12 Extreme Reasons Why People Unlike Your Facebook Page

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Social networks are a huge part of our lives now, and they intervene with every aspect of our lives. The impact of social networks like Facebook makes it easier to be heard by people from all over the world, and we have seen how popular pages are like on Facebook, which makes us think and imagine having a page on Facebook. But not everyone can really have a popular page on Facebook, because a lot of people try & fail, but with the right keys you can reach different types of audience. You should understand that people will unlike your Facebook page for many reasons that make your page less likeable, so make sure you understand the following and avoid it.

1. Too much activity

If you open your Facebook and you see a too many activities from a particular page, crowded on your wall like “Abc123 – this”, “Abc123- that”, “Abc123- here”, “Abc123 – there” and Blah, blah, blah…? What would be your intuition says first?

2. Not Enough Content

Do you like to stay with the page with not enough content? NO, of course not! If people liked your page, they did so to see more of what you had to say or post, and they want to know more because they are interested, so keep posting but without over posting.

3. Irrelevant content

Never post an irrelevant content on your fan page. For example, let’s say I liked a page for reggae music, why would I want to see this page posting about hip hop!

4. Repetition of Same content became boring over time

Oh, please stop that! Would it be pleasing if you hear that on your Facebook fan page? It would be annoying your visitors. Facebook updates or a post should be viral, not by the repetition of same content. It will be boring over time and it will lead to unlike your Facebook page.

5. Posting Too Much of Self-Promotional Stuff

Don’t make your fan page a junk yard where you post things that are both irrelevant and weird for your fans, instead make it like a Wikipedia or Google for your fans and reduce posting promotional stuff, because they like your page for a  certain reason.

6. Push Marketing

Push marketing never works any more, People are smart now. This will just annoy people and make them look for another page that’s more like what they want and a lot less like what you are posting to them from push marketing.

7. Not offering enough deals

If you have a product and your fans are eager to buy, know that before they buy it from you they will look for it somewhere else to make sure that they are getting the best price, so why not offer them a lower price, or OFFER them different deals that they cannot refuse. This way they will spread your name and also get satisfied with your product.

8. Don’t be a JERK

Sometimes, people will post things that you won’t like. Editing or deleting fan’s comments will just show you are a Jerk. It could kill your reputation, especially if you are trying to build one in a certain market. Try to accept negative comments as constructive criticism instead of getting all defensive about them.

9. Promoting fake news/fake offers

Never post or write any fake news or make a fake offer, it really makes your fans disappointed and it will make them just get OFF your page in a second. It will also kill your reputation, so make sure you are certain of the things you post, and that they are accurate.

10. Never Spread Rumours

Spreading rumours on particular group / person / company, will definitely hurt your fans if they are fans of that company / person / group. So never write any kind of news you are not sure of, or you will end up making enemies more than fans.

11. Posting adult content

Posting adult content on your page really is very odd when you hold a good reputation in the society, so never make yourself start posting these types of things or else you will be ruining your name by yourself, and losing the trust of many people. It may also get you in trouble with Facebook, because Facebook doesn’t allow adult content, so unless you are looking to get your page reported and shut down, I would recommend that you avoid posting adult content.

12. Tagging members without their permission

You have to remember one more thing, that you should never ever tag your friends or members without their permission. It will really hurt them if they don’t like the content they were tagged in, and it will annoy them that you are showing them in a certain way across Facebook among their friends.


If you ask yourself that question after reading those annoying reasons that people unlike pages for, then you are ready. You will just need to focus on not doing these things, and you will have the fan base that get along with and agree with you, without your fans having to deal with mixed feeling about your page from whether it is spam or something they actually like. So just avoid these things and I bet you’ll see better results on your page, as well.

Increase Your Blog’s Brand Awareness with Facebook Page

Blog Brand Facebook PageFacebook Page can be used to increase brand awareness for your blog. Brand awareness is important to increase your blog popularity. The stronger your brand, the more popular your blog will be. Also, you will get more traffic as a result. With strong popularity, you can build good reputation and authority in your niche. Here are 5 tips to increase your blog’s brand awareness with Facebook Page:

1. Put Facebook social plugin in your blog

Believe it or not, Facebook social plugin can actually help you to increase your blog reputation and strengthen your brand. When you put this plugin in your blog, people will see how many fans you have on Facebook. The more fans you have, the more people will regard your blog as reputable. If you don’t have any presence in Facebook, people can’t see how popular your blog is.


