Explode Your Blog With Free Traffic From Facebook

Facebook TrafficDid you know that having an active Facebook fan page for your blog can increase your blog’s viewership tremendously? The reason why everyone is establishing a base on Facebook right now is simply because that’s where all your potential viewers log onto every day. As of the 31st of December 2011, there were over 845 million active users connecting to Facebook on a frequent basis. This means that when done right, gathering a substantial amount of followers on Facebook will also mean increasing traffic to your blogs.

Create a Fan Page

The first thing you need to do is to create a Facebook fan page for your site. You should create as many fan pages as you can according to the number of blogs you own. While this means that you would have to do double the amount of work and spend even more time on Facebook, it also means that you will be able to target your market niche even better. After all, someone who’s interested in cupcake blogs will not be interested in joining the Fan Page dedicated to palm oil estate, so there really is no point in jumbling all your blogs together under one Page.

I don’t recommend using your personal Facebook page to promote your blogs as this would make it harder to brand your blogs. It would also make things awkward when you decide to post an emotional or heartfelt message too, so just like in real life, you should always keep business and personal postings a separate matter.

Spruce Up Your Fan Page

As most Internet users have the attention span of less than one minute, each of your Facebook fan pages should be attractive enough to deter them from abruptly moving on to the next page. The golden rule to creating a truly attractive Facebook Fan Page is to literally look different from the rest of the Fan Pages on Facebook. To get inspired, you might want to check out the McDonalds, Skittles, Victoria’s Secret and Red Bull Facebook Fan Pages for a start.

Making your fan page look fun and pretty would also probably mean that you should prep yourself with graphic software such as Photoshop and knowledge of HTML and CSS programming. The good news is that this stuff is pretty easy to learn and the long term results are definitely worth the effort. Remember, you can be anything you want to be on the Internet, so why not aim to have a Fan Page stylish enough to rival that of Louis Vuitton or Gucci?

Posting Content

Nobody really wants to be a fan of a Facebook page which only concentrates on promotions and advertisements, so be sure to post interesting information on your page. Your posts can be relevant to your blog or it could be totally random (but attention-grabbing) videos, pictures or statements which will keep the viewer scrolling along your page for more content. Do remember that while there are plenty of eager visitors on Facebook, they are much more interested in being entertained, as opposed to buying a product or service from you which is why you should keep your materials free and easily attainable.

At the initial stages, you might want to simply repost popular videos, photos or images onto your Facebook page. Overtime though, you should think about creating your own original content as the more authentic your page is, the more well-liked it will become as people tend to prefer going to the original source of any cool postings. In general, you should spend about half an hour updating the content on your fan page at least once a day to keep your existing fans interested. Just like how you would go about writing a good blog post, your goal on Facebook is to also create posts which can trigger conversations and dialogues between yourself and your fans.

Do note that while those who have liked your Facebook fan page would be able to view your posts on their newsfeeds, not all of your posts will be viewable in this manner. To increase the viewership of your post, Facebook judges your posting based on its Edge Rank, which is made up of your Affinity Score (i.e. the more you interact with your fans, the higher the score), the Weight (i.e. the higher the number of people who have shared your post, the higher the weight) and time decay (i.e. the more recent the post, the better)!

Do Housekeeping Everyday

Nobody really wants to see you post up advertisements on your fan page, so why should you let any other rogue fan page promote their page on yours? Be prepared to log on and clean up your fan page at least once a day as when left unwatched, there will be individuals who will use the opportunity to advertise their blogs, sites, fan pages, products or services on your Facebook Wall. Occasionally, you might even have the occasional virus or lewd graphics left on your Facebook page as well, which is why constant monitoring is essential to maintain the branding of your blog.

Make Friends

The most expensive and arguably the fastest way of building your database of Facebook fans is to simply have your page advertised on the Facebook side bar. However, a better (and cheaper) alternative would be to simply fish out interested users and then establish your fan base from that point onwards. To do this, make it a point of spending about half an hour everyday visiting other similar pages and leaving comments on their posts.

