How Your Router Can Be Hacked To Reveal Password

 Internet users all over the world face a major security flaw in their routers, the one they use to connect their PC with the internet. Hackers exploit this vulnerability to access your private data. Before we start discussing about how to hack and safeguard your routers, first let us have a brief introduction about “What a is router” and “How it works”.

What is a Router?

 A router is a device that basically forwards data packets along your networks.The router is connected to atleast two networks, commonly LANs or WANs or a LAN and its ISP‘s network, i.e. your internet service provider.

Routers are located at  the places where two or more networks connect.These are the devices that keep data flowing steady between networks & thus keeps the networks connected to the Internet. When data packets are being sent between locations from one network to another network, the data is always directed to the correct location by the router.

The threat :

 Hackers use IP Scanners to scan any live computer (active on the network) in a given IP range, arbitrarily. They lookout for open ports in a system that can be exploited, basically port 80 that is used by your browser to access the web.

 A Sample output by Angry IP Scanner :



After knowing the security holes in a pc ,they access the routers admin page, where all the settings and passwords are saved,  by simply putting your IP address in their browser’s address bar.Any remote PC can access your router page if your firewall is not configured properly.


netgear pass


Most routers come with a default username, password (user = admin and  password = admin), which most of us simply ignore to change. We don’t realize that our identity over the internet may be compromised anytime, and then used against us (called identity theft). To safe guard your router you can take two steps to prevent unauthorized access.

 Step 1: Stop the culprit at the gate.

 Use the inbuilt windows firewall to block/disable all external access like remote desktop sharing and network discovery. Make necessary changes in your network settings.

 Step 2 : The vital step

  1. Always change your routers username and password. This can be done by typing in your browsers address bar. This will Open the router login page.

  2. Enter the default username password as mentioned above, if not already changed.

  3. Now Goto Home > Wan Setting and the username and password of his account will appear. netgear

  4. Change the passwords there and restart your router.

Precaution :

 Always change your router username password by entering in your web browser.

Get Quality Organic Backlinks As You Start A Blog

According to Matt from Google Anti Spam Team, there are many soft ways to get back links as you start a blog. It need not be gray hat methods to spam others blog with comments that link back to your site or just blast your links on Twitter, Facebook and Orkut Communities. Well these methods do evolve from time to time but nothing more can beat than creating quality content for your readers. It is the best way that reads link back to you from their blogs and can be the best way to get organic back links .


Here are few tricks to get quality back links and increase google page rank:

  1. Join forums and answer to people’s queries. Your participation bring users interest to know more about you and your blogs content. This essentially doesn’t mean you have to spam the forums with your links. Users are more receptive to interesting content than spam.
  2. Do original research before you write something. A first hand experience helps a lot when you are answering queries. Say for example there is something out on the web like Google DNS. You can do a thorough research and find how Google DNS is better than OPEN DNS or the DNS of your ISP and why should you consider using that. These reviews and tips brings general interest of the user and considerably easy to read and spread awareness.
  3. Find where users  spend their time. If they spend time on Facebook or Myspace, consider getting to know them and their interest. Join them and let them know what you have to offer them exactly by knowing what they are looking for.
  4. Run a service that people find useful. Release Free Products like ebooks, Firefox Extensions, Chrome Extensions, WordPress Plugins. If your services are good people will come to you to try things out and you get quality traffic and even some links.
  5. Create videos. This makes it easier for the users to watch it at any point and get a lot of value out of it.
  6. Create an easy site structure for both Google and users to read your site and find it easily. Most blogs or websites miss these things and hence don’t get the attentions they should be getting otherwise. You can get my help to get your WordPress blog structured and SEO optimized.

HOW TO: JailBreak Apple iPhone 4

Apple iPhone 4In my last post I have explained why people jailbreak their iPhone. No wonder it increases possibilities of adding various applications on your idevice and multiplying the hundreds of ways we can already use them.

