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Simple Tips To Secure Your Facebook Account


Getting Hacked is a nightmare! Especially if your Facebook account is hacked then it is worst of all. As a (Ethical) Hacker I know that it is really easy to hack anyone but at the same time it also easy to save your self. The following process will ensure your security on Facebook.

All you have to so to follow these simple steps after logging into your Facebook account:

#1: Goto your Account | Account Settings .

Account Settings

#2: Now Under “Account Security” section , Tick “Login Approval” .

Login Approval

#3: Click on “Set Up Now” .

Set Up Now

#4: Now give the “confirmation code” in the space give. The code will be sent in sms to your mobile.

Confirmation Code

#5: After giving the “confirmation code” . This message will appear, which means that setup is successful.

Setup Finished


Now every time any unrecognised machine (Computer or mobile) will try to login your account they will have to give the “Confirmation Code” ,even if they have given correct password, and that code will be sent to your Mobile. Which means that even if anyone is having your Password, that person (Hacker) can’t log into your account.

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    • Avatar

      Navin Kunwar

      enabling phone verification is the awesome way to secure Facebook account. thanks

    • Avatar


      In addition to these great tips, everyone should at least be aware of a fact that some great defending tools are available now on the market. Check

    • Avatar


      Nice tip dude. i have secured my fb account 🙂 Thanks 🙂

    • Avatar


      These tips are great, but in addition to that there some great tools to protect you from hackers

      Andrew Thomas

      Publisher of

    • Avatar

      Kavya Hari

      Hello Muhammad, this is one of the great paths to save your self. And, it would be secure your account on here. Thank you Muhammad for given up your valuable information on here 🙂

    • Avatar

      Sanjan Bikram

      Hi Haseeb,
      Very useful tips to secure facebook. I am going to use it now.

      Thanks for sharing this informative stuffs with us.

    • Avatar

      Isha Singh

      this steps are necessary in social networks.. nice security feature from facebook.

    • Avatar

      Riya @ Couponseasy

      Full proof security for facebook. I really don't know about option and I'm going to activate this service.

    • Avatar

      Aman Arora

      Pretty nice tutorial over there, thanks for it, keep posting 🙂

    • Avatar


      This is good. Really makes the Facebook account secure; otherwise have seen so many instances of FB getting hacked.

      One query. If we confirm a comp or mobile once, will it mean Facebook will remember it from next time on-wards as a genuine user or will need to put in the confirmation code again.

    • Avatar

      Sandeep Singh

      Nice share mate ! Keeping Facebook secure is a must

    • Avatar

      Calvin Mac

      Very helpful info. Thanks!


    • Avatar


      Sometimes is so easy to login to a facebook account. I have several friends who got "hacked" by theri girlfriends and discover they were cheatng on them.

    • Avatar


      After what happened after the Sony password leaks, I'm surprised how many people share the same password everywhere, even on their FB page. Bad passwords indeed.

    • Avatar


      hi Muhammad. That's a great idea to incorporate the "actual" account holder's mobile phone in order to gain access.. thanks for letting me, as well as everyone else know about this.

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