5 Effective Tips To Promote Your Home Business Through Facebook

home business facebookBusiness of any scale, small or big, needs effective tactics to earn the expected profit from the market. Today, the Social Media networks give us several easy ways to connect to the targeted customers, which is certainly a blessing for any business. Then again, they have also condensed the competition between the competitors as these features are available for everyone.

Facebook and other social media networking sites are changing their interface continuously to help with the business promotion. What makes the difference with others is being more creative, a little witty and fore-sighted while using these platforms. If you are planning to start t you need to let people know about it, social media networks are the way to reach people, in least expensive yet effective way.

Here are 5 suggestions, which you can follow to be different from others while promoting a home business:

1. Go deep, create awareness

The headline of this paragraph might have confused you, allow me to explain more. Talking only about your products/services is too direct to attract people. Rather pick from the issues that needs peoples’ concern and awareness. For example, you are promoting a restaurant; you can raise awareness for ‘organic food’. Or, if you have your own furniture studio, you can attract people towards environmental awareness. By this, you are not only attracting people to your home business, also you are doing a part of your duty towards the society. It should not be very difficult; research on the topic of your own interest and share status, videos, pictures to let the people know about it.

2. Interaction with the fans/followers

If you are just new in the business, your Facebook is just growing, it is easy for you to communicate with your fan/followers in one-to one basis. Always interact with your fans, try to explain your service/ product if they have any question about it. Thank them for taking interest in your product.

3. Promotional offer or contest

A very effective way to spread your business name is to offer promotional prices or gifts within your social media networks’ followers. For example, you can offer 50-70% discount coupon for lucky follower. Or, simple quiz game to choose a winner for your product. These will increase popularity of your products among the prospective customers.

4. No Spamming, Please

Posting your promotional content everywhere without relevance will be count as spamming. And Facebook generation does not like spammers. So, while posting about your business, be careful. Post only within your own page or group and in related group. If you can gather a few dedicated fan, they will spread the word, or in this case, ‘spread the post’ outside.

5. Never follow others

Always come up with your own unique ideas for promoting your business. As, there is no copy right law for Facebook content, you may find your unique idea is being copied by other people by the very next day, still it is better. Be a leader, not a follower.

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HOW TO: Build A Successful Email Marketing List

Email MarketingGone are the days of promoting and marketing your products and services through flyers or word of mouth. As any student in a marketing program or in an online marketing course will tell you, email marketing is the way to go in the Internet age where everyone has an email account which they have constant and instant access to via their smartphones and other mobile devices. But who do I send emails to and how do I get those email addresses, you may ask.

This is when you need to build an email marketing list so that you have a base of potential customers to communicate with. There are several ways you can do so; just take a pick from the list of methods below according to the ones that suits you best.

Put up a “sign up” form

Ever notice that upon arrival at certain sites like Groupon, a window pops up right before you even had a chance to catch a glimpse of the site? This window is a “sign up” form that allows site visitors to register to receive updates or newsletters from the site. Most will just exit this window but you’ll definitely be able to get a number of people signing up. They might think “Ah, since this appears, I might as well sign up”. This pop up window is the most convenient way for people to register, rather than having to search for the contact form on the website.

Assure subscriber’s privacy

Now that your site visitors have signed up to receive emails from you, you need to assure them that their personal details are safe with you and that you would never release them to other parties for whatever purpose. Putting a statement such as this on your sign up form does assure subscribers that they can trust you with their information. This will most certainly increase sign up percentage!

Give involvement options

Some might want to receive every single news you have but there are those who just want to know about the latest promotions. There are also others who are only interested in freebies. Give your subscribers the option to select what they would like to receive. If this option isn’t given, it might turn them off from subscribing altogether as they don’t want to receive more emails that they prefer to.

As for news and updates, it would be great if you can let your subscribers decide how often they want to receive them – daily, weekly or fortnightly.

Attract them with freebies

If your Business is new or doesn’t have a loyal fan base yet, dangle some freebies in exchange for their email addresses. Everyone loves a giveaway and they wouldn’t mind providing their email addresses for a discount or a little token.

