5 Basic Things Your SEO Consultant Should Analyze

The first thing you need to make sure is you hire the right SEO consultant. Not all SEO companies or consultants are same. Some know more, some charge more, some will work for you and some will work with you. So you should decide which one you require.

SEO Consultant

Here are some things an expert SEO consultant will look at if you want to be successful online when they work on to help you get more exposure, traffic, and sales.

#1 – Present traffic : Analyzing your present traffic will help your SEO Company know where your website stands today. Even if your website has a little traffic coming in developing on that traffic means you do not have to begin from square one.

#2 – The layout and structure of your website : SEO consultants look at several points for helping you succeed. First they look into the way your web-site is designed. You may need a little change or it may be necessary for you to refurbish your website totally. A little alteration could make your website more approachable. Another thing the SEO consultant looks into is your present structure of your website which may be a barricade to your success.

#3 – The keyword approach : An SEO company will explore to find out if your hard work so far has been unproductive or not. They may help you benefit from the keywords you consider you should aim or they may guide you in a different way. In this way they will assist you take the correct approach to be successful at getting listed for the “keywords” that seem right.

#4 – SMO : In Search Engine Optimization SMO (Social media optimization) is an important factor. If you have already been doing Social media optimization your SEO consultant will certainly help you tweak your approach. If you have not been gaining from the power of social media sites like Twitter, Facebook etc your SEO professional will help you plan an approach.

#5 – Managing Reputation : Online reputation is a very important aspect of “online marketing”. An SEO consultant can help you maximize your status.

These are some of the things your SEO consultant will look into. SEO is not just about keywords but it’s about search engines picture creation that will help them see your website as greatly valuable and relevant. A good SEO agency will help you get reputation online as well as help you make sales.

This guest article is written by Usman, co-owner of FirstHosting.us, which provides Reliable and Affordable Web Hosting services.

Green Web Hosting [Simple Guide]

There is a current increase in the reputation of Green Web Hosting because of the priority for the dynamics. Many sectors have confiscated motion and play their component in helping by decreasing energy intake and recycling. The same goes for the web holding industry.

Green Web Hosting – How It Works!

Firstly, let’s get a far better notion on inexperienced web holding. This type of holding is a kind that utilizes nature-friendly supremacy source for their day-to-day activities. As we all know, servers can enjoy kitchen appliances that calls for electricity. The servers are on 24 hours a day and therefore, it draws on a lot of energy. So, Green web hosting manufacturers put their endeavours in employing solely replenishable energy sources.

Green Webhosting

Not all manufacturers have the sources to produce their own replenishable energy. Thus, those manufacturers can flip to supplied energy by selecting to buy Renewable Power Certificates. By doing this, these folks can get energy generated by the wind, photo voltaic or even biogas. Companies that produce their own energy also use energy generated by whether photo voltaic supremacy, the wind generators or other methods. This provides them capability to supremacy their machines using this replenishable energy.

So, which accomplishes this complete implies? It implies that Green manufacturers are saving the world by decreasing carbon emission. It also permits manufacturers to purchase offsets enabling them to mitigate their own greenhouse emissions. So, this can alleviate the holding producer from starting their own the wind farm or photo voltaic supremacy generator.

Its reliability to Business Owners!

Another additional consider that the inexperienced Green webhosting has is their distinctive offers on packages to non-profit businesses. It is their act to not solely encourages businesses to use green web hosting but also encouraging the use of replenishable energy and paperless hitting environment. Most web coordinator using inexperienced holding also produce web coordinator solutions to manufacturers that have telecommuting becoming used by their staff and workers.

Finally The Price

Nonetheless, accomplishes inexperienced holding price more? Effectively, this is a query that we all need to consider very deep on. Inexperienced we holding manufacturers may run at a larger day-to-day operation price compared to other web coordinator sites manufacturers but the notion of having a paperless producer employing replenishable energy is anything that is encouraging. Using a single producer operating in this way, it can minimize a whole lot of waste materials and minimize quite a few on energy intake that should directly help in preserving the dynamics. So, saving the earth accomplishes come with a price and it is not a big one to pay if you’re supporting a inexperienced web holding producer. Not solely do you play your component in saving dynamics, you also get you web holding needs.

Explained: Blogging = Sharing = Love

There are many few bloggers who knows the real meaning of blogging. That does not means I am pointing you! Its just an common example. Because many of us think that blogging is one other way to earn online and get high rankings in search engine blah blah blah. I think people thinking like this are not supposed to do blogging! (My opinion). By this article many of you guys will may criticize me because these words are hard to believe.

