7 Free Best Tools To Check Website Loading Speed

“Website load speed” refers to the speed at which a specific website loads the content on it for the Web surfer. There can be many factors that could slow down its loading speed including the type of hosting server, CSS, images and animations, JavaScript files, the bandwidth being used for accessing the website, and the location of the surfer. To make sure your website is running at a good speed, you can use an online tool dedicated to checking loading speeds of webpages.

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1. iWebTool Speed Test

iWeb Tools is a website that provides free tools for any user like domain lookup, index checker, page rank checker, HTML optimizer and website speed checker. To check the speed, enter your domain’s address in the text box on the page, and hit “Check.” If there is more than one domain to be checked, enter the addresses on new lines. The website will immediately give you the results of “Load Time” and “Average Speed per KB.” Check the iWebtool website speed test tool here.

iwebtool website load speed test

2. Web Page Test

Once you submit your domain’s URL on this website, it will show you the first view’s load time in seconds. Another table will show you the time it took to fully load the website after the first view along with the page’s size in bytes. Check the Web Page Test tool here.

3. Web Tool Hub

Web Tool Hub shows the website’s load time in seconds as well as in seconds per KB. Besides the overall speed, it also shows the estimated time of individual objects on the website like the JavaScript and images. Check the Web Tool Hub to find the website loading time here.

4. Web Slug

Web Slug, besides showing you your website’s loading speed, also lets you compare its speed with other websites. You will find two separate fields on the page where you can enter the respective domain URLs and compare them. Check the Web Slug site here.

5. Pingdom Tools

On Pingdom Tools website, enter your domain’s address in the specified field, and click “Test Now.” The website will then load an HTML page, which will include a list of objects on your website like Flash, JavaScripts, images and CSS, and will show the load time of each object visually, in the form of time bars. This is one of the best speed testing tools, which can be checked here.

pingdom speed test

6. Submit Plus

Submit Plus is another free online application that tests website loading speeds including components like modem speed and advertisements. It takes about 60 seconds for the website to show results. Check the load time check tool here.

7. Up Trends

Up Trends website checks the speed of complete HTML pages including frames, Flash files, JavaScript, RSS feeds and CSS style sheet. Next to each object you will find its respective time bars indicating the time it takes to load them. Check the HTML pages speed testing tool from here.

Although there are several tools that help in monitoring and assessing the speed of website page loading, no two tools might show similar results and accuracy is never guaranteed. So it’s always advised to compare the results in a few different tools before coming to a conclusion about the website loading speed.

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  1. This is the best list, compare with other lists on net. I tried every single one, most of them are accurate. Thank you very much for sharing this.

  2. Actually this a fast life and no one have extra time to wait much for any task. In the same for net surfers the quick opening of a site appeals to them to visit again and for sites having slow loading bored to the visitors and they avoid to come again. thanks for pointing out on this important issue with useful checking tools.

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  7. i believe can find it all if you search on Google with website loading speed checker .
    Website loading speed is so important , if it load slow, then you may gain lot of bounce rate and will affect your SERP.
    Take important in the loading speed, no matter how great the content is, reader just do not have patient to wait the page load more than 3 seconds.

  8. Very Nice and Useful Post. But, I’ve tested this and found that all of these tools displays different results. Can i know why?

  9. I have been using Pingdom Tools from a long time. Thanks for telling me about some of its alternatives 🙂

    • There are many such sites, so we can’t decide actually which one is best.
      It varies from one person to another

  10. This is a great list, I knew some of them but even the rest of them are impressive and with better options too. Thanks for the share.


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