HOW TO: Use Social Media For Sales And Marketing

Social Media For SalesSocial media can play an important role in sales and Marketing. It strengthens a relationship between the customers and the company. If a company wants to become a leading company on internet then social media is the right path for it.

How to Get Started with Social Media

If you have decided to use social media for sales and marketing for your Business and you don’t know where to focus the power then the time spent on social media and all efforts done will be in waste. To ensure that you are going well, you will have to do some research before using the social media to know that which social media networks you should use for this prospect. You can take a poll or survey for people who use social media daily. Many companies use LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook but some industries have made their own forums to interact with people. However many companies prefer to use both the above 3 social media networks as they are free to use. If you are going to use social media then make sure to do only those activities which can enhance the relationship between you and people. Avoid time wasting videos and other games which will not leave a good impression for you on people.

Twitter For Sales and Marketing

Finding Prospects

When you create a Twitter Account, make sure to include a picture on profile and the link of your website or blog. Also enter detailed description about you in your profile. Please remember that if you don’t place a profile and background picture and don’t write info about you then the account can appear “spammy”. Also include contact information so that your followers can reach you.

Now find your prospects using find tab which will be located on the top. Now extend your search and follow those people who are following the people whom you are following and also those people whom your followers are following. Now follow the people which are in your industry and also follow the people who are following your competitors. Remember that Twitter has 2000 follower limit. It increases as your followers increase.

Now keep yourself active on Twitter by monitoring the tweets of those people whom you are following. Looks for your competitor’s tweets where people are not satisfied with their products and if your product can solve their problem then post your tweet in the reply of those people’s tweets.

Interacting with Prospects and Followers

Meanwhile when you are increasing your followers, you should share real time news that may be interesting to your prospects. Share your tweets there a few times in a day. Now what type of news and tweets you should post? The answer is simple. About your latest products, the most selling products and giveaways and meanwhile you can also share the tweets regarding your meetings with your vendors.

Facebook for Sales and Marketing

Creating Connection

On Twitter, you can follow the people whom you don’t know but on Facebook, it is inappropriate if you add friends whom you don’t know. You should add only those people whom either you have spoken in the past or if they are from the same industry from where you belong to. Here I would like to suggest that before adding people, either poke them or send them a message to ask them for being friend. If they poke you back or they reply you with their positive response then add them. Otherwise if they reject your invitation then may be your account will get blocked.

If you are leading your company on Facebook then you should make a Facebook page and promote your content there. There share your news, links etc about your company, products and giveaways and then share that news on your own wall from your page.

Connection through Conversation

On Facebook, you can make more connections by participating on different groups and pages. Try to join the most active pages and groups and participate on the most recent discussions. If someone gets interested with your discussion then you can invite him/her to be your friend.

Facebook Search Option

You can use Facebook search option to invite people for friendship. You can search people by name or by company name, industry or college/university or with a specific location by entering city name.

LinkedIn for Sales and Marketing

Creating Connections

Like Facebook, it is not appropriate to connect with people whom you don’t know however ou can connect with those people with whom you have worked before. Same like Facebook, if you connect with those people whom you don’t know, you can ban from the LinkedIn. The more connections you will have, you will get better chance to get higher interaction to your profile and posts. But before going furthermore, you will have to complete your profile by entering your all expertise and experiences. Once your profile is updated and completed, you can connect with people now.

Connection through Conversation

Besides connections and referrals, you can connect with people by participating in group discussions. You can join the groups regarding your industry and there you can participate the discussions. Same as Facebook, if someone is interested to be your connection then go further to add him/her. Meanwhile avoid by using marketing tune in your comments or discussions as your profile can be marked as “Spam” and can be banned. Meanwhile you can participate in the discussions of your competitors but you should keep in mind that always do discussions in a good manner. You can follow these examples.

A Good Example:

I had a customer ask for a way to solve X problem. We recommend X. Can you think of any other creative ideas to solve this problem?

A Bad Example:

I don’t like ABC competitor. I hear XYZ (my company) is better. What do you think?

I believe that following all the above rules and tips, you get a good chance to get popular on the social media. Meanwhile this will lead you to increment of your sales.