Blogging Love

Money comes later

I need to cool you guys down, because I am not going to say that blogging is not supposed to be the way of earning (Its wrong, I accept!). But its not only the way of earning (Now you must agree with me) . I think you must try to help others first *The real meaning of blogging* . When you think that you’ve done your first job of helping others completely then its your turn to earn something out of it. Because you deserve it.

A complete Guide

I guess one blog need to focus on one thing first, and it should not be multi niche blog, because we are not able to give guide on every topic. In this way no one can understand a single thing. Make a blog with single aim to help others and give complete guide on the topic of blog (It will definitely boost your rankings and visitors as well). And If any one of you is interested in getting returning visitors then its a good way to give tutorial on different things.

Multi Niche

But if you still want to make a multi niche blog, you need to take care of following things.

  • Introduce Proper Categories.
  • Produce content in relevant categories.
  • If you need to split post into 2-3 articles, then give them name like Part 1,2 etc.
  • Proper use of tags and keywords in your articles.
  • Use of search bar with in your site.

All these things need to be done, because it will help people in finding relevant content easily. (Only for Multi Niche blogs)

Sharing and Love

For some people blogging is love, because they love to share knowledge and help other people. Don’t you think you’re a teacher while blogging? But I do. Because we are directly or indirectly teaching people with our articles and tutorials. So share and spread love.

— If you’ve any other thing that need to be discussed don’t hesitate to share in comment box below, we would love to hear from you.

What Are Press Releases – Newbies Simple Guide

A press release, news release, media release, press statement or video release is a written or recorded communication directed at members of the news media for the purpose of announcing something claimed as having news value (via Wikipedia). Press release submission have two benefits.

  1. Direct Traffic and Exposure.
  2. Good for search engine rankings.

These two things are one of the most wanted things for a webmaster these days. Let me explain how will you get instant traffic from Press Release.

Press Release as Instant Traffic Source

Press ReleasesPress release sites are basically high ranked sites with high amount of traffic and most of the PR submission sites are also Google News site, and when you publish your press release your submission may get to Google news and for certain period of time you will get hand some amount of traffic on your related keywords.

Secondly when people browse these sites for news and updates they will go to your site as well, but it needs your press release to be well written to catch the interest of people.

Press release as a source of powerful links

Almost all the press release sites allow you to add your links, some allow only 1 and some allow 2-3 links, which will help you because these sites ranges from PR5-PR9, and links from high page rank sites are always helpful, and powerful links will help you to get good ranks in search engines. Also these links are the source of direct traffic.

How to write a press release?

Writing a press release is not an difficult task, it is as easy as writing an article, the main difference between article and press release is that, press release always contain some news or announcement in it, whereas an article is a source of information. So, if you got a news just share it with others and its called a press release.

What kind of press release is best?

If you want to write a best press release then you must take care of following things.

#1 – Your press release must be unique.

#2 – It must contain some news.

#3 – Your press release will be more good if its connected with an event.

#4 – An active even on press release.

All these points need to kept in mind to create a good looking professional press release, so it will never get rejected. 🙂

What Really These Cheap Traffic Offers Are? Scam Or Not?

Like you, I tried most of the so-called guaranteed traffic sources out there. But I’ll just speak about few of them now, some of the most obvious ones. I am sure you will recognize at least one if not all. Even some of them can be labeled scam.

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Cheap Traffic Offers#1 – Traffic Exchanges

Don’t waste your time and money. Whether bees or alligators or whatever logo is used. Whether free or paid services you rarely get good results. That is because each one of those members is looking for the same thing like you…BUYERS.

#2 – Blast Your Ad To 1,000,000 Opt Ins

Blast all you want…nobody reads the ads.

#3 – Email 10,000s At The Push Of A Button

If I were you I would stay away from this one because you might get sued for spamming or even worse than that.

#4 – Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is not so bad. You will see some good results after a while. If you can stomach all those emails in your inbox from other viral members, then go for it. Though it is not suitable for me.

#5 – Guaranteed Signups

The companies tell you that these are people who have not been paid to signup to your program and that they are people who are looking to start an online business. If that is the case, then out of 25 signups, all are from the same US city, state and even same area code.

Furthermore, a group at a time sign up right behind each other. For example 3:01pm, 3:02pm or 3:03pm. And none of them clicked on the confirmation email. This type of practice has scam written all over it. There are too many traffic systems in cyber space to count. Some are scams and some genuine. Some even promise you to give 10K visits. But how do we know that we really get 10K visitors? Furthermore, If we do, they just stop by and go somewhere else. They do not purchase anything.

While reviewing this article I discovered that not everything is lost. Let’s not cry over spilled milk. The best low cost means of getting quality traffic, that I know of, is article submission. You are marketing to people who are interested in your product and to people who will buy your product. Some home businesses come with a free article submitter.

