Are the Weight Loss Blogs An Over Explored Niche?

weight loss nicheThese days when people are really conscious about beauty, health, and fitness, “weight loss blogs are becoming a very popular niche”. Most of the bloggers work on most demanded niche to earn more.

Beauty and health seems to be attracting a larger reader base. Everyone wants to look beautiful, gracious and remain fit and healthy for rest of their lives. If you want to wear your dream dress to look like a model then you must try something similar. “Weight loss” is a huge niche, and you can narrow down this topic in several arenas. For instance weight loss for men and women, weight loss programs and equipments, and fat free diets and a lot more.

However, this is the most explored niche on Google because people keep trying to find the best product for themselves that can give the best results in a short period. The recent graph says that the number of keywords found related to weight loss is around 57,940 while number of searches made on Google touches the figure of 11,100,000 per month. Isn’t it astonishing?

Since this is the most explored niche, so of course, choosing a good topic which can bring huge traffic is not a child’s play. Here go with a few suggestions to help you choose better topic for your weight loss blog:

Fitness and Content available

Fitness is no longer an unknown word for the readers. However, many top-notch websites are publishing unique content every day. Hence, as a content writer you must put on your thinking cap in a right way. Valuable and well-researched keywords may attract huge traffic to your website, but ultimately the question arises about unique and less explored keywords. Let us discuss about some of the over-used keywords.

  1. Keyword- weight diet loss, number of searches- 1500000
  2. Keyword- diet weight loss, number of searches- 1220000
  3. Keyword- loss weight diet, number of searches-1220000
  4. Keywords-Loss weight diet, number of searches-1220000

  5. Keywords- weight loss for, number of searches- 1220000

  6. Keywords- loss fast weight, number of searches- 823000

Hence, before writing on a niche of weight loss you have to ensure that the content is relevant to the topic and it is sustainable to a longer period.

Attractive topics

Attractive topic and proper research is extremely essential. Any reader while reading your content expects that you should include all the modern ways of weight loss but again there are so many researches going on in this area which becomes quite challenging. You should do a core research on your content so that it should give a new outlook on the diet industry and must be efficient in serving content with a real difference. Topics like Sugar vs. Far burner are trending too, you should check it out for more information.

Health and Beauty is an Evergreen Niche

Since “weight loss” comes as a part of the health and fitness niche, everyone becomes conscious about their obesity. Obesity is a root cause of many chronic diseases such as cardiac arrest, high blood pressure, diabetes and many more. Therefore, a promising website can attract many customers/visitors every day. The website must be able to give solutions to people who are suffering from weight loss and also offer coupon for health products to obtain discounts. You may even check weight loss and diet related sites like Bistro MD and Diet to Go.

Products that you are selling through your niche matters a lot

Commercially if you are not putting up the right kind of products on your website then it may still attract your website. This becomes an important factor since you can make your blog really successful by promoting your blog through exclusive contents, e-books and other contents strategies.

Therefore, the weight loss blogs can never be over explored and people keep on trying new products and new tricks to reduce their weight. In such case if your content is really lucrative people will stick to it and will buy and promote the products featured on your blog. It is often said that the good promoters happens to be a satisfied customer.

This article is written by Tarun Jaitely. He is a blogger and a freelance writer currently working for which provides wide range of converse coupons. If you wish to write for HBB, kindly check this.

17 thoughts on “Are the Weight Loss Blogs An Over Explored Niche?”

  1. quiet intresting blog your idea of sharing weight loss technique is really nice but i want to ask that which is more effective and natural technique to loose weight.

  2. Much like choosing a good weight program, a good source of information is someone who has a background in workout training, dieting and helping people lose weight. Doctors, gym trainers and dietitians are among the more credible writers for a blog on losing weight.weight loss

    • Nice point Tuhin.
      It will be a plus point for a blogger if he/she knows well about the weight loss programs.
      Thanks for dropping your comment 🙂

  3. Through the introduction above, we all know health is getting more and more attention In life.More and more websites how to have a healthy body in the introduction.
    For instance,Introduction to this site, , obesity can be regarded as the toxin in the body of the precipitation,The process is the process of body detox diet.

  4. It’s extremely popular because people are sharing their success stories, looking for success stories, and with over 60% of the US population overweight or obese there is a lot of NEED for success stories!
    Although there’s a ton of traffic available, a beginning site can’t compete with the likes of, etc. Best to find some nice popular more niche topics and then build your quality blog there.

  5. Weight is a major issue these days. Both increasing as well as decreasing weights pose similar problems on people and their healths. In such a situation, maximum blogs targeting the same topic is a common scene. This niche is the most explored and also very beneficial for the readers.

  6. nice picked up dude…..i think same health related blogs are getting more awareness these days……

  7. In starting, choosing high paying keywords not useful because of they’ve lots of competition. Just stay in middle.

    • You are right. High paying keyword need patience to get success. If you have patience and know proper seo strategies and marketing strategies then you can get success from high competitive keywords also.
      Thanks for dropping your comment 🙂

  8. Highly paid but little scope for new bloggers. Authority sites make their way to the top 20 result in SERP. Better to look out in some other niche which are upcoming and still need to be explored.

    • You can be in top 20 result. All you need is do proper keyword research and write seo friendly and reader friendly content.

  9. Health Niche is no doubt very profitable and evergreen niche. And the best things is people are ready to buy such products so the market is huge. We also have 2-3 health blogs and all are performing very well.

    • Yes, people are looking for health products which is the one of the main reasons behind the popularity of health niche blogs.
      Thanks for dropping your comment 🙂


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