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9 Helpful Optimization Tips For Pinterest


Pinterest Optimization TipsPinterest is a social medium that brought back the notice-board-style information sharing technique to the digital age by allowing the users to PIN a content of their INTEREST on their profiles. This website that functions with an objective to connect the people globally through the content they show interest and like using a social media platform, was launched in the year 2010.

The rapid growth of Pinterest over the recent years has attracted many brands and marketers to use this platform to market their products. Photo content such as infographics, creative photography, product images and concepts are very much into circulation within Pinterest and are known to reach the common mass as well. So, for those of you who wish to optimize your Pinterest page for more visitors, better reach and increase page views, here are some helpful optimization tips for Pinterest.

1. Link your Pinterest Page to Your Social Networking page

The very first step in optimizing your Pinterest page is to link your Pinterest to some of the popular social networking websites such as Twitter and Facebook. Once you have registered yourself in Pinterest, you have the option to log-in with your Facebook or Twitter address. Once done, just set up links to your social networking page using the radio buttons and all of your Pins from now on will be displayed on your timeline or the Twitter feed. This paves the way for further sharing of your content in the Social Media.

2. It’s all about “About”

Come up with and add a brief outline of what your page is all about and what you will be pinning in your profile on the about section. Make sure that you infuse in the right keywords, so that people can easily find you. For instance, if you’re pin board theme is all about landscape photography, brief something about your page with the right keywords. This will really help to add some extra links to your page apart from the social networking technique that we saw above.

3. Write relevant description about your pins

Pinterest allows its users to add a description about their pins that can last up to 500 characters. So, add a relevant description about your pin, giving all the necessary information and details regarding your pin with the right keywords.

4. Give proper file name to the images that you Pin

Whenever you upload a picture from your own library or collection, just make sure that you rename the file from “random.JPEG” (may be any file name) to a proper keyword rich file name that speaks about the image.

5. Make use of those Hash Tags

Pinterest now allows the usage of hash tags in the description part. So, add a hash tag in front of the desired keywords. But, be careful when adding a hash tag as there must not be any spacing between the characters and the hash tags. Also capitalize every initial letter of the word. So for instance, your hash tag inclusion should read somewhat like this – #GolfAccessories. Adding a hash tag in front of the keyboard allows your page to get easily indexed and recognized by the search engines as well as within Pinterest website.

6. Reduce Re-Pinning

Though re-pinning invokes a significant response, remember that they are content which already exist and which people may have already gone through several times. So, avoid re-pinning an existing content and try to come up with your unique content and pin them. Unique and offbeat content always attract visitors and views.

7. Add the Pin Button to your blog or website

Now, Pinterest offers two buttons called ‘Follow on Pinterest’ and ‘Pin It’ button similar to the like and share buttons. You can make use of these buttons by embedding them on your personal blog or website. ‘Follow on Pinterest’ allows the users to follow you on Pinterest website and the Pin It button will allow the users to pin your content on their profile, which in turn leads to a series of shares and pins. This greatly enhances and ensures the reach of your content. Learn how you can use Pinterest To Get Massive Traffic To Your Blog.

8. Create an individual board for each of your work

For instance, if your main focus is on photography, instead of compiling every picture into the same board, try creating a different board for each class of photography and name them with keyword rich phrases. This will allow people to reach what they want easily and will add to their convenience. Thus, a photography related profile can have several boards like Wildlife, landscape, macros, portraits and other similar boards. So, classify them and work individually.

9. Keep them Engaging

Staying active and engaging others constantly are the two vital things for Pinterest success. Re-pin, create new pins, comment, follow and share frequently to show your presence. Also remember that Pinterest is not all about self promotion or self advertisement, but a place to engage fellow users and interact. So, do comment on other’s pins, follow those who resemble your board theme, pin their content and include mentions and citing. To be simple, Get Pinteractive!

So, these were some of the tips to optimize your Pinterest page for further views and attract visitors. And if you have any other tips that you feel will help in optimizing a Pinterest page, feel free to share them on the comments below.

This article is written by Sharon Thomas. She is from TheCornerSuite, a site that offers savings and current information on getting internet through dish, as well as dish.com services. If you wish to write for HBB, kindly check this.


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    • Mike Reeson

      Wow. I hadn’t put much thought to my Pinterest account. I will go through each of these points, and will update my account. Thank you for sharing this!!

    • Jasmine

      Thanks for your Pinterest tips. I have seen some traffic from Pinterest actually!

    • AVI Web Solutions

      Pinterest is also helpful for increase the sales of eCommerce sites…nice tips for that..Thanks a lot.

    • Aasma

      I’ve heard a lot about Pinterest but haven’t created my account there. Pinterest is basically about sharing beautiful and appealing images, but what if you don’t have images then you can’t use it.

    • Jasmine

      Good Pinterest tips. I have not used Pinterest much as I have been focusing on writing good content and also on Facebook. Guess I should use some of these tips and see if I can drive some traffic from Pinterest.

      Thanks, Sharon.

    • Mahesh Verma

      I like Pinterest Thanks for sharing this Post. I Will Do. I like your point 🙂

    • Gaurang Joshi

      Well we’ve seen how pinterest can bring a drastic traffic to your blogs through attractive images. But I was unaware of the most of the tactics. Thanks for sharing the useful optimization tips.

      • sharon

        You’re welcome Gaurang Joshi, Yes I do agree with you that images brings traffic to your site and be sure that your images were relevant to the content and properly optimized as well.

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