5 Reasons To Scan Your Business Documents

Scan Business Documents

Businesses need to retain data for at least seven years in order to meet tax and other requirements. Companies involved in manufacturing may have to keep documents for much longer, especially those involved with aeronautical and defence related projects where product lifetimes are measured in decades rather than years.

Fortunately, companies no longer need maintain original documentation in order to meet these requirements, and critical documents can be scanned and electronically archived, provided measures have been taken to protect the authenticity and integrity of the documents.

These measures are covered by a British standard and code of practice covering the admissibility of documents for legal proceedings and evidential weight (BS 10008 and BIP 10008). Businesses that convert their paper records into electronic records reduce costs and increase their efficiency and effectiveness.

1. Document Storage Space

In most businesses, document storage takes up an enormous amount of space. Where these documents are on-site they waste valuable office or storage space. Rental of off-site storage with document storage companies is costly. Every year, piles of documents are added and in many cases little effort is made to ensure that documents no longer needed are destroyed, resulting in an annual increase in storage space. Document scanning allows these physical records to be discarded, freeing valuable space and cutting storage costs.

2. Security

Protecting stored documents is problematic and many things can go wrong, including:

  • Loss, damage, and destruction of documents due to mould, water, flooding, and moisture.
  • Destruction by rodents and insects.
  • Paper becoming brittle, tearing easily, and print fading.
  • Frequent access, which damages documents.
  • Industrial espionage through theft of technical documents from poorly guarded facilities.

When critical documentation is missing, there are legal and other ramifications, especially when a company needs to defend itself from litigation by statutory and other bodies. Document scanning enhances a company’s security in several ways:

  • Documents are always available and duplicates can be easily stored on different servers.
  • Documents can be protected by use of appropriate passwords and access codes.
  • Loss and theft is avoided.
  • Documents cannot be not lost or destroyed

3. Environmentally Friendly

There are environmental benefits when documents are scanned and the originals discarded:

  • The redundant documents can be shredded and recycled, thus reducing the demand for wood pulp.
  • There is no need for bulky copies to be kept of essential data, thus conserving paper.

4. Document Retrieval

Retrieval of paper records can be a tedious process. Where they are stored on-site, it can take time to find the correct filing cabinet or storage box, especially as filing systems for historical documentation stored on-site are rarely maintained or actively managed. Where documents are stored off-site with document storage companies, time is lost arranging for document retrieval. Documents mislaid as a result of poor filing or carelessness become almost impossible to find. Where document scanning has been implemented, all this changes and they can be accessed almost immediately.

5. Distribution

The physical storage of documents that may be needed for future reference is cumbersome and when these documents are required for revision, a new project, or any other reason, they need to be extracted, collated, and physically copied or scanned for distribution, it’s a time consuming and expensive process. In comparison, documents that have been scanned and properly indexed can be found within minutes, electronically copied, and circulated as required.

The Bottom Line

The proper and careful storage of historical documents is time consuming and expensive. The practices adopted by many companies of uncontrolled and relatively haphazard storage, while appearing to be cheap, can be horrendously expensive when essential information cannot be found or is irretrievably damaged. At best, retrieval costs are expensive in terms of man-hours spent finding, collecting, and returning these documents for safe keeping. A simple query regarding a particular document can take hours or even days to answer. The true cost to a company of physical storage of documents is much more than just the rental of storage space and a cost comparison with document scanning will show that it makes financial sense to swap to the latter system. Dispensing with the physical storage of company documents and adopting document scanning as company policy for existing historical documents and future document storage makes sound economic sense.

4 Reasons Your Customer Service Program Is Failing

Customer Service Program

OK, your customer service approach probably isn’t failing, or you wouldn’t still be around. Since the most successful companies are always looking for ways to grow, chances are, you too have plenty of room for improvement. Here are four ways to get started re-building a customer service program that will turn first-time shoppers or even occasional browsers into loyal buyers. 

