Pagerank Vs Alexa Rank [DISCUSSION]

When I was browsing some forums and I listened to some discussions out there, I always found people worried about their Page Rank. PR update is hot gossip on the forums. I rarely see some one talking about Alexa.

Page Rank Discussion

Personally I get confused some times that why people like page rank very much, and always eager to see update in their ranks. But I realized later that Page rank matters mostly for people, who’ve intention to earn only. They have no intention to provide people information, just they need sales from their sites. You can take a live example of HellBound Bloggers that its page rank is zero, but as it is providing good material to visitors and normal user’s of this site, people and Google love this site. Because always fresh content is popping out, a flow of visitors are always coming towards site, so what else you need more? Is there still a need of pagerank?

Also there is a new rumoring around these days that Google is going to remove this page rank update system, as there is no major update since last months. So, here will be no problem at all. But till now Page Rank is still there.

Some points Regarding Page Rank:

  1. If your site has good Page Rank, advertisers will not take more time to think about advertising on your site, that is because more people worried about it.
  2. If your page rank is zero, it does not mean you will not get visitors from search engine, and there is also a possibility that you are getting more visitors than a site with high page rank, due to some other matters like fresh content, and regular visitors.
  3. I am not on the view of having zero page rank for whole life, but don’t worry about your page rank, and concentrate on what you are doing.

Alexa Rank Discussion

Now, what people think about Alexa Rank, a people like me and you, whose first priority is to provide good content to visitors will first think about the content of site. Then he/she will worry about readers, he will get assured that his/her writing is not flying in the air, and some one is reading and commenting. So, in short, visitors will be most important for him/her, doesn’t matter where it is coming from (Google or other source). He/She will try to do Search Engine Optimization for his/her blog, and try to increase visitors by any means, which takes care of Alexa Rank. Alexa rank tells us about the real story of site.

I always check Alexa rank of the site to check its quality and rarely check page rank, because it tells me how active any site is.

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Some Points About Alexa Rank

  1. If your Alexa Rank is good, then advertiser’s next step is to buy advertising space on your site, and it will reduce your work as well, because you will consistently get more guest posts.
  2. If your Alexa Rank is low, it simply means that your site is inactive or new, so try hard to improve it.
  3. Taking care for the Alexa Rank is more important as compare to page rank (in my point of view).
  4. Alexa Rank will increase by the increase of visitors flowing towards your site, so hard work is needed.


What I concluded from all the above discussion is, Alexa Rank is more important than page rank, and it does not mean that page rank has zero importance, it is good as well. But basic thing is to improve your Alexa Rank. So, that people trust you.

Don’t leave before leaving your thoughts about Alexa Rank and page rank in the comment box below, I love to hear your opinions on these two things.

3 Ways To Hide Your Affiliate Links For Better Sales

Hiding affiliate links helps you to make more sales in your affiliate program, which enables you to make more money. One of the most popular ways of monetizing is through affiliate marketing. When visitors click on the link, it will then redirect them through the affiliate URL, thus increasing your CTR.

Hide Affiliate LinksWe have to make those links look natural rather than affiliate links. Most of the visitors won’t click the affiliate links because they look so weird.

Below I mentioned three ways for changing or hiding your affiliate links. They will help you to rewrite the affiliate links and make them look more user friendly. You can choose any method. The choice is yours. It is largely a matter of preference.

1. GoCodes (WP Plugin) : GoCodes let’s you create short URLs to anywhere on the internet. You can do all this right from your WordPress admin panel. The plugin is also useful for masking affiliate program URLs. It will convert any URL into this format : Here  ‘afflink’ is the key and the keys should contain only alphanumeric characters. To mange the redirects, Go To Manage -> GoCodes menu. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Here are some URLs I made using GoCodes WP plugin : – Original Affiliate URL – Hidden Affiliate URL

The second one looks more professional than the first one.

2. Google Short Links : Google Short Links allows users to easily create descriptive shortcuts to web URLs. You can easily integrate this with Google Apps control panel. It makes users to easily remember the URLs. This is also useful for masking or hiding the affiliate program URLs.

I also made some URLs I made using Google Short Links : – My Orkut Profile

3. Online URL Shorteners : This is not a famous and common one, but still it can be useful and comes handy. There are many URL short services out there, some of the common ones are, and so on. The main problem with URL shortening services is that, if they close their service in future, then all your links become broken and creates 404 errors. You can also try 301 URL redirection for affiliate links.