25 Essential Ways To Bring Traffic To Your Blog

Building a blog is quite easy; but, developing it into a successful blog demands quality traffic. You can drive traffic to your blog through a lot of online strategies that are generally categorized under Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing standards. This article is a helpful guide for bloggers who seek for simple and effective ways to attract and increase traffic to blogs. Search Engine Optimization is a powerful tool and includes many on page and off page optimization activities that help in boosting blog traffic.

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Traffic to any blog can be increased through a number of ways. However, all tactics do not work the same for all niches and blogs. Here I am jotting 25 essential ways to bring traffic to your blog

  • 1. Once you start a blog, you start posting useful information under different topics. Your content might be useful, good and highly informative. But, you need to make sure that your content meets the requirements of your target audience. So, you need to target your content in such a way that the audience spread the information and have the interest to get back to you for more information.
  • 2. Gaining online exposure is more important for Blogging. To make your blog visible in the online market, you need to participate in different communities where your target audience takes part. Online communities serve as best platforms to discuss about different topics and share ideas. Hopefully, you can cover up your target audience through this in some amount of time.
  • 3. Content is the base for any marketing strategy. As far as online marketing is concerned, the blog content is important and has to be SEO friendly. The content you publish has to be fresh and unique with relevant and informative content.
  • 4. Conduct keyword research whenever you write content for your blog. Optimize your blog content based on the keywords so that your blog gets listed on the top search pages of search engines for respective keyword searches.
  • 6. Implement Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising techniques like Google Adwords, MSN Adcenter and Yahoo! Search Marketing in your blog and track the results on a regular basis. Using these campaigns increases the number of visitors and the prospects to the business.
  • 7. Keep your blog interactive with some graphics and illustrations so that visitors spend some considerable amount of time in your blog.
  • 8. Optimize Meta tags based on the keywords and perform competitor analysis to keep your blog on the challenging track.
  • 9. Your blog design gives a lasting impression for visitors. Design your blog in a user friendly and SEO friendly way with good effects, colors and quick loading.
  • 10. Visit other blogs and share your comments and reference from your own blogs and accept comments from other guest bloggers. You can include guest blogging tools in your blog and also make use of Google’s blog search to find relevant blogs.
  • 11. Enable subscriptions via RSS Feeds and other Email options to get your visitors back to your blog. Creating an RSS feed and adding some visible buttons develops interest in visitors to sign up to your blog.
  • 12. Web surveys are quite easy to run and hence survey your readers to know the opinion of online readers. Using these surveys you can get some better suggestion to develop your blog and attract visitors.
  • 13. Submit your blog to traditional search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing and other blog directories.
  • 14. Take part in different forums and discuss about related topics. Include signature that has your blog link along with your posts that directs viewers to your blog.
  • 15. Write articles based on relevant keywords and post them in different article websites with a link to your blog in each website your post. Article submission is one of the powerful online marketing techniques and generates quality back links.
  • 16. Participate in different Q&A sites and get suggestions from different people and also offer suggestions to different bloggers.
  • 17. Publish newsletters in different PR sites and include all necessary contact information to your blog. Bring out all latest updates of your blog in the newsletter and make it available to online audience.
  • 18. Post ads related to your blog in different classified sites and get targeted traffic in quick time.
  • 19. Sign up with different social bookmarking sites like Delicious, Digg it and Diigo and get traffic to your blog.
  • 20. Set up an email subscription form on your blog and invite your friends and colleagues to subscribe to your network.
  • 21. Use Traceback links when your share your views or post comments on other blogs to increase the active back links to your blog.
  • 22. Update your blog content to keep it unique and fresh for visitors and search engines. Keep posting content on different topics related to your niche so that viewers visit your blog often.
  • 23. Make use of Affiliate Marketing techniques for your blog, so that you place a strong foundation for the long time success of your blog.
  • 25. Perform research on different on page and off page search engine optimization techniques to implement some better techniques to increase traffic to your blog.

Optimizing your blog and increasing traffic doesn’t happen in a days or weeks time. You need to work hard and put sufficient efforts all through to gain online recognition and maintain your audience base.  All these techniques go hand in hand and in short, content is more important to have a consistent run in the online market.

Explore more about these techniques online and implement them in promoting your blog. You can grab visitors and gain online recognition when you make use of these techniques and target the right audience for your business. Hope this article would have been a good guide for you to increase traffic to your blog and run a successful blog.

This article is written by Debarshi Ghosh Dastidar. He promotes MotoCMS templates in his spare time.

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  1. Very good tips, thank you debarshi. I was just wondering why Stumble Upon in bullet point 5 is strikethrough? You don’t recommend using this social network for bloggers?

  2. yes for any blogger if he or she started a new blog they also want to know how to optimize there blog with the help of seo & social media after that viewers can see their blogs easily in search engine result.