1. You Haven’t Embraced Multiple Platforms

A third of of U.S. consumers, and 60 percent of 25 to 34-year-olds, use online platforms to voice their complaints after a bad service experience. Respond quickly, and you’ve got happy customers who will also use social media and review channels to spread the good word; fall short of their expectations, and you’ve got a bad reputation that will spread across the interwebs like wildfire.

Take Hertz, the car rental company, as an example: Once they implemented social customer service into their contact centers, they were able to manage four to eight times more interactions than just having phone support. For Internet-based services, setting up a straight-forward website and multiple modes of customer support is crucial. Instant Checkmate, for example, is an online background check service that offers customers three ways to cancel their subscriptions.

2. You’re Ignoring Customer Feedback

As Steve Jobs said, a lot of times “people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” That means it’s up to you to come up with ideas, and then use customer feedback to learn how you can improve on what you’ve built. To prove this point, an MIT researcher analyzed 1,193 commercially successful innovations in nine different industries. Sixty percent of those innovations (737, to be exact) came from customer ideas. Why not ask for feedback from the people who actually want to use your product?

3. You’re Not Giving Back

Norbert Schwarz conducted a landmark study in 1987 that nicely sums up why you need to give incentives to your customers. He found that just 10 cents was all it took to change the outlooks of participants who chanced upon the money. What and how much you offer isn’t the point, Schwarz noted. “It’s that something positive happened to you.” So no matter the size of your company and your budget, you can afford to (or more importantly, you can’t afford not to) give a little break to customers.

4. You Aren’t Attracting Their Business

Your success rate is three to four times as high when you use your resources to attract “lost” customers, not just to fish for new ones. One store was facing the prospect of losing business to a bigger store opening up in the same parking lot. The small store was remodelled extensively to compete with the newer store, but in the confusion of remodelling, it lost 40 percent of its customers. To attract former regular shoppers, managers delivered a letter and special offers to thank them for their continued business. When hundreds still didn’t return, management sent them handwritten invitations and gift cards. Then once the competing store opened, the small store sent its entire customer database numerous coupons for a multi-week sale period. The result: a sales increase of 6 to 7 percent during those months. Your campaign doesn’t have to be so comprehensive, but it shows that a little extra effort toward the shoppers you already have can be a hugely effective sales tool.

The Main Reasons Why Torrent Sharing Is Taking Over the World

You may have already heard of the way of sharing files over the internet using torrents, also often called bittorrent sharing.

Even if it is something you have never felt the need to use in the past you may discover that it is extremely useful to you at some point in the future. After all, there are some very good reasons why it is taking over the world.

It Is Free and Hugely Popular

Sharing files is something which should be free but it isn’t always. Thankfully, torrent sharing is completely free as long as you choose your software provider and the files you share wisely. (The files should not infringe on copyrights.) This is a peer to peer file sharing protocol and with millions of people using this method every day it is clear that a lot of people are keen to take advantage of it. In fact, it has been calculated that a quarter of a billion people share files in this way every month and that torrents take up a big percentage of overall internet usage.

It Is Fast

Of course, any sort of file sharing system is only as good as the speed it offers. We all want our information and our entertainment as fast as possible these days, which is why this is such a massively popular way of doing it now, as torrents can get up to 1.5 megabits per second. The reason it is so fast is that it doesn’t just involve sending a complete file directly from one computer to another. Instead, it allows a number of computers to work together like a team. In this way, they each play their part in allowing the file to speed its way thought the internet. The more people who join in on the process the quicker it becomes for everyone, which is a fantastic idea when you think about it.

It Is Easy

When you first come across the idea of sharing files though torrents it might sound a bit intimidating. After all, you might fear that only people who are experts in computer code can do something as complicated sounding as this. The good news is that you don’t need to have any special skills or knowledge in order to take part in the torrent file sharing revolution. All you need to do is find a reputable application, such as Vuze which makes it easy for you to share files that don’t infringe on copyrights. Download the powerful Vuze bittorrent client to your desktop. After this is it easy to start sharing files that don’t infringe on copyrights even if know very little about PCs and the internet.