The freebie doesn’t have to be a big one. Kill two birds with one stone and give a discount coupon for your store in return for an email address. This way, your subscribers are inclined to return to your site to utilize the voucher and voila, you get an email marketing list, sales and brand awareness! I have to admit that I do give out web hosting coupon codes on my website too, for those who are interested, do come to have a look.

Get email addresses physically

If you are taking part in a seminar, product launch, car boot sale or just any event at all, bring along a mailing list sign-up so that the people you meet can register on the spot. This technique is quite easy as the customers would have already interacted with you and no further introduction of your product or service is needed.

Buy an email list

When all else fails, turn to this last resort. The downside of this method is that unlike the methods above where the subscribers have indicated interest, using a purchased email list would mean that you would be blasting thousands of people with emails with the hope that they be interested enough to purchase. But before that, they would first need to open and read your email and of course, your email must not end up in the spam folder.

You need to be careful too as this method could backfire by portraying yourself as a spammer or a non-reputable business. No, this is not a method which I like. 🙂


With six tips or methods listed above to help you create an email marketing list, you should be able to do so with little problem. Once you have built a list and are ready to embark on email marketing, remember that the key point is the content of the email itself. So make sure that your emails are engaging enough to retain the subscribers that you have so difficultly obtained. Well, I will most likely come up with another article on this subject in the near future, do stay tuned!

7 Easy Ways to Use LinkedIn To Promote Your Business

LinkedIn BusinessLinkedIn is a professional tool that every business owner should use. It’s an excellent means of connecting with other business professionals in your field as well as connecting with clients. Unfortunately, many business owners neglect their company’s LinkedIn pages. LinkedIn is still relatively new, and people are just now starting to figure out how to use it to their advantage. You may feel as though dedicating a large chunk of time to developing your presence on LinkedIn just isn’t feasible with everything else you have to do, from inventory management to conference calls. However, maintaining your company’s LinkedIn profile is becoming increasingly important in today’s digital world. It is an essential way to promote your business. So, here are some simple tips to help you use LinkedIn for promotion purposes:

1. Make the Most of the Overview Tab

Click on the “overview tab” on your company’s LinkedIn page. Using the appropriate field on the overview tab, write a brief description of your company’s history and what you do. This will allow LinkedIn users who find your page to immediately recognize what kind of company you are and read on if they might be interested in doing business with you.

2. Write Status Updates Often

You can also write status updates about your company on your LinkedIn page. These are similar to the status updates you can write about your company on Facebook and Twitter. Every few days, you can write something interesting about what your company is doing. If you write insightful status updates regularly, people will return to your page to read them, and you will generate increased interest in your business.

3. Reply to Comments

LinkedIn users will be able to comment on your status updates. Be sure to reply to their comments to show that you appreciate their interest. You may even want to send certain LinkedIn users who regularly comment on your status updates personal messages. Personal messages are the next step in networking on LinkedIn, and they’re a way for you to get the ball rolling and see if a user would like to do business with your company.

4. Openly Display What You Sell

Display your products and/or services using the “products and services” tab. It is a good idea to put professional pictures of all your products on this section of LinkedIn. If you offer services rather than products, put up some descriptions of the different services you offer.

5. Encourage Customers to Recommend You

Once the pictures of your products or the descriptions of your services are up, customers have the option to recommend your products and services. If you know a customer is pleased with your company, you can send them a personal message and request that they recommend a product or service of yours. When customers recommend your products and/or services, all the people in their network will be able to see the recommendation on their LinkedIn page.

6. Get the Whole Company Involved

Encourage your employees to create LinkedIn profiles and join your company’s network. Your LinkedIn business page will include pictures of all of your employees who are on LinkedIn. When people visit your page and see pictures of all your employees, they’ll be able to get a personalized feel for your company.

7. Analyze Data

Use the “analytics” tab to find out more about who is visiting your page. LinkedIn collects data about people who visit your company’s page and creates charts for you based on that data. Only you will be able to view those charts. You can use the analytics information provided by LinkedIn to see what kinds of business fields people who visit your page are in, which status updates increase traffic flow to your page, and much more.

