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Pagerank Vs Alexa Rank [DISCUSSION]


When I was browsing some forums and I listened to some discussions out there, I always found people worried about their Page Rank. PR update is hot gossip on the forums. I rarely see some one talking about Alexa.

Page Rank Discussion

Personally I get confused some times that why people like page rank very much, and always eager to see update in their ranks. But I realized later that Page rank matters mostly for people, who’ve intention to earn only. They have no intention to provide people information, just they need sales from their sites. You can take a live example of HellBound Bloggers that its page rank is zero, but as it is providing good material to visitors and normal user’s of this site, people and Google love this site. Because always fresh content is popping out, a flow of visitors are always coming towards site, so what else you need more? Is there still a need of pagerank?

Also there is a new rumoring around these days that Google is going to remove this page rank update system, as there is no major update since last months. So, here will be no problem at all. But till now Page Rank is still there.

Some points Regarding Page Rank:

  1. If your site has good Page Rank, advertisers will not take more time to think about advertising on your site, that is because more people worried about it.
  2. If your page rank is zero, it does not mean you will not get visitors from search engine, and there is also a possibility that you are getting more visitors than a site with high page rank, due to some other matters like fresh content, and regular visitors.
  3. I am not on the view of having zero page rank for whole life, but don’t worry about your page rank, and concentrate on what you are doing.

Alexa Rank Discussion

Now, what people think about Alexa Rank, a people like me and you, whose first priority is to provide good content to visitors will first think about the content of site. Then he/she will worry about readers, he will get assured that his/her writing is not flying in the air, and some one is reading and commenting. So, in short, visitors will be most important for him/her, doesn’t matter where it is coming from (Google or other source). He/She will try to do Search Engine Optimization for his/her blog, and try to increase visitors by any means, which takes care of Alexa Rank. Alexa rank tells us about the real story of site.

I always check Alexa rank of the site to check its quality and rarely check page rank, because it tells me how active any site is.

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Some Points About Alexa Rank

  1. If your Alexa Rank is good, then advertiser’s next step is to buy advertising space on your site, and it will reduce your work as well, because you will consistently get more guest posts.
  2. If your Alexa Rank is low, it simply means that your site is inactive or new, so try hard to improve it.
  3. Taking care for the Alexa Rank is more important as compare to page rank (in my point of view).
  4. Alexa Rank will increase by the increase of visitors flowing towards your site, so hard work is needed.


What I concluded from all the above discussion is, Alexa Rank is more important than page rank, and it does not mean that page rank has zero importance, it is good as well. But basic thing is to improve your Alexa Rank. So, that people trust you.

Don’t leave before leaving your thoughts about Alexa Rank and page rank in the comment box below, I love to hear your opinions on these two things.


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    • Rajesh Namase

      Good article but I’m not fully agree with you, nowadays many advertiser are checking domain authority and PageRank. I’ve worked with 4 clients who had given importance to DA and PR over Alexa Rank. Alexa Rank depends on no. of people installed their toolbar so it’s not correct at all.

    • Gilbert Canda

      Alexa ranks are reliable. Yes and they will really appeal if you have paid advertisement space in your blog.

    • Edatassol

      Nice and informative post on Alexa ranking.. Here i have question, is really alex ranking is reliable and important for SEO task

    • JoMi

      A very helpful post! Bloggers like me usually pay more attention to PR, than, Alexa Rank. But, thank you for showing the importance of Alexa Rank… =)

    • milky

      I found this great service to improve Alexa rank, check it out at
      It worked great for me and my Alexa rank is now in the top 100K.

    • TechVista

      Alexa is only for business purpose of a site. Only advertiser looks deeply with alexa ranking. otherwise PageRank is the authority given to a site by search giant.

    • Shaq @ Blapts Web Hosting

      I like alexa better than page rank. its more understandable

    • Jasmine

      I think both are important, but I like PageRank more. With a higher PageRank, I think Google will bring more traffic? Is this true?

    • Anshul Tewari @

      I am not too sure about how authentic alexa rank is. I have seen blogs with as high as a million pageviews having alexa rankings as low as 80000, which surely makes one wonder.

    • Correctplace

      Hi, very interesting & excellent article about page rank and Alexa !. I strongly agree with you that Alexa Rank is more important than a Page Rank. I pocessed a Page Rank 1 and currently my Alexa Ranking is at 1,984,233 since I am trying hard from the day I started my website at 8 Million. Well, still pushing hard for it.

    • Rahul

      For me, no matter what it’s all about the content is very important to make it more interesting to visitors….

    • Anish K.S

      Instead of these you need traffic. digg your posts regularly, you will get a good Alexa rank. PR is High Back links.

    • Oliver

      vraiment beau blog que vous avez postΓ© j’accepte toutes vos lignes sur le rang et la page Classement Alexa. Nous devrions effort sur conent frais pour notre site bon classement

      Google Translate : really nice blog you’ve posted I accept all your lines on the page rank and Alexa Ranking. We should stress on conent cost to our site’s high ranking. [Translated By Admin]

    • Neeraj

      Hi Usman,

      Thanks for posting such a valuable information, before reading your blog post i was also concerned about PR only but now as it is clear what is more important, i will concentrate on improving Alexa Rank along with PR.

