10 Reasons Why So Many Posts Are Titled “Top 10 Reasons …”

Top 10 ReasonsJust two or three years was quite rare to find articles entitled “Five essential tips …”, “12 things you should know before …” or “Three steps to success ….” Yes it was unusual to see him in the rankings (for example, “Top 10 baskets a week in the NBA” or “The five best sellers of the month”) but not to the extreme fullness, as it is today. Why so many posts are titled so?

Here are the 10 reasons why so many posts have a headline like this:

1. Because they are fashion.

2. because they are easier to understand and not have to do too much effort to understand them.

3. Because so saturated with information, we like to give us things tidy.

4. Because they are faster to write.

5. For us to recover write long texts to give this format and make them seem new.

6. Because they are much more marketininianos, from the head to the body of the article.

7. Because shared, retweeted and “like” more.

8. Because it is not necessary to be able to write very complex sentences or be a teacher of literature to them.

9. Because they make the reader believe that they are dogmas of faith and there is neither more nor less. If you are “The six things you should not forget when …”, you know that there are not five or seven. There are six. And point. In fact, the seventh is so far below the level of the other six do not even worth quoting.

10. Because he can “read zeta” (read the first line carefully, do a quick tour to look for the text to see if we want to finish something and also reading carefully the last line) without the feeling of not understanding no.

Lastly, a subsection: according to the style book of the Country, “written in letters only the numbers zero through nine, inclusive. The amounts that can be expressed with two numbers will always be in figures”. So if the holder of your next article is nine or less “what you are,” remember that it has to be written in letters.

And now, if you have not read these motifs in zeta, share them I’d appreciate it;)

5 Reasons Why You Are Reading This Article

First of all, I must say I do not intend to adopt a cocky attitude with the headline you just read. Simply, this post I want to analyze what are the main reasons, in my opinion, do we stand to read (or not) a given item. If I remember correctly, meet at least one of them. And the more match, the more I shall come in my prediction. These are “The five reasons why you will read this article”:

1. Because it has impacted the holder

Half amazing half hedonist. The fact is that you’re reading, so the author’s aim (my goal, in this case) is fulfilled. I write for people to read me and now you’re doing. This goes well. And surely that is the reason why many have begun reading it. It is the power of suggestion. If we know that when we see someone yawn, it is likely that we also yawn, why not control it? Moreover, why do so many of you are going to yawn in the next minute after reading this sentence?

2. Because you’re used to being all about the same article is titled

If “Top 5″, if “The 7 things you should not miss” … all have a very similar headline. Basically, this post starts like those I am criticizing … but I’m back to using this resource. And it works.

3. Because you like the articles that follow a

Face it, you have the room a mess and there is never time to put solution. Amid this chaos, we like to give us things tidy and, if possible, point by point.

4. Because you thought that going to be easy to read

We’re sick of reading posts complicated and thick and occasionally it is appreciated that this one that we are, a priori, it seems more fun to read. Assays for free time, today is Thursday and still not over the week. We can not entertain much time to read something quickly because other hand bombard us with more. Supersaturation is informative.

5. Because I have called the “focus” image

The picture (if you can call it that) that I have at first I drew my finger in an iPhone application in 15 seconds. It’s simple but it attracts. Often, a striking picture before starting to read a single line causes us to stop in an article.


With this post I have not attempted to prove anything other than the great importance of striking a headline (and an accompanying image) when you publish a new article. Often I find posts incredibly deep and valuable in that the author has not stopped to think that the gateway to the content is its title, so that they have been quite unnoticed. And on the contrary, very weak items whose owner is very impressive and have received traffic retweets , “like” and general acceptance that is not commensurate with the quality of content.

If we want our writing work in Social Media Marketing, we have to give that touch marketiniano to really engage and not just think that by posting on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and all social networks in the world people will interest. Dediquémosle the time the holder and the attached images. If we want everyone to come to our party, not to put locks on the door.

Normally, it takes several hours (even spread over several days) to write each article. It hardly took me 45 minutes. We’ll see what works best. Things to think about, huh?

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18 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why So Many Posts Are Titled “Top 10 Reasons …””

  1. Well..
    Top 10 and Top 100 also become a trend and lastly use especially for December .
    Lot of topic like – Top 10 like in Facebook post in year 2011. Top tweeting post in 2011.

    Why people would like to read on this title because they would like to check what they have miss out in 2011 and what is in trend this year so they are not out of trend.

  2. I'm not sure why but I've read many articles that say these titles draw in readers because they like top 10 lists and find them entertaining. Now everyone is writing them. I've stayed away from these types of titles but with that said naturally I have written a few. But in comparison to the total amount of articles I wrote the top 10 lists are very small percentage.

  3. Article must be eye catchy and have to attract the readers, so have to use normal language in it. so, i would like to say thanks for sharing your post on here 🙂

  4. People always read titles first than after they read other text, so it is necessary to create title attractive and informative which make users to read full article, nice article on titles thanks for share it

  5. This is definitely one of the eye catchy phrases and is bound to get more attention.
    But if the content is not justifiable to the title, it is obvious that the reader looses interest and might not read the article next time, even though it might be good one.

    So, grab the user attention first with Title and then with Content 🙂

  6. I agree with the point where it is an easy to ready title. Same goes to 'How to' article. These two types is becoming the types of article that people mostly write.

  7. Nice post to follow for write a good blog post. We can't ignore importance of Title and Content in blog post these two are the really very important part for make a great blog post.

  8. I think it is much attractive than normal Post titles and looks to be more informative which gets lots of clicks.

  9. today I really realized importance of engaging content instead of "only" catchy headline!

    didn't read more than 10 words of your post . . . but yeah, headline was catchy


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