Mobile App Marketing: 5 Awesome Ways You Can Rock It!

Are you struggling with your mobile app marketing campaigns? And looking for a solution that accelerates your mobile app marketing, right?

You are at the right place.

Don’t feel shy to accept it. You are not alone who are facing this issue. Today, many apps developers are dealing with this problem.

Let’s Rock Mobile App Marketing

Mobile App Marketing

Getting noticed in the crowd of 244 millions mobile apps (and growing) is not an easy task. You will need a mobile app marketing plan to save your spot.

Here are the five ways to create a rock solid mobile app marketing strategy:

1. Buyer Persona For Mobile App Marketing

I assume that you have been heard about buyer persona before. But, if you don’t then here is a quick definition:

A buyer persona is a researched-based data that represents how a person takes buying decision, and what makes him buy a product or services.

An app persona is different than the website persona.

Mobile persona includes the following points:

  • Mobile phone types – Touchscreen or keypad.
  • Age demographics – Define the age of users.
  • Profession – If they are student or professionals.
  • Job profile – What does your potential buyer do?
  • Goals – What are their goals?
  • Challenge – What are their challenges?
  • Languages – What languages does your audience use?
  • To start with mobile app buyer persona these mentioned data are enough. But, if you want to use more data you can do that.

    2. Build A Marketing Plan Before Creating Mobile App

    Successful apps do not be popular in a single night. Developers start marketing their app long before it’s released.

    You should start applying your pre-launched mobile app marketing strategies as early as six months before the app launch date.

    Pre-launch mobile app marketing is an important part of mobile marketing. You know 1000+ apps strike up at the play stores (Google Play Store and App Store) every day.

    Following are the some tips to create a pre-launched mobile app marketing:

    Launch page landing page and social media marketing – First, create a landing page that conveys a clear message with unique call-to-action. It should be creative and beautiful with easy navigation. Once your landing page is ready, it’s time to promote it. Social Media is the best way to promote your mobile landing page.

    Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube would be the best choice for promoting your mobile app landing page.

    Pre-launch Dais – There are several websites pre-launch website sites available according to your need. You should take advantage of them.

    Pre-launch Press-release – Pre-launch press-release is quite different from the post-launch app press-release. It explains all about your apps and why someone should use it.

    To make better pre-press release add more emotion, feeling and human touch in it.

    3. Unique Strategy For Mobile App Marketing

    Mobile app marketing is different than the website marketing. It has two parts, first is a pre-launch phase and second are a post-launch phase.

    Both steps are equally important for a successful mobile app marketing campaigns. In fact, post-launch marketing can not be accomplished until the most of the pre-launch steps completed. When you launched your app and started seeing downloads. Next step is to maintain the downloading process.

    You can take help of mobile advertisement. Facebook and Instagram ads are quite famous for the app marketing.

    Here are the tips which you can use for the mobile app marketing:

  • Share your app on your mobile website.
  • Participate in app review sites and get your app reviewed.
  • Add your app link on your email signature.
  • Share your app links on the Linkedin, Facebook, Google Plus communities.
  • Promote your app on social media channels.
  • Do content marketing and show the advantage of using your app.
  • 4. Promote Your App

    Using of mobile apps increased in a decent way in recent years. 78% of users prefers mobile for purchasing. It indicates that mobile users are looking for a medium which provides them targeted information. As a marketer, it is our duty to provide them that medium (mobile app).

    Here some creative ways to promote your app:

    Use mobile website – If you have a mobile site that attracts a good amount of traffic, then it is the right time to use it. The people who come to your site might take an interest in your app.

    Banner Ads – Search popular websites in your niche where you can place your banner ads. You can use a site like BuySellAds to purchase space for your banner.

    Press Release – Hire a professional press release writer who writes for you. Post a press release with your personal story, your website address, and a link to download the app. Send a personalized email to your connections and let them know about your press release.

    Make it Free at launch – When you start your first app make it free for some days. You can set a price later once it becomes popular. Make app download process easy as much as you can.

    5. Ask For Feedback

    Reviews play a significant role in a product’s sale. When a user visits play store and decides to download an app, the first thing he checks what kind of reviews that app has got.

    More positive review increase the probability of downloading. If an app has a more positive review, it means that it is worth to download that app.

    Here are four things which will help you to get more positive reviews for your app:

    1. Use an App Review Plugin – One of the easiest way to get a review for your app, ask for it.

    2. Encourage Users to Review Your App – It is the bitter truth that everyone likes free stuff.

    You can encourage people to rate your app in exchange for a gift.

    3. Provide Quality Customer Services – You make your users happy with your customer service, and in return earn a positive review from them.

    4. Arrange a Contest – Another smart way to get a positive review is arrange a contest on several forums.


    If you honestly apply these app marketing best practices, you will be successful. App marketing is not so hard as it looks. It could be easy if you will make perfect app marketing plan.


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    I would like to know what app marketing tactics you would like to suggest?

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    2. Quite a comprehensive take on mobile app marketing, I must say. Now, it is very important for developers to understand that challenges of mobile app marketing are as diverse as the apps themselves are. For instance, while a few developers might be able to sail smooth during the pre-launch phase (with great campaign outreach) only to face difficulties during the post launch session, there are others for whom it just might be the other way round. Post launch success is mostly guaranteed if you have a great product to offer.


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