  3. Nicely written debarshi, i must say i agree with you 100%, that everything is based on the foundation of strength and quality of your content.

  4. Hey Debarshi,
    All the tips you mentioned are quite useful. In the point about newsletter, I would like to add online newspapers as well. Publishing a weekly online newspaper with good content you find on internet each day is a really cool way ti get more readers while not overdoing promotion of your own blog. What do you think?

  5. Well, I think that when you start your blog you should write about 6-7 articles per day on evergreen topics. After increasing the traffic, article frequency can be decreased and start making your blog a BRAND. What do you think?

  6. I read an article “What will you do if there was no Google” and it explained that make more and more connections with like minded people and even if Google is no more, you will keep getting traffic from social media and your connections.

  7. a very nice article Debarshi, I’ve been blogging for 9 months but did not get too much success in getting the traffic for my weblog., I personally want you to give me some tips regarding getting constant traffic. thanks in advance..:)

  8. Great article. Very informative and these are some very good ways to generate more traffic. I think the biggest emphasis should be put on creating quality articles that promote others to share/tweet it.

  9. Every blogger have the same problem that they are not getting the traffic and through the post this problem can be sort out up to an extent, your blog covered nice factors and quality information that will help everyone in sorting out their problems and in enhancing advertising techniques…

    • hey, thanks for yur comment. I am sure you are going to get many traffic from HBB. That is initially you will get referral traffic. dont expect any search traffic though u may get some, just keep commenting on HBB, u will get good taffic from here. u can also buy subscriptions from sites like blogengage, bizsugar where u can submit ur articles to get more traffic to your blog. anyway for the time being.. happy commenting..

  10. Now a days many bloggers are leaving their blogs due to less traffic. I think they should try all of the above tricks asap. I’m also willing to do all of the above points and it’ll be a good move from myside. 
    A great read it was!
    Thanks for making possible all this ideas into an Article.  

  11. Hi  Debarshi, That’s great tips. I agrees with you begin active on blog and in social media is crucial key for success of a blog. 

  12. Thanks for all the points you mentioned in your post, these points are really helpful for me for getting lots of visitors on my blog.

  13. Hello Debarshi

    All the tips are really good. These tips are really good and will surely prove handy for any blogger who will follow these tips. It may be time consuming to do all these specially sharing them in various social networking sites, but as Debarshi said, you will definitely see results if you follow these tips.
    Thanks for sharing

  14. According to me On page SEO must be done after researching the best keywords of your site. make sure keywords should be scattered on site everywhere in proper amount. Don’t stuff your site with keyword.

  15. Thanks Debarshi, This is really a good list. I would definitely add some of them to my lists.

  16. Hi Debarshi, great post. Traffic is an essential part of any blog and these tips will definitely help. The points are explained well reader friendly. Well done : )

  17. Great write-up Debarshi!  This is great stuff for those looking to gain a larger blog audience.  I would also add that incorporating video into your blog commenting can really make it fun and easy to increase traffic.  When people can make a video comment, they are much more enticed to do so.

  18. Great post, still social media sites and blog comments are some of the best ways to generate traffic related to your niche.
    thanks for sharing, this is for sure one really great and useful blog post. 

  19. That’s certainly a huge list of useful tips for generation traffic. No body can ignore the power of social media at all.

  20. Debarshi all the tips are fantastic.The best part is the email subscription part as it keeps regular reader with us on our blog.

  21. All tips will prove useful for all if they will use these in right ways. Beside that do commenting on other blogs will give better response also.

  22. Nice tips! Now a days, promoting website on social media sites like Facebook, Google Plus is nice idea as it brings direct as well as indirect (improves serps) traffic

  23. I think this is a great list to bring traffic to our websites.

    Here are some simple ways that I like, to attract huge no. of readers:
    1. Giving Great Headlines to posts.
    2. Choosing less competitive keywords.
    3. Branding up our blog.
    4. Increasing of social networking.
    5. Optimizing our blog for search Engines.
    6. Creating Quality Backlinks.
    7. Submitting our blog to quality directories.


  24. Very comprehensive list! Couldnt have done it better myself:-) Out of the 25 techniques i would say that everything content related is the most important. The traffic brought in from Google, based user searches, often tend to be of high quality and most lucrative.

  25. Hi  Debarshi, Some great tips, I do them all but reading the list makes me think I need to pick up my game and enhance several of the list.
    Another thing I want to add to the list is to make posts which spark debate, people will promote the post on itself.
    Another thing with the guest blog posts a cool thing not many people do is try and find forums which have sections for articles which some times post them on the home page of the forum, build up reputation on the forum and then do a guest forum post another way to gather traffic.
    Regards, Amrik Virdi


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