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4 Proven Ways to Increase Likes on your Facebook Page


Facebook, the most widely used social network, is the chief source of referral traffic for a humongous number of bloggers. A blog without a Facebook fan page is like a smartphone without an app store, unimaginably incomplete!

HBB Facebook Page status

Every blogger dreams of getting a few hundred K‘s beside the like button on their blog or website. So without wasting any more precious time, let’s dig into some of the methods that I have found useful, in escalating the number of Facebook Page Likes.

1. Share Humorous Multimedia Content

Whenever I share a funny cartoon on my blog TrickVilla’s fan page (of course with due credit to the author), I see a sudden surge in the number of Likes & Shares it receives.

Which one of them are you?

This not only improves engagement, but also attracts more fans due to the re-sharing of that funny picture by my fans onto their own walls & friends. This way, you can reach out to friends-of-fans.

But keep in mind that you post a photo or video related to your niche. Try to post already viral photos or make them viral 😉

Mystery Unraveled

To be resourceful of such images, subscribe to a good photographer on Facebook, or just post a photo of some cute cat (that’s gonna go viral for sure :p )

2. Create a Catchy call-to-action Landing Page

If a non-fan lands on your Facebook Page, they will see your wall or info, as per your Page settings. What you need to show, is a graphic eye-catching page, that tells them to Like the page in order to get updated about, whatever your blog provides.

HBB facebook welcome page honors its fans

See How to create Facebook landing page

Creating this welcome page is like a breeze & works as a great incentive for your Like button 😉

3. Choose your friends wisely, now target them!

This is a superbly awesome method for gaining Facebook Page fans or likes. Join a blogging group or a fan page related to yours, and start adding people from that group or page to your friends list.

facebook friend request

This way, you befriend a lot of like-minded people, what you call targeted audience. Once they accept your friend request, simply send them an invitation to your Facebook Page, from the Page itself.

Since these friends are already interested in your blog niche, they are very likely to Like your page, engage & share it. 😀

4. Like button placement on your blog or Website

No, sidebar is obviously not the perfect place to position your Facebook Like button. Sidebar is the last think your readers notice on your site, with the least interest. So what’s the perfect place for gaining maximum Like button hits?

Place like button below or above post content

The best place is after the content of the article, so that when a user has finished reading your post, they notice the Like button immediately & hit it. You may try placing it above the content too, see what works best for your blog.

This article is written by Ishaan Garg. He is the Co-founder of TrickVilla, his areas of interest include multimedia editing, SEO, web designing, social-media marketing & gadgets. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.


Co-founder of TrickVilla, my areas of interest include multimedia editing, SEO, web designing, social-media marketing & gadgets.

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    • Amit

      I am new to blogging and started to popular it. I have also sign up to social media profiles. Facebook is one of the best social media profile. I really need tips to promote my blog as well as social media profiles. Your tips are very needful for me. Thanks for sharing.

    • Reviewriter

      Almost every aspect mentioned above are important to get large number of likes and among them targeting specific people and sharing humorous images may pay large number of likes on Facebook.

    • khushbu

      i want to increse likers on my page , i dont know how it possiblee in minimmum time…

    • matt

      Adding a Like button and link to your Facebook page on your website is a great way to increase getting Likes.

    • Sumit

      Thanks for sharing, I actually followed your points and now I have +1k fans.

    • Yuri

      Thanks for your tips. I'd always thought the sidebar was the best place to put it, ill try experimenting by putting a like button after the content. That should give me more likes

    • marvick james

      Many people needs to facebook likes because they wants to be promote with
      social networks.. we have need to get likes.
      your path is absolutely right i appreciated your working..

    • Dr. Robert Doebler

      Wonderful tips. I like your third tip, the one about knowing who to target. That's really the best advice that I have heard about Facebook "likes". I know that it isn't easy to get it, but we have to stay relevant to our cause. It may take a while to do so but the strategy is effective.

    • Tram Tran @young business oppotunities

      I like the 1st tip. Thank you=)

    • passigagan

      What are your views about like exchanging sites like youlikehits,tweers and much more

      • Ishaan Garg

        These xchange sites are gud for nothing. You will get 100s of likes initially, bt aftr some time, they will all start unliking your page, and you will get back from where you took off…

    • JamesW

      great post and info, I will use this on one of my blogs.

    • Eapen@InternetMarketingTips

      Loved it. I will certainly apply these tips. Thanks Ishaan.

    • Senthil Ramesh

      I was always impressed by the Welcome page in Facebook. I am yet to create one for mine.
      HBB's thought is nice to include its fans. Hope Pradeep don't mind if I follow the same 😉

    • sam @ goa carnival


      Nice and perfect info we all know very well what is the importance of Facebook which #1 site in social media and you mentioned well in your blog post how we can increase likes on our Facebook page.

    • Jomson George

      Very useful tips for all those who are trying to increase their facebook fan pages. I am gonna try this. Believe This will increase my fans:)

    • Mohd Akbar

      Yes, these are awesome ideas to increase facebook likes. I always look for new ways to gain facebook fans. This article given me great idea And thanks for this article.

    • Bhupendra Sharma

      Absolutely interesting and worth’s reading! Very effective method! I agree with the fact making Likes on your Facebook has became a very huge domain and being successful with it will require many steps and secrets, as this is “real proven techniques”! Thank you for the points mentioned

    • tanuj

      if possible share vidoes and picture help you to increase your fan
      also there are some funny fan pages like and

    • Pratik

      Thanks,Ishan….That will increase my fan numbers to my website <a href="">Help2Engg</a>….Especially your first suggestion is awesome..Hope I can rich lot more people..

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