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5 Best PayPal Alternatives For Your Online Transactions

We all use PayPal, then why best PayPal alternatives? Let’s find out. Without any doubt, it’s the most popular online payment method. PayPal allows users to make transactions all over the world with ease. PayPal’s ease of operation and high integration has made it very popular among both individuals and big business companies.

But there are still a few downsides to PayPal, which often leave users annoyed and compelled. These downsides include country based restrictions, putting payments on hold, high transaction fee and no support for some specific countries.

Best PayPal Alternatives You Can Also Consider

If you are disappointed by any of these downsides of PayPal or if you want to switch to another online payment method then you have ended up on the right post.

As in this post, I have prepared a list of 5 best PayPal alternatives (or PayPal competitors?) which you can switch to make online transactions. Sit back, relax and check out this list on 5 of the best PayPal Alternatives.

1. Payoneer


In the recent times, Payoneer has gained a lot of popularity among Internet business marketers, freelancers, and individuals. Payoneer can be used to receive payments across the globe.

Payoneer provides you with very different options to receive funds. You can transfer funds through global transfers, local bank transfers or through Payoneer reloadable credit card.

Within the US, the purchase transaction fee or PayPal is free and outside the US, it is up to 3% of the transaction amount. Signing up for Payoneer is absolutely free, and once you have done a transaction of $100, you will get $25 as a bonus.

2. Google Wallet

Google Wallet

Google Wallet has been recently introduced to the internet as a very reliable way of receiving and sending money.

Google Wallet can be used to store debit cards, credit cards, gift cards and loyalty cards. Google Wallet offers very tight integration with Google Accounts and is monitored for fraud 24 x 7.

Google Wallet charges a rate of 2.9% for debit cards. The only noticeable downside of Google Wallet according to me is its availability being limited to the United States at the moment.

3. Skrill


Skrill is yet another amazing alternative to PayPal, which was previously known as Moneybookers. Skrill lets its users make online money transactions and provides them with the ability to shop online.

Skrill supports over 200 countries and transactions can be done in up to 40 currencies. Skrill charges a transaction fee between 1.7% and 2.9% based on the size of the transaction.

Skrill also offers prepaid master card which is known to work on large numbers of shop worldwide. The major reasons to opt for Skrill as an alternative payment method to PayPal is its low transaction fees and high security.

4. Payza


Payza is an online payment method which was formerly known as AlertPay. With Payza, you can make money transactions in up to 190 countries.

Payza offers two types of accounts to its users. You can either create a free account or opt for a business account according to your need. Payza charges a transaction fee of 2.5% which is comparatively lower than that of Paypal.

Payza supports credit cards and debit cards from almost all of the recognized countries. If you want to add funds to your Payza account, you can do it with your credit card or by bank transfer.

Payza is a great alternative to PayPal for both freelance marketers and individuals.

5. Dwolla


Dwolla is a recently introduced online payment method and a great alternative to PayPal.

Unlike other online payment methods, Dwolla doesn’t require you to add a debit card or credit card to your user account but in turn, it asks you to link your bank account to itself to send and receive payments.

If you are doing transaction under $10 then it will be absolutely free otherwise, Dwolla charges a flat fee of 25 cents.

So, this was a list of some of the PayPal alternatives. There are plenty of other alternatives to PayPal also, but I believe that the above 5 fall in the top category of PayPal alternatives.

If you think I left out any great PayPal Alternative then mention the names in the comments section below.

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9 thoughts on “5 Best PayPal Alternatives For Your Online Transactions”

  1. I am using Paypal most of the time but I have also try Skrill, Skrill is also good option, i will check other option also now.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Chitraparna,

    Indeed an informative post about Paypal alternatives. By using these services one can easily deal with online transactions.

    Keep sharing 🙂



  3. Useful information but one thing that I want to know do Dwolla,Skrill works on India ? and why you didn’t mention about Neteller? I think its a good payment gateway.

  4. There’s also an interesting startup called B2B Pay that brings down the transfer cost for exporters to Europe by up to 80%. Consumer payments are way easier these days than business payments between different payment zones.

  5. Hii
    Very nice and informative post. I dwolla is a new one for me and I will surely check it. But, I don’t know why Neteller and Entropay is not in this list. These 2 are also very amazing payment gateways.

  6. I just tried Payza and for a deposit of $20 they took $1 and when I tried to withdraw the remaining $19, they want to charge me $8 so I will get only $11. How is this better than Paypal?

    Also Dwolla seems to work only in US.

    1. that’s true, same happened to me, i tried to payout using Payza and the withdraw money to my bank account and they charge more as compare to PayPal.

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