5 Basic Tips For Maintaining Good Client Relationships

Good Client RelationshipSponsored reviews or popularly known as Paid reviews is one which every blogger puts on to make some money from. Sponsored reviews are one of the best ways to earn money from blogging. It is always difficult to get a good review in which is also beneficial for your readers. I personally don’t put on paid reviews which are not beneficial for my readers and I am sure many others also do. I have been lucky that the clients who give me reviews stay for a long time and come often to me for getting a review done just because I do the work good enough for them. This article of mine will deal with building good relation with your client.

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1. Speak Clear Deal

The most important thing in any Business deal is to be clear in what you are talking about whether it is an online deal or in person. Being far away from the client online it becomes, even more, important to be crisp and clear. Improve your Communication skills, Talk about things that you can do and do it well enough for the client to be satisfied and not mess up with things which will lose his interest in you in the future.

2.Get to know client better

It depends on with whom you are talking. If you are in talks with an agent who works for a company and wants you to finish the deal for him, then maybe you can get a bit personal with him which will yield you more projects in the future. On the other side if you are talking directly with Manager or CEO kind of person of the company who is your client then I would suggest you better be up to the point and try to impress him with the work rather than the former way of doing things with him.

3.Be Bold on Answering Yes/No

You may be caught up in a situation where there is a lot of money for a job to be done which actually you are not good at and you may be thinking of doing it. If you are not confident on things it is better to turn it down just because it is your personal image that is on stake. Not only will it create a bad impression in the client’s mind if done bad but also might affect your future projects as well. Be clear and bold to say No if you can’t do it. You can even suggest him some other way of doing things in which you are confident of.

4.Work Hard To Reap

Always try to learn something from which you are working on. This will be very useful for your portfolio and you can add these things on the list which will help you fetch little more than what you might usually get. Create a clear Page/site where you can present yourself with the portfolio which is really of very high standards.

5.Be a problem solver

There might be a situation where the client may have some difficulties or problems working with you. It is an additional skill if you can sense it and communicate with him on the issue. If you could solve the issues then it is really going to impress him and will surely consider you in the future.

These are 5 Basic things which you should do to keep your clients happy and always have you on their minds for future projects.

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  1. This is some great advice, I think good client relationships is one of the most important things for a small business. Most small businesses start on referrals and when you have a good relationship with your clients they're more likely to referrer you to other friends / businesses. All around good client relationships can only help your business.

  2. Good points Sandeep, even i don't put review which is not in interest for my readers. And also used to survey on product and basically try it to give my personal reviews or to reply to the client for deal.

  3. This is a nice post … it's a great set of rules to have in mind before you start talking to anyone about business deals.

  4. Business deal should be most important point and it should be clear as well as crisp.From here, i learned a lot of valuable points on here. Finally, Great client relationships articles on here 🙂

  5. good tips. communication etiquette with client is very necessary, that can help people in their business in the future.

  6. I guess its important to do a great review that will impress the client very much. It is also important to be frank and truthful in the review – That will impress our readers. Not doing too many reviews in a short time is also important. It will present a negative image both for the readers and the search engines.


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