6 Top Twitter Mistakes You Should Not Make

Twitter mistakesTwitter marketing takes some skill, and it certainly takes some time to build up a loyal following. With a limited amount of text, we need to be careful how we use that space. As an individual, or small business, we can learn from what others are doing. In this article, we look at some of the common mistakes, even the big companies are making, to help us make better use of our Tweets. Online marketing is a tricky business. As always, we need to have a step-by-step strategy for our growth. Twitter is no different, and actually, most mistakes made on Twitter relate to us trying to get too much out of a single Tweet.

1. Multiple URLs

Multiple URLs in a single Tweet will not only confuse users, it will confuse search engines. Each Tweet should only ever contain a single URL. It is important to remember users are normally seeing a lot of information on Twitter, and we do not want to make what they are seeing any more complicated.

2. Multiple Hashtags

Like multiple URLs, multiple hashtags will not make it easier for others to find your information. Hashtagging only makes sense if you want your Tweets to be found in search. With multiple tags, your Tweet is lost in a sea of options, instead of being easier to find. Limit hashtagging unless you are specific about a conversation you want to join, and always only have a single hashtag.

3. Not Using URL Shorteners

With a limit to the number of characters we can ever post with Twitter, using URL shorteners is the only way to post a URL. Our original URLs need to make sense, and this is not the case for shortened URLs. At the same time, we can use those websites that provide those shortened URLs to gather more information on those Tweets, such as, how many times they have been clicked on. If you are not familiar with URL shortening, now is the time to learn. We can use URL shortening in other ways, such as with email outs to our subscriber lists on our websites to help us gather more data too.

4. Irrelevant Language

SEO (search engine optimisation) should be applied to everything we do online. It forms the basis of our website design, and our content marketing strategies. We need to keep our language and terminology appropriate on Twitter just as we do will all content. Using different terms to attract attention will only confuse followers, and confuse search engines. It is important we use the same terminology across all social media marketing platforms.

5. Over Twittering

Perhaps it is the temptation to send out something else, or put an extra piece of information out there, but over Twittering continues to be one of the biggest mistakes of just about everyone on Twitter. Even when someone is following only 10 people, it can be hard for them to take in all that information unless they are doing nothing but follow Twitter all day. If you want your Tweets to count, less is definitely more.

6. Over Following

Following others to have them follow you may seem a polite way to act on Twitter, but the fact remains if someone is following too many people, then they cannot possibly take in all that information. If you are contacting those who follow you, and following them in return, you will soon be following too many people. If others following you are following a lot of people they cannot possibly be seeing your Tweets in their see of visible posts.

The core of good online marketing starts from the very beginning. You cannot build up more followers and build up importance of your Tweets with haste. It is only those who are extremely popular outside of social media who have this ability. The fact remains there is an imbalance with Twitter. Being popular and followed by a lot of people is not easy. None of us should expect we could do it, especially over a short period of time.

7 Tips To Tweet Your Way To The Bank

Make Money From TwitterTwitter and Facebook are synonymous with social networking. Even Big G has jumped into the bandwagon by introducing its own Google+. No one can dispute the growing popularity of Social Networks. Just imagine the potential of tapping into the hundreds of millions of Twitter users. This is marketing heaven indeed. But the big question is how do you make money from your Twitter account?

Building your Twitter followers is the first order of the day but if you’ve got this situation handled then it’s high time you got the cash registers clicking.

For Building Your Twitter Followers, these will be helpful :

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Below are some simple tips on how you could convert your followers into unknowing accomplices of your money making scheme.

1.Monetize your Twitter Background

Customizing your background is a great way of expressing yourself and personalizing your Twitter experience. But this too could be a wonderful media for advertising another company’s products or services. Magpie for example is an ad network for Twitter that pays you every time they advertise on your Twitter account.

2.Redirecting Followers

All it takes is a marketing tweet along with a link that serves as a doorway for your followers to visit your advertiser’s website. This is similar to Cost-Per-View campaigns where money is paid according to the times that a follower is redirected.

3.Affiliate Marketing

Very similar to the strategy above but this time you redirect them to your affiliate link. Again, a short tweet with your affiliate’s link is all that’s needed to make some money. Just be careful to make this tasteful. Placing your affiliate’s link on all your tweets could make a lot of your followers searching for the exit door.

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4.Seek Advertisers

It’s certainly easier to find advertisers if you have a strong following. Advertise products you only feel strongly about. Focusing on low quality but high paying advertisers could be bad for your Twitter’s long term health. Stick to companies within your niche. It makes selling more natural and easier.

5.Building a Twitter Campaign

Companies might enlist your services to build their Twitter account. A proven track record of success can land you a job as a professional working for companies that would like to improve their online presence.

6.Selling Yourself

Take advantage of all the option available at Twitter. We’ve talked about how your simple background could be used as valuable advertising real estate. It would be a good idea to develop your profile page. Using your Bio for example and turning it to a sales page helps you advertise goods and services you offer.

7.Final Tweet

Everything is about selling, whether its blogging or tweeting for a profit, developing an effective marketing strategy is the key to success. Twitter is just one of the ways people could make money online. This alone may not give you the financial windfall you were looking for but combined with your other online marketing efforts it could contribute to your online success.

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This article is written by Michael Scottsdale. He is a professional writer and currently works as a consultant for online businesses. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.

5 More Simple Tips To Increase Twitter Followers

Twitter is something which no other social network can replace, because the concept is quite unique. Having lots of followers in Twitter can indeed turn you into a celebrity! Earlier we shared tips to increase Digg Followers and increase Friendfeed Subscribers. Now we are back with another 5 simple tips to increase Twitter followers.

So you have a Twitter account but unfortunately a less number of followers. Having account a required followers is something like (a Mercedes without requires diesel lol). I am providing you some of the best tips to get more followers on Twitter easily. I am not going to tell about some auto piloting system like twiends.

Image Credit : hktang – Flickr

I know twiends grow your followers but are the followers really helpful to you? No they are just exchanging the following method. As you know twitter is the best platform for webmasters and bloggers to increase their popularity on web. So why not to increase your followers and getting most of twitter.

1. Short bio describes a lot

Many people completely left this box blank. They just type their name upload their photo and wait for people to follow them. Are they doing right? Absolutely no, Will you follow an unidentified people? I know that you are not going to follow such people, So always fill up your short bio box.

2. Follow only who lies in your category

If you follow those people who come in your category then the chances are more to get followers, did you know how?

Many people balance your personality with the people whom you follow. If you are a blogger then you should join these account @Mashable, @TechCrunch, HellBlog, etc. I am not giving all the accounts but at least you should join these faces.

3. Profile pic forces to follow

I know you can’t believe this, but this is true. Some people are attract on faces. I got a message from a lady who just send me a message after following me.

“Hey @Ifhamkhan I really don’t know who you are, but when I see your pic on twitter I really wanna follow you”

So why not to create your avatar attractive. Mostly High definition pic with clear faces attracts a lot. Don’t use your side photo in which your face not looking perfectly.

4. Tweet about your passions

Tweet only feeds which you really love. for example you got an awesome news from somewhere and you are happy with the news then just simple click on “tweet”. Your chances are higher to get more followers. If you love the article then it is sure that other also love that.

5. Your account on web

If you have website and blog then it is very necessary to put your twitter follow button on the top. You can also check the direct follow button released by Twitter, it will help people to follow you easily. Add your twitter handler on Email signature. Facebook profile and as many social network as you have.

These are the basic and attractive tips to get more follower on twitter. Let us know if you know one?

This article is written by Ifham Khan. He is the author of geekspalace and dailytechtips.co.cc. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.