If you are not comfortable with writing your own articles, they will show you where and how to get your article written and submitted. Whether you write and submit the articles yourself or have them done for you, you can work from home and earn a substantial income using most affiliate programs.

Pagerank Vs Alexa Rank [DISCUSSION]

When I was browsing some forums and I listened to some discussions out there, I always found people worried about their Page Rank. PR update is hot gossip on the forums. I rarely see some one talking about Alexa.

Page Rank Discussion

Personally I get confused some times that why people like page rank very much, and always eager to see update in their ranks. But I realized later that Page rank matters mostly for people, who’ve intention to earn only. They have no intention to provide people information, just they need sales from their sites. You can take a live example of HellBound Bloggers that its page rank is zero, but as it is providing good material to visitors and normal user’s of this site, people and Google love this site. Because always fresh content is popping out, a flow of visitors are always coming towards site, so what else you need more? Is there still a need of pagerank?

Also there is a new rumoring around these days that Google is going to remove this page rank update system, as there is no major update since last months. So, here will be no problem at all. But till now Page Rank is still there.

Some points Regarding Page Rank:

  1. If your site has good Page Rank, advertisers will not take more time to think about advertising on your site, that is because more people worried about it.
  2. If your page rank is zero, it does not mean you will not get visitors from search engine, and there is also a possibility that you are getting more visitors than a site with high page rank, due to some other matters like fresh content, and regular visitors.
  3. I am not on the view of having zero page rank for whole life, but don’t worry about your page rank, and concentrate on what you are doing.

Alexa Rank Discussion

Now, what people think about Alexa Rank, a people like me and you, whose first priority is to provide good content to visitors will first think about the content of site. Then he/she will worry about readers, he will get assured that his/her writing is not flying in the air, and some one is reading and commenting. So, in short, visitors will be most important for him/her, doesn’t matter where it is coming from (Google or other source). He/She will try to do Search Engine Optimization for his/her blog, and try to increase visitors by any means, which takes care of Alexa Rank. Alexa rank tells us about the real story of site.

I always check Alexa rank of the site to check its quality and rarely check page rank, because it tells me how active any site is.

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Some Points About Alexa Rank

  1. If your Alexa Rank is good, then advertiser’s next step is to buy advertising space on your site, and it will reduce your work as well, because you will consistently get more guest posts.
  2. If your Alexa Rank is low, it simply means that your site is inactive or new, so try hard to improve it.
  3. Taking care for the Alexa Rank is more important as compare to page rank (in my point of view).
  4. Alexa Rank will increase by the increase of visitors flowing towards your site, so hard work is needed.


What I concluded from all the above discussion is, Alexa Rank is more important than page rank, and it does not mean that page rank has zero importance, it is good as well. But basic thing is to improve your Alexa Rank. So, that people trust you.

Don’t leave before leaving your thoughts about Alexa Rank and page rank in the comment box below, I love to hear your opinions on these two things.

Working Hard — But Still No Traffic Towards Your BLOG?

Blog TrafficIf you are of the view that pulling content daily on your blog and optimizing is key to your success, then you might be wrong, pulling a bunch of garbage daily on your blog is nothing BUT a great loss indeed.

The main thing you need is to submit quality content that really Google loves, because blogging is the only better way to communicate with your clients/friends etc.

These days people thinking that blog with nothing but a bunch of garbage which are totally unrelated to your business or niche of blog will help you get success. They just thought to pull a lot of content in blog no matter if it is duplicated as well, and interlink them just to get loved by Google, which is never possible thing.

People mainly rely on their blog design which is really not important, what important is unique fresh content and link juice towards your blog. BUT if you are facing all those problems mentioned above below are some tips you must follow to get out of it, try to go through them carefully.

Unique and Valuable Content

As stated million times before that valuable content is just everything what we want, just keep focus on what you are writing about and give proper solution to your readers, because now a days people are finding for some quick tips. Like if someone need information about what you are typing he/she will give you time and try to learn from you, so don’t disappoint by making your post irrelevant.

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SEO — The King

Rather then writing unique content you must also inform Search Engine spiders that you are existing in the world, by doing some basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your blog. For this you first need unique content, because duplicate content is the most hated thing by Search Engines. But don’t try to be over smart by adding too many use less keywords because it will dis appoint your reader if your content is not for them.

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Post Consistently

Posting frequently does not mean that you pull garbage in your blog, try to write articles in your niche daily or most probably 3 times a week. Because Google always love freshness, and when you are loved by Google, you are done achieving your destination. So, try to post daily (not garbage but unique content).