It Doesn’t Slow Down Your PC

You might still worry at this point that sharing files in this way still isn’t right for you. If you work from home or otherwise give your computer a lot of things to do then you might think that sharing all those big files could slow it down too much. However, one of the reasons why this method is taking over the world is that the bittorrent client will work away in the background without affecting your PC’s performance very much. This is great news for anyone who wants to find a way of sharing big files without having their PC grind to a halt while they do it.

It Is Safe

Maybe you have heard more about legal issues than anything else when it comes to torrents. This is unfortunate, as it tends to stop more people from understanding how useful this service and technology can be when it is used safely and responsibly. To start with you need to find a torrent sharing site which has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to sharing illegal files that infringe on copyrights. There are few of us who wouldn’t be happy to download the latest Hollywood blockbusters or chart songs for free. However, if it is something that you would normally have to pay for then getting it for free through torrent file sharing is likely to be illegal, isn’t it? Thankfully, there are sites which are dedicated to offering safe, legal sharing in a responsible way. Once you have found one of these sites you will find that it is a very safe way to share files. There is no adware of spyware and the torrents reject corrupted files or dummy files.

Have you tried this method of giving and receiving files over the internet yet? If you have then how easy and safe did you find it to be?  

12 Extreme Reasons Why People Unlike Your Facebook Page

Credit: Techblog:Faithhighway

Social networks are a huge part of our lives now, and they intervene with every aspect of our lives. The impact of social networks like Facebook makes it easier to be heard by people from all over the world, and we have seen how popular pages are like on Facebook, which makes us think and imagine having a page on Facebook. But not everyone can really have a popular page on Facebook, because a lot of people try & fail, but with the right keys you can reach different types of audience. You should understand that people will unlike your Facebook page for many reasons that make your page less likeable, so make sure you understand the following and avoid it.

1. Too much activity

If you open your Facebook and you see a too many activities from a particular page, crowded on your wall like “Abc123 – this”, “Abc123- that”, “Abc123- here”, “Abc123 – there” and Blah, blah, blah…? What would be your intuition says first?

2. Not Enough Content

Do you like to stay with the page with not enough content? NO, of course not! If people liked your page, they did so to see more of what you had to say or post, and they want to know more because they are interested, so keep posting but without over posting.

3. Irrelevant content

Never post an irrelevant content on your fan page. For example, let’s say I liked a page for reggae music, why would I want to see this page posting about hip hop!

4. Repetition of Same content became boring over time

Oh, please stop that! Would it be pleasing if you hear that on your Facebook fan page? It would be annoying your visitors. Facebook updates or a post should be viral, not by the repetition of same content. It will be boring over time and it will lead to unlike your Facebook page.

5. Posting Too Much of Self-Promotional Stuff

Don’t make your fan page a junk yard where you post things that are both irrelevant and weird for your fans, instead make it like a Wikipedia or Google for your fans and reduce posting promotional stuff, because they like your page for a  certain reason.

6. Push Marketing

Push marketing never works any more, People are smart now. This will just annoy people and make them look for another page that’s more like what they want and a lot less like what you are posting to them from push marketing.

7. Not offering enough deals

If you have a product and your fans are eager to buy, know that before they buy it from you they will look for it somewhere else to make sure that they are getting the best price, so why not offer them a lower price, or OFFER them different deals that they cannot refuse. This way they will spread your name and also get satisfied with your product.

8. Don’t be a JERK

Sometimes, people will post things that you won’t like. Editing or deleting fan’s comments will just show you are a Jerk. It could kill your reputation, especially if you are trying to build one in a certain market. Try to accept negative comments as constructive criticism instead of getting all defensive about them.

9. Promoting fake news/fake offers

Never post or write any fake news or make a fake offer, it really makes your fans disappointed and it will make them just get OFF your page in a second. It will also kill your reputation, so make sure you are certain of the things you post, and that they are accurate.

