5 Awesome Tips To Make An Epic Google+ Post

Google+, the social media platform that provides us thousands of opportunities. Especially in case of the internet marketing, it works like a charm.

Why? Because, Google+ is the one of the sites that will not only generate you a ton of visitors, but also help with your SEO. So we just need to know the proper strategy.

Tips To Make An Epic Google+ Post

First of all, we should improve the strategy of posting on Google+. Isn’t posting really easy? Write some words, include links, attach images and you are done, right? You will be just like a common social media influencer do.

But in this competitive online world, there is no place for common things. Only the uncommon and attractive things can stand out.

Want to create your first epic Google+ post? The following 5 tips might help you:

1. Write an eye-catching title

Title in Google+ post??? Isn’t it funny?

It is not funny because Google+ uses the first line of posts as the title. You might have heard, now Google search engine indexes Google+ posts. And its first line will be used as the title.

I really don’t need to explain how important a title is. You all already know that. To make a post attractive and to make it go viral, a simple but eye-catching title will help. Make a title that grabs everyone’s attention and place in the first line of the post. You might also make it bold by putting asterisks before and after it. And don’t forget to keep the title length between 60 characters. Otherwise, the rest will be cut down.

2. Format the body

Just like a blog post, we also need to format Google+ posts. Actually, these posts should be pretended like a short blog post. It could be short or long, doesn’t really matter. But it has to be valuable.
The better visual experience will make better exposures.

So just like the simple blog posts, we should use spacing, bold texts, italic texts, strikethrough and bullets to increase its readability.

But unfortunately Google+ doesn’t support direct HTML input. They allow some special characters to enable them. You can use them in the following ways:

  • Bold: Make any text bold on Google+ posts just wrapping it with asterisks (*). Example: *Your Text*.
  • Italic: Make any text italic, just placing underscores (_) before and after your selected text. Example: _Your Text_.
  • Strikethrough: Make strikethrough over any text just putting hyphens (-) before and after. Example: -Your Text-.
  • Bullets: There are no specific tags for creating bullets. But you can make something like in this way:

    Ordered List

    *1.* Item 1
    *2.* Item 2
    *3.* Item 3

    Unordered List

    • Item 1
    • Item 2
    • Item 3

So using all of them, we can lead a beautiful post structure. Try to use all of them in the way you do for your own blog posts.

3. Include links

The links are so important that it can increase contents effective by 200% as well as can decrease it. So we have to be careful while posting on Google+.

We should add links in the blog posts that add value. And only when if you think it’s necessary. We can broaden the area of knowledge by placing valuable links. Actually Google+ outbound links are nofollow. Although nofollow links have value, it will be silly if you consider it like a massive link building method.

You can also tag people if you think it will be great. Just start typing the name after a plus sign (+). Please make sure the person is already on Google+.

4. Use hashtags

The hashtag is the new technology that helps to tag all the same contents and messages under a single tag. And all of them could be explored just using that hashtag. The social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest have started to use it.

Actually it’s nothing but a word or keyword with a hash sign (#) before it. Example: #blogging. So if we use related hashtags on Google+ posts, it will generate some extra traffic, some extra exposures.
Use the most related words or keywords as hashtags in the bottom of your post. So the users interested in that topic might find it out very easily.

5. Add images

In a post, an image can say a thousand words. Do you know why people love infographics? Because it’s much fun and easier to read. In fact, visual enhancements can easily grab people’s attention.
So I think, it is another important factor that helps to make a post go viral. Sometimes image works where the text doesn’t.

For that, we should visualize the posts with interesting images. So no one gets passed without noticing. But make sure that you have the full rights to use that image. Please don’t forget to give image credit if you got it from somewhere online.

Need Some Live Examples?

Do you want to see the live sample? I know, some people would love to see its output. So I have already made a post ready as a sample with its source code.

Here is an output of a post that is already implemented with all the items:

google plus post formatting

And here is its source code, what I used to make the output:

post source code

And here is the direct link to the post you can check out: https://plus.google.com/+AbrarMohiShafee/posts/Nm26bQpyX3d


That was my strategy that helps me to make some awesome posts on Google+. I hope, you can do that too, if you just try out the given tips.