Sports and Social Media – Cross Promotion At Its Best

Social Media and sports, when taken together, are driving up viewership and advertisement revenues the world over. For people who missed out on the big moments of yesterday’s big match, social media fills you in on all the details thanks to easy sharing of information. Missed that amazing goal kick in the last minutes of the game yesterday? It is on your Facebook or Twitter news feed just waiting to be watched.

Here are some of the ways social media and sports are complimenting and cross-promoting each other.

Never underestimate the power of social media ‘trends’

The English striker, Wayne Rooney’s increased Facebook fan presence is part of a ‘social trend’ during Euro 2012. What does this tell us? That social networks have a snowballing effect on ongoing and popular events.

Wayne Rooney Facebook

With the Euro 2012 underway, many avid sport fans help define a ‘trending’ term, thanks to string theory. This increase in fan activity can make advertising firms and brand managers capitalize on trending terms on social networks. Facebook is one such powerhouse when it comes to creating a social trend and for other sports enthusiasts, this should be an eye opener for some fantastic sports marketing ideas.


Social Media allows professional players to stay connected with fans more than ever.

Social media and sports are collaborating in many ways as well. Case in point, Kevin Pietersen, former Test batsman, always invites a lot of feedback as he tweets during pre-game intervals and garners a lot of viewership for the impending game. Match discussions are no longer confined to traditional media outlets such as TV and print. Interacting with fans on a personal level is easier than ever on social networks. Fans find this a great stimuli when their sports idols actually take out time to communicate with them.

Social Media Drives Viewership Levels and Ticket Sales

Major sports broadcasters such as ESPN are now offering live streaming of games on the internet for social media butterflies to keep an eye on. 1 in 3 people are known to follow the game on their mobile devices. No wonder ESPN reported a 210% increase in viewership than the last tournament edition in 2008.

Ticket sales have risen as much as 3 times with social media pages promoting teams as well as individual sporting personality coverage round the clock. Use of Sweepstakes applications and fan pages on Facebook is cultivating renewed sports interest amongst those who are non-traditional sports followers. Also there is a big question whether Social Media headed for a Stock Market Burst?

Social media and sports are proving to be a marriage made in heaven. It’s about time social media firms and advertising agencies utilized them for maximum benefit.

10 Vital Tips To Successfully Publish Your First Book

selfpublishingNote: These tips apply for both printed version and PDF (eBook) version.

Recently I helped one of my friends to successfully publish his first book. He was running after different publishers for months but it always kept him waiting.

He had around 200 pages of a fiction story which anyhow didn’t fit any of the publishers requirement. With a face of dissatisfaction, he requested me for a solution to spread his book. Even I was very new to it. So, I researched on this topic and knew the secret of self-publishing.

Self-publishing is what that worked for him to sell around hundreds of digital books.

Now here below, I’m going share the steps that helped us to successfully reach our destination.

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1. Well Written Manuscript

Before spreading it to the audience, you make sure that the script doesn’t suck. So, do a number of proofreading to make it finer. Share the draft with some of your close friends and ask them to find out the errors like spelling, grammar and extra-story fluffing. If you need inspiration you can check out Seth Godin’s free eBooks.

Make your story quite crispy with interesting twists and compel them to stay interested till the end.

2. Find a Platform

As you’re new to self-publishing, you need to find a platform. I recommend Amazon KDP (see other resources) which has a large base of book readers. Basically KDP made publishing much simpler .i.e. upload your document with a good title & keyword and get listed to their marketplace.

3. Best Book Cover

You need to have a great cover design to attract readers. Hire a designer or you yourself work on Photoshop. You can also try some professional tools to design your eBook. I generally prefer the books cover with a black background with an awesome illustration in it. This makes the book more appealing.

4. Awareness & Building Audience

It’s very much essential to build audience. You can create a Facebook official page of your book where you can interact with your audience & let them aware of your upcoming book.

5. Tease Them

Tease your audience with few illustrations related to your book story & make them interested in it. Tease them a lot, so that they wait for the book release date.

6. Peaks

Do share small parts of your story to create curiosity among them for knowing further extension of it.

