HOW TO: Use Social Media For Sales And Marketing

Social Media For Sales
Social media can play an important role in sales and Marketing. It strengthens a relationship between the customers and the ...
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Sports and Social Media – Cross Promotion At Its Best

Social Media and sports, when taken together, are driving up viewership and advertisement revenues the world over. For people who ...
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10 Vital Tips To Successfully Publish Your First Book

Note: These tips apply for both printed version and PDF (eBook) version. Recently I helped one of my friends to ...
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HOW TO: Build A Successful Email Marketing List

Gone are the days of promoting and marketing your products and services through flyers or word of mouth. As any ...
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4 Online Marketing Strategies for Christmas

On special occasions like Christmas and Easter, your imagination turns to: “think of a sound marketing strategy to gain maximum ...
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I Blogged My Cousin A Bride – Bride & Brand

This is so weird, even I have trouble believing it actually happened. But it did. Here’s what I mean. Like ...
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Valuing Prospects Through Email Marketing

Email Marketing
In as much as one would like to make a customer out of every person who enters your store, that’s ...
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History Of Marketing Channels [INFOGRAPHIC]

We will always get amused by looking at the History of something! Let it be a product, a website or ...
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5 Tips To Market Your Content Effectively

Content Marketing
Content writing is the best way to educate your customers about your latest products. It is also a great way ...
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3 Effective Marketing Tips For Bloggers

Marketing is a backbone for a business, and as blogging is a business thus it need marketing. Marketing is a ...
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