Bloggers Who Use Twitter, Take Note! New Study Shows Why People Unfollow

Twitter, as we all know, is highly popular among bloggers and considered to be one of the major traffic sources for their blogs. There are some things to be considered if you wish to use Twitter in a long run.

According to a recent study on why Twitter users most often stop following various accounts on Twitter, it is because they have found that the majority of the time the content of that account’s feed to be too repetitive.

The Social Break-up

Twitter UnfollowLet me say that again: those who repeat themselves on Twitter risk getting unfollowed! This study, a piece titled The Social Break-Up by ExactTarget and cotweet, examined causes behind Twitter users’ decisions to unfollow certain brands and other accounts. Although Twitter users are some of the most loyal social networkers, they are quick to unfollow accounts that displease them.

The Social Break-Up shows that the most commonly cited reason for unfollowing an account is because the “content became repetitive or boring over time.” Over 52% of the Twitter users the report studied gave that as the number one reason regarding why they unfollowed a brand on Twitter.

If you’re interested in learning more about Twitter and unfollowing, read the full report, as it has information regarding emails, Facebook, and more! The entire report is helpful for bloggers who wish to promote their brand; however, I’d like to focus on what this report means for bloggers who use Twitter.

Basically, this confirms the idea that bloggers should avoid using Twitter as simply a way to provide an RSS feed for when they update their blog with new posts. Sure, through widgets that automatically Tweet the titles of your posts when they are published, you can keep your followers informed of your blog’s activity, but while the content on the blog changes, the content of the Twitter feed does not really change at all. Yes, the words in these Tweets change with each new post title, but it’s the same repeated type of content: an announcement that you have a new blog post!


The report concludes with a quotation by a subject of the survey, Amanda, 31, Louisville, KY, who says, “I think each channel should be customized for that group of people, so that each group feels important. That way, a consumer can follow on Twitter, Facebook, and by email and not be overloaded with the same information.” So, basically, if you are a blogger who uses Twitter, you have to understand your fellow Twitter users before you can start connecting with them. What do they use Twitter for? How do they use it? It’s clearly a much different channel than your blog or your Facebook account, so how can you best link them up to use each channel to your advantage?

Your best bet is to be an active Twitter user who also has a blog. Does that make sense? In other words, present yourself to the Twitterverse as an energized Twitter user who can contribute to the world of Twitter. Then, once you show yourself to be a very effective Twitter user, you can count on that reputation leading other Twitter uses to cross channels and visit your own blog.

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23 thoughts on “Bloggers Who Use Twitter, Take Note! New Study Shows Why People Unfollow”

  1. for me twitter sucks big time……. will be better off creating a fake facebook account and ading hundreds of people to generate traffic…..wasted a week on twitter just to get 50 visits in totla from twitter whereas facebok gives me 80-90 odd daily so in short facebok is the king as far as social marketing is concerned atleast in my niche 🙂

  2. Hi Tara,

    Very good points. I know how annoying it is to get contacted by someone for some reason for which I am not at Twitter. Well I use Twitter for networking and blog promotion. What if someone keeps on asking me a date?! It is always wise to learn about someone before starting to connect.

    In this regard, I have recently written a post about why I did a mass un-follow mission and cleaned up my Twitter –

    Just another perspective that might help people on Twitter.


  3. really very helpful guidance for all the people out there which will definitely help them in retaining followers.

  4. there’s one more thing I’d like to point out here.. people will unfollow you also when you flood their timeline… so if you’re tweeting too frequently.. STOP DOING THAT… and boring content is always a reason to unfollow

    • Thank you so much guys for reverting back to my queries.. You people are dedicated to your readers and I really appreciate it.. Keep up the good work.. hope to see some more quality posts coming our way…:)

  5. Kudos, nice article!

    It depends on how you regard the blogger in question though. And how he or she mixes their their tweets. For instance Jeff Bullas sends tweets for posts he’s written two years ago. But I know that Jeff has interesting content on his blog and that it’s worth reading.
    On the other hand he’s frequently not linking his tweets to his blog.
    So my best guess is that you have a variety of tweets. It’s always good not to put all your eggs in one basket 🙂

    cheers, andi

  6. The Best way to maintain your followers is by constantly tweeting informative articles not only from your blog but also from other blogs,websites. And Retweeting is a major factor,people love when some one RT’s and also giving a shout out to some of your followers is not bad .

    • Good point Anish
      By retweeting good content you profile yourself as well as someone who cares about the topic.

  7. yes you are correct Tara Miller, repetitive tweeting of same kind of content is main reason to unfollow…

  8. This is a great topic to discuss. Social media platforms (Twitter especially) are so new to most of us that no one really has a firm grasp of how to make the most out of them yet. As you pointed out, using each new medium in the same way you use the older ones is definitely NOT how to make the most out of them.

    Thanks for sharing.

  9. I am also getting this problem, most of the bloggers whom I am following keep posting links to there old articles. 🙁
    Btw I don’t post these boring stuff do follow me @pranavalwar 😀

  10. I think tweeting about current issues and sports games bring a lot of attraction towards a twitter profile


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