Eg, Extract two interesting lines or dialog from your story which depicts an interesting part of it but don’t give them the clue to predict the whole.

7. Giveaway before the Release

Your only motive is to reach your first book to as many people as you can. So, why not to do some kind of trick .i.e. conduct a contest for your audience where 10 limited people will receive free copy of your book but in exchange request them for an unbiased review.

8. Limited period Free

Two days after the release, let your book go free on download for a limited period of 24-hours so that your audience rush to download it faster. This will help you to get a good number of readers, who’ll not only read your book but will judge its quality. Who knows, they may like it & may even make it popular in no time.

9. The Price

As the limited time ends, raise the price of your book. This will make your reader understand that your book is much worth reading and the reason it gone high price.

10. More Amazon Reviews

Try to gain more reviews on your Amazon page to gain more credibility to it. You can even spend few bucks on the book review to make it work for the long run.

These above are some of the important things about Self-Publishing. If you’ve an extra point to add, then put it in the below comment.

HOW TO: Build A Successful Email Marketing List

Email MarketingGone are the days of promoting and marketing your products and services through flyers or word of mouth. As any student in a marketing program or in an online marketing course will tell you, email marketing is the way to go in the Internet age where everyone has an email account which they have constant and instant access to via their smartphones and other mobile devices. But who do I send emails to and how do I get those email addresses, you may ask.

This is when you need to build an email marketing list so that you have a base of potential customers to communicate with. There are several ways you can do so; just take a pick from the list of methods below according to the ones that suits you best.

Put up a “sign up” form

Ever notice that upon arrival at certain sites like Groupon, a window pops up right before you even had a chance to catch a glimpse of the site? This window is a “sign up” form that allows site visitors to register to receive updates or newsletters from the site. Most will just exit this window but you’ll definitely be able to get a number of people signing up. They might think “Ah, since this appears, I might as well sign up”. This pop up window is the most convenient way for people to register, rather than having to search for the contact form on the website.

Assure subscriber’s privacy

Now that your site visitors have signed up to receive emails from you, you need to assure them that their personal details are safe with you and that you would never release them to other parties for whatever purpose. Putting a statement such as this on your sign up form does assure subscribers that they can trust you with their information. This will most certainly increase sign up percentage!

Give involvement options

Some might want to receive every single news you have but there are those who just want to know about the latest promotions. There are also others who are only interested in freebies. Give your subscribers the option to select what they would like to receive. If this option isn’t given, it might turn them off from subscribing altogether as they don’t want to receive more emails that they prefer to.

As for news and updates, it would be great if you can let your subscribers decide how often they want to receive them – daily, weekly or fortnightly.

Attract them with freebies

If your Business is new or doesn’t have a loyal fan base yet, dangle some freebies in exchange for their email addresses. Everyone loves a giveaway and they wouldn’t mind providing their email addresses for a discount or a little token.

The freebie doesn’t have to be a big one. Kill two birds with one stone and give a discount coupon for your store in return for an email address. This way, your subscribers are inclined to return to your site to utilize the voucher and voila, you get an email marketing list, sales and brand awareness! I have to admit that I do give out web hosting coupon codes on my website too, for those who are interested, do come to have a look.

Get email addresses physically

If you are taking part in a seminar, product launch, car boot sale or just any event at all, bring along a mailing list sign-up so that the people you meet can register on the spot. This technique is quite easy as the customers would have already interacted with you and no further introduction of your product or service is needed.

Buy an email list

When all else fails, turn to this last resort. The downside of this method is that unlike the methods above where the subscribers have indicated interest, using a purchased email list would mean that you would be blasting thousands of people with emails with the hope that they be interested enough to purchase. But before that, they would first need to open and read your email and of course, your email must not end up in the spam folder.

You need to be careful too as this method could backfire by portraying yourself as a spammer or a non-reputable business. No, this is not a method which I like. 🙂


With six tips or methods listed above to help you create an email marketing list, you should be able to do so with little problem. Once you have built a list and are ready to embark on email marketing, remember that the key point is the content of the email itself. So make sure that your emails are engaging enough to retain the subscribers that you have so difficultly obtained. Well, I will most likely come up with another article on this subject in the near future, do stay tuned!