So, follow the tips above and start harnessing the promotion and business networking power of LinkedIn!

You can also connect with Slashsquare on LinkedIn.

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Online Promotion – What It Means for Business?

With 200 million clients looking for products and sellers online; regardless of the size and nature of your business, you simply cannot afford to ignore the impact of online promotions. Research has revealed that online advertising has a considerably higher ROI than conventional methods of marketing. Add to this the fact there are a myriad of online promotion techniques that will suit the budget and requirement of all businesses and its easy to see why humble family owned establishments to major conglomerates have shifted their focus to online marketing. You can see what we’re talking about in the work of ad agencies, like DEMARCA. Here is a look at why and how you should promote your business online and information on free and paid tactics.

social media promotion

Why should you market your business online?

If you have not experienced the benefits of online marketing first hand, chances are that you may be asking yourself the all important question , why should you market your business online when there are scores of other options available? There are several benefits to online advertising that can be offered as an answer to this question; however, the distinctive advantages of using the Internet to market your business are the cost and reach factors. Paid marketing has it’s place in promoting your business, and it can be one of the most effective ways to reach a larger audience. However, it can get pricey. Title loans can be a way for business owners to finance reaching more potential customers.

Pay less and get more:

In this day and age of cut throat competition, more bang for your advertising buck is the need of the hour. After all, a reduction in marketing costs can easily equate to greater discounts and benefits for your clients which may be the perfect lure to increase footfall. You can not only get stupendous response by using online marketing but also you will only have to spend a fraction of your marketing budget to achieve these results.

Reach millions of customers:

Another distinctive advantage of online marketing is the greater reach of your advertising campaign. Unlike TV or Radio commercials or even the Yellow Pages, where you are billed every time your advertising message is played or you have to wait for the client to look up your business, with online marketing, you are targetting customers 24/7. Also, you can reach local as well as national and international clients with the same techniques.

How to market your business online?

When marketing your business over the Internet, the crucial factor to consider is the online visibility of your establishment. To let potential clients know about your products and services, your business has to be placed in such a way that they can find you easily.

However, there are millions of sites selling the same products and services as your business, so you will need to make your site stand out to attract attention from target segment. To devise a successful marketing strategy, you will need to understand , how people look for businesses online.

Most netizens rely on search engines to find a service or product of their choosing. The problem is that Google will usually offer thousands of websites in response to a single query, so where your site is positioned on the SERPs will be vital to the success of your online marketing campaign.

There are several ways in which you can dominate the search engines; you can use paid tactics such as PPC campaigns or choose organic strategies which get your site a higher page rank and greater visibility.

Paid Tactics

Paid tactics are those which require the website owner to incur a cost for implementing the marketing strategies. The most popular paid online promotions techniques include:


Email marketing:

Social media advertising


Buying links:

Expired Domains:

Paid Reviews and blogs:

Paid directories and classifieds:

These are the Internet versions of print media advertising such as Yellow Pages.

Free Marketing Techniques

Another option is to pay a popular review site or a blog to talk about your products or company; however, Google may not take too kindly to this technique and may treat it as paid link building. You can also use expired domains to display your advertisements;. however, the domain will have to be niche specific to get any real benefits from this approach This is one of the most controversial forms on online marketing; here you pay the owner of a website to endorse your products or site. However, search engines will penalize you if they find that you are buying links: Cost per view is the latest breed of paid campaigns; in this form of advertising, video ads and toolbar ads are placed in computer games, software and sites.: It is also possible to place banner ads on Facebook and other social media platforms; alternatively, business owners can cash in on the popularity of certain members by offering to pay them to include their advertisements in the messages they send out to their friends. In this form of marketing, the advertiser pays the owner of a list to include an endorsement of the company’s products or an advertising message in his mails to the people in his list. Pay per click campaigns are essentially banner advertisements which are displayed on various websites and even Google SERPs. The owner of the business does not pay for the display of the advertisement but has to pay every time a visitor clicks on the ad regardless of whether he/she buys the product.

