5 Ways How Social Media Helped In Our Lives

After the invent of Blogging and Social media our lives made a big turn in every phase. It changed the way we share things, the way we communicate, the way we publicize and even the way we live! As we keep using Social Giants like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn we may or may not have realized some of the advantages that they caused in your daily lives. Here are just some important ones of them, listed out.

#1. You never forget to wish your Friends on their Birthday!

On their special day, you will see your friends’ birthdays show up in the sidebar next to the newsfeed. This is a good reminder to either post a friendly message on their wall or email them to say you’re thinking about them. This should have definitely improved your relationship with anyone!

#2. You never lose your contacts, No matter what!

Some stupid things that we may accidentally do often are: Dropping Mobiles in water, Losing SIM cards, Forgetting to Backup Contacts, etc. All these accidents cause you to lose your contacts. Some times, permanently too. But that ain’t the case any longer. If you’ve a Smartphone, then you get all your lost contacts in your new mobile in minutes or even seconds! When you sign into Facebook on your smart phone, it connects to the Facebook server, and allows you to get your friends’ phone numbers, photos, and contact information synced right to your contact list. And that is something definitely helpful.

#3. You need not maintain a Photo album

I don’t remember buying a photo album and also printing photos ever since I started using Facebook. Facebook photo albums can be the coolest way to instantly share your photos to everyone you know in the virtual world. In fact, Facebook albums are better in numerous ways. They allow unlimited photos, instant sharing and auto-tagging, comments, likes and much much more.

#4. Getting your forgotten friends back

You would have found many of your old friends whom you had not been able to contact, for some reasons. Facebook finds, filters and suggest friends for you. What else is needed? Getting old friends back is something really great, which you won’t be able to do in real life easily. Facebook can help you reconnect with your graduating high school class, old work buddies, and childhood friends from the neighborhood. Most people restrict their privacy settings to people within their network. By joining different networks, you can find otherwise restricted people and expand your social circle with the click of a button.

#5. Inviting people to events has never been easier

Facebook facilitates users to know how many people want to attend an event to the host. The time, date and all other necessary details reach the people who might be interested. And they can respond by telling the host if they are interested or not which might prove to be of great help, unless it’s a spam!

On the whole, Social Media has impacted huge on our lives by such small things like these and many more. We enjoy them, but at the same time, sometimes also addicted to them. For example, the most popular social networking website Facebook is addictive than tea/coffee now-a-days. If you are quite addicted to Facebook, then you check out the tips to free yourself from Facebook Addiction. Many bloggers also get the fruits of social media by getting highly valuable Backlinks. The only way we can pay back to these sites is by using them. Check how you can use Facebook for your blog promotion.

How Social Media changed your life? If you have any interesting experience, you can share them in the comments below.

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12 thoughts on “5 Ways How Social Media Helped In Our Lives”

  1. Social media never helped me in any case that is why I use it very less. I have seen many people wasting lots of time over FB. I dont understand why!!!!!!!!

  2. Another great thing social media has done is mad everyone who isn't a star think they are a star lol … it seems that everyone on twitter is a CEO of something knowing damn well they still work at a coffee shop or something … not hating on anyone trying to do anything just saying it's kinda funny.

  3. I agree to them!
    It makes our life easier but then every coin has 2 side.. thew addictive and privacy leakage is a big issue these days :/

  4. Social media became great part of our lives and we must accept that fact. If we can't avoid this only thing that we can do is use it properly. Social networks are built to make our lives more simple in this era of information. With this technology we can check all what we want and ask for opinion from our friends. On the other hand, business possibilities with social networks are also great. Everyone should learn how to use this technology and use it for easy daily tasks and business.

  5. Hi,

    This one is the really very nice option to touch with almost all friends in whole life and one of the really very good thing in that Facebook remind to us about every friends B'day which is very good option to build strong relationship with each friend.

    Beside that we can't thing to get good PR in Search Engine without Social Media Sites.

  6. Social media will be more helpful to all online users without any doubt because this is one of the best directions to communicate and share ideas with other people. Thanks a lot for given up here 🙂

  7. Though I don't depend on social media completely but I liked for 2 reasons as you have mentionedNever loosing contacts and the best thing is I could find many of my friends back 🙂

  8. One way how social media spoils our life: Making us spend too much time reading funny jokes and watching funny videos 🙂

    Ok, I do agree that social media has helped us, but there are always two sides to a coin and we need to be careful about that.


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