10. Never Spread Rumours

Spreading rumours on particular group / person / company, will definitely hurt your fans if they are fans of that company / person / group. So never write any kind of news you are not sure of, or you will end up making enemies more than fans.

11. Posting adult content

Posting adult content on your page really is very odd when you hold a good reputation in the society, so never make yourself start posting these types of things or else you will be ruining your name by yourself, and losing the trust of many people. It may also get you in trouble with Facebook, because Facebook doesn’t allow adult content, so unless you are looking to get your page reported and shut down, I would recommend that you avoid posting adult content.

12. Tagging members without their permission

You have to remember one more thing, that you should never ever tag your friends or members without their permission. It will really hurt them if they don’t like the content they were tagged in, and it will annoy them that you are showing them in a certain way across Facebook among their friends.


If you ask yourself that question after reading those annoying reasons that people unlike pages for, then you are ready. You will just need to focus on not doing these things, and you will have the fan base that get along with and agree with you, without your fans having to deal with mixed feeling about your page from whether it is spam or something they actually like. So just avoid these things and I bet you’ll see better results on your page, as well.

5 Reasons Why Online Writers Fail

online writing fail“I love writing…”, “Writing is my passion…”, “I’m a professional writer…”

Have you ever come across these phrases? You probably might have. Let me tell you something, which is hyped crap, junk, bullshit or whatever.

Very few online writers actually live up to what they say. Their love and passion for writing is clearly visible in the way they write and their approach too is quite professional. The rest are mostly failures and don’t really know what passion, love and professionalism mean.

In fact passion and professional are the two words that are so overthrown that they have lost their meanings pretty much.

So, are you a writer? Haven’t lived up to your expectations? Are these the reasons why most online writers fail?

1. Grammatical Errors – #1 Reason Online Writers Fail

For instance, consider this audacious statement – “I likes Bananas”

You probably know what I mean. Firstly, your grammar is faulty and secondly you’re not really good at playing with words.

The above statement can be perceived in a 100 different ways. So my advice would be to stop calling yourself a professional in the first place.

I’d also suggest you to work on your grammar, which is a minimum requirement. For this, reading good books is what I suggest. Online writing is different from offline writing, so you should read top-notch blogs like Copyblogger, Problogger etc. You should also consider on proofreading your work before publishing.

2. Using Inappropriate Puns too Makes Online Writers Fail

Here’s another example – “Roger” is not the same as “Roger that”

It’s the same again, when you’re not familiar with puns (playing with words), avoid them. Just look up the meanings of what they mean and you’ll be totally surprised.

Unsure about puns, don’t use em’! To use puns better, I’d suggest knowing it’s complete meaning and checking the meaning of its close similarities as well. Once you know how to use puns, you’ll attract a lot more offers because being playful with words matters a lot in online writing, readers love it!

3. Asking too Many Questions is a turn-off

“What? Why? When? Where? Who?”

Frankly that is too much for anybody’s liking. Asking questions is good, it arouses interest but if you’re asking too many, it’s a turn off.

Why? Firstly, it breaks the natural flow of your post. When you’re conveying something through your post, T and failing to answer them can be a big blow to your authority.

4. Wikipedia-Style – Most Popular Reason Online Writers Fail

You’re writing is boring, bland, lifeless and unappealing because you write Wikipedia-style.

I’ll give it you straight; Wikipedia is an Encyclopedia; so an encyclopedia irrespective of being online or offline is for reference or educational purposes.

Online writing (sometimes educational) is fast, cutting-edge and straight to the point.

5. Making the Same Mistakes Over and Over Again

For you, 1+1 is always gonna be 3 i.e. making the same mistakes without varying your approach.

Yep, you’re always making the same mistakes. You don’t vary your approach and when that is the case, expecting astronomical results will only be a distant dream.

Know what mistakes you’re doing (admitting them is a really tough job), how you can improve on them, what methods and approaches have failed consistently and what clicked.