These techniques are not necessarily free but they are aimed at increasing the visibility of a business/website in the cyber world. A business owner can choose to incorporate them in his overall marketing strategy on his/her own, highly limiting the cost of advertising or employ the services of an SEO firm. Popular techniques in this category include:

Get your own website:

A website is just the first step:

Article marketing:

Press release marketing:

Social media marketing:

Google Places:

Link Exchange:

Youtube marketing

Blogs and Forums:

Google and the other search engines love new content and one of the easiest ways to get fresh words is to use a blog on your site. Alternatively, you can also add your two words of wisdom on other blogs to get a link back.: Use Youtube to offer informative videos about products in your niche and help to increase traffic to your site. Although link exchanges are not highly rated, they can yield fantastic results. Try to get in touch with as many webmasters in your niche as you can and inquire about link exchange. This is another offering from Google that allows you to target local consumers. The site displays information about local businesses to visitors. Harnessing the power of social media to let people know about your products is another free marketing technique. You will need to open an account with a popular social networking platform and build a large fan following to make this strategy work. This option may call for a small fee; however, by working with paid services, you will be able to ensure that your press releases is displayed on hundreds of sites. If you know enough about your niche and products, you can write articles and submit them to various ezines to build links and enhance your standing with the search engines. With a website in place, you will now have to worry about driving traffic to your site. There are several techniques that can help you to get traffic; the most efficacious yet simple strategy is to offer valuable content. Yes, those good ol words still matter when trying to attract clients. Your website will be your online calling card, advertising and brochure rolled into one. So, if you want to cash in on the immense allure of the cyberworld, you should get in touch with a professional web designing agency and get yourself an impressive website.

These are just some of the paid and organic marketing techniques that can be used to enhance online visibility and drive traffic to your site and business. If you are new to the world of online promotions, you may want to start with the free techniques. On the other hand, if you have a few marketing dollars to spare, try PPC campaigns.

This article is written by Smit Eric. He works at social media field as consultant. Now is the owner WorkForFavor.com.

3 Dominant Tactics For Champion Blogging To Promote Your Business

Many human beings believe that blogging is very amateur task moreover even entertaining. That could be right if you are blogging for comfort but when it reflects to online entrepreneurship, it is a really constrained job or chore, plus it should be likely the desired determination.

More and more Internet Entrepreneur foundations are employing webpages especially the Blogs, to advance their corporation, which is the reason why they want to acquire information deeper about the quiet and secretive blogging logics for enterprise.

If you are trying to construct and merchandise a web world business, you should add blogging to your marketing efforts. When you have a corporation blog, it is a handful way to connect with your customers on a more claimed level.

Blogging has embellish immensely amateur online publishing solution which enables you to write your feelings in addition to combine to your products and services. Plus if that is not enough, the dominant search engines admire blogs plus you are clinched top rankings with a steadily updated blog.

Here are 3 Greatest Tricks for Blooming Blogging To Build Your Commerce

#1. Commitment together with Confer Complete Strategy

Blogging for your business is not much time consuming task, but it really needs dedication as the business blogger will admit to spend time on the industry each day or many  times a day also.

Applying Strategy

For which you require to rely on SEO which needs great movement of work like Blog Commenting, Frequently Updating your Blog with Posts, Guest Blogging plus Get Adequate Exposure around the internet along with create yourself as a Brand in such a desired way that people should have great deal of respect for you by considering you as their role model. Which is advised as earliest act to success.

#2. Depending on Social Media for Better moreover Fast Results

An positive route to progress your enterprise/site is through your social networking profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Technorati, LinkedIn, etc. You already use these accounts for your internet amusing activities. So, why not govern them to improve your business/services?

If your blog is not ranked in the Google, Yahoo!, Bing etc, or even if it is, doesn’t it annoy to draw additional visitors?

Social Media

This is where employing social networking to promote your blog which can clearly back.

The basic thing to enhance your blog along with business on social networking websites is to find a blessed sculpture among using your profile for private together with firm reasons. You don’t want to be lost into the ambush of frisking your friends with corporation affairs only.