4 Online Marketing Strategies for Christmas

On special occasions like Christmas and Easter, your imagination turns to: “think of a sound marketing strategy to gain maximum profit.” Well, it is really important to come up with a unique promotion in order to attract more and more customers. But, when we talk about marketing strategy for an event or occasion; it requires much more than preparing a good deal or offer especially when you belong to an online business.

Christmas Marketing

This article will highlight the important ways and aspects of marketing a Christmas deal or promotion. The start; of course, should be to design a perfect and appealing Christmas deal or offer for your customers. But, what is more important is how you promote that deal on the internet. Continue reading the rest of the article to find out some of the mandatory tools that you should use to boost your Christmas campaign:

1. Logo

The first thing online businesses should do is: align their logo with the Christmas theme. It isn’t necessary to make some extraordinary changes to the logo; just a little creativity can also help them through. Now, why is it important to have a Christmas themed logo design? It is important because your logo is your identity; your customers relate to you and your products through your logo design; hence, adding the colours of Christmas to your logo will help you connect with your customers in a much better way. This will also send your customers a message that you’ve got something good to offer this Christmas.

2. Design a Separate Landing Page for your Christmas Promotion

You have designed a perfect Christmas deal for your customers; the next thing you should do is design a landing page for the promotion on your website so that your customers are able to get all the details of your Christmas deal at one place in an unambiguous manner. The graphics of the landing page should be aligned with the Christmas theme and it should be attention grabbing.

The better you are able to present your Christmas deal in front of your customers; the more you’ll be able to benefit from it.

3. Update your Website Home Page

The home page of your website interacts with visitors on behalf of the rest of your web pages and creates what is called ‘the first impression.’ Your customers should get a glimpse of your Christmas campaign from your website home page. Their first thought should be like: Wow! I guess I’ve landed on the right website; I can get something good from here.

You should also link your Christmas promotion landing page with your website home page. An easy way to do this is by placing a side banner of the Christmas promotion on your home page that links to the landing page.

4. Use the Power of Email Marketing and Social Media

Email marketing can give your Christmas promotion a great boost. Design a perfect looking email for your Christmas deal and send it to your potential customers; promote your Christmas offer through your official pages on social networking sites. This will help you reach more and more customers; hence, it would help you increase your sales on the lucrative occasion of Christmas.

These were some of the major steps that should be taken in order to run a successful marketing campaign. However, more tools and portals can be used depending upon the nature of the business, but one should remember that quality matters more than quantity. All the best for your Christmas Campaign!

I Blogged My Cousin A Bride – Bride & Brand

Blogged A BrideThis is so weird, even I have trouble believing it actually happened. But it did. Here’s what I mean. Like any traditional Indian family, we were looking to get my cousin married off – and were going through the conventional channels. Registering with matrimony directories. Mentioning it to friends and family. Even running the mandatory classified ad or two.

And then, I got this idea… to post a blog about it. Even if I say so myself, that was a compelling and brilliant branding post that I drafted for him – and to cut a long story short, it snagged him a bride!

My point?

A blog can be incredibly effective in building a brand, making an impression, or creating a persona.  And it works just as well for a business as for an individual.

What exactly is a brand, in today’s social media driven world?

Not a logo with a slogan and a jingle. Not even a mission statement or a values document. Not a series of ads with a consistent message. A brand is all that – and more. Above all, it is the sum total of the conversations about you and your business that take place around the Web.

Yes. Your brand is driven by conversations ABOUT you. And the reason you should blog is to help stimulate, guide and direct that conversation.

Long gone are the days when a business or entity could ‘control’ the brand. Social media has taken over. Rarely do we have the ability or the reach to even monitor – let alone control – what is being said about us and our brand online. And a reactive approach of damage control after your reputation takes a hit can be a costly mistake.

What can blogging do to help you with branding?

Well, for one, it can present a perspective and image about you and your business in a way very few other media channels can do effectively – and do so continuously, inexpensively, and in a way that is under your control.

