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6 Useful Tips For Engaging Facebook Pages & Communities Wisely


FB engagingFacebook pages are some of the most used social media tools today. They are easy to set up and manage. Presently, there are more than one million Facebook pages, most of which are built to market a service, product or organization. But are all the pages doing what they are supposed to do? Or were they created just for the sake of it?

Facebook pages are a great medium for continually engaging your audience. However, creating a page alone will not help you achieve this goal. The following are tips for building engaging communities through Facebook.

1. Have a strategy

One major mistake many people make is failing to have a strategy when creating a social media profile. Some people think about a strategy long after creating a profile. However, when you have a strategy at the beginning, it makes things more clear and transparent. You will have an idea of what to communicate, what theme to follow and what not. Therefore, having the right strategy in place before setting up our profiles is highly recommended.

2. Think about your ultimate goals

Before creating a Facebook page, consider the purpose of the community. Is it for user engagement or brand recognition? You should have the answers ready because everything will depend on what you would like to achieve. If you are not clear on this, things will look very vague ahead.

3. Have a content strategy

Forming a content strategy is very crucial for social media. This strategy is not only about your communication, but also what you should avoid from it. A proper content strategy will provide clarity on a starting point, how to keep things going, what the highlights are and where to stop. A content strategy also needs to address the designing of your content and the medium used, whether images, videos, podcasts or text. Find out what suits your audience and what promotes your brand.

4.  Bring your brand in context with content

With content strategy, it is very easy to get carried away. For instance, sharing funny videos might be popular with people, but this may not do much for your brand. It is therefore important to know how to present your brand to users in the right context. Deliberately establish what would make your brand interesting and apply it. Even if your product is useful, it won’t be accepted unless presented in an educating/entertaining way.

5. Find ways of motivating your audience

Motivation is not only providing good content. It is finding out what your audience really needs and how they can get it through you. You have to give people a reason to join your community or like your brand.

6. Find a way of dealing with negative comments

One negative comment has the same value as hundreds of praises. Your brand can benefit immensely if negative comments are dealt with properly. But ignoring one could prove to be detrimental. However, it is important to note that not all comments are worthy of your attention.

This article is written by Charles Mburugu. He is a professional content developer and an entrepreneur. He often writes about real estate, finance, business start-ups and internet marketing.


Charles Mburugu is a professional blogger who writes for TechBlogKe. You can follow him on Twitter @techblogke

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    • Sourav

      Excellent write-up, will help non-tech bloggers too.

    • Kavya Hari

      Face book is one of the large medium to interact with all peoples ans continually engaging your audience. Great effort 🙂

    • mike

      Hi, thank you for this post. This article is very interesting and helpful. Facebook may not be specially designed for business marketing, but you would be crazy not to take advantage of what it can do for your advertising and sales.

    • Kavya Hari

      Hello Kimathic, face book is one of the basic platform to communicate and share our ideas on there. And, it’s of the best directions to get high traffic with the best support.:)

    • Eddie Gear

      Don’t you think it’s a lot easier to engage your Facebook fans when you’re a retailer? I’m a fan of Sony Ericsson and I’m amazed at how well they keep their community engaged. One needs more clearly defined successful plots (for blogs that are content-related) to keep the community going isn’t it?

    • Megha

      Facebook pages are some of the most used social media tools today. They are easy to set up and manage.

    • Mani Viswanathan @ DailyBlogging

      Well having a well + pre defined strategy is the most imp when it comes to Social Media. But Facebook unlike other social media’s requires a specific & detailed strategy which needs to be implemented at the right time.

    • Rohit Batra @ IpodTouch4G

      quite good tips you shared will be helpful.. but if we really get successful in making Facebook pages engaging then we have to maintain it as users are dynamic If we just leave managing it will decline again..

    • Charles

      Thanks everyone for your feedback. I’m glad that you find the post helpful.

    • Marquee Hire

      Very sorry for the loss, that’s devastating. But my best guess would be (hopefully) if you know her password for her facebook or email, you can deactivate it that way. And if you only know her email, you can send an email to facebook giving you a new password so you can go on and delete it. Also, if this doesn’t work and is non-applicable, then contact facebook via phone or email.

    • Dave Grimes II

      I enjoyed this article plenty, and while a lot of its content was interesting and useful… the image of the engagement ring with the facebook logo on the diamond is AWESOME. I love it.

    • anish@pcpedia

      1.Find ways of motivating your audience and 2. Find a way of dealing with negative comments
      are very important.Of-course I agree with all your other points . Thanks for sharing

    • Riya @ Couponseasy

      Hi Charles.

      I do agree with you, If you have quality and interesting content then you can easily attract traffic to your site and create honest community.

    • Sam @ Weekend Getaways

      Creating a facebook community and keep them engaging is not a easy task specially when you have intelligent and educated people in your community. You always have a backup plan if your first strategy fails.

    • Usman

      Dealing with negative comments are really hard these days.

      As every one is receiving criticism these days, so its really hard.

    • Jasmine

      Creating an engaging community using Facebook pages is certainly not easy. I am still clueless how to proceed after reading your article. Perhaps some examples would be more than helpful. 🙂

    • Namit Gupta

      Creating an engaging community around a Facebook page is not easy. Taking care of some of the above mentioned points can really help in that.

    • Ankit

      Hey Charles I liked 3 and 5 Point.Thanks for sharing.

      • Joe

        Well I believe along with 3 and 5 points, 6th one is also important as we can't let the negative comments about our service be posted 🙂

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