If you are not aware about the term ‘Jailbreak’, which lets you have unlimited features on your Apple iPhone. To be more simple, it unlocks the Operating System. By this iPhone users are able to download many extensions and themes which are not available on the Official App Store. Earlier Apple filed patent against jailbreaking/unlocking iPhones.

Apple won’t allow you to jailbreak their device enabling 3rd party software to be installed, which are not approved by Apple (or app store). One largest marketplace of such non approved apps is Cydia. Cydia apps are not necessarily cracked apps, but paid apps with various uses.

Soon after the release of iPhone 4, it was jailbroken using userland jailbreak named Jailbreakme. It is the easiest jailbreak created ever, even simpler than Spirit. Below I mentioned some simple steps to jailbreak Apple iPhone 4.

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5 Simple Reasons To Jailbreak Your iPhone

iOS4.0UnlockWhat is jailbreaking? If you just heard of the iPhone, chances are you never heard about jailbreaking or unlocking your phone. The term jailbreaking is a fairly common term in the iPhone user’s community. The first thing iPhone users do after buying their iPhone is, go and jailbreak it. The Library of Congress made it legal, so there are now no legal restictions to jailbreaking. Quite recently Apple filed patent to disable jailbreaked/unlocked iPhones.

What is iPhone 4 jailbreak?

Jailbreaking your iPhone lets you unlock various possibilities which otherwise remain locked if you don’t jailbreak your phone. Jailbreaking your iPhone has many advantages over an non-jailbroken iPhone 4 or iPod touch 4.

Advantages of Jailbreaking iPhone – iPad – iPod touch 4

  • Jailbreaking allows you to install MyWi and turn it into a Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Install Cydia with tons of unofficial apps not allowed by Apple.
  • Unlock your iPhone.
  • Use  3G for making face time calls using My3G.
  • Use blacklist software and stop unwanted calls.

Confused about jailbreaking/unlocking? Check this Complete Information About Unlock/Jailbreak Iphone And Ipod Touch.

There are hundreds of advantages with jailbreaking your idevice to work with its full potential. If you liked this post, share it with your FB friends using the share button below. Subscribe to our RSS Feeds for more tips and tricks on this topic.

HOW TO: Use Twitter As A Popular Marketing Tool

Marketing with TwitterTwitter is one of the most popular social networking sites that are based on a micro blogging platform. It is more like a blog along with a chat room, allowing you to get your ideas out before an audience interested in your stuff transmitted in real time. This makes twitter as a marketing tool for advertisers and publishers all over the world.

There are many ways in which one can use Twitter as a Marketing tool that we will discuss in this article. Earlier, we discussed about how to use Twitter to flour your business.

FOR NEWBIES : Twitter Definitions For Newbies

How It Works?

It might be helpful to discuss in brief the way Twitter works. It is like a walky-talky in which only person switched on to your channel (that is by following you) can hear your messages. In a similar manner, when using Twitter one can receive messages from those people whose channel you are following. So, the first thing to do in order to use Twitter as a Marketing tool for your Business, after you join, is to start adding people to your followers list. You will be then switched on into their channel & be able to receive their tweets.

Whom Should You Follow?

Anyone who is interested in your industry. So if you are promoting mobile phones, you should follow people who are interested in gadgets and technology. If you are promoting pet insurance, then people interested in dogs and cats would be appropriate. While using twitter as a marketing tool, one must use the “find people” option at the top right corner of the screen when logged into the Twitter page & type keywords related to a topic. This will display a list of Twitter users labeled with those keywords. Take one or two accounts and start following those who are following that account.

Things To Remember

There are few things to remember while using twitter. Twitter does have a follower limit, so that you may follow no more than 2000 people at a time until 2000 or more people are following you. After the threshold limit, one may follow an additional number of people no greater than 110% of the number of people following then. Hence you should be careful about whom you follow. Don’t just follow someone because they are following you. If you want to employ twitter as a marketing tool, you definitely seek followers who will actually read your tweets, and are not just following you to increase their follower count. If used judiciously, Twitter can be a great marketing resource.

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