Why Infographics Are Important To Your Blog

infographic usesIf you have a blog, incorporating infographics is an absolute must. Not only will the use of infographics help to elevate your blog’s ranking on search engines, but they will also make your blog more engaging. They also have the potential to help you gain more readers and subscribers, and they can help you get your point across much more effectively than plain text.

1. People Don’t Read Online, They Skim

Whether they’re surfing the Net out of boredom or searching for important information, people tend to skim online text for salient points rather than read the text line by line. While you may have a few blog subscribers who hang on your every word, chances are that most of your first-time visitors simply skim your site to get a feel for what it’s all about. An infographic catches the eye of a skimmer and makes her stop and take notice.

2. It Will Boost Your SEO Ranking

Unlike text content, which needs to be unique for each post you create, you can use the same infographic in multiple locations without worrying about getting penalized for it. When you re-post your infographic, you can provide backlinks to your blog, which helps to drive traffic to your site as well as boost its SEO rankings.

3. Creative Infographics Will Go Viral

People love to share humorous and creative content, and the less time consuming it is to read, watch or view that content, the more people will see it and share it. Infographics have the highest potential to go viral because while one infographic can contain a great deal of entertaining content, viewers can see and understand it quickly, unlike videos or long articles or posts.

4. People Are More Likely to Remember an Infographic

Ninety percent of the information that the brain processes is visual. By combining text and pictures, you increase a viewer’s ability to mentally connect with the information presented. The inherent weaknesses of both text and pictures becomes diminished by each one’s strengths when combined into an infographic. Pictures sometimes lack the clarity of text, and text lacks the visual appeal of pictures. However, when you combine text with pictures, you can create an eye-catching, clear and informative graphic for your vistors.

5. Infographics Help People to Understand Relationships

Because information in an infographic gets laid out in a way that shows relationships, infographics help viewers to understand the information presented in a more realistic way than if you presented the information in a more linear fashion. For example, people can understand the difference between twenty-five percent and seventy five percent much more realistically on a bar graph than in written text alone.


If you want to increase your blog’s readership and reach more people, you must begin to incorporate infographics into your blog. Be creative, and hold the goal of getting your infographics to go viral in your mind when you make them. Your infographics should be entertaining and serve a purpose in order for you to achieve the best results.

23 thoughts on “Why Infographics Are Important To Your Blog”

  1. Infographics are of real importance to a blogger. They are an interesting and informative way to make your reader understand what message you want to convey with the help of your post in a simple language. Infographics are fun as well, to read and draw as well.

  2. Hi,
    Well Infographs are really do important for your blog but it needs to be made perfectly. I like the points that you have shared and specially the one that it really do helps in increasing the seo rankings. Thanks for the share!!

  3. This was way too informative. I’ve also heard that we get paid for publishing infographic. Is it true?

  4. Infographics have always been a great way to tell something to your readers more efficiently. I have been using Infographics for over a while now and I have got really good results. Thanks for sharing this post, I got to know about some more benefits of using Infographics on our blog.

  5. Great post David, I use info graphic in my blog too and I noticed a good increase in traffic after publishing an info graphic. Now I publish 2 to 3 every week, because people like graphics and learn faster then with text.

    thanks for sharing

  6. Infographics are always fun and interesting to read,they make various topics much more easier to understand and provides a clear and concise view of the message the post is trying to convey 🙂

  7. infographics are basically the flowchart of your information, so they does communicate well with the readers. Thus create much more impact than the written material.

  8. nice post i am agree with you infographic in graphic form so user can understand easily and he is save his time
    thanks for sharing..

  9. Including info graphics in a blog post can really work wonders for the blog. Readers will not have to go through the entire written post, but just follow the info graphics and understand everything the writer wants to convey. It is interesting and easy to understand as well.

  10. NO doubt infografic play an important role in popularity of blog.Through it your raaders can understand the post easily And when they can understand your post ,Definitely they become loyal to you.

  11. absolutely right bro infographic is 99% important for blogs now bcz it will give your blog new attraction point

  12. I like the way infographics are laid out. It’s true. it’s better to have text combined with pictures. And I’m guilty with your 3rd point. I tend to share infographics on my social media accounts.

  13. I love checking out infographics too, they are usually very interesting and attractive, and speak a thousand words!

    Don’t forget to checkout some infographics which are designed by my team on 100Webhosting.com. Let me know if you like them. 🙂


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