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  • HOW TO: Create Facebook Subscribe Button For Blogs

2. Open contest for your fans

In your Facebook Page, you can open little contest for your fans regularly. You don’t need to promise a big prize. A small prize will do, such as free paid report from your blog or something else. This will help to attract people’s interest toward your blog. More and more people will like your page and know about your blog.

3. Keep your page active

Don’t abandon your Facebook page. You need to keep it active so that people can frequently visit your page. A dead fan page is like a dead website. People won’t visit it again when they know that it is dead. So, you should update your fan page as often as you can. You can post updates about your blog as well as other interesting stuffs, such as fun facts, inspiration quotes, thought for the day, and so on.

4. Encourage discussion

You should encourage discussion in your Facebook page. The more people commenting on your status updates, the better your page will look. An active discussion is impossible without your encouragement. So, you should post status updates that will encourage discussions among your fans. Make each of your status interesting so that people will want to comment on it.

5. Advertise your Facebook Page

Lastly, you need to make your Facebook Page bigger. You need to have more and more followers in your page so that people will see your blog as authoritative blog within your niche. The more likes that you have in your page, the more people will like it as well. So, it’s a kind of domino effect. You can increase your fans by advertising your page using Facebook Ads platform. It will help you to gain more followers on Facebook.

Once you’ve established a strong presence on Facebook, people will start to visit your website in big numbers. That’s because they regard your blog as reputable and popular due to the fact that you can attract much followers on your Facebook Page. It will give positive effect to your blog brand.


6 Useful Tips For Engaging Facebook Pages & Communities Wisely

FB engagingFacebook pages are some of the most used social media tools today. They are easy to set up and manage. Presently, there are more than one million Facebook pages, most of which are built to market a service, product or organization. But are all the pages doing what they are supposed to do? Or were they created just for the sake of it?

Facebook pages are a great medium for continually engaging your audience. However, creating a page alone will not help you achieve this goal. The following are tips for building engaging communities through Facebook.

1. Have a strategy

One major mistake many people make is failing to have a strategy when creating a social media profile. Some people think about a strategy long after creating a profile. However, when you have a strategy at the beginning, it makes things more clear and transparent. You will have an idea of what to communicate, what theme to follow and what not. Therefore, having the right strategy in place before setting up our profiles is highly recommended.

2. Think about your ultimate goals

Before creating a Facebook page, consider the purpose of the community. Is it for user engagement or brand recognition? You should have the answers ready because everything will depend on what you would like to achieve. If you are not clear on this, things will look very vague ahead.

3. Have a content strategy

Forming a content strategy is very crucial for social media. This strategy is not only about your communication, but also what you should avoid from it. A proper content strategy will provide clarity on a starting point, how to keep things going, what the highlights are and where to stop. A content strategy also needs to address the designing of your content and the medium used, whether images, videos, podcasts or text. Find out what suits your audience and what promotes your brand.

4.  Bring your brand in context with content

With content strategy, it is very easy to get carried away. For instance, sharing funny videos might be popular with people, but this may not do much for your brand. It is therefore important to know how to present your brand to users in the right context. Deliberately establish what would make your brand interesting and apply it. Even if your product is useful, it won’t be accepted unless presented in an educating/entertaining way.

5. Find ways of motivating your audience

Motivation is not only providing good content. It is finding out what your audience really needs and how they can get it through you. You have to give people a reason to join your community or like your brand.

6. Find a way of dealing with negative comments

One negative comment has the same value as hundreds of praises. Your brand can benefit immensely if negative comments are dealt with properly. But ignoring one could prove to be detrimental. However, it is important to note that not all comments are worthy of your attention.

This article is written by Charles Mburugu. He is a professional content developer and an entrepreneur. He often writes about real estate, finance, business start-ups and internet marketing.