Just like how you should follow forum posting etiquette, you should also be just as amiable on other fan pages. Do not start a fight, a controversy or write something like: “Hey guys! If you like this Page, you’ll like mine too! Click on this link NOW!” as that will just have your comment deleted and you may even be reported as a spammer to Facebook.

The Best Time to Promote Your Blog

Once you’ve gathered about 1,000 Facebook fans, you can then begin subtly promoting your blog. The easiest way to link your fan page to your blog is through the Notes feature. The best thing about notes is that it can also be viewed by your fans via their newsfeed and you can also tag loyal fans onto your notes as well. You might also want to consider forming a tagging relationship with other similar niche fan pages so you can indirectly share the information to more fans with similar interests.

Another direct approach would be to promote your blog’s URL directly on your Facebook fan page profile picture or to post up images with your blog URL at the bottom. I believe most fans don;t really want to be forced to view a page, so you need to make it as voluntary as possible.

Popular Fan Page Equals Popular Blog

The key to boosting your blog views via Facebook is to literally plan out your Facebook campaign just like how you would have planned your blog creation. Think about the people you would like to attract, the purpose of your page and how you would like to grow your fan base overtime. Just like in the blogging world, creating, maintaining and growing a fan page requires us to think long term and leverage off relationships to achieve wider viewership!

This article is written by Alicia. She is a web designer and developer. Loves WordPress themes and plugins. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.

Make Your Blog Viral on Facebook with Like Locker Plugin

Recent reports released by YouTube suggests that “Charlie bit my finger” video, which went viral makes around $2,00,000 dollars per year. It was social networking websites which helped that video go viral. How can we forget the recently viral video: Why this kolaveri di which topped charts because of getting viral on Facebook and Twitter. So, here’s amazing plugin for all the WordPress users. “Wp-Like-Locker” plugin comes with feature of locking your blog posts with a Facebook Like button. The content are showed only after “Liking” the post.

Here’s how I implemented and tested it on my demonstration blog:

WP Like Locker

When anyone likes it, entire blog post is visible to them:

WP Like Locker 2

This is how amazingly you can make your blog post go viral. Obviously, no one would mind liking it there as it doesn’t matter them as it is still Free!

How to set up in WordPress?

Download the plugin from:  Click here

Setup and install it via FTP or direct upload into WordPress Plugins.

Once done, you will be able to see a “Facebook icon” in the text editor box. Click on it.

Alternatively, you can also use short codes [wp-like-locker] and [/wp-like-locker] to include selected or entire text into Facebook Like Locker

WP Like Locker 3

Why Bloggers Can’t Relax On Facebook

Bloggers and FacebookFacebook has always been one of the hot-spot for bloggers for fun and for connections. Obviously, everyone would like to tap the power out of 800 active million users. No wonder users are so obsessed with Facebook. As a blogger, I stay online most of the time and honestly, 30% of my time I’m on Facebook. Either going through my news feed, chatting, answering my readers questions and so on. But by the end if I think, was it any good? Was it any profitable for me? The only thing which I feel right now it: Facebook is really no more a fun and relaxing place for online earners especially bloggers. It’s a place where you have to be because of your marketing needs but if you indulge yourself into fun part of Facebook, you are missing out with your competitor.

The Era of Email has gone

It is no more than 6-8 months when I got few emails asking me to write guest posts on their blog but from the past few months, I have not even received a single email by a blogger. All the emails I get are from my subscriptions etc.

What is happening with me is that everyone who wants to communicate with me using Facebook. They send me emails asking questions, help for their problems, asking me to write for them etc. If they want to chat with me, they can simply do it with Facebook.

It’s nothing amazing that Facebook is being used for all this because Facebook is really the most simplest and easiest way to communicate with other’s nowadays.

How it’s creating problems

It’s really good that all my communications are added on Facebook and I can communicate directly with them without shifting between different sites. Well, everything has a side-effect.