    • esoftload

      the first important thing is content… if you have quality contents, no worry about ranks… Ranking depends on contents only so, should concentrate in contents only… and for kind information HBB is pagerank 4…..

    • Arun

      I haven’t looked at my blogs Alexa rank at least once. Even PageRank I doesn’t has great correlations with rankings unless for a competitive niche.

      However I would bother more for PageRank rather than Alexa.

    • Rojish

      PR and Alexa rank have no importance in bringing traffic to your site. If your primary aim is to make money then these stuffs have high importance because a blog with high PR and Alexa is more appealing for advertisers.

      For me Alexa rank is more important than PR.But I still don’t think that Alexa rank is an accurate measurement. It still highly depend on the data collected from Alexa toolbar. Only those people who are interested in technology, blogging, or web design usually keep Alexa toolbar in their browser. If you take a look in the Alexa ranks we can see that tech, blogging, web design related sites always rank high in Alexa, where as music, movie sites which may be receiving more traffic than tech sites are below them in Alexa ranking.

    • Virtual Agent

      When you’re aiming to create a quality site, both will not be hard to achieve. When you employ a decent SEO campaign, and work on the side of good design and content, your Alexa and Page Rank would improve on it’s own accord.

    • Icechen1

      Google doesn’t even bother to update their PR more than a few times a year, while Alexa Rank is actively updated daily.

    • Manoj

      I'm totally agreed in all the sense, first thing is your absolutely right fresh and effective content it must be needed. According to me Alex is important then page rank. I like to come back here again, so please keep update.

      Thanks for informative post.

    • Prateek

      Hey hi. Post was nice, informative. But what I want to know is how can I ask Alexa to audit my blog. I searched all over but couldn’t find any space to submit blog’s URL or Feed. Please help.

    • Jarret

      One problem with PageRank is that it hasn’t been updated since April 3,2010. In my case, I also have a PageRank of zero on my domain because the domain itself was registered after the last PR udpate. Google continually tries to devalue the importance of PR and some people think that it’s being phased out. On the other hand, it’s still important to potential advertisers and people interested in writing guest posts.

      As for Alexa rank, it also has shortcomings. It’s actually a really terrible indicator of actual traffic since it depends on your visitors having the Alexa toolbar installed. For those who blog about marketing or even blogging, they often have artificially low Alexa rankings since the majority of their readers use this toolbar.

      In other niches, I’ve seen blogs that get 60k weekly page views have Alexa ranks of around 300k + since their readers don’t use it.

      For the most part, people tend to agree that a sub 10k Alexa ranking is usually a sign that a site is getting substantial traffic, but higher rankings are generally inaccurate.

      • Usman

        Yes, the major issue these days is of no update of pagerank, and you are right Google is continuously reducing the importance of pagerank.

    • Anup

      In my opinion, Page and and Alexa rank, both are important for all website and blogs. They have their own equal value.

    • Swamykant

      I believe more in Alexa Rank than Google PR. The reason is simple, it is updated daily and gives an appropriate position of our site in the online world. The Google PR is update is never regular.

      Nice post Usman.

    • Andreas@Linknami

      Both metrics should be used together when determining the value of ad space. I have published a new site with pagerank 0 but several thousands of pages which instantly got a better alexa rank than a page with 10 pages, but actually received the same number of visitors.

    • Vivek Parmar

      didn’t know which one is good, if you are looking to make money then you have to take care of both.
      off to topic, sad to hear that HBB loose the page rank ,soory mate, hope google will offer you christmas gift in form of page rank update

    • Sandeep Singh

      Not all can afford without advertising like HBB !! all need to pay for hosting, domain and all . so for advertising you need PR and so it will always be important

      • Usman

        indeed it depends on advertiser as well, weather what it need, traffic towards his/her site or link juice.

    • Vuong @ StarBlogger

      No matter what your PR and Alexa are, I think, we should try best to reach their high index as much as possible.

      I ever seen some sites have a very low Alexa, but their PR are 8, unbelievable! Alexa, I think, is more important than PR πŸ˜›

      • Usman

        yes, you can get page rank by some tricks as well, where as alexa rank needs real work.

        you are right that we only need rankings, but to satisfy advertiser we need some thing to show.

    • Pankaj Gupta

      If one is working to increase the visibility on internet then the PR and alexa rank both will increase. For me, Traffic is much important than these two.

    • prabhakaran

      you made me clear on this!. and me too not interested in page rank now!

    • Rakesh @ Wizard Journal

      Both are important but for me page rank ranks higher than alexa rank because it is most appealing to advertisers.

      • Usman

        indeed both are appealing to advertisers, but in my point of view its alexa more.

      • Jojo Mathews @Around Social

        For me rankings are not important.. the important thing is the traffic…. as I always believe traffic==money ….

      • Rahul Dev

        I agree with Rakesh, page rank is more important than alexa rank. Most of the advertisers consider and focus on the google page rank. If you have good page rank then you can achieve high paid advertisers comparatively alexa rank.

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