5 More Simple Tips To Increase Twitter Followers

Twitter is something which no other social network can replace, because the concept is quite unique. Having lots of followers in Twitter can indeed turn you into a celebrity! Earlier we shared tips to increase Digg Followers and increase Friendfeed Subscribers. Now we are back with another 5 simple tips to increase Twitter followers.

So you have a Twitter account but unfortunately a less number of followers. Having account a required followers is something like (a Mercedes without requires diesel lol). I am providing you some of the best tips to get more followers on Twitter easily. I am not going to tell about some auto piloting system like twiends.

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I know twiends grow your followers but are the followers really helpful to you? No they are just exchanging the following method. As you know twitter is the best platform for webmasters and bloggers to increase their popularity on web. So why not to increase your followers and getting most of twitter.

1. Short bio describes a lot

Many people completely left this box blank. They just type their name upload their photo and wait for people to follow them. Are they doing right? Absolutely no, Will you follow an unidentified people? I know that you are not going to follow such people, So always fill up your short bio box.

2. Follow only who lies in your category

If you follow those people who come in your category then the chances are more to get followers, did you know how?

Many people balance your personality with the people whom you follow. If you are a blogger then you should join these account @Mashable, @TechCrunch, HellBlog, etc. I am not giving all the accounts but at least you should join these faces.

3. Profile pic forces to follow

I know you can’t believe this, but this is true. Some people are attract on faces. I got a message from a lady who just send me a message after following me.

“Hey @Ifhamkhan I really don’t know who you are, but when I see your pic on twitter I really wanna follow you”

So why not to create your avatar attractive. Mostly High definition pic with clear faces attracts a lot. Don’t use your side photo in which your face not looking perfectly.

4. Tweet about your passions

Tweet only feeds which you really love. for example you got an awesome news from somewhere and you are happy with the news then just simple click on “tweet”. Your chances are higher to get more followers. If you love the article then it is sure that other also love that.

5. Your account on web

If you have website and blog then it is very necessary to put your twitter follow button on the top. You can also check the direct follow button released by Twitter, it will help people to follow you easily. Add your twitter handler on Email signature. Facebook profile and as many social network as you have.

These are the basic and attractive tips to get more follower on twitter. Let us know if you know one?

This article is written by Ifham Khan. He is the author of geekspalace and dailytechtips.co.cc. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.

5 Sureshot Tips To Establish Your Existence On Twitter

Twitter can prove to be a great source of traffic that is ready to become your potential loyal readers and add to your income (most probably via affiliate revenue).


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So here are 5 effective ways to establish your existence on twitter and get the exposure you ever needed.

1. Get The Tweet Sense

Tweet stuff that you think really adds value to your profile and give some room for reactions. Just don’t start tweeting every link that you find over the net, start discussions that show your importance.

2. Beautify Your Profile Page

It is well known that first impression is the last impressions. Presenting a cool profile page can attract many new followers. Moreover, your tweets are your reflection, after design the first thing that your visitors see is the tweets that you make, so referring to my last point keep this in mind.

3. Follow Influential Personalities

Follow people that have an authority in your niche and you can get some real time tips from them. Unfollow people who aren’t providing the information that you expected out of them and follow people who you think are worth it. Avoid mass following Twitter users.

4. Participate In Discussions

Participating in discussions show that you are an active user and not just another link tweeting machine. Solving others problem via tweets can get you the more followers.

5. Start Contests

Start contests giving out small prizes to people for just following you on twitter and help you get your name out. Moreover, participate in contests on other blogs and help others out promoting their contests.

Getting more followers on twitter can get you a nice amount of traffic if you are able to create an authoritative profile of your own. Try these out and share your experience with us.

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