Sometimes I want to relax and chat with my friends or see their pics so I turn offline but anything I do is updated on the ticker and my clients and fellow bloggers can see it. Its looks unprofessional to them and they think that I am avoiding them. I came to know this when one of my blogger friend told me that he didn’t expect this from me. As a blogger you should also maintain good relationship with your clients.

How to Avoid these problems?

There are only two ways to avoid these problems, simply turn offline and be visible to only those you want or follow the second one. The second method which I know of is to create a new profile, hide it from search results and only add your friends and family. In this way, you can sign out from your business-profile and sign in to your other profile where you have added your friends and family.

You may not know that Facebook keeps track of your online activity, sucks it into its database where it remains forever. You can read this post for stopping Facebook from tracking your web-activity.

Also check the tips to avoid Facebook Addiction.

HOW TO: Use Social Media To Promote Your blog

Social Media and BloggingRegardless of whether you are a newbie or a season blogger, I am sure you could always do with more traffic to your blog. And Social Media is a great marketing tool, if you haven’t noticed it already. Chances are you may be using some of these social media platforms. But there are still many who are not in a hurry to jump into the bandwagon yet. Perhaps they are afraid of the unknown or maybe because they do not know how to use the social media to their advantage. Well, that’s what this article is all about, to list down the different social media and how they could help promote your blog.

Wikipedia defines social media as “the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into an interactive dialogue”. Examples of social media include the undisputed heavyweights Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as well as LinkedIn, Digg and MySpace, just to name a few. Does social media marketing works? Well, according to Nielson, the world population spends 22% of online time at social networks and blog sites. Given this and the fact that social media attracts millions of users every day, it is thus safe to say that social media sites are one of the cheapest and most effective internet marketing tool available today. So the next question will be how to use these social media sites to promote your blog.

Get An Account

The first step is obviously signing up an account with the relevant social media. Some allow you to set a business accounts page like Facebook while others are networking on a professional level like LinkedIn. And then there is Twitter whom many online businesses and bloggers love for its simplicity and the speed at which information can be sent. It is advisable to check beforehand the rules and regulations regarding the setting up of your own account.

Linking Your Blog Posts To The Social Media Sites

The next step is to link up your blog posts to the social media sites. Whenever you publish a new post, update it on your social media account. Tweet about your latest post or perhaps ask a question and then place a link back to your blog. Alternatively, you can include an interesting extract of the post into your Facebook wall. You will be bound to create some curiosity. Just remember to provide a link back to your blog.

Add Social Media Buttons In Your Posts

There are WordPress plugins which you can install to have social media buttons in your posts. Generally, most bloggers would prefer to have them at the bottom of the posts but you can place them anywhere in your post. The idea is to allow your readers to easily share your posts through the social media platforms. You can check out SexyBookmarks, an increasingly popular WordPress plugin which places cute social media buttons on your posts and pages.

Engage and Convert Readers

Interesting blog content is a must. Think carefully about the topics that you want to write on. Remember that quality is more important than quantity. You need to engage your readers first before you can convert them into followers and subsequently, to get them to help you spread the word about your blog. Be approachable and friendly, and reply to comments and questions. This will encourage your readers to share your blog and its contents.

Automatically Feed Content

Some Social Media sites has settings to automatically feed content from your blog to their network so that you can save a good amount of time and effort. This is a great way to entice your readers and friends to check out your blog or your social media accounts. At the same time, it provides a platform for them to share your blog with their friends.

There you go, some of the steps that you can take to benefit on social media’s popularity to promote and market your blog. They will help you improve your blog’s traffic and subsequently SEO. This in turn will translate into credibility and from there, you may even experience exponential growth in your blog’s traffic and readers.

This article is written by Alicia. She is a web designer and developer. Loves WordPress themes and plugins. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.

Social Media: A Wonderful Tool To Build Your Career

Social Media CareerThis is the age of speed and you must take advantage of the latest scientific and technological progress. The top social networks – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – are doing exceedingly well in connecting people. They have won many hearts as they have won the distance. I don’t have a speck of doubt in my mind that there will be no net user on this planet who doesn’t know about these social networking sites.

