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5 Effective Tips To Promote Your Home Business Through Facebook

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Business of any scale, small or big, needs effective tactics to earn the expected profit from the market. Today, the Social Media networks give us several easy ways to connect to the targeted customers, which is certainly a blessing for any business. Then again, they have also condensed the competition between the competitors as these features are available for everyone.

Facebook and other social media networking sites are changing their interface continuously to help with the business promotion. What makes the difference with others is being more creative, a little witty and fore-sighted while using these platforms. If you are planning to start t you need to let people know about it, social media networks are the way to reach people, in least expensive yet effective way.

Here are 5 suggestions, which you can follow to be different from others while promoting a home business:

1. Go deep, create awareness

The headline of this paragraph might have confused you, allow me to explain more. Talking only about your products/services is too direct to attract people. Rather pick from the issues that needs peoples’ concern and awareness. For example, you are promoting a restaurant; you can raise awareness for ‘organic food’. Or, if you have your own furniture studio, you can attract people towards environmental awareness. By this, you are not only attracting people to your home business, also you are doing a part of your duty towards the society. It should not be very difficult; research on the topic of your own interest and share status, videos, pictures to let the people know about it.

2. Interaction with the fans/followers

If you are just new in the business, your Facebook is just growing, it is easy for you to communicate with your fan/followers in one-to one basis. Always interact with your fans, try to explain your service/ product if they have any question about it. Thank them for taking interest in your product.

3. Promotional offer or contest

A very effective way to spread your business name is to offer promotional prices or gifts within your social media networks’ followers. For example, you can offer 50-70% discount coupon for lucky follower. Or, simple quiz game to choose a winner for your product. These will increase popularity of your products among the prospective customers.

4. No Spamming, Please

Posting your promotional content everywhere without relevance will be count as spamming. And Facebook generation does not like spammers. So, while posting about your business, be careful. Post only within your own page or group and in related group. If you can gather a few dedicated fan, they will spread the word, or in this case, ‘spread the post’ outside.

5. Never follow others

Always come up with your own unique ideas for promoting your business. As, there is no copy right law for Facebook content, you may find your unique idea is being copied by other people by the very next day, still it is better. Be a leader, not a follower.

This article is written by Maria Munyeria. She is a tech blogger who works for The Tech Stuff. She is particularly interested in writing stuff about Apple, iPhone, iPad, Google, Smartphones and Tablets in general. If you wish to write for HBB, kindly check this.

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On December 15, 2012 by in Business | Short Link: http://hbb.me/1QKpaQa  

Maria Munyeria is a tech blogger who works for The Tech Stuff. She is particularly interested in writing stuff about Apple, iPhone, iPad, Google, Smartphones and Tablets in general.

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33 Opinions on “5 Effective Tips To Promote Your Home Business Through Facebook

  1. the best way to promote any business online is by using google adwards … its an investment , but ROI needs patience.

  2. Hi Munyeria,
    I agree with you social media is one of the best way for promoting your post and to come closer to yur audience.Through it you can know the opinion of your customers.
    Thanks for sharing nice info’s.

    • Social media has been the subject of interest for almost all of the people world wide. It is an effective tool to promote your blogs, posts and even businesses. With it getting your customers opinion or feedback will be easier too.

  3. hi,
    you are writing very well on promote home business via facebook. I totally agree with you. facebook and other social networking sites useful for increase traffic to your blog.
    thanks… :)

  4. thanks guys. glad you found the post useful :)

  5. Nice Tips. Specially Interaction. Be Genuine don’t Ghost.

  6. gadgetbowl says:

    i totally agree that facebook is a nise way to make bussines in online it increast ht e traff in the side and the blog

  7. awesome tips… to promote business through facebook because facebook is very popular social networking site and have large network thanks for sharing….

  8. Yes, very true social media is one of the best way for promoting our post and to interact with our audience. Interaction with followers & contests are the key things to make it hit. Useful post, thanks for sharing.

  9. Great way to learn, This one is as easy as it gets. Put a Facebook button on blog so that readers can “like” posts & share them with their friends. Sociable is a good WordPress plugin for doing this. I’m have been using this for a long time.

  10. Facebook is amazing for online business owners. G+ is also good in this context but FB is really really good.

  11. its really great tips and the most popular ones are interact with followers and promotional offers

  12. Indeed very useful and explained! :)

  13. i totally agree that facebook is a nise way to make bussines in online

  14. Very good ideas. I have had good success with facebook, although I wish my business was more advanced than at the current state. I will definitley consider trying to contact sponsors for products and contests. thanks for the advice.

  15. i like your ideas. to be honest, I have not had much success with facebook marketing. i will try some of your techniques. what do you think of ppc on FB? Any thoughts on this?

    • PPC on Facebook is quite worthy compared to other social networks. You can start to experiment with low budget and according to the results you can increase your budget. :)

  16. Most businesses and professionals have gotten the message that Facebook can be a powerful channel to promote their products and services, but many have no idea how to begin, this article will surely help them. Good post, thanks for sharing.

  17. interaction and promotion of products is a great way to attract attention towards products or brands..thanks! :)

  18. Thanks Maria for that good post and helpful Facebook tips. Have a great day!

  19. thanks for a worthy share really helpful smm is setting really benchmark in the fields of promotion

  20. Thanks for sharing this interesting post and i have enjoyed reading it.Social networking websites are the best way to promote your home business and it can be used to get some amazing results.We can also arrange some contests and keep some exciting offers.In this way it will help us for our business as this article rightly explains.

  21. The points that have been mentioned will surely help to increase the subscribers on Facebook.Also the most important thing is to keep on updating your profile.

  22. I really like the idea of being a follower even though people copy your unique ideas.The best way to get noticed is by sharing something useful to the readers and at the same time we should interact with them.Also it is very important to offer promotional prices or gifts.Thanks for sharing this post.

  23. Excellent tips! However, I was intrigued most by the fifth point. I agree, it is highly important for businesses to come up with ideas of their own.

  24. Thank you all for the kind comments. Glad you all read through and each found something helpful. :)

  25. The first point that has been outlined which talks about creating an awareness is such a valid point and it helps to sell your product or service by creating a trust.Also it is very important to interact with your audience and in this way they will feel that their feedback is valued.Thanks for sharing this article.

  26. Social media websites such as Facebook would be great way to create a brand awareness for your business.The first step to be successful on such platforms would be to create an awareness and thereby target prospective customers through interaction.Thanks for sharing this post and it was quite interesting reading it.

  27. Social media websites can help us target a global as well as a local audience.The greatest advantage of social networking websites is that it is quite inexpensive and also it is the fastest means of communication.The best way for us to attract customers is by building a community around us and thereby interacting with them.

  28. Nice list of points for promoting my business.I think that i will have to work on them very closely to get some good results.I really like the first point that you have shared which talks about creating an awareness.This awareness can help to educate many people and in this way your readers will develop a sense of trust towards your post.

  29. I think offers and contests are the fastest and the most easiest ways to get noticed quickly on social networking platforms.Quality content is something that can help us in the long run because due to this people would love to subscribe to our posts,

  30. Great list of points.The best way to get noticed in the social networking world would be to post some helpful post to others and in this way they would be attached to your post.Finally they would not mind to use the subscribe option.After we get the desired audience we should build on improving the interaction with our audience.

  31. Great tips to know Promote for Home Business Through Facebook

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