#3. Promote Giveaway as Gratitude Conveyance for your Visitors

Convey out entity for your fans without wanting to know for anything in return. Make your blog as informational as likely without changing into an ignorant weblog. Anyhow you can additionally ask your users to deliver any feedback.

Finally make your blog as an Active Community rather than Leaving your visitors without attending their doubts or ignoring their feedbacks. It ultimately reflects your negligence, if you don’t care your blog, how can you expect others to care. So, Love your blog, treat it with respect and you will be the successful Marketer for sure.

This article is written by Siddartha Thota. He is a viral user of Notebook Computers and also a vivid Tester of VOIP Clients.

Promote Your Business/Product/Blog Through Orkut For Free!

Yesterday while I was browsing in Orkut, I found something peculiar in the right sidebar ad. I thought it was just another normal creative advertisement and ignored it many times. But, later I gave a sharp look. Then I came to know the new feature of Orkut called Orkut Promote. This is like a self-advertising platform where advertisers and regular Orkut users can promote their content including photos, videos or text among the Orkut community. Google charges advertisers for promotion while regular Orkut members don’t need to pay any fee for using Orkut promote.

To know more about Orkut Promote, check their official YouTube video.

What I can do with Orkut Promote?

  • Lets you and your friends share YouTube videos, photos, or text with each other. You can easily spread word of a good video, a cool picture, or some technical news.
  • Lets you to share your friends promotions, and they can share yours, so this makes the information or content to become viral.
  • Lets you track how many people have seen your promotion, and how many of them have shared it with their friends or trashed it under the my promotions tab.

Orkut Promote - Self-Advertising Platform
Orkut Promote - Self-Advertising Platform

How to Create Free Promotion?

  • Click promote on the left sidebar of your Orkut profile or homepage.
  • Enter a title and a comment(description).
  • You can add more text, a YouTube video, or one of your public orkut photos.
  • After adding different elements to your promotion, the preview box will update to reflect your changes.
  • When you are satisfied with your promotion, click create promotion.

Note : Orkut Promote is used by both advertisers and orkut users. So you see advertisements in your promotion box sometimes. You can trash or promote ads in the same way you can do with your friends’ promotions.

Win $60 In Cash By Participating In The Contest At Technogati

Participate and winTechnogati is a blog that covers about Blogs, Blog Tips, Social Media, Social Networking for business, Internet power, Digital Advertisement system, SEO etc. This blog is managed and run by problogger par excellence, Surender Sharma.

Surender is a registered Technologist with Microsoft since 2008 and an Internet junkie who spends at least 8-10 hours a day on the Internet in front his Desktop or his Lapie.

Starting & Ending dates :

The contest started on 19th September 2009 and will end within 30 days i.e., on October 18,2009.

Attention :

This contest is purely based on your luck or based on Randomness. Participating in this contest is very much easy. Winners will be select based on the site, RANDOM.ORG, this site will select 3 winner randomly from all the given lists.

First Prize : $60 (Ony One)

The prize money will be paid by PayPal or the amount will be deposit in your account by Cash/DD/Check only for Indian winner. In SBI, PNB, ICICI directly within 2-3 business days after the result of contest.

Second Prize : 75×75 ad spot (2 Prizes)

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How to enter in this contest: All you have to do is just,:

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You need only 3 points (minimum) to enter in this contest.

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Comment And Win $100 Every Month At TechZoomIn

TechZoomIn(TZI) is a blog that covers Blogging tips, SEO, WordPress, Money making, Internet tips and everything useful for Bloggers around the web. This amazing blog is managed and run by Lax and apart from being a blogger, he is working as Software Engineer for an MNC.

Starting & Ending dates :

This is a monthly recurring contest. Contest starts on 1st October, 09 and they have not yet decided the ending date or month. Winner will be chosen on 1st of every month with the help of top commentators plugin and will be awarded through paypal. You can track your position on sidebar top commentators widget.