Do you know how useful these social media can be in building your career? All of these top social networking sites are free and easy to join. Moreover, you can set a wide network of contacts using these sites. You are supposed to market yourself well and connect with people who can prove a great help in the job search.

The most important factor that makes your search for a job easy is your online presence. You must be able to highlight your strengths, your set of skills and professional experience. If you want to speed up your search for a handsome job opportunity, your online profile will definitely make their presence felt.


Facebook has become immensely popular in no time. The reason is of course the ease with which you can operate so many applications and connect with thousands all across the globe. It is so tempting to post something on walls and show to the entire world that sometimes Facebookers  don’t even realize that their current employer can read what the employees type on the walls. Careless use of Facebook has made many job seekers lose some handsome opportunities and the current employers their posts. So, one has to be careful while using this effective medium for job search.


Thousands of influential recruiters all over the world use LinkedIn to find out the right candidates for various posts in their companies. Do create a profile on LinkedIn; fill in all the information necessary for recruiters to pick you up. Do put the keywords of your resumes and your set of skills so that your profile should become easy to find out. While connecting with other members, I would say be selective. There is no need to connect with anyone you come across. Connect with only those who will be useful to you professionally.


Twitter is generally used along with LinkedIn. It can help you set up a widely spread network of contacts and find job listings. You will be able to build your brand and showcase the same before the world. Twitter will definitely help you reach wider audience which would ultimately result in an easy job search.

Internet privacy

While using social networking sites, be careful about the online privacy. It is very important to make sure that you share photos or personal information only with people who are your friends or whom you know well. There have been many instances where promising and deserving candidates could not get the opportunities they were trying for just because they formed bad impression before their potential employers as they forgot to restrict their sharing personal information only to their friends.

Social media can prove a great help in job search and in your career building. It is indeed a boon if used wisely.

This article is written by Jennifer Louis. She is from USA, and writer who loves to write articles and blogs on career, cover letters, jobs, sample resumes.

5 Tips To Free Yourself From Facebook Addiction

The largest social networking site, Faceboook, has almost 750 million active users worldwide and out of which almost 10 million are Facebookaholics. Well, Facebookaholics is a term given to Facebook addicts. Think you all know that excess of everything is bad.

Facebook Addiction

But excess of Facebook is worse! How? Well, you get hooked to it, escape your work, give less time to your friends (in reality, I mean), if you are a student, you even escape your homework and studies for Facebook. And now if you too are fighting with the addiction to Facebook, here are some tips to free yourself from that.

1. Set a login time

Well, working according to a time table really keeps you organized. So instead of logging in whenever you feel like just set a particular time for that. And yes, the point is to get yourself out of this addiction, so you need to set your logging out time too and limit yourself from stay for too long on Facebook.

2. Try blogging or youtubing

Blog and YouTube are really good and effective remedies for Facebook-addiction. You can blog instead of wasting time on Facebook or you can watch videos on YouTube. Well, blogging can also prove to be addictive sometimes, but I know that if you are a Facebookaholic, it’d be tough for you to be a blogaholic. No worries then!

3. Restrain and withdraw

I mean you have to stop yourself from commenting on anyone’s statuses, on pictures you get tagged in and also you have to resist yourself from updating your own statuses every now and then. You have to withdraw from whatever gives you pleasure and hook you to Facebook. Well, I know that’s really tough for a Facebookaholic, but, you see, in order to overcome this addiction, you have to do that.

4. Engage yourself somewhere else

You can always try engaging yourself somewhere else whenever you feel a strong urge to log in not according to your time table. You can hang out with your friends, can play video games, can try thinking of a new topic to blog on and etc.

5. Delete your account

I know that this point really sounds very dumb and stunning too. Deleting your Facebook profile and losing whole of your friends list and messages is like having a cloud burst above your head, but after all you are doing all this for your own sake only. Well, this is the ultimatum, and I know none of you would try it ever, but if all of them 4 points above fail, and still you are very determined to give up this addiction, try this 5th step, it’s the only way out.

