Google Author Rank: What You Need To Know

Google from time to time comes up with these various rigorous and extensive techniques with an aim to improve search engine results, discourage plagiarism and regulate the ranking of content in the searches. Various algorithms have been used by Google in the form of Page Rank (PR), Google Panda, Google Penguin, etc. so as to ensure the quality of search engine results is up to the mark. Some of these updates have given quite a lot of web masters a tough time, Penguin update being one of them. But all these updates are basically developed by Google just to provide excellent search engine results, in terms of quality to the users. Yet another step taken by Google in this endeavour is grading a website by “Google Author Rank”.

Google Author Rank also comes into the picture with a basic aim to judge the site and decide the authority of the site. Now, this won’t be easy. As in case of other algorithms this one too consists of huge and complicated calculations, taking into account numerous factors.

Now let us one by one deal with the most probable doubts that must have just crossed your mind…

Has Google Author Rank already started its work?

This is difficult to determine. As of now there’s no such news of it coming up in full fledged form. Though the possibility of it being instrumental currently cannot be totally denied. Many experts are of opinion that already Google has begun implementing algorithms for determining the Google Author Rank and if not so it is sure to happen in the near future. So webmasters, it is advisable to start working for obtaining a good Google Author Rank.

What factors will determine my Google Author Rank?

As mentioned before this is not going to be easy. Lot of factors along with stringent and rigorous algorithms applied to these factors are going to determine the faith of your Google Author Rank. PR of the website is the foremost factor in determining the Google Author Rank. Getting a good PR is a task in itself, so this criteria is definitely going to keep webmasters on their toes. Google+ will also be responsible in determining the Google Author Rank.

The number of shares of your article will be taken into consideration while calculating your Google Author Rank. Your Google+ circles will also be taken into consideration. The comments to the post not only quantitatively but also qualitatively will also affect the Google Author Rank. Quality of comments meaning that the comments should be pertaining to the post and not just random spams. Your social media status also plays an important role. Social Media includes Facebook, Twitter, Digg etc. The number of followers, likes will all be included in the algorithms of Google Author Rank. Last but not the least you will be required to maintain relation in terms of backlinks etc with high ranked websites.


Already making strategies?

Let us help you out! Firstly get all set for hard work! You must have already concluded that social media is going to play a important role in the algorithm of Google Author Rank. So our first advice would be join all the social media websites! Build a strong base of followers, make fan pages, get people to like them. Don’t just post articles on your website share them on social media websites and popularize them. Ensure that your posts are largely shared. Give special attention to Google+. Connect with high ranked websites. Guest posting and commenting to build a strong backlink network will help. Increase connection with reputed bloggers on social media sites.

Google Author rank is therefore going to be a huge deciding factor in the success of your blog.
Now with this hopefully you must have got a clear idea about Google Author Rank. With the tips that we have armed you with…you can definitely ensure to get yourself a good Google Author Rank. So, now no looking back.


This article is written by Tanmay Sawant. He blogs at Techethon. He writes about Android,iOS and covers the latest Tech News. If you wish to write for HBB, kindly check this.

24 thoughts on “Google Author Rank: What You Need To Know”

  1. i think this year Google author rank is going to boom the market and acc to me Google is doing this to promote it’s Google+

  2. Some very interesting points. I have already started to increase my presence in Google+ and will look to get more Google+ shares for my posts as well.

  3. Great information! I wouldn’t have thought about Google looking at your social media and G+ so that is good information. I am just learning how to create these backlinks and trying to increase our ranking with Google so every little bit helps!

  4. Google author rank is all about spending some valuable time at social media sites particularly G+. So SEM will play a big role in the upcoming years, let’s wait and watch.

  5. A very nice article Tanmay, Google author rank is something which can create an upside down effect in SEO industry. Author rank is going to be the most effective factor in 2013. Guest blogging and Google + sharing, they are very effective way to build author rank as well.

  6. Hi,
    Wouldn’t this be like imposing Google+ onto webmasters. Anyways good news. Good to know in advance. It would definitely help in making future strategies.

    • Yea definitely will have to start working upon building a respectable social status as soon a possible.And definitely I feel Google Author Rank will be a prominent part in ranking in SERPS !!

  7. Hi
    well as I think & as I believe about Author rank so It is a another step in SEO which is now completely related with Google+.Behind the doors, Google is forcing webmasters to use Google+ …

    • True. Apart from G+ even the other social media medium like FB,Twitter,SU,digg etc does influence the Author Rank too 🙂

  8. Hi Tanmay! I’ve read other articles about Google Author Rank and I’m glad I came across your post. I think social media will have a lot of weight in influencing your author rank. Whatever the factors may be, you should make your strategy now – the best way to start year 2013!

    • Rightly said April, seriously social media does play a pivotal role in influencing Google Author !!


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