I personally think, epic is nothing to do. We already have the epic things inside us. We just need to reveal it. I believe, there are still a lot of ways to make those posts more interesting.

What do you think, what makes you an epic post? Please do share with us.

This article is written by Abrar Mohi Shafee. He is a passionate blogger from Blogging Spell. He is also an enthusiast web developer and an internet marketer. Being a blogger, he loves to inspire the beginner bloggers. He loves to play and travel besides his blogging career.

Google+ Business Pages – A Great Tool for Small Business

Google Plus BusinessSince its launch a few months ago, Google+ has quickly accumulated some 40 million users worldwide, and though it still has a ways to go for it to reach Facebook popularity; it’s still in its infancy and shows promise for supporting small businesses and helping them expand and grow with more online exposure. For starters, it helps that Google + is part of the Google family, which means easy integration with many Google products that support small business. Not to mention, Google + is a great tool to help with small business SEO (search engine optimization) efforts for virtually any business.

Introducing the Google+ Business Page

And now a few months post the initial Google+ launch, Google is finally offering the highly anticipated Google+ Business Pages launched on November 7th. Google+ Business Pages will help small businesses on a variety of levels, but maybe most importantly, it will be great for SEO and exposure, which means every business should consider having a Google+ account and business page similar to having a Facebook business page, Twitter account, etc.

As stated on Google’s Blog:

“For businesses and brands, Google+ pages help you connect with the customers and fans who love you. Not only can they recommend you with a +1, or add you to a circle to listen long-term. They can actually spend time with your team, face-to-face-to-face.”

Benefits for the Small Business Owner

Aside from the major benefit of SEO by using Google+, Google+ business pages allow you to create ‘Circles’ where you can group your contacts into different segments to make it easier to tailor messages and communications for different demographics and market groups.

As mentioned previously, given that Google+ is integrated with other Google products (after all, this is a smart strategy for the Google business), it provides an opportunity for greater exposure for small businesses. Direct Connect, for example, allows a user to enter a + before a business name in the search engine and it automatically connects you to that business’s Google+ page if you choose it.

Some Improvements are Still Needed

At the same time, Google+ has ways to go. It’s not as user friendly or integrated as Facebook Business Pages are, and it doesn’t yet have as many built-in features. It lacks built-in analytics, and it doesn’t provide a vanity URL, both of which Facebook offers. But as we know, Google has a way of coming around pretty quickly, so I’m sure Google is already in the process of making these upgrades behind the scenes.

But even at this stage in the game, Google+ Business Pages are a smart way to build brand exposure for small businesses, so I suggest you set up your Google Account (if you don’t have one), create your Google+ Account, and then build a Google+ Business Page to boost SEO, leads, loyalty and credibility for your local business. Learn how you can create a Google+ Badge for your blog to brand.

HOW TO: Create Google+ Badge For Your Blog

Social media sites are great way to get direct updates from websites. Like Facebook pages, Google+ recently opened its ways for businesses and website owners to create pages for their websites so that users can add pages to their circles and get instant updates on their profile pages.

In order to add a Google+ badge to your blog or website, you first need to create a Google+ page for your blog or website. If you haven’t yet created a page then you can create it using this link.

Create a Google+ Badge

Follow the following steps to create a Google+ badge for your website.

  • Sign in to your Google+ profile and open this link in your browser.
  • Now copy the profile URL of your Google+ page and paste it in the given text field. Look at the following screenshot for reference.
  • Now choose style for your badge. You can choose from 5 available styles – Standard badge, Small badge, Small icon, Medium icon or Large icon.
  • Once you have selected the style, copy the code from end of the page and paste it in your site. There are two parts of the code. One part has to be pasted in head section and one part where you want the badge to appear.

That’s all to add a Google+ badge to your site. If you face any problems in this tutorial, you can leave your comments here.

This article is written by Simrandeep Singh, who is the owner of TheTemplateBank where users can submit and promote their Blogger Templates.

Google+ & SEO – What Will the Future Hold?