Facebook is a good social networking site yet addictive. Well, if you spend a lotta time on Facebook, it ultimately means that you too are a Facebookaholic! And now it means that you have to think of something to get yourself out from this addiction. Hope this helps you.

This article is written by Bharat Chauhan. He likes coffee and Pepsi very much, cause those are very good source of caffeine instead of doing drugs. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.

Facebook Vs Google Plus [INFOGRAPHIC]

Since the launch of Google Plus, internet critics started comparing Facebook and Google Plus. If you don’t know what it is then let me tell you, it is a brand new social network created by Google. Everybody wanted to compare the features of these 2 giants.

Therefore guys at The Tech Addicts made a graphic to compare various features of these social networks. They both have advantages and disadvantages, and it is up to you to decide where you want to stay longer.

Check out the interesting infographic below to see the analysis between the two social networking sites.

Facebook Vs Google Plus

Infographic Credit : The Tech Addicts

3 Major Reasons To Use Facebook For Blog Promotion

Earlier we shared why we can use Social Media for Blog Promotion and now we are going to see three major reasons why Facebook should be mainly used for that. Normally I spend some time there to get Facebook Fans. There are various things that you should know, if you are one of those who spends a majority of the time on Facebook. It is quite possible for you to know almost everything about Facebook, and it could certainly put its creator, Mark Zuckerberg to shame, with all your fantastic trivia on the website.

Facebook -  Blog Promotion

The humungous number of Users

However, were you aware that Facebook has more than 500 million users right now and the numbers keep on increasing, as you’re reading this post? Half of these users would log on to Facebook at any possible chance that they get. An average Facebook user normally has at least 140 friends on his/her list and people usually spend more than 700 billion minutes per month just on this social networking platform.

Invite All Events Page

There are above 900 million objects that users are able to interact with or use, which include groups, pages, community pages, events etc. Contrary to the monotonous old time, when you would have to invite people one by one by calling them or sending them invites by email or by post, Facebook makes sure that sending an invitation of your party or any other function will not be troublesome for you anymore, as you can as easily announce your upcoming events on this website and it will be just a click away.

All that you are required to do is to create the event page, and press the ‘Invite All’ button to inform your guests, about the particular event that you are organizing. Wait for an RSVP and you are all ready to go!

More than 30 billion pieces of Content each month

A normal user is also connected to a minimum of 80 community pages, events, and groups and must have created at least 90 pieces of content every month, like news stories, articles, notes, blog posts, photo albums, web links, messages that are shared each month.

It is not surprising that Facebook is being preferred by many people all across the globe, keeping in mind that it is functional in more than 70 translations and hence, can be used by individuals speaking is any possible language. You can make your selection from a list that contains English, Chinese, French, Spanish, and many more such languages, which are widely spoken in different regions of the world. Here’s one more teaser for you, one can create his/her own language on Facebook, and can set the page to be in a pirate lingo, if you want to!

2 Big Annoucements We See With The Entry Of Google +

Internet the place that is best known for the word difference. Yesterday when I slept I found Godaddy as an independent venture and today it has been taken over. Also yesterday I saw my website working totally well but today the hell it is facing name server problems. The main thing I would like to tell you is the importance of the the word “difference” that has an permanent place for itself int he world of the web. Two such big difference we see with the entry of Google’s all new social network, Google +.

Google Plus

We all were extremely excited when we saw the entry of the website and the sneak peaks by Google had already mad the things so exciting that people were too anxious for getting the invites into their email inboxes. So finally talking about the differences that I regard a big with the entry of this service.

1. Facebook Announces Social Video Chat

We all knew it well till today that Microsoft and Facebook are great friends and obviously they will do something together that may help out all those who are somewhere or the other related with either of these companies. So now the worlds biggest social networking website has introduced the partnership of its website with Skype the service for calling on the web. Together both of them will unite to star with the new service called social video chat. Sounds good, lets wait till next week and see what this service can do for us.

