HOW TO: Use Twitter As A Popular Marketing Tool

Marketing with TwitterTwitter is one of the most popular social networking sites that are based on a micro blogging platform. It is more like a blog along with a chat room, allowing you to get your ideas out before an audience interested in your stuff transmitted in real time. This makes twitter as a marketing tool for advertisers and publishers all over the world.

There are many ways in which one can use Twitter as a Marketing tool that we will discuss in this article. Earlier, we discussed about how to use Twitter to flour your business.

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How It Works?

It might be helpful to discuss in brief the way Twitter works. It is like a walky-talky in which only person switched on to your channel (that is by following you) can hear your messages. In a similar manner, when using Twitter one can receive messages from those people whose channel you are following. So, the first thing to do in order to use Twitter as a Marketing tool for your Business, after you join, is to start adding people to your followers list. You will be then switched on into their channel & be able to receive their tweets.

Whom Should You Follow?

Anyone who is interested in your industry. So if you are promoting mobile phones, you should follow people who are interested in gadgets and technology. If you are promoting pet insurance, then people interested in dogs and cats would be appropriate. While using twitter as a marketing tool, one must use the “find people” option at the top right corner of the screen when logged into the Twitter page & type keywords related to a topic. This will display a list of Twitter users labeled with those keywords. Take one or two accounts and start following those who are following that account.

Things To Remember

There are few things to remember while using twitter. Twitter does have a follower limit, so that you may follow no more than 2000 people at a time until 2000 or more people are following you. After the threshold limit, one may follow an additional number of people no greater than 110% of the number of people following then. Hence you should be careful about whom you follow. Don’t just follow someone because they are following you. If you want to employ twitter as a marketing tool, you definitely seek followers who will actually read your tweets, and are not just following you to increase their follower count. If used judiciously, Twitter can be a great marketing resource.

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25 thoughts on “HOW TO: Use Twitter As A Popular Marketing Tool”

  1. These are just basic steps… considering it as a marketing tool one will have to really do much more… nice post for newbies though πŸ™‚

  2. Good point but there is still one more left. You have to ask yourself what are you tweeting about. If it is relevant and not too spammy u will always find followers who are genuine.

  3. And one more thing , you should be very careful in following the twitters.
    You see many twitters write in their bio section that they are
    “tech addict or blogger or anything that will impress ”
    but instead they are the affiliate marketers who just earn by tweeting about the paid products , so have a look at their tweets also once , i know this is time consuming but it will help in getting rid of such followers and twitters πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Bitter Fact : I never knew about this when i started using twitter :(, i used to follow each and every twitter and my greediness towards the increase in followers made me to follow every person who follows me through an online twitter application and after changing my password also it is still working and i don’t remember the site url also πŸ™ πŸ™

  4. had registered on twitter long back but started using it since last month and now trying to follow ppl which i like to and get good followers as well

  5. Twitter is best marketing tool for me as well. Thank you for the tip buddy. I couldn’t find any problem in your blog. Do u want to add footer or what?

  6. hi Sourish, nice article, i have not put twitter into marketing yet but will follow some of your tips, am already following people on my niche and will like to keep doing so,

  7. Two third marketers now use facebook and twitter for their jobs. Twitter is great and I prefer it due to its simplicity and effect. But it only works it we do the right way and it takes time (weeks and even months to understand what should and should not do) but I’m sure that it worths our efforts.

  8. Unluckily, I couldn’t use twitter in China, or I must use everyday time to time. Twitter is in my opinion is much too powerful than I think, everyday people are talking about twitter, haha.

      • Damn . I was just wondering what will happen when we all have to shift to China when the world ends [recently saw 2012 Dooms Day :D] , and we’ll not be able to use Twitter.

        But i will find a way and and blog about it . πŸ™‚ ..

    • Twitter is banned in China???

      Oh that’s really bad..
      .-= NpXp’s last blog…16 Dofollow Blogs & Tips To Improve Pagerank For Your Blog =-.

  9. Twitter is best platform to promote your online business , but only if you use it effectively. Great article , you explained it well. Please write some useful tips for FaceBook also. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Ruchi,
      Nice to see you after a long time.I would definitely write a post about Facebook Marketing :).


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