As a blogger, you get to decide what goes on your blog.  Be it an article or interview, a video recording or audio presentation, a slideshow or PDF, you can choose what to say and share.  And even though you may not have much say over what goes into the comments on your blog, you still get that rare and special opportunity to respond to any discussion that’s sparked off by commentators – and hopefully sway public opinion about the issues being covered.

Another benefit of ‘blogging for branding’ is that you provide ‘conversation starters’. Exciting news items, interesting developments, special moments in your (or your corporate’s) life, milestones and accomplishments – all become focus points which your audience may amplify and disseminate across their social networks.

When you actively blog on your areas of expertise and interest, you gradually establish a position and posture of authority and expertise which helps consolidate your brand in the eyes of your ideal prospects.  Consistently delivering valuable information, insight and opinion about your industry or specialty will translate over time into you being accepted as a thought leader or expert.

And don’t discount the SEO advantages of blogging. Your blog can naturally acquire high rankings on search engine results for keywords and phrases that your prospects are searching for, bringing you into their frame of reference and giving you a chance at capturing their attention – and eventually their business.

All that it takes on your part is a commitment to blogging, and the discipline to do it regularly. As you blog, keep a close watch on your audience’s response. It will show you just how well you are nurturing and strengthening your brand through blogging.

Oh, and one final word about branding.

Branding matters just as much to you as an individual as it does to a corporate entity – indeed, even more so. What Hugh ‘Gaping Void’ McLeod so elegantly refers to as your “personal micro-brand” can be established, developed and extended in remarkable ways through blogging.

So spare a moment to think about your brand – and weave it into your blog, starting today!

This article is written by Dr.Mani Sivasubramanian. He is a heart surgeon and Internet infopreneur who leverages his blogging and writing to fuel a passionate desire to fund lifesaving treatment for under-privileged children. .

Valuing Prospects Through Email Marketing

Email MarketingIn as much as one would like to make a customer out of every person who enters your store, that’s simply not possible. And especially since most businesses now have a website, a prospect can browse through the company website and then leave in just a few seconds. A wise small business owner understands the value of not just a customer but also a prospect. This realization is the wisdom behind email marketing. With the help of this unique marketing strategy, businesses can keep in touch with prospects and motivate them to make a purchase.

Since, they are already looking around then they these prospects must be interested in a product or service. With the assumption that these prospects have the willingness to make a purchase, the dilemma that a business owner now face is how to get these individuals’ email addresses. But with the right invitation and a strategic marketing plan, that should not be a problem. Here are a few things to consider.

Stick To The Pros

Simplicity is the key to managing a whole list of tasks without feeling burned out or overly exhausted. Unless you have the luxury of time to do things manually, then its best that you seek out the help of a professional online email marketing service that will provide not just the tools but also assistance to make seemingly complicated tasks more manageable. Options are available depending on the size of the company.

Be Compelling

In order to get more individuals to give out their email addresses, one must provide a compelling enough reason for why one should join your email list. Spell out things to your visitors. Tell them what’s in it for them if they join your mailing list, something fun like a top ten list will easily capture any average website visitor’s attention. What is important is to keep things interesting and fresh.

Don’t Count Out Coupons or Freebies

One easy way to get prospective buyers to sign up to your email list is to offer them coupons that they can use during their first purchase or maybe even freebies. The added advantage to going this route is that your prospects will have to visit your brick-and-mortar store eventually to redeem their coupons or freebies. And once they are in your shop, they’ll be able to look around and you’ll have a greater chance to talk them into buying any of your products.

This article is written by Chris Marentis. He writes from experience about lead generation, closing the sale and leveraging social media. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.

History Of Marketing Channels [INFOGRAPHIC]

We will always get amused by looking at the History of something! Let it be a product, a website or even a celebrity. But when it comes to ‘Marketing’, you will find it rather amusing. In one way or another, these old forms of Marketing is still around today, you can see or sense them here and there. Now Internet Marketers change the way old marketing used to be.

Considering the fact, smart phones and tablets are replacing common gadgets, new form of advertising strategy is required and thus arises new form of marketing too. Anyone interested in Viral Marketing?