2. Picasa Web Album Goes Unlimited

As reported via Read Write Web the whole service still has the 1 GB specification as if you see the FAQ page but if you use Google + to upload the pictures instead of directly uploading it to the web server via you computer then your picture wont be a part of the 1 GB space. Instead it would be counted as free. So indirectly this is unlimited storage on the picasa web albums for all those who tend to go ahead for the services of Google +.

Use Facebook Engagement To Game The SERPS

If you’re at all keen to drive SEO traffic to your blog, you probably know that social media engagement factors affect search engine rankings. No one knows exactly what that formula is, but this fascinating post from SEOMoz shows a pretty compelling picture of the correlation between Facebook, Twitter and high rankings.

That being said, “Correlation is NOT causation”. However, with the sheer number of people using Facebook daily, promoting your content on Facebook is a great way to get traffic, get your content indexed quickly, and send the right signals to Google for a bit of a boost.

Now, there’s an art to promoting content on Facebook. Engaging on Facebook the right way will attract all the benefits I described above. Engaging on Facebook the wrong way, will annoy people and quite possibly get you banned.

Facebook and SERPS

Setting Up Your Facebook Social Promotion Campaign

There are plenty of groups on Facebook related to all kinds of interests, whether it’s green business, non-profit activism, home solar, you name it. While Facebook search could be better, all you need to do is search by keywords and relevant Pages & Groups will turn up. Better yet, hire someone off of Odesk to do the grunt work for you – you can get 100-200 relevant Page and Groups researched for you for $25.

You’ll probably want to review the data and delete out anything that is not entirely relevant or delete Groups or Pages with little activity. Then set up a spreadsheet to track the URLs you are promoting against the Walls you hope to share the content on, and check off each cell after the content has been shared.

Facebook Rules of Engagement

Now that you have your workflow mapped out in Excel, it’s easy to just mindless paste links, check each box, and consider done at the end of the day. Don’t do this. And if you have hired a VA to help you with these tasks, make sure they don’t do this either.

Why? Well, it’s because mindlessly posting links to other people’s Facebook Wall is considered to be spam. Spamming simply adds to the overall noise of the web, it’s annoying, it cheapens your product or service, and could hurt you by getting you banned. How many people associate Ugg Boots with spam?

Social networking is about engagement. It’s about creating conversations around shared interests. It’s about sharing. Not only are you trying to find and join the right communities, you also want to share with them your expertise and information you think the community will be interested in. So if you’ve joined a Facebook Group of solar enthusiasts, relevant content could be a climate change petition, a solar news blog post, an online guide to solar financing options…get the picture?

There are certain rules when it comes to promoting online, and the last thing you want to do is try to force your product onto a random stranger. It might be tempting at times, but don’t do it!

Follow the rules, and most importantly, follow this list of do’s and don’ts:


Social media marketing is about building relationships and creating community. It’s about engaging with other people and creating meaningful online discussions.

  • Once you join the group, do a personal introduction. Let them know who you are, why you are there, and what you intend.

When sharing links:

  • Post the link with a comment as to what the content is about and why you think it’s interesting.
  • Like the post.
  • Comment again – you can ask a question and invite people to dialogue
  • Remember to comment back if people comment or ask questions regarding your link
  • Like people’s comments

While it may seem self promotional, liking your post and comments is very important because the Facebook news algorithm tends to favor posts that have a high level of engagement at the top of the news feed.  This has an amplification effect. If the news hovers at the top of the news feed, more people in your network will see it, and be compelled to join the discussion.


Spam. If you spam, there is a strong chance that many will block your profile, or Facebook itself may even shut you down. Let me reiterate:

  • Don’t fill your own page with random links – it makes you look like a spammer
  • Don’t post random, irrelevant links to another Facebook Page or Group page
  • If you aren’t sure that an individual will be interested in your link, don’t post it on their wall

The moral of the story is “Know Your Audience.” Chances are, you’ve spent a lot of time connecting with people, so if you get banned for spamming,  all of your hard work go down the tubes and you’ll have to start building up a new profile all over again.

What thoughts do you have for getting more Facebook engagement and traffic?

This article is written by Lorna Li. She manages the small business WordPress themes & solutions division for a CRM company in the Bay Area.