How Much $$ For Which Spot ?Win $100

  • Top 1 commentator will win $50
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Benefits you will get by entering this contest :

  • Chance to win some extra money and build relationship with fellow bloggers
  • Best way to drive some traffic and win some links

Rules To Be Followed :

  • To make it a healthy competition, they have made some rules/guidelines
  • Please don’t use Good/Great/Nice post to increase your count (They will not be approved)
  • Please don’t make Duplicate comments

Tips To Win 100$ Every Month :

  • Try to discuss with the fellow commentators
  • Try to answer/help to commentators
  • Use same Name & Mail id to comment through out the month

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3 Ways To Hide Your Affiliate Links For Better Sales

Hiding affiliate links helps you to make more sales in your affiliate program, which enables you to make more money. One of the most popular ways of monetizing is through affiliate marketing. When visitors click on the link, it will then redirect them through the affiliate URL, thus increasing your CTR.

Hide Affiliate LinksWe have to make those links look natural rather than affiliate links. Most of the visitors won’t click the affiliate links because they look so weird.

Below I mentioned three ways for changing or hiding your affiliate links. They will help you to rewrite the affiliate links and make them look more user friendly. You can choose any method. The choice is yours. It is largely a matter of preference.

1. GoCodes (WP Plugin) : GoCodes let’s you create short URLs to anywhere on the internet. You can do all this right from your WordPress admin panel. The plugin is also useful for masking affiliate program URLs. It will convert any URL into this format : domain.com/go/afflink/. Here  ‘afflink’ is the key and the keys should contain only alphanumeric characters. To mange the redirects, Go To Manage -> GoCodes menu. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Here are some URLs I made using GoCodes WP plugin :

https://chitika.com/publishers/?refid=sam890060 – Original Affiliate URL

https://hellboundbloggers.com – Hidden Affiliate URL

The second one looks more professional than the first one.

2. Google Short Links : Google Short Links allows users to easily create descriptive shortcuts to web URLs. You can easily integrate this with Google Apps control panel. It makes users to easily remember the URLs. This is also useful for masking or hiding the affiliate program URLs.

I also made some URLs I made using Google Short Links :

go.hellboundbloggers.com/orkut – My Orkut Profile

3. Online URL Shorteners : This is not a famous and common one, but still it can be useful and comes handy. There are many URL short services out there, some of the common ones are u.nu, 2pl.us and so on. The main problem with URL shortening services is that, if they close their service in future, then all your links become broken and creates 404 errors. You can also try 301 URL redirection for affiliate links.

Should Your Blog Have A Forum?

Many bloggers are eager to add a forum to their blogs now-a-days. Many don’t care about the positives and negatives of it. Only a blogger who can manage and dedicate time can easily succeed.

Hard work is the key behind a successful online community. Many created forums, because they don’t have much experience, so they automatically decided to launch a forum.

You cannot expect a successful blog to have a successful forum. You need to start from scratch. From null readers to a community.

HellBound Bloggers also had one forum and the last point is the reason ! 😀

Community participation

Main Reasons Why You Want To Have A Forum

  • You have the passion for your niche and blog’s content and you want to share with others.
  • You want to make more money through it.
  • You want to spread and share your thoughts and opinions about the subject.
  • You want to develop a successful online community.
  • You want boost your blog’s popularity and value proposition.
  • You want to have a forum because everyone has it.

Your Forum May Damage Your Successful Branded Blog

Yes. What the subtitle says is 100% true. Inactive and poor forums can destroy your successful brand. Think twice or thrice whether you can manage your time. You have to dedicate and manage your time for making both your blog and forum successful. A bad forum may damage your successful brand and good reputation in a short period.

Your Blog Can Also Act As An Online Community

If you have a blog, where your readers can contribute, you can easily create an online community. As a author, you need to concentrate on the content and make your readers to interact and comment. These can help you create a cool environment and community. Make your blog easy to interact with you and others.

What You Will Need To Transform Blog Into Community ?

To transform a blog into a community, you need to have interaction and encouraging comments from your readers. Your blog readers should contribute to the blog. It will be better if you have good number of RSS feed subscribers and traffic. Interaction is the main thing in a community, without it, it is almost dead. Try to interact with your readers, ask questions in your articles. Check ways for helping your commentators, which indeed increases your comments and interaction.