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6 Simple Tips To Increase Your Facebook Subscribers


Imagine having the whole wide world tuned in to your every update? Facebook subscribe – is one of the unique ways to get people subscribed to your every update even though they are not your friends on facebook. When you have a huge subscriber base you can easily garner a large audience when you post about anything on your Facebook wall. Mark Zuckerberg has million people subscribed to him in real time; imagine the enormous traffic that each of his status update will generate?

Do you also want a large following? You also want to grow your subscriber base? Below are some quality tips on how you can successfully increase your facebook subscriber base:

1. Disable Friend Request

You can disable friend request or make them private. So when people want to connect with you they’ll find only the ‘Subscribe’ option available.

2. Post Informative and Helpful Topics

Getting information is the norm of the everyday life we now live in. When you place yourself as a good source of information you’ll immediately start to get a quality following because of the need you satisfy. Focus on a niche you’re very good and knowledgeable about and consistently post helpful topics to help those who might need it.

“Give and take” is what every human being wants and craves for; everybody wants to take something, when you’re not adding anything to a person’s life you’ll eventually be caught off or ignored.

To be significant on Facebook, one needs to add value to people’s life on a consistent basis. Updating regularly about the niche you’re very knowledgeable will automatically make you a hotspot on that topic, which will prompt people to subscribe to your Facebook updates.

3. Share Update with Public

Due to some Facebook privacy concerns you might have stopped sharing update with people who are not your friend on Facebook and you might have also chosen to share your status update with your friends only. But to maximize your chances of getting Facebook subscribers to subscribe to your update, you’ll need to share your post with “Everyone”.

public status update

Remember, your friends are already automatically subscribed to your update immediately you became friends with them. The outsiders (your friends’ friends) are the very ones that you’re targeting. If they continually see your update and it is informative and unique they may likely subscribe to your update to get notification of anytime you would update again.

But they can’t see your quality and informative update if you’ve restricted your status update to “Friends” only. If you want them to see your update on a regular basis then tick the visibility level of your post form “Friends” to “Everybody”. And surely, you’ll see your subscriber base increase drastically.

4. Use Facebook Subscribe Button Widget

You can add a subscribe button like this on your blog or blog post. The Facebook Subscribe button will look like this:

This will work effectively if you have a website or blog. This is considered the best way to get subscribers to your Facebook page especially if your website is getting a huge amount of traffic at all times. To get a widget just go to Facebook developer site and create a unique Facebook subscribe button widget for your website or blog. Copy the code and paste it anywhere you like on your site and watch your subscribe count increase.

5. Comment on Famous Celebrity’s status update

You can connect with various famous celebrities on Facebook and interact with them publicly. This might help you to get recognition and their subscribers and friends might connect with you.

comment on zuck status

6. Your Profile Up To Date

A Facebook user will 99.9% likely not send a friend request to a person who doesn’t have a profile picture or who has an incomplete profile. People need to feel secure before they can love and have friends on facebook; Trust will have to be seen and earned before they will initiate friendship with anybody.

The more your Facebook profile looks more complete and mature, the more people will trust and may likely subscribe to you. Your Facebook profile is the most important page on your Facebook account; it contains important details about you, starting from details about who you are and what you have to offer to prospective friends who might eventually view your profile. Fill all the important details that is needed on your profile, especially your profile picture. Put a face to the name. You just have to prove that you’re not a robot or a scammer who is out to con people of their valuables online.

By filling all the needed details on your Facebook you will single-handedly start seeing an increment in subscribers.

Follow the above tips very well and you’ll notice how popular you’ll become. Have you tried out the Facebook subscribe? Which strategies have you being using that works and how has it helped your business or brand? Leave your informative comment below.

This article is written by Onibalusi Segun. He is a writer and a post contributor who writes articles for www.opendoorloan.co.uk where you can get Instant loans. If you wish to write for HBB, kindly check this.


Segun Onibalusi is an Entrepreneur and an Internet Marketer with 6yrs of internet marketing (Link Building) experience, he has supervised several successful projects. He is the current president at SEOPOW a link building agency. You can visit his company blog for more information about him.

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    • Y J Shah

      but I donot find any option such as disable friend request. Can you check and tell me?

    • Disha

      I’m seriously impressed by first point “Disable Friend Request” off course it’s right way to increase Facebook Subscribers. I understand if Friend Request can be disabled than simple people have to follow & Subscribers a Facebook profile.

    • Krishna

      Seriously all the tips given here are just great but I like point 2 most.BTW thanks for sharing this superb info.

    • fbshits

      I have tried it and believe me the best one is Commenting in profile having huge visitors and using a subscribe button is the best.

    • sapmil12794

      there are many websites available for increasing subscribers but by this tip we can easily increase or subscribers on fb,Nice post.

    • jean

      But can you please share with us the advantages of subscribing or you should write a post about the difference between friends and subscriber. To be honest i don’t have much knowledge about this difference can you please guide me on this topic comprehensively?.

    • Thomas

      This is what usually celebrities and famous people do. Most of them have disabled the friend request button and replaced it with the like or subscription feature. It helps them get more followers and subscribers. This is a great way to have a lot of people on your list who view the content posted by you regularly and also help you become more popular.

    • chiranjeevkumar

      Really cool post. I am too using some of the methods and have got good subscribers.

    • Alex

      Nice post to increase Facebook subscribers.I truly agree with you that the most important thing of all is to share our topics with our friends and thereafter target the unknown audience.Also our updates are very important and this is the most important factor that can help you to get noticed.

    • Lakhyajyoti

      Great post.Surely I’ll use your tips to increase Facebook subscribers. Thanks for sharing.

    • Onibalusi Segun

      Thanks Girlfriend!!!!!! Hope you really enjoyed the article.

    • priyash871

      Excellent and very helpful post and for increase facebook subscribers You have shared great tips..

    • Onibalusi Segun

      Does anyone have problem with this article? please if you have any problem please drop a comment below, i would give you a solution to it.
      Thanks Warm Regards Onibalusi Segun.

    • Mike Reeson

      I absolutely LOVED your recommendation to comment on a celebrity’s post. It is such a great idea, and not something I have ever thought of before. The only thing I tend to struggle with is when to post as my business to drive traffic to my fan page, or when to post as myself.

    • Tushar Thakur

      There are few websites to exchange your subscribers .like you subscribe them and they will also subscribe you. It worked well for me. 🙂

    • Amit

      To be active in social networking surely works better..

    • Salman Ahmad

      1st one is funny 🙂

    • rakesh @ Indiabucket

      I have done all this things except disabling friend request. I hope these tips will also helpful to increasing fans.

    • Thomas

      Well, these look like some really useful tips in order to increase our number of subscriptions on Facebook. However, I feel it would become a little unsafe for our profile due to the increasing number of fake profiles on this social networking site. Otherwise, turning off the friend request option seems very beneficial.

      • Onibalusi Segun

        Well, Thomas you thought of a good thing, but that why that #1 is really useful.
        This would serve as a warning, “Beware of Spammers”.
        Thanks for Commenting.

        • rakesh kumar

          But when we share any staus update with public then our friends are also getting the status update. So how this tricks works? only subscriber does not get that update. Am i right Onibalusi.

    • Osho Garg

      All Are Good Tips But For Me #2 And #4 Works Very Well 😀

    • raman bathina

      segun all are good tips to increase facebook subscribers except first point(in my point of view).Nice post.

    • April

      I think posting informative, helpful and interesting topics in Facebook will definitely help you in getting more subscribers. It’s the content you share that people will motivate people in clicking that subscribe button. Thanks for sharing, Onibalusi! 🙂

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