Marketing History

Image Credit : Visual Loop

[Click here to view the full image]

5 Tips To Market Your Content Effectively

Content writing is the best way to educate your customers about your latest products. It is also a great way to stay connected with your clients and feed them with new information or new development regarding your business. So, you need to market your content the right way, to ensure that it reaches a wide audience. Here are 5 simple tips to market your content effectively.

Content Marketing

Consistency in Quality and Quantity

You should continuously create and update new content for your site on a regular basis. It is common knowledge that search engines prefer new content more than the older ones. So, if you want people to be aware of your product then creating newer contents would always help them get to you easily.

But, make sure that the content you produce is of good quality and interests the readers to know more about your products. Your content should be useful and meaningful. Creating large amount of senseless content would be a waste both for you and your clients as no one would like to read them through. Hence, you should have a right balance between quality and quantity.


There are billions of people who use the search engines to look up their particular items of interest. This means that there are specific segments of users who would like to invest in products similar to yours. So, you should investigate the exact keywords that these people put into the search engines to look up the products.

There are several free internet tools such as Google‘s Keyword Tools and that inform you about the people’s search preferences. You can even take the help of Web analytics to know which keywords would bring in more customers to your site. So, use these keywords effectively into your content writings and see a boost in your business.

Optmize content for search engines

Content that is optimized for search engines has a specific keyword density (among other things) that helps it to get ranked for those keywords. If the keyword density lies between 2.5% to 3% that’s good. An excess of keyword sprinkling will make it look like spam.

So, don’t overdo SEO while writing great value content to bag a top position in the search engine results. Hence, once you know about the targeted keywords you can easily spin your article around them and make thematically rich content for your readers.

Share Tips

People love to know more about the particular product/service/niche in which they would like to invest. So, share useful and insightful materials with them. You can also include some good advice and tips to use the products in a better manner.

The tips should be genuine and related to the product that you sell. It should have the capacity to solve your client’s problems or have an enhancement in the quality of their lives. This is a great way to build up trust in your followers who would come back to you again and again in the hope of gaining some more valuable information from you.

So, do your homework right. Do adequate research work and then offer your customers some well written content.

Subtle Approach

Instead of directly selling your products, do a subtle approach. Inform you clients about the various benefits associated with that merchandise. You can also subtly show them how this product can make a great change in their lives.

If you inform them about certain benefits of the product which they were not aware of before, then this would help them to gain more trust in your company and you. Hence, go for subtle promotions instead of direct thrust marketing.

With the help of these simple marketing tips you can make your articles reach more number of people with less effort and in less time. It might be hard for you to carry out these tips initially, but once you practice things will become as easy as breeze.

3 Effective Marketing Tips For Bloggers

Marketing is a backbone for a business, and as blogging is a business thus it need marketing. Marketing is a process through which one can show its product or service or work to the word.

Blogging is a business where we share information with the world, and for a blog reader is very important. If a blog has no visits, then it can’t survive and compete in this tap blogging industry. As a blogger you will have to follow the following 3 tips in order to market and build readers for your blog.

#1 – Social Communities

Social Media

Social Media related websites are now on of the most popular and trafficked websites on the web. For example youtube which is the world 3rd most visited site, and it has 2 Billion page views per day. Similarly Facebook and other popular social media websites have lot of traffic. These can play vital role in the promotion of your blog.

#2 – Search Engines

Search Engines

For a business customers is very important, similarly for bloggers readers are very necessary. The only possible way to get free readers for your blog is to follow search engine optimization process. SEO can only give you benefits if you target low competitive keywords and then build links. This is one of the most effective and reliable way to get stable traffic to your blog.

#3 – General Marketing


Apart from social communities and search engine optimization process, one can easily get readers for a blog through Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, News Paper, Forums etc… and other possible channels. Marketing is on going process, and it should never end. We will have to market your blog in all available locations, where there are humans, your work starts.

Keep working on building traffic, never stop and keep struggling on building links, promoting blog, writing content. In this way soon your blog will be included in the list of those blogs which are popular, recommendable and worth following.

For more blogging tips, subscribe to HBB. 🙂

Do you know any other solid and effective marketing tip? Please share it in the comments!