Remember this, everyone makes mistakes, learning from them is important because you’ll know where you’re strong at plus you’ll also have the experience to guide others as well.

Online writing is not at all easy.

I’ve done my own share of mistakes and cheap errors. The thing is I learnt from my mistakes, picked up tidbits of valuable information along the journey and read quite a lot of blogs to better my writing skills.

I won’t call myself an expert or professional but I’ve gone through enough experiences to guide you with your writing.

Your Turn?
Are you a failure with your writing? Been through a rough patch? Do any of the above reasons apply to your writing?

There’s a lot to share with me, let me hear your thoughts.

5 Reasons Why Most Bloggers Quit Blogging Within 6 Months

Why Bloggers QuitAlthough Blogging is definitely lucrative and there are thousands of successful bloggers who make a lot of money every month, the bitter truth is that a large majority of bloggers fail and quit blogging just within 6 months of starting their blog. In fact out of every 100 newbie bloggers, around 90 hang up their boots even before enjoying a trivial amount of success.

Why does this happen? Why do newbie bloggers find it hard to stand out in this ever expanding blogosphere? In this post I’ll discuss some reasons why this happens and hopefully you can learn some lessons from it too.

1. Looking for quick money

As it often happens, when people read about the success stories of others they get motivated by the desire to earn quick money and replicate their success. As making a blog requires only a small investment initially, and some bloggers regularly post huge monthly incomes, newbie bloggers tend to think they can also do the same with ease.

However it generally doesn’t happen that way since they look at blogging like an easy way of making money overnight, which is the reason why they don’t bother about putting in long hours in their blogging pursuits. However just like any other Business, blogging also requires a lot of hard work initially, which most newbie bloggers don’t seem to understand, leading to lack of results and disappointment. Check the 3 Rules you should follow before you make money blogging.

2. Not passionate about writing

Though I may sound rude but it’s always better to crush unrealistic expectations. The fact is that blogging is not just for anyone and one can only succeed if he has a penchant for writing, which is not the case with most new bloggers out there. Thus those newbie bloggers who don’t have a knack for writing or don’t enjoy writing find themselves slacking off after a while and they are unable to come up with good content on a regular basis, which makes them shy away from posting frequently on their blogs. Always remember, don’t get bogged down when Blogging.

3. Lack of Motivation

Though most bloggers start out with a bang and are extremely motivated in the beginning, adding content regularly in the first month or so, this motivation starts fading away with each passing month, and the period between the third and sixth month involves the maximum struggle since it is a make or break time for the blogger. Those who quit are generally the ones who don’t have the motivation left to continue their blogging pursuits, while the ones that manage to overcome this period generally end up on the winning side. If you are tired of writing, here are 7 tips to overcome that.

4. Not enough topics

While starting out every blogger thinks that adding content should be a piece of cake and they would somehow be able to add lots of quality content to their blog. As a matter of fact, adding content involves as much research as the writing part, which these bloggers don’t realize and they either end up copying other bloggers’ articles or not writing at all, both of which are extremely harmful for the growth of the blog. Here are some useful posts to get inspiration:

  • 5 Ways You Can Get Fresh Content Inspiration
  • 4 Tips to Find Unlimited Blog Post Ideas

5. The Unavoidable renewal

Though this may sound strange, but I personally know many bloggers who invested in setting up their blogs, thinking that they would recover the money in no time and then renew their hosting accounts with the same. However when they don’t earn much in the first few months and the renewal time for their blog is up, they are unwilling to invest any more money as they are skeptical whether blogging can make them any money at all and they end up abandoning their blogs as a result.

I hope that any new bloggers reading this post currently will be able to learn from these common mistakes committed by most bloggers, and remain dedicated and focused on their goal to become a better blogger.


This article is written by Harshit Singhal. He is a blogger, tech enthusiast and freelance writer. He gives blogging tips on his blog Exceptional Blogger. If you wish to write for HBB, kindly check this.

