that where i was doing mistake. i added all people and friends who were not related to my category at all. damn man…

    • Avatar

      Rohit Batra

      Nice tips Ifham.. will try out some on my twitter account not having much followers as on it now..

    • Avatar


      I think Twiends and TwittFame are the two services that make getting new followers pretty easy. I usually login once a week and follow some of the interesting accounts that provide big seeds and then receive 3x the number of followers back. Pretty nice.

    • Avatar

      Shivam Garg

      Hey Ifham,
      Nice tips to get people follow on twitter.I think you are right that we should only follow those who fall in our category.I always follow people who like football that results in common interests.

      • Avatar

        Ifham khan

        Really, choosing the right person on twitter is the best way to get more followers
        and thanks for the comment

    • Avatar

      Extreme John

      Solid Twitter tips as always. If I can add something, I would suggest that you educate your readers about Twitter as well, because based on my experience you would be amazed how many people really have no clue. So, seeing the button doesn't guarantee an connection.

    • Avatar

      shyam jos

      thanks for the tips, follow button is a must

    • Avatar

      Isha Singh

      Being active in twitter results in more followers. A genuine way to increase followers.

    • Avatar


      You can also follow industry leaders and opinion makers in your niche. A lot of people follow these people and some of them even end up following you.

    • Avatar

      Deepak Eapen

      Hi Ifham, what an excellent article. Short and sweet, very easy to understand with headings. This is a perfect template that any article writer must follow. Really cool techniques to increase Twitter followers. Thanks man ! Looking forward to more articles from you !

      • Avatar

        Ifham khan

        @Deepak Eapen

        Thanks Man, I think you really love my article, And Yes, I am going to write again for HBB.
        Hope you like my next post.

    • Avatar

      Shaan @GeekyStuffs

      Getting followers from Twiends makes no sense to me

    • Avatar


      Have you ever used a twiend to increase follower count? Do you think it's worth?

    • Avatar


      Natural way of getting follower is more targeted than getting follower by exhchange method

    • Avatar

      Riya @ Couponseasy

      I too don't follow people who don't have their pic on twitter.

    • Avatar

      Sam @ Weekend Getaways

      It's always great to follow person of your niche.

    • Avatar

      Nitin Agarwal

      Hey Pradeep,

      Nice tips. I want to add one more tip which really helps a lot. Try to mention or RT to more and more people in your tweets. It encourages them to follow you. ๐Ÿ™‚ I mostly do this and it helps me the most….

    • Avatar

      Sahil @iBlognet

      All great tips. I have implemented some of these, and i must say, they are truly working well. Thanks for the tip Ifham

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