Google Plus and SEOWhen Google comes out with their new ‘shiny objects’ on the World Wide Web, we can’t help but jump on board and try them out as local business owners, and as of late, Google + is the new ‘shiny object’ we’re attempting to test, follow and get our heads around when it come to the impact it has, or will have, on online communicating, interacting and search engine optimization for individuals and businesses alike.

As of late, Google+ doesn’t have a set-up for business pages, but undoubtedly, they will, and in the meantime, it’s still wise for business owners to invest the time to set up their own Google+ profile in addition to encouraging their employees and contractors to do the same. In fact, I recommend everyone set up a Google + account and become familiar with it; it’s as important as setting up and utilizing a Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn profile as a pillar of social media. Why?

  • You can add links in your Google+ profile and in the stream that means a boost in SEO for local business. Both, Google+ posts and the “About Me” section links, are showing to have a positive impact on SEO.
  • The links created by users within Google+ can be picked up by Google’s algorithms, unlike those in Facebook, Twitter, etc., which again means better SEO with Google + than with other social networks.
  • Google+ continues to make it easier for individuals to join the network, and they went from 0 to 20 million users within a matter of a couple weeks. They’ll no doubt continue to grow at a rapid pace as people post their Google+ invite links on their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages to encourage their current fan following to join them on Google+, as well.
  • Google+ allows you to set up Google Authorship which means you can link to external posts with your author profile, and it will show up in Google search engine results to provide more exposure for the author online.

Google+ and SEO will continue to be discussed and tested, and like any social network, it’s wise to be careful and not go crazy by dropping links that could make you appear to be a ‘spamster’. It will also be interesting to see how Google+ business pages, once available, will tie into Google Places. No doubt, most companies will want to be a part of it for very good reason. When using Google tools for local business, they typically make it relatively easy to create synergies across the board for all Google products for maximum exposure online. It’s a smart business model that benefits local business owners a great deal in today’s online world.

This article is written by Chris. He writes from real world experience building businesses and closing sales. His company Surefire Social specializes in local business marketing. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.

How to Search Google Plus Posts?

Google Plus Search

Since the release of Google Plus, one of the most common questions users have been asking is, “How can I search just Google Plus Posts?

Currently, Google doesn't support for searching Google Plus posts directly, you must add site:plus.google.com to the end of the query string in Google search box.

In order to solove this problem, there is a little web app called Google Plus Search. This search engine is based on a public API which is Google Custom Search. It's basically just a search box where you input keywords and the results will come from stuff inside Google+. After you search you can also filter the results to only “Profiles”, “Posts”, “Google Reader” items and so on.

Google Plus Search

The app is available as a Chrome Extension, Android App and as a Web browser add-on for Firefox, Internet Explorer or Chrome.

HOW TO: Create Google Plus Widget For Your Blog

Big fan of Google+? Unfortunately they don’t provide a widget for your blog, but we got our eye on a site which provides fortunately. 😀 Though we can generate Google+ profile buttons, this one is quite difficult.

WidgPlus, a third party application for Google+ allows you to create a widget for your Google+ account and you can use the embed code on your blogs or websites. The widget allows you to show your latest Google Plus posts on your blog or site. Therefore its a great opportunity to get in touch with your visitors!

Go to WidgPlus and enter your Google+ ID. It is nothing but the group of numbers present in your profile URL.

Google Plus Widget

Our Google+ profile URL : https://plus.google.com/100622940487046109508/posts

Here this is the ID : 100622940487046109508

Copy and paste yours there and get your widget. You can see the demo of our widget below :

Facebook Vs Google Plus [INFOGRAPHIC]

Since the launch of Google Plus, internet critics started comparing Facebook and Google Plus. If you don’t know what it is then let me tell you, it is a brand new social network created by Google. Everybody wanted to compare the features of these 2 giants.

Therefore guys at The Tech Addicts made a graphic to compare various features of these social networks. They both have advantages and disadvantages, and it is up to you to decide where you want to stay longer.

Check out the interesting infographic below to see the analysis between the two social networking sites.

Facebook Vs Google Plus

Infographic Credit : The Tech Addicts