5 Mistakes Newbie Bloggers Should Avoid

Newbie Bloggers MistakesBlogging is an Art. Saying that, let me jump into the 5 major mistakes that bloggers do these days that brings an end to their blogging career. Blogging is one powerful arena where the stadium is only meant for Challengers who have some Guts. Others will easily be Terminated by Time. You Read, You Understand, and You Write. What’s the point in making so much of mistakes to kill these three Precious process then? There might be some more mistakes newbie bloggers do these days, you may add them in the comments below if you feel like I have missed some.

Mistake #1: Asking Facebook Likes through Facebook Chat

This is seriously one big annoying activity that many do. The problem comes when you newly add some bloggers or internet marketers who will be busy with some work, and without knocking in, posting link asking them to Like your Page or Like your Post on Facebook. There is nothing wrong in such surprises, unfortunately many feels it as an annoying thing and simply unfriend you or never reply to your chat message that has link in it.

So initiate a talk and see if he/she is free to share your link and interested to do such before barging in and screaming out with a link.

Mistake #2: Spamming across Social Networks

Posting your newly posted links to various groups and pages is awesome, but do you ever thought that your friends will simply see such links for the number of times you posted on their wall. Which will flood your friends wall, and they may use the “Hide Posts by User” option to block all your future quality posts as well. So post a link once a day and let your social networking readers enjoy it.

Mistake #3: Sending Emails Containing Links to Fellow Bloggers

Bloggers are so strict with Emails and it becomes their important tool that handles everything, and in few days it will be the same for you as well. But sending links to a blogger like an anonymous person is really a risk. Even to non-bloggers, there are chances that they may click on Report Spam button. And you know the rest. So always send emails to the people who are interested. Convince them to subscribe to your mailing list by the way you blog. Never Beg or Order people through Email.

Mistake #4: Asking Free Hosting and Domain

This happens as a rare case, but when you try to become a blogger, Blogspot and WordPress free blogging tools are pretty enough. Of course there are some special reasons to consider self hosted blogging, but for startup stage you can use the world’s famous platforms to start your blog and run successfully without any worries about Downtime, Customer Support and Server related issues. There are famous blogs that used Blogspot as the platform before moving to a self-hosted blog (ex: Labnol.org) and many other. Did you know that Techcrunch.com is still using WordPress servers? Yes they are using premium server plans but there are tons of benefits in running a blog at hosted environment too. To make some revenue its not at all bad and to be honest, its Perfect and a Brilliant choice you have made.

Mistake #5: Choosing a Niche that you are Not Expert at

This is seriously the biggest mistake these days many do. If you are not sure about SEO, then don’t start an SEO blog, How come you can solve the problems that people face on SEO and provide proper guide? What if you provided an obsolete technique and the reader to your blog have tried it and failed miserably? To be honest, you are absolute responsible in that case. So if you know to cook well, start a blog about Cooking. Millions are searching every day to read recipes online and to try it in their home.

I tried searching in Google and trying some recipes when I was working at some part of India, as I was tired eating at Hotel. So choose a perfect niche to match your standards.

So just choose the field that you are interested in, and many simply ignore after finding that you all do is just an SEO Tactic to pull them to your blog. Trust me, that will push the Arrow on your Analytics Bounce Rate graph to high every time you get such wrong clicks.

Spend more time at Reading and Implement them quickly before that technique becomes obsolete. 🙂 All the very best and thanks a ton for your patience and time you have taken to read this one.

You may share this post now.

This article is written by Robin. He is a Blogger who writes at DailyTUT. You can find Bitdefender Internet Security 2012 Review and Bitdefender coupon to save upto 50% of your cash, from his blog.”

Why You Should Have Images On Your Blog Posts

Blog ImagesThe headline of your blog post is extremely important because it is the first thing that a reader looks at in your post. This reason why blogs like Copyblogger have written complete courses on topics like How To Write Magnetic Headlines.

In this way your post’s image is the second most important aspect of your blog post as a reader usually looks at it after reading your headline.

