3 Effective Ways Facebookers Can Use Google Calendar

Google Calendar is one of the tools I decided to use this year — since I was practicing time management. Other tools I found useful recently are Google Reader, Google Toolbar and Dropbox. Here I have mentioned 3 effective ways Facebook Users (or Facebookers) can use Google Calender.

#1 – Setup Birthday Reminders for Your Facebook Friends

Do you want to track your Facebook friends Birthdays but you rarely visit Facebook since they blocked it in your college or office. Now you can setup birthday reminders for your Facebook friends using Google Calendar and you don’t need to visit Facebook every time. You can import those birthdays into Google Calendar, where you can then setup reminders.

Go to Facebook and click Events on the left menu and go to Birthdays.

Events > Birthdays

Now go to Export Birthdays link, which you can find at the bottom of the page.

Export Birthday

Now you will get a popup kinda dialog box with an URL, just copy that one!

Now go to Google Calendar, under the Other Calendars box use the Add by URL function.

Add By URL - Google Calender

Paste in the URL from Facebook.

Add URL - GC

Click on the small arrow next to the appropriate calendar from the My Calendars (present in left panel) and choose Notifications.

GC - Noti

Note : You can also use the drop down menu to add SMS or email reminders before a set number of days/weeks.


#2 – Add (Embed) Google Calendar To Your Facebook Fan Page

Adding Google Calendar to your Facebook Fan page can help your fans to know about specific and special events easily.

FB Fan page Google Cal

Step 1 : Create an iFrame tab app for your Facebook Fan Page.

You can better refer this tutorial for creating an iFrame tab app.

Step 2 : Get your Google Calendar code

Go to Google Calendar, click Calendar settings now click the Calendar tab.


Then click the required calendar you want to embed. Now you can see the embed code for that specific calendar.


Step 3 :

Here is the sample full embedded code – you can replace the Google Calendar iFrame script in this code with yours.

#3 – Sync Facebook Events

This one is quite similar to the Birthday Reminders for Your Facebook Friends. Go to Events and at the bottom of the page you will find a link – Export Events. Use that and get the URL

Facebook Export Events

Now go to Google Calendar, under the Other Calendars box use the Add by URL function.

Add URL - Events

That’s it. Now your Google calendar will update automatically every time you accept or decline an event in Facebook.

Do you know any other way Facebookers can use Google Calendar? Kindly share them in the comments.

25 thoughts on “3 Effective Ways Facebookers Can Use Google Calendar”

  1. I successfully exported my Facebook events to my google calendar–however, I share this calendar with my boyfriend and he is not getting the facebook events?1 This was the whole purpose of me doing this? Did I do something wrong or not do something to make this happen?
    Thanks in advance!

  2. Excellent article. Tip #2 Rocked and has already been implemented. However, when I tried to implement #3 for our band page, I was not able to export the events. Essentially, What I would like to do is, every time I create a FB event (Gig) I want the event to automatically populate on the Band’s Google Calendar. Do you know of anyway to implement this? Here is the FB page in question. https://www.facebook.com/Legendztheband

  3. First- this is an amazing tutorial! Thank you SO much for the info!

    Also, Question- when I tried to embed my calendar into my fan page it doesn't auto format the size of the calendar for the page (like what's shown above) meaning- you can't see Fri and Sat on my calendar- any ideas?

  4. Just trying to create an app for the first time. Obviously things look different with some of the FB updates. I'm sorta stuck and not sure what I'm doing. I created the app but am not sure what to do next. The Tab part is asking me for URLs and it seems there is no place to put my Google cal code. REALLY confused what to do next.

  5. This is fantastic! Thank you so much for this. I finally got our church website calendar on Facebook!

    One quick question: I know a minimal amount of HTML programming, but I would like to add a header atop the calendar and a brief description to tell people how to use it (such as "Click on the event name for a pop-up description of the event and to add it to your personal calendar") but I'm not sure how to add visible text in the code that you gave. Can you help?

  6. Hi, thank you for this tutorial. I am having trouble though. I would like to add my Google events calendar to my fan page. I went through the steps to create an iframe app, but do not see a place in the app creation to use the code that you have displayed above that you say we can put in our calendar embed code. What do I need to do?

  7. Thanks a lot for sharing your ideas on here, Pradeep. Birthday reminder is one of the correct directions to remind our friends brithday. So, it will be very useful for all the people.:-)

  8. I will try to Sync FB Events with Google Calender. Thanks for sharing that tip.


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