Internal links Are More Important Than Backlinks?

Internal LinkingMost of them who are blogging think that getting backlinks is all that is important. But this is not completely right. I don’t mean backlinks are of no use when compared to internal links. Internal links are something which is in our hand and you need not wait for any webmaster to approve your internal links. It is also easy and benefits your blog, so why don`t we concentrate on it first.

Ok let me tell you why it is important, I will start with an intro then some SEO Tips.

What Actually Internal linking Mean?

Inshort: Link pointing to other page of the same blog/site is internal link.

Here is sample code for Slashsquare to show internal link

<a href=””>anchor text</a>

SEO Benefits From Internal Linkings

Not only backlinks but internal links also benefits you to get improve your SERPs. Below I have mentioned few SEO benefits that you get through free internal links.

 # Internal links makes search engine`s work easy

It makes sure that all your pages are indexed by search engines. You might have seen that when you search your URL in Google then you see those URLs which are linked more are shown above other links for your webpage.

Well in short it improves crawling rate of your blog.

# Increase Page Rank

Linking to internal as dofollow links will pass some page rank of that page, this will ensure that you get good page rank for your internal pages also thus resulting in high domain page rank.

# Ranking for number of keywords increases

Using different keyword phrases for internal linking will ensure that you will rank for those keyword phrases, thus increasing number of keywords ranking.

Should Internal links Have rel=”nofollow”?

Use rel=”dofollow” for internal links to pass link juice to those pages and this helps to increase page rank of that internal link. If you don’t want to pass any page rank or link juice to any internal link like privacy policy then you can use rel=”nofollow”.

Nofollow links tells search engines not to pass link juice to that website. Different search engines treat nofollow link in different ways. Like Google will visit nofollow link it will not pass any page rank for that link.

If you want a link to be nofollow, then

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Slashsquare</a>

How Many Links Are Too Many?

While Google recommends “not to use more than 100 links in a web page”, Matt cutts in his interview with SEOmoz said that “the number of links to be under 100 is in the technical guideline section, not the quality guidelines section. That means we’re not going to remove a page if you have 101 or 102 links on the page. Think of this more as a rule of thumb.”

So this means that using more than 100 links for a webpage will not penalize your site but it is recommended for technical benefit. As Google used to index 100kb of a webpage.


Hope now you got to know the importance of internal links. Every link in your post should be providing more information about the topic you are discussing here on the post.

If you have any queries, feel free to ask in comments.

This article is written by Khaja moin. He is a blogger at Captured Blogging Tips about SEO and Blogging tips.

Htaccess Redirect For Better Pagerank & Other Analytics

.htaccess (hypertext access) redirect is very important to route all the traffic to one form of URL of their blog. It is best to use .htaccess redirect both in the case of humans and bots, as the bots and humans will be handling the URL for various purposes like linkback in case of humans or crawling in case of bots of Google and Microsoft. .htaccess redirect helps in maintaining a single format for your blog or website.

The Different forms of URL can hinder the Pagerank and other analytics, as they would take your blog or website in two different forms and rate it differently. The two most commonly seen formats are with WWW and without WWW , for example ;

The two formats will be differently handled and hence the linkbacks for humans and the URL for Google bots and Microsoft bots will not appear same. The solution for the above problem is to use .htaccess redirect.

Redirection from with www to without www can be achieved by creating a .htaccess file in your control panel root directory, this will usually be in the public_html in cpanel file manager and similarly in other Control panels like Plesk.

To redirect the with www URL to without www URL, edit the .htaccess file and insert the code given below and save:

## Redirect to
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www\.(.*)$ [NC]
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://%1/$1 [R=301,L]

Pagerank Vs Alexa Rank [DISCUSSION]

When I was browsing some forums and I listened to some discussions out there, I always found people worried about their Page Rank. PR update is hot gossip on the forums. I rarely see some one talking about Alexa.

Page Rank Discussion

Personally I get confused some times that why people like page rank very much, and always eager to see update in their ranks. But I realized later that Page rank matters mostly for people, who’ve intention to earn only. They have no intention to provide people information, just they need sales from their sites. You can take a live example of HellBound Bloggers that its page rank is zero, but as it is providing good material to visitors and normal user’s of this site, people and Google love this site. Because always fresh content is popping out, a flow of visitors are always coming towards site, so what else you need more? Is there still a need of pagerank?

Also there is a new rumoring around these days that Google is going to remove this page rank update system, as there is no major update since last months. So, here will be no problem at all. But till now Page Rank is still there.

Some points Regarding Page Rank:

  1. If your site has good Page Rank, advertisers will not take more time to think about advertising on your site, that is because more people worried about it.
  2. If your page rank is zero, it does not mean you will not get visitors from search engine, and there is also a possibility that you are getting more visitors than a site with high page rank, due to some other matters like fresh content, and regular visitors.
  3. I am not on the view of having zero page rank for whole life, but don’t worry about your page rank, and concentrate on what you are doing.

Alexa Rank Discussion

Now, what people think about Alexa Rank, a people like me and you, whose first priority is to provide good content to visitors will first think about the content of site. Then he/she will worry about readers, he will get assured that his/her writing is not flying in the air, and some one is reading and commenting. So, in short, visitors will be most important for him/her, doesn’t matter where it is coming from (Google or other source). He/She will try to do Search Engine Optimization for his/her blog, and try to increase visitors by any means, which takes care of Alexa Rank. Alexa rank tells us about the real story of site.

I always check Alexa rank of the site to check its quality and rarely check page rank, because it tells me how active any site is.