The main job of a good headline and a good image is to delve the reader further in. They both supplement each other. If one remains somehow weak the other one can counter-balance it and can keep the reader interested. Stay up to date with stock image community to find newest stock photos.

Below I have discussed some reasons how important images are in your blog posts.

1. Images can arouse curiosity and hence make people read your posts

The headline didn’t interest me at all but the image did. I’m not saying I like pornography, but I was very much curious to know that what on earth is a naked woman doing on a decent blog like Copyblogger? To find the answer I had to read the entire blog post.

Personally speaking I don’t like such tricks. But it serves as a good example to explain how images can arouse curiosity and convert the browser into a reader. You can think of something better.

2. They can help you create a theme

Some bloggers use only certain special types of images or only certain special types of colours in their images to match the theme of their blog.

One great example of this is ViperChill.com. The blog owner, Glen Allsopp, has used only certain types of white men throughout his blog. This creates a nice theme and makes his blog stand out of the crowd.

The idea is successfully striking a chord with his readers because he has listed the question:
“Where do you get the little white men?” in the list of Frequently Asked Questions.

3. Images help people remember your posts

How many times has it happened to you that you can remember the logo of a particular company but cannot remember its name? Many times. Right? The same is true for me. The human mind tends to remember and recognize images more easily than text material. The said incident is a fitting example of this phenomenon.

Therefore using images in your blog posts will make your posts memorable.

4. Images make the posts user friendly

Sitting before a computer and reading for hours can be very tedious and can cause your eyes and head painful. People who have tried to read a 300 paged book as a PDF know how painful it can be. This is the reason why Kindle uses a special eye friendly technology to enable easy book readability. Reading a lot of text on computer will cause problems. Images will not completely eliminate these problems but will certainly reduce them. Remember images can also help you to generate some traffic if they are optimized.

If you are writing a very long blog post (more than 1500 words or so) then you must use images to save your reader from boredom. Also check these websites for Copyright And Royalty Free Photos for your blog posts.


6 Reasons Why Blogger Is A Mediocre Platform

Blogger PlatformBlogger is a free blogging platform from Google that allows private or multi-user blogging features. Blogger was originally BlogSpot which was bought over by Google in 2003. Blogger platform can be great for new comers into the arena, it has a very simple user friendly layout, with simple widgets, simple template designer Etc. But it is just a mediocre platform for Blogging, for those who want their blog to stick out and for professional bloggers, you have to move on. So here are the 6 Reasons why Blogger is a mediocre platform for Blogging.

1. Limited Template Options

Blogger has a few templates that one can choose from while they are starting a blog and most of these templates are very similar to each other, which does not facilitate bloggers being creative and customize their blogs. There are a lot of custom templates available for Blogger, but their installation and customization to meet the needs of a new blogger, may be out of their skill level as they are relatively new bloggers. Most of these custom templates come with some small glitches that are hard for a new blogger to fix.

2. Limited Customization Options

Blogger Blogs have the basic Page Elements Page where you can move around your widgets, it has a Template Designer where you can adjust widths of the sidebar, change the color of background, text, borders Etc.Apart from this there is little else you can do in terms of customized editing. The only other way of editing a blogger blog is by the “Edit HTML” method, where you go and edit the source code of your blog, to make changes in them, I have done a lot of these changes to my Customized Tech Blog, the home page being my proud possession.But this level of Editing the Blogger HTML does not come about until you know a lot about HTML Codes, CSS Styling and have a lot of experience blogging on the Blogger Platform, so this is out of the question for new comers or even those who been blogging for a while. So editing is one huge drawback of Blogger.

3. No Plug-ins

Unlike WordPress, Blogger has no Plug ins, no SEO Plugins, no meta tags Plugins Etc. All this work has to be done manually for each and every blog post. So SEO will be a big pain if you are running a blogger blog. The lack of Plugins also makes Guest Blogging very difficult, you will have to manually receive articles through mail and only then can review and upload it as a guest article.

