3 Simple Yet Big Mistakes That Bloggers Can Make

We are humans! Humans are bound to make mistakes, right? We are not machines and it is not that we will not make mistakes at all. We should also keep in mind that we are not machines that cannot rectify mistakes on their own. I have made millions of mistakes starting from putting up articles, to the way I promoted my blog but I did rectify them later. I see many newbie bloggers do some of the mistakes that I did and this prompted me to write this article.

Blogging Mistakes

Treating Blog as an ATM Machine

Have you just started blogging? Thinking of earning a load full from it? This is the worst mistake that you can ever do. I don’t say that earning money from blogging is difficult but on the other hand only concentrating on money will never get you what you need. I personally believe “Work hard but expect nothing in return”. Many may not agree on this but I believe this from my heart. I was also one curious blogger who kept his motive to earn money from blogging, I never succeeded when I had that in my mind. I had quit blogging for quite some time but in that break I felt what I could have done with blogging other than just earning money from it. From that moment I left the thought of earning but developing my blog which I would never ever forget because that did bring me results.

I had to mention this point because I got a message from some guy (I would not like to reveal his name/id). The mail was as following

Dear Sandeep,

I am planning to be professional blogger, part-time for first 3 years, full-time later on. I want you to pls help me in this-

If I am able to get 1,25,000 page views after 3 years of blogging (3 long years), would it be realistically to earn 35000 per month or 800 dollars or 4 Lakhs per year from all including

Affiliate Marketing
Other advertising programmes

from a tech blog after 3 years after I achieve 1,25,000- 1,40,000 pageviews. I know from adsense , It cant be 4 $ per 1000 impressions. But after having affiliate marketing of hostgator, themes etc
Which wordpress theme and hosting you would suggest me

What do you expect me to reply to this mail ? I couldn’t but had to.

This is what people are actually starting up blogs these days, i never intrude they shouldn’t but keeping it as primary motive may be just a little wrong.

Ignoring Blog Readers

This point may look very simple but in fact it is a very serious one. Would you ever like to visit a restaurant where a server never takes your order ?certainly you wont right! Then how can you think that your readers will turn up again even after ignoring them to the core?

Simple mistakes that you can do

1) Not replying to Comments

Reply to your comments, if they ask questions or if you have interest in those comments. That will encourage interaction and form a community.

2) Not writing articles on what your readers need

3) Putting Pop-up ads

Putting Pop-up ads is like adding salt to a sweet dish. People get irritated when ads flash on them and lose interest in reading your articles and also coming back to your site. Never ever put pop-up ads on your blog.

Stealing Content

A blogger is known for his writing skills and knowledge, many don’t understand this fact at all. This point may be put up a lot of times but to be true this is one of the worst mistake that a blogger can make. This specially happens with newbie bloggers as they don’t know the negatives of copying and pasting contents on their blog.

Not only is this a matter of shame but also it can potentially destroy regular readers. No one would like to read contents which have been stolen from someone else.

This article is written by Sandeep Singh. He blogs at Technoleash, a blogging portal for tech enthusiasts.

Simple Tips To Secure Your Facebook Account

Getting Hacked is a nightmare! Especially if your Facebook account is hacked then it is worst of all. As a (Ethical) Hacker I know that it is really easy to hack anyone but at the same time it also easy to save your self. The following process will ensure your security on Facebook.

All you have to so to follow these simple steps after logging into your Facebook account:

#1: Goto your Account | Account Settings .

Account Settings

#2: Now Under “Account Security” section , Tick “Login Approval” .

Login Approval

#3: Click on “Set Up Now” .

Set Up Now

#4: Now give the “confirmation code” in the space give. The code will be sent in sms to your mobile.

Confirmation Code

#5: After giving the “confirmation code” . This message will appear, which means that setup is successful.

Setup Finished


Now every time any unrecognised machine (Computer or mobile) will try to login your account they will have to give the “Confirmation Code” ,even if they have given correct password, and that code will be sent to your Mobile. Which means that even if anyone is having your Password, that person (Hacker) can’t log into your account.

Easy Steps For Creating A Torrent File

Recently my friend wanted to get some files from my system. They were about 100-150 MB. We both know it will take years to send these files through Yahoo! Messenger, MSN or any other service. File Transfer really sucks there. I never thought about creating a torrent file. Many people know how to download a torrent, but they don’t know how to create them. The latter is very easy like the former. Many prefer this type of transferring because you can share this with many people. Let us discuss the steps for creating the smart way for transferring files. Let it be a couple of pictures, a farewell day video etc.

Note :

  • The tracker identifies the network location of each client either uploading or downloading the P2P file associated with a torrent. It notifies the client of the P2P file location (that is normally on a different, remote server).
  • A private tracker is a tracker which requires registration before you can use this service. Such trackers usually have a high amount of seeds, because users get banned if their ratio is too low.

Creating a torrrent file in Common BitTorrent clients

utorrent11. File | Create new Torrent or Press Ctrl + N

  1. Select the desired files / or directories
  2. Trackers :  You can use one or more trackers here. But one is required.

These are the preferred trackers :


Put any one of this in the tracker box.

  1. Do not tick the private torrent box unless you are using a private tracker.
  • Save the torrent. Thats all. Simple na ? 😛

  • vuze1. File | New Torrent or Press Ctrl + N

    1. Tick Use an external tracker.

    The case varies if you are using a private tracker.

    These are the preferred trackers :


    Put any one of these in the tracker box

    1. Select single file or dicectory and click Next
  • Point to the file or directory you want to share and click Next

  • Do not tick Private torrent

  • Do tick allow Decentralized tracking

  • Save the torrent

  • BitComet1. File | Create Torrent or Press Ctrl + N

    2. Select the files and or directories

    3. Select “Enable public DHT network” from the dropdown list

    Note : By this you can be your own tracker if in case the public tracker goes down.

    4. Tracker server and DHT node list

    These are the preferred trackers :


    Put any one of these in the tracker box

    1. Save the torrent