You might consider reading this as well : 5 sure ways to keep your blog Active and Consistent

Some Points About Alexa Rank

  1. If your Alexa Rank is good, then advertiser’s next step is to buy advertising space on your site, and it will reduce your work as well, because you will consistently get more guest posts.
  2. If your Alexa Rank is low, it simply means that your site is inactive or new, so try hard to improve it.
  3. Taking care for the Alexa Rank is more important as compare to page rank (in my point of view).
  4. Alexa Rank will increase by the increase of visitors flowing towards your site, so hard work is needed.


What I concluded from all the above discussion is, Alexa Rank is more important than page rank, and it does not mean that page rank has zero importance, it is good as well. But basic thing is to improve your Alexa Rank. So, that people trust you.

Don’t leave before leaving your thoughts about Alexa Rank and page rank in the comment box below, I love to hear your opinions on these two things.

Page Rank Vs SERP

The much debated question is on a site without any content can get high Page Rank or not?  Amazingly, answer is yes, a blank site with no content, you can get a high Page Rank. To be able to increase the Page Rank  just have to have backlinks from high ranking.

pagerank vs serp

The Page Rank is determined by backlinks, and not by what is written on your page, or the Page Rank is determined by Google as a vote for your site. The more votes you get from sites with high Page Rank Your Page Rank will also increase. Despite that, which takes visitors to your website is good content and not Page Rank.

The SERP (Search Engine Result Page) or a page of search results is the web page that a search engine returns with the result of a search.

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In other words, when you search Google the term Tech News and the search result Google gives you a return of “” in the first position on a page with 7.42 million sites then that is the page ranking is great.

Have a higher rating on a page has nothing to do with high ranking in searches. Only a quality site with relevant content will be positioned on top of our researches.

Only quality relevant backlinks will give you a high page ranking.

So do not think that having follow a link on a site with Page Rank 6 will put your website on the first page of Google, the most that will happen is to increase Page Ranking Pank and get a few visits that will not get even 30 seconds on your site.  It does nothing for you in the search results.

Here a question arises, how do I benefit from a website with high Page Rank?

Simple, have relevant content, so you will attract high-quality sites, people tend to trust sites with high rankings, they see you as an authority site and thus attract many visitors for the quality of your site.


Both Page and Rating Page Rank is important, but only Rating Page takes you to the top of the SERP and bring the traffic you need for your site.

And to get a good position to make a good SEO On Page , choose and make good use of keywords and wait for the result on the SERP.

What’s your take on this? Please share it in the comments!

PageRank April 2010 Update : PR 4 for HBB

Happy News For HBBGlad to announce that HellBound Bloggers has PageRank 4 now.

Previously HBB had PageRank 3.

I was really confused whether it was updated or not, since many online PR checkers showed different results. So I saved this article in draft before instead of publishing! 😀

In order to verify, I tried updating my blog’s stats in BuySellAds and it was right, we got PR 4!

Like sources said, the Pagerank is updated in the first week of April. But believe me, most of the time Google updates page rank unexpectedly.

So, any good news from your side? Then share it here! 😉

PageRank Update: PR 3 for HellBound Bloggers

Happy to the coreToday morning, I updated HBB’s stats in BuySellAds (BSA) and I was dumbfounded when I saw PR 3! Earlier it was PR 2.

I had a slight doubt whether my eyes are deceiving me. So I verified it with as many PR checkers as possible. Some of them are prchecker, dnScoop and iwebtool.

Thanks to all my readers and everyone else who made this possible.

Getting PR 4 is one of my site goals for 2009. Though I have not achieved it yet, this update makes me happy! 🙂

The rock solid reason for PageRank 3 is the guest articles I wrote on various popular blogs. Guest Blogging helped me to achieve this feat.

And if your blog haven’t got any changes, don’t chew your tongue in despair and don’t brood over it. Maybe, in the next update, it will be double!

Share here what you got! 😉

HOW TO: Convert Your Blog Into A Do Follow Blog


No Follow is simply a piece of code in a link. It normally looks like this : rel=”nofollow”

Top Blogging platforms like Blogger and WordPress has this “No Follow” attribute by default in comment links ! By this, search engines won’t follow the link to any other web sites. It is originally designed to combat comment spam.

Do Follow is the opposite of No Follow. Do Follow Blogs are blogs that has no “no follow” tags.

This means that when you leave a comment, it will appear on search engines as a backlink. Do Follow Blogs are a great way to obtain backlinks, increase traffic and your Google page rank.

Turn your Blogger Blog into a DoFollow Blog

Go to,  click Layout | Edit HTML. Check the box near Expand Widget Templates. This is recommended . Now search for this piece of code :

<a expr:href='data:comment.authorUrl' rel="nofollow">

Here delete rel=”nofollow” and now the code looks like this :

<a expr:href='data:comment.authorUrl'>

This makes all the comment links in Blogger blogs Do Follow links !


Turn your WordPress Blog into a DoFollow Blog

WordPress users are blessed with a plugin ! So it is more simple than Blogger. Download this plugin and activate it. Follow the instructions included in the plugin.

You can also convert your blog into do follow blog by customizing the code (without a plugin). But I don’t recommend it, because it is too risky !

Why To Convert Your Blog Into A Do Follow Blog?

You can see many blogs attracting tons of comments and turns into a fun place. Similarly there are blogs which are quiet and you can hear the echo ! “Do Follow” is the reason for the difference here.

A Blog with “nofollow” attribute tells Google that the link should not be followed. That means it doesn’t count as a backlink ! If you want people to comment in your blog, you have to give them something in return. Turning your blog into do follow is the best way for saying “Thank You” !

Moreover, your blog will be included in different dofollow blog directories.