4. No Permalink Editing

Blogger uses an automatically generated Permalink, which uses the first 5 or 6 words of a Blog Post, but in WordPress we can alter the permalink so that we can fit in all the keywords, those who understand SEO well, will understand the importance of this.

5. CommentLuv does not work on Blogger

Commenting is a huge part of blogging and the blogging community, Blogger Blogs do not support CommentLuv or KeywordLuv Comments, this is only for WordPress, although there are some complicated hacks which may work on certain Blogger Templates, but I would not bet on seeing  CommentLuv comments on a Blogger Blog. Blogger has its own comments section and its not a pretty sight, not many features either.

6. Labels do not get Search Indexed

Labels in blogger do not get search indexed due to the pre-loaded robot.txt file which is in all blogger blogs, this makes it difficult to SEO, as you may have to optimize each and every post, which it itself is a pain as I have described above.

I would like to say that Blogger Blogs can be great for new comers, or those that are just Blogging for a few Friends or Family, but if you are a serious Blogger who wants the world as your audience, then I would suggest switching to a custom domain under WordPress.I too am going to switch to WordPress soon, so I thought I should blog about this.Even Blogging greats such as Amit Agarwal shifted his Labnol blog from Blogger to WordPress as soon as he got really serious about it.

In a future post I will concentrate on the few benefits of Blogger, so stay tuned for that!

Need an Excuse to Splurge? Spend Money on Your Blog

If there’s one thing every tech blogger loves to point out, it’s that starting a blog is not only easy – it’s free!

With the exception of domain hosting, which is pretty inexpensive anyway, it doesn’t cost you a penny to start a blog. Simply install WordPress, pick a design from the theme library, and start publishing. Easy stuff.

But what if I told you that it often is worth it to spend money on your blog? That there are a few exceptions to the seemingly dominant “blogging should be free” perception?

Premium Theme Blog

Even if you’re a social blogger – not a business blogger – it could make sense to make a few small purchases that will seriously improve your blog. Here are a few of them:

Premium Theme

If you’re using WordPress, there are some pretty attractive free themes at your disposal.

That being said, none of those free themes offer the following:

  • Unlimited support from the theme creator(s)
  • Design options that save you from writing code
  • Regular updates that keep your theme compliant with new WordPress versions

These are features you definitely definitely want. A lot of us need them.

It might not be until you’ve spent hours fooling with your theme’s code only to hang your head in utter defeat that you decide to take the plunge and click “purchase theme,” but you’ll be glad you did.

Check out theme frameworks that have lots of design options. Thesis and Genesis are among the most popular, but many theme designers have created excellent out-of-the-box solutions.

Most premium themes cost less than $100 for a single site. If you’re truly dedicated to your blog and know you’re in it for the long haul, get one.

Mobile Theme

A large chunk of your audience will reach your site via a mobile device.

If you aren’t using a mobile WordPress theme, there’s a good chance those visitors are having a hard time getting your blog to display correctly – especially on smaller screens.

Thankfully, there are themes that automatically display a version of your site that looks good on any mobile device. You don’t have to change the theme you’re already using. Simply install the additional theme as a plugin, and it works.

And it’s not very expensive – less than the cost of a premium theme. While some mobile themes offer a free option, the paid versions usually give you more flexibility when it comes to content display, and some even offer mobile browsing formatted specifically for iPad.

Stock Images

If you sell anything on your Website – even ads or affiliate products – it can be hard to locate relevant images that are licensed for commercial reuse. And when you do find them, they’re usually pretty ugly.

If having great images is important to you, why not purchase a membership at a stock image repository?

You’ll never have to hunt through Google Images again or worry about finding quality photos. While stock images definitely aren’t the answer for everybody – travel and photography blogs come to mind – they make it easier for many bloggers to make every post look “just right.”

They’ll save you time searching for photos, too. And who wouldn’t drop a few bucks on that?

This article is written by Jon Green. He is a freelance writer and avid blogger. He also keeps up with R